Weekend Update: #CollegeFootball Edition

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—The rooms, built for various Jacksonville Jaguars to meet on NFL game days, stand about 50 feet apart. In each room, a man stood Saturday in front of a backdrop that matched his clothing. In each, cameras focused their unblinking eyes on the man in front of the backdrop. In one room, the man in front of the backdrop had a good answer to every question. In the other, the man in front of the backdrop seemed to have no answers at all.

“I don’t expect to lose, and I think we should never come into an event thinking we are going to come in second,” Florida coach Jim McElwain said after his team’s 27–3 win over Georgia all but wrapped up the SEC East title. McElwain had been asked if, entering this season, he’d expected the Gators to have a shot at reaching the SEC title game. He swore he had, but more as a matter of principle than a concrete belief that Florida would achieve any particular record in league play. “One thing you learn real quick in this business,” McElwain said, “is that there are no participation ribbons.”……(continue reading)

Source: The Mark Richt question: Is it time for Georgia to find a new coach?

Projected College Football Playoff

1. LSU (8–0)

The Tigers were on bye this week, but we’ll find out a lot more about them when they face Alabama in Tuscaloosa on Saturday. Before that, we’ll find out what the College Football Playoff selection committee thinks about the Tigers and everyone else. The first rankings come out Tuesday, and I haven’t the slightest clue if the committee’s top four will resemble this one.

2. Clemson (8–0)

NC State kept things close until the middle of the third quarter in what felt like a trap game for Clemson—decent opponent, tough road atmosphere, a week before Florida State comes to Death Valley—but Tigers sophomore quarterback Deshaun Watson poured it on in the second half of a 56–41 win. Watson finished with 383 passing yards with five passing touchdowns and 54 rushing yards with one rushing score. Next up for the Tigers is the unofficial ACC Atlantic Division championship against the Seminoles.

3. Baylor (7–0)

The Bears didn’t play this week, but we’ll get a look at how the offense works with freshman quarterback Jarrett Stidham at the helm when Baylor visits Kansas State on Thursday night.

4. Ohio State (7–0)

Just when it seemed the Buckeyes had their quarterback rotation figured out, the situation gets muddled again. Starter J.T. Barrett’s OVI (operating a vehicle while intoxicated) charge will keep him out of the game against a Minnesota team that pushed Michigan to the brink in Week 9. Once again, the Buckeyes are down to Cardale Jones. That worked out quite well the last time it happened, but the bigger question is what happens when Barrett comes off suspension.

A random ranking

I’m crowdsourcing topics once again, and this week’s is a twist on the one suggested by @JoshuaJGrubbs.

@Andy_Staples tv theme songs

— Swerve (@joshuajgrubbs) 1446351529.0

He wants TV theme songs, but I’ve already done an overall list. So, let’s narrow it to 1980s sitcom theme songs. These are judged on musical composition, scene selection, the actors’ excellence in turning to the camera as their names are displayed on screen and my inability to forget the words no matter how hard I try to replace them with more useful knowledge. As always, all decisions are final. (We’re not including The Wonder Years because I already included the Joe Cocker version of “With a Little Help From My Friends” in my ranking of greatest cover songs.)

……(continue reading)

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Shovelin’ DiRT

It’s been a rough weekend – all those buzzer beaters, sure does angry up the blood pressure to unhealthy levels – causing one to black out once or twice from the insanity.

Rare is not just a unicorn, it’s also a buzzer-beater in the playoffs.  Just think about how seldom it actually happens – that someone goes from way downtown to win the game with no time left and this weekend it happened back-to-back-to-back.  The trend started with Derrick Rose on Friday, continued with Paul Pierce on Saturday and finished with Lebron James yesterday, (watch all three).

With Kanye giving the introductions and throwing a mini-concert during the first media timeout, you could understand why the game itself was so ugly – a true visionary was in attendance.  It was like having to sit thru another Adam Sandler movie of hippity-dippity-doo – the game had a fantastic ending that almost wasn’t.

Dave Blatt – Mall Cop – almost cost his team a victory, twice.  First by calling three consecutive timeouts to get a proper inbound pass, then attempting to call a timeout he didn’t have after the Bulls tied it up, only to be saved from a technical by Tyron Lue.

Then, secondly, wanting the best player in the league to inbound the ball with 1.5 seconds left.  Huh?!  Thankfully the GM and real head coach of the Cavaliers changed the play call and took the shot himself.  Just think how different the Superbowl would have been if Lebron was there.  I have seen enough of Dave Blatt as a coach.  He has no idea what he is doing and the internal struggle of his adolescent mind is going to cost Cleveland down the road.  A 13yr-old babysitter can make better decisions in crisis, seriously!

Another coach that has to go is Kevin McHale and his ridiculous flashback to old-school basketball last night against the Clippers.  Dusting off his Celtics playing-days-playbook backfired as the Rockets went down again like it was dollar day at the whore-a-porium.  If you cant beat them – beat them up!  Hous-Done sent Deandre Jordan to the charity stripe 28 times in the first half – he made 10 – and now the Clippers are set to face the Grizzlies in the Western Conference Finals.  Is that presumptuous of me?  Have you seen the psychological warfare the Grizzlies are employing on the Warriors as they grind them down?  If the Warriors win tonight, maybe they get to the conference finals – but look closer – Golden State has no answer for Z-Bo or Gasol and they also cannot stop turning the ball over.  It doesn’t help that the Splash Bros are having trouble hitting water falling out of a boat.  The Warriors missed the memo in all their regular season praise that said playoff basketball is different and follows the fundamental principles of going inside out and defending the post.  Heart is found on the inside, not out on the wings.

Tonight is “what are you made of” night.  The Hawks and the Warriors could be one more step closer to beach reservations by way of Memphis and Washington.  Winning might just delay the inevitable either way – we’ll see – but I’m placing my money on Memphis(+4) and The Wiz(+4.5).  Watch both games tonight on TNT beginning at 7p EST.

One more time for the cheap seats – you can only deflate a ball so much before physics take over and when you consider all the league has done in favor of offense – how does this faux-rage continue to rave on?  If a league seceded control of the game-balls to the teams, then doesn’t a ball that is easier to catch and throw, better for TV?  The league could erase it all right now by controlling the game-balls the same way they do the balls used for kicking and make everyone play under the same conditions – so why don’t they?

If you are unable to move past this and feel as Troy Aikman does, that this is an issue of integrity – then you also agree that Hizzoner must also be held accountable in his meriting of sanctions.

“For the balls to have been deflated—that doesn’t happen unless the quarterback wants that to happen. I can assure you of that. Now the question becomes, Well, did Bill Belichick know about it? This whole comment by Roger Goodell based on the Saints when Sean Payton got suspended for the year, and he said, ‘Hey, ignorance is no excuse.’ That’s gonna come back and haunt [Goodell] again. It haunted him during the whole Ray Rice situation. And now it’s going to haunt Roger Goodell in terms of what the punishment is for the New England Patriots and Bill Belichick. If ignorance is no excuse, and it wasn’t for Sean Payton, and I think it’s going to be severe. Now twice under Bill Belichick—and possibly a third time—they’ve cheated and given themselves an advantage. And to me, the punishment for the Patriots and/or Bill Belichick has to be more severe than what the punishment was for the New Orleans Saints.”

Troy Aikman on radio station KTCK in Dallas

Goodell told the Saints that ignorance was not a suitable defense – so where does this hypocrite turn now?  Either integrity of the game is serious business or it isn’t.  For Goodell, he created this mess of swift frontier justice and unfortunately any decision made will bring scrutiny.  He needs to step down.  The league, under his watch is a breeding ground for incompetent psychopaths and criminals – that continues to fester under his reign.  It used to be the NFL was worried about gamblers challenging the integrity of the game – not it’s own employees.  I want my brutes honest and my coliseum spotless.  I also want the NFL to stop acting like a bad reality show on some shore in Jersey.

This Day in History from History.com…

Bob Marley dies

In what would prove to be the next to the last concert of his tragically short life, Bob Marley shared the bill at Madison Square Garden with the hugely popular American funk band The Commodores. With no costumes, no choreography and no set design to speak of, “The reggae star had the majority of his listeners on their feet and in the palm of his hand,” according to New York Times critic Robert Palmer. “After this show of strength, and Mr. Marley’s intense singing and electric stage presence, the Commodores were a letdown.” Only days after his triumphant shows in New York City, Bob Marley collapsed while jogging in Central Park and later received a grim diagnosis: a cancerous growth on an old soccer injury on his big toe had metastasized and spread to Marley’s brain, liver and lungs. Less than eight months later, on May 11, 1981, Bob Marley, the soul and international face of reggae music, died in a Miami, Florida, hospital. He was only 36 years old.  Here is an old video of Bob, singing Redemption Song.

DiRTy Plays – ThREesDay

March 26th, 2015
***No Games on FanDuel tonight so we have posted a list of new info for Draftkings on our daily DiRTy Plays just click here to be taken right there.

Shots Up

To recap Mega Slam Wednesday, it can be said in one word, Thriller!  There were 26 teams in action last night and there was no shortage of close games, game winning attempts, blowouts, playoffs implications and injuries.  It makes you wonder why we sit here on Thursday morning and there is only one game of action tonight.  For all of you avid NBA Fantasy players you get the day off today.  I don’t know about you but I was surely disappointed to find out that Milwaukee and Indiana is the only game I will get to see tonight.  Especially considering the games that went down last night.  We started off the night with the Bulls and Raptors and the Bulls showed why they are still in the hunt in the Eastern Conference and why the Raptors are looking at another first round exit.  raptors_fallingThe Raptors have been reeling of late and given the fact that Kyle Lowry can’t seem to stay on the court over a bruised back, it doesn’t surprise me that Raptors find themselves falling hard down the stretch.  The Bulls however are starting to get healthy and with Derrick Rose seemingly ready to return to action in two weeks, they are a team to look out for moving forward.  We quickly moved to the Miami Heat game and I fully expected them to tank that game given the fact that Dwayne Wade was (resting) and Whiteside had to get ten stitches in his hand the night before.  They unpredictably came out on fire and got huge contributions from Haslem and Dragic.  While they did let the game get close they were able to pull it out and remain on top of Boston, there was a moment with about three minutes left that I thought, are they going to lose on a buzzer beater again!  The Atlanta Hawks got back on track with a victory against the Magic last night.  For all you fantasy players, this was the game to watch.  If you had Millsap, Payton and Korver, then you kicked off the night with a great start.  If you added Carroll, Harris, Teague and Vucevic then you were sitting around 275 on Fan Duel with two guys to play. George Hill hit a shot late to secure victory over the Wizards, who just like the Raptors, are looking at falling into the playoffs.  What happened to this team that started out so hot?  The only thing I can tell you is I believe it all comes down to Gortat for the Wiz.  wizards_fallingI wrote an article three weeks ago, highlighting Gortat, where I was able to determine that if he plays 30 minutes in the game then the Wiz are 19 – 3. Unfortunately, it appears that they haven’t figured this out just yet and so he continues to play around 28 minutes and they continue to lose.  Some other thrilling games were the Nets against the Hornets and I can’t believe I am saying this, the Lakers versus the Timberwolves.  Brook Lopez continued his fantasy hot streak as he lit up the Hornets for 34 points and 10 rebounds, accumulating 54+ fantasy points for only the second time all year.  The Lakers pulled out an overtime victory against Minnesota and the star of the game was Chase Budinger.  If you follow our DiRTy Plays then you would have known, he was one of our key Sleepers last night and he did not disappoint.  What I took away from these games is that if Thad Young plays, Lopez is unstoppable, if Young misses time as he got injured last night, Lopez will be an over priced center for your daily lineup.  As for the Lakers and T-Wolves, what can you say, the T-Wolves give it all they have each night.  The Lakers are quietly tanking in hopes of top 3 draft pick this summer to make one last run with Kobe.  Nothing would please me more than to see the Lakers add Kevin Love this summer, get Randle back and add a strong small forward to the mix, who can shoot threes.  You keep Lin and Clarkson as your point guards and now the Lakers might compete for the 7th or 8th seed next year.  We finished the night with Rockets holding off a late surge by the Pelicans, 95 – 93.  What was crazy about this game was the fact that the Pelicans were up 16 early in the first half, only to relinquish it in the second half.  They were down 12 when Anthony Davis jumped up and stole a full court lob.  As he came down, he tapped shoulders with Cory Brewer and went to the ground.  I immediately thought to myself, there he goes again, he can’t stay on the court and will he be another tragedy of big men who can’t stay healthy.  He did return and almost lead a come back but clearly his shoulder is going to require surgery.  I welcome the thought of an NBA player, playing through the pain, attempting to make the playoffs.  We just don’t see that these days and instead we get a bunch of guys complaining about chartered flights, back to back games and an otherwise grueling schedule #INeedRest.  Don’t get me started on that again but thank you Anthony, you put a glimmer of hope back into my mind that not everyone is as soft as these guys are today. That said, I fully expect Davis to require surgery this summer and hope that he will be back at it next season because the Pelicans are not going to make the playoffs.  The last game was the Spurs and Thunder.  A marquee matchup, highlighted by ESPN, we got what the Thunder really are, HOPELESS!  They got blown off the court and no MVP that I can remember every took a beat down like that so good-bye to this notion that Westbrook deserves to be in the MVP race.  No one put Kevin Love in the MVP race last year, while he put up 26 points and 11 rebounds per game, every night. The reason for this is simple, they didn’t WIN and neither are the Thunder.  Good thing there is only 10 games left and they have a three game lead.

It’s On The Way

Let’s have a quick breakdown of the NBA playoff picture and highlight some key games coming up over the next few days.  In the East we have a crazy race to the 8th spot. It’s going to come down to who can win games against each other down the stretch.  EasternBoston, Indiana, Charlotte and Brooklyn will probably all finish 8 or 9 games under .500 and yet they will be rewarded with a first round playoff birth against the Atlanta Hawks.  Most might think that they would get blown off the court but come playoff time a team that I think can beat the Hawks is the Indiana Pacers. It appears that Paul George is going to return here shortly and if the Pacers can squeak in, while George gets game ready, they would be a team that has the ability to compete with the Hawks.  That said only one game separates these four teams, with the Heat and Bucks, only two and four games ahead.  If one of those teams hits a cold spell or catches the injury plague then we might get two of these bottom feeders in.  It does however, appear that we are going to get three teams under .500 to make the playoffs in the East and that makes me sick!

The Western Conference is an entirely different situation.  If you watch or listen to any sports radio or talk shows on ESPN, they are constantly talking about the WesternThunder and Warriors potential matchup.  I certainly hope that last night’s beat down of the Thunder will quiet these folks.  I don’t care how well Westbrook appears to be playing.  If you actually watch his games, like I do, then you would quickly see that he loses just as many games for his team as he wins.  Yes, he is playing lights out when you look at the stat sheet and for guys like me that are constantly after fantasy value, he is your guy.  If you want to win games in the West, you cannot afford to have a turnover machine and a guy that jacks up 15 foot jumpshots with a one on four break.  That team NEEDS Durant if they are going to have any shot and that has seemingly been shot down.  Look for the Suns to make a push down the stretch and squeak in this year and leave three All-Stars watching from home.  It’s not that I don’t like the Pelicans chances but as I continue to say, Davis is hurt, he is giving it everything he can but he is not enough. Tyreke Evans is not a point guard and until the Pelicans have one that can actually take the court.  I do believe that we will have ten, yes count them, ten teams that go over .500 in the West.

Teams like the Jazz, who have been playing very well during the back half of the season are going to finish a few games under .500 for the season with a bright future.  The talks of just taking the top sixteen teams to the NBA playoffs in the future is something that I embrace.  Embrace change and think outside of the box.  It is visionary people that lead our country, fortune 500 companies and I would like to think lead our major sports.  Do we really need to watch teams that can barely beat the Nuggets on a night in a night basis for a 7 game series?  I say NO!  Make this change while at the same time rewarding the team that makes the last spot in the draft with a top 5 lottery pick.  You reward the teams that want to win and take away from the teams that seemingly want ten centers on their team, Philadelphia.  I can’t even tell any of your players apart with the exception of Noel and Covington.  Noel is your big man and Covington should be your shooting guard.  The rest should be sent to the D-League along with your management team for building a team of centers in a league full of guards.

Score It

Let’s breakdown how we are doing in our daily NBA Fantasy leagues.  It has been a journey but after two months of full-time, NBA work, we are proud to produce a $2,840 profit on Fan Duel and almost $700 on DraftKingsWe have finalized our lineup analyzer, salary breakdown analysis and highlighted Must Haves, Sleepers and Notable players for each night.  While we do highlight some of these features, for one day only, I will be providing you the full breath of this offering tomorrow.  We get a return of 26 teams into action for a Friday night frenzy.  I will show you all the science and math it takes in order to truly be profitable on these sites, while providing you the end result you are after, winning. Come back tomorrow and check out my DiRTy Plays!

Fan Duel Earnings:

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DraftKings Earnings:

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The DiRT-y (almost)Dozen

Remember when…

…teams used to sit/rest their starters the last few weeks of the season and we would get to watch and see who was on the practice squad?  Thanks to the prescience of the main office five years ago, we now witness division games at the end of the season – increasing the probability of meaningful games.  This year we have 3 division titles up in the air on the last week of the season – it’s working!  The AFC North – Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh has clinched a spot in the ‘offs for the first time in 2yrs.  The NFC North – Detroit @ Green Bay – Detroit has not won in Green Bay since ’91.  The NFC (went)South – Carolina @ Atlanta – Carolina could become first division repeat champ after realignment in 2002 – p.s. the NFC South is the only division in the NFL that each team has been in a conference championship game.

Speaking of titles, the bane of the NFC West, took it to the Cardinals last night – even with the kicker being a shank-a-potamus(missed 3 FG’s) – honorable mention to Marshawn Lynch, apparently hungry for his skittles 79 yards away, after suffering from the splats early on – or so it might have been reported.  Now Seattle is staring at a possible #1 seed, and if the road back to Glendale goes thru the Great Northwest – then we could have a repeat Superbowl champion – something we have not seen in 10 yrs (New England ’04,’05).

DeMarco Murray ran the ball for 58 yards on 20 carries after hand-surgery 6 days earlier – either that type of surgery is not a big deal or we could all use that kind of pain tolerance injected into our lives.  DeMarco only needed 29 more yards to break Emmitt Smith’s team record of 1,773 and instead the Cowboys blew out the Colts to clinch a playoff spot, and their first NFC East title since 2009.  Clearly a healthy Murray would have continuously been fed the rock to earn the team record at home and now must travel to Washington for the finale for the chance.  The game still is important to Jerry, who wants a HOME playoff game.

1st time in 12 years that a team has not gone from worst-to-first in the NFL.  Houston was the team that made it close, only to have Indy seal it last week.

Bye Felicia

Miami Dolphins – The Chargers came back to beat the ‘9ers and squash their hopes.  Apparently missing the playoffs again – 6 straight losing seasons – is not enough to fire Joe Philbin(3yrs on the job) who the owner Stephen Ross announced he was bringing back, (if that is the answer, what was the question again?).  Philbin is 23-24 and as Ross said “really likes the way this team plays and where they are headed.”  Huh? say that again? A close win against the Vikings gives you this feeling that, this team, this coach, is headed in the right direction?  Is mediocrity a direction, and do you travel thru Miami now(not Dallas this year) to get there?  Standards have been lowered or the owner is still intoxicated from that win early in the year – at home – against the Patriots.  Bet we still see Philbin fired before the end of the 2016 season, if not sooner.

Buffalo Bills – have the longest playoff drought – 1999 (thank you, Prince) – in the NFL, and yesterday swirled their chances away, losing to the Raiders.  The Defense played great all year and if Ol’man Orton(Uncle Rico) is still your starter next year you can count on extending this streak.  EJ Manuel may not be the answer, but if he fails to beat out the statuesque-Orton (screw you Kyle) next year, what hope do you have that it gets better for Buffalo.

Philadelphia Eagles – The dynamic fantasy offense lost to Washington and lost their chance to prove Mark Sanchez could play in this league – or has any trade-value.  Do they cruise to the division title if Foles does not get hurt?  Who knows, but few believe that Foles is any better than Sanchez in the grand scheme-over-talent.  The Eagles must find a way to be more consistent – one week, better than sliced-bread – the next, bread.

Kansas City Chiefs – KC was second in the league scoring TD’s in the redzone with 67.5% this year, only to struggle scoring with only 4 FG’s against Pittsburgh.  Alex Smith still has not thrown a touchdown to a receiver this year and if you watched him miss a wide open DeAnthony Thomas for a potential bomb – you understand why small-hands can never take you to the Superbowl.  KC now needs to beat San Diego – Cleveland to beat Baltimore – Jacksonville to beat Houston – to make the playoffs.  The Chiefs need more than Charles on offense, to have any shot.

New Orleans – ‘Tis the twilight of the golden age of Saints football.  To lose(like that) to the Falcons – at home – is evidence to the hallucination of hope that was/is the 2014 season.  With those home losses, we learned a lot about this team’s testicular fortitude and how often they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory to clinch the division.  Forget the last game against Tampa – play the practice squad, sit everbody – Let’s hurry up and bury this year, get a better draft pick – and get more players who do not let their alligator mouths overload their jaybird assess – or guys who are not softer than warm brie (that means you Jimmy).

Johnny Manziel – found out that the NFL is really hard and causes pain.  Manziel played 3 possessions and 1 play of the Browns fourth possession, before exiting with an injury – not sure if pride is acceptable on the injury report.  He was 3-for-8 for 32 yards and ran twice for 3 yards – Flacco was 3-for-20 at one point so…  It might be a short career if he doesn’t figure it out, regardless of how many practices Manziel thinks he was really good at.  Welcome to the Not For Long Johnny, at least you made that money brah.

Dominic Raiola – another fine is coming his way after (allegedly) stomping on the leg of Ego Ferguson.  Raiola was already fined $10,000 this year and this recent behavior is similar to Suh’s who received a 2-game suspension.  We’ll see if Hizzoner’s new conduct policy will be imposed in this case, because it would mean Raiola misses a playoff game.

Rex Ryan – from the Jets to….who knows exactly but there are several rumors – none being how great it would be to see Rex being the DC in Philly with Chip at the helm.  However one rumor seems to be heating up and it might be that Rex goes south.

Mike Smith – appears to be on the hot seat, regardless if they win the division.  Because it might be that he’s done enough to cost himself the job and too bring in Rex Ryan as his replacement.  The perfect scenario for Saints fans is; he wins the division, wins a playoff game, maybe go to the conference championship game and receives a new 5 year deal.  For Falcons fans, I’m sure they would rather see Arthur Blank give Jim Harbaugh a boat-load of Home Depot’s to coach them next year.

Jim Harbaugh – The forty-whiners stated they will be done with Harbaugh 48hrs after the season ends.  Why wait that long?  This might be the most entertaining free-agent drama in a looong time.  Does he go to Michigan? Oakland?  What does the bidding war look like?  To me, Harbaugh stays in the NFL and the Michigan talk is all a smoke screen to make more money and have more control, because several NFL teams will give him a ton to coach there.  Rumors are that the ‘9ers are seriously(?!) looking at Josh McDaniels – how awesome would that be ‘9er haters?!!

The Weather-Post

We are still working on the rankings and will update them under the RotoCanon+FanDuel (week 16) tab as soon as they are done.  Tomorrow look for our College Football Bowl game picks.  For now settle in and review the weather for the upcoming pro-football games, as provided by NFLWeather.com:

Huge(meh) matchup tonight that means a lot for draft-positioning.  I would say this is a big one for JAX, as they will be at home – on TV – and will want to treat it like a playoff-game against a divisional foe.

Titans Tennessee_ntc120 @ Jacksonville_6n_120 Jaguars 12/18 08:25 PM NFL Nclear-night 55f Clear 2m WNW

Philly needs this game and some help to assure themselves a shot for the tournament.  If he can go, then expect Desean Jackson to do all he can to kick the Eggles when they are down.  Washington has nothing to lose and Philly has everything to gain, but first they have to stop their 2-game loser streak.

Eagles Philadelphia_6n_120 @ Redskins Redskins 12/20 04:30 PM CBS Partly-cloudy-day 39f Partly Cloudy 3m NW

It’s a trap!” ~ Admiral Ackbar – The Chargers have to go up against Team Sybil to extend their hopes on the road.  Rivers has to play better than his 12TD’s and 11INT’s the past 8 games, (3-5 record).

Chargers San_diego_6n_120 @ San_francisco_6n_120 49ers 12/20 08:25 PM CBS Npartly-cloudy-night 56f Mostly Cloudy 3m NNW

If Detroit wins out, they win the North and a potential 1st round bye.  They begin that march against the chaotic Bears – a team that FINALLY benched Jay Cutler for Jimmy Clausen, (career 1-15 as a starter).

Lions Detroit_6n_120 @ Chicago_ntc120 Bears 12/21 01:00 PM FOX Partly-cloudy-day 36f Partly Cloudy 11m SSE

Miami, like Philly, has lost 2 in-a-row and 3-of-5, and could be playing for the coach’s job.  Not sure how the players will respond and you really have to wonder if Philbin was ever the answer?

Vikings Minnesota_ntc120 @ Miami_greenmask_ntc120 Dolphins 12/21 01:00 PM FOX Clear-day 76f Clear 7m ESE

Big-Time-Stuff with two hated rivals, in a game that decides the potential winner of the division.  So many scenarios, but the Falcons control their destiny.  This is one of the most heated/hated rivalries in all the NFL (ask any fan of these teams) that does not get enough respect.  To review see here and here.

Falcons Atlanta_ntc120a @ New_orleans_6n_120 Saints 12/21 01:00 PM FOX Dome DOME 8m NNE

The Patriots can clinch home field with a win and a loss by the Broncos.  For the Jets they play the Pats tough – in the last 3 games, the Jets have won only one of the three but, have only been outscored by two points in the losses.

Patriots New_england_6n_120 @ New_york_j_white_n120 Jets 12/21 01:00 PM CBS Partly-cloudy-day 37f Partly Cloudy 2m NW

Technically the playoffs have already started for these teams, as this game has a lot riding on it.  Pittsburgh can win the AFC North if they win out – KC MUST win to keep their chances alive, as they do have the tie-breaker against Baltimore.

Chiefs Kansas_city_ntc120 @ Pittsburg_ntc120 Steelers 12/21 01:00 PM CBS Partly-cloudy-day 37f Partly Cloudy 1m SSW

Come to Tampa for the r-e-l-a-x-ation.  However, if Tampa can’t fix your ailments then you’ve got bigger problems – worse of all, not making the playoffs.

Packers Greenbay_6n_120 @ Tampa_bay_ntc120 Buccaneers 12/21 01:00 PM FOX Partly-cloudy-day 71f Mostly Cloudy 4m ESE

It seems so simple for Carolina – win out and have the Saints lose one of their last two – and they are in – with a better record then the 2010 NFC West division champs, Seattle.  The Panther D has been playing like the 2013 version recently and now the circus comes to town.

Browns Cleveland_6n_120 @ Carolina_6n_120 Panthers 12/21 01:00 PM CBS Partly-cloudy-day 49f Partly Cloudy 2m N

Another one of those dooms-day scenarios of win the last two and you’re in – Houston has a shot if they do, but needs help.  Baltimore? It’s easier, but more complicated, revolving around what happens with KC/PIT and DEN/CIN.

Ravens Baltimore_ntc120 @ Houston_6n_120 Texans 12/21 01:00 PM CBS Rain 53f Drizzle 6m NNE

Not much revolving this game except the potential of the 2 head-coaches coaching different teams next year – Both are good men that want to win and their teams play hard – think of it more like a college bowl game preparing for next year.

Giants New_york_g_6n__120 @ St._louis_ntc120 Rams 12/21 04:05 PM FOX Dome DOME 8m SSE

DeMarco Murray! You will see him play because of the scenario that Dallas is in and here it is – Dallas holds a one game lead over Philly and can win the division with a victory over Indy and a Philly loss to Washington. But its not that simple because – the tie-breaker anomaly says Dallas loses out in a three-way tie with Detroit and Seattle for the two wild card spots – going beyond that, is the fact that Dallas loses the tie-breaker to Philly in the NFC East based on their inter-division record – The Colts? they don’t need the game – Cripes

Colts Indianapolis_6n_120 @ Dallas_6n120 Cowboys 12/21 04:25 PM CBS Partly-cloudy-day 55f Partly Cloudy 7m SSE

This game is all about Buffalo and standing at 8-6 with a chance at making the playoffs.  Usual win out stuff and maybe some help along the way – and up next are the Raiders, an Autumn wind, a snake – that never let’s you know when it will strike.

Bills Buffalo_red_ntc120 @ Oakland_b_wstripe_n_120 Raiders 12/21 04:25 PM CBS Partly-cloudy-day 60f Mostly Cloudy 3m W

Arizona has already clinched a playoff spot – but you know they want the division and make it more difficult for Seattle to make the playoffs.  They also start their 4th QB of the season and a guy who has 0TD’s and 7INT’s in his career.  Seattle is playing their usual Legion of Boom D, but AZ is always tough at home.

Seahawks Seattle_6n_120a @ Arizona_whitetail_ntc120 Cardinals 12/21 08:30 PM NBC Dome DOME 2m SW

The only thing on the line for this game is the top seed and a First-Round-Bye , so no big deal right?  A win for CIN and they have a good chance at the #2 seed – which makes this game huge for the fightin-marvin’s – because they still are not guaranteed a playoff spot.

Broncos Denver_6n_120 @ Cinncinnati_6n_120 Bengals 12/22 08:30 PM ESPN Npartly-cloudy-night 47f Mostly Cloudy 7m S