All’s Fair In Love And #NFL

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Count de Mone:

Well, well, well…First, the 6 man-NFL-Relocation committee said they approved the Carson project.  Carson, the place that makes East Rutherford look like a vacation destination, is the project that was proposed by the Raiders and Chargers.  Now, the man who has a caterpillar on hgh on the top of his head, just gave St. Louis the double-bird salute, after Hizzoner said the Rams were the team that is moving, and will be moving to Inglewood-up-to-know-good.

Hey Rams fan, he’s just being philanthropic.  Afterall, 20 years ago someone else ripped the team from LA – consider it righting a wrong.  Or don’t.

Kroenke called the city of St.Louis a struggling market – after the city was willing to give Powerball scratch to build him a new stadium.  But really, who needs an NFL Team nowadays.  With the RedZone, and fantasy football, loyalty erodes with every week.  Actually going to a NFL game anymore – meh.

Ram fan, now you can tell your civic leaders to use that scratch earmarked for a new stadium on social issues and maybe stem the tide of migration out of St.Louis.  Think of all the good, a billion dollars could do for the community if you yelled as loud about social problems as you do about losing a team that doesn’t care about you…you’re better off St.Louis, just ask the Wall Street Journal.

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…And Twiiiins

ANTONIO Cromartie makes a living playing in the NFL for the New York Jets, and while he is an exceptionally talented defensive player, his greatest talent appears to lie outside the world of football.

The 31-year-old has an incredible knack for fathering children, with the announcement on Wednesday that his wife is expecting twins, which would make the new additions his 11th and 12th offspring.

Twelve is a lot of kids, enough in fact to field a full football team plus a kicker, but it’s nothing the world of reality television hasn’t seen before. Alas, the plot thickens.

The real shock comes in the knowledge that Cromartie had a vasectomy prior to his wife Terricka falling pregnant, clearly to stem the reproduction of genetics that has already seen the cornerback father 10 children, including eight from previous relationships. Now that is extraordinary……

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America’s Most Watched Network, We get It…

HOUSTON, TX- AUGUST 16: A camera man films the Atlanta Falcons in warm up before playing against the Houston Texans in a pre-season NFL game on August 16, 2014 at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas

The Super Bowl is turning 50, although the game played next month on America’s informal national holiday will hardly be showing its age because of new gadgetry CBS Sports is debuting.

A replay system will give viewers a 360-degree perspective and higher resolution than previously ever seen for the game. Thirty-six cameras strung around the upper deck of Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, can freeze the moment and revolve around the play before continuing to show the scene. Viewers on Feb. 7 will be able to check out the quarterback’s view from the pocket to other players’ perspectives on the field, and it can be animated, too.

“We tried it on a couple regular-season games and it looks remarkable,” CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus said Tuesday at a gathering of TV critics.

For the first time in a Super Bowl, CBS will use eight custom-molded pylons that house 16 cameras to film the goal lines and sidelines of both teams. The cameras also will have microphones embedded in them to enhance the game’s natural sound. They were used in the College Football Playoff championship Monday……

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National Championship: Alabama 45, Clemson 40

This game was better than good, and it will feed an offseason of unmatched anticipation. Here’s why:

Nowhere to hide: The College Football Playoff selection committee has made it clear that schedule strength is vital. There will be a day when a two-loss conference champion makes the playoffs.

To that end, schools are scheduling tougher, benefiting the fans. These glossy matchups will be played in the first two weeks of the 2016 season: Alabama-USC (AT&T Stadium), Clemson-Auburn, Oklahoma-Houston (NRG Stadium), LSU-Wisconsin (Lambeau Field), Arkansas-TCU, Notre Dame-Texas, Ole Miss-Florida State (Citrus Bowl) and North Carolina-Georgia (Georgia Dome)……

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Market Shift


Given that the American League features both the DH and the Yankees, it makes sense that the AL tends to outspend the National League in free agency. But recently Andrew Beaton noted in the Wall Street Journal something peculiar. For the first time in years, the NL has been outspending the AL in free agency. This made us wonder if NL teams were actually getting more player value for doling out all that cash.

When Beaton looked into this topic a few weeks ago, the NL was outspending the AL by $254 million. Since then, the NL surplus in total spending has grown to $335.2 million, according to FanGraphs’ data. On a per-year basis, NL ballclubs will pay their new free agents about $50 million more next season, as it stands now. Most of the NL’s splurge comes in later years, as huge contracts like Jason Heyward’s are paid out over several seasons.

To see if this spending relates to actual production, we looked at data using FanGraphs’ free agent tracker to determine which league is signing the better players. We grouped players according to the league of their new team, and we looked at 2015 WAR, 2016 projected WAR, current salaries and projected salaries……

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Teaching You How to #Win – DiRTy Plays NBA Tuesday


As you already know we are building the Lineup Analyzer™ for NBA as we speak and we will be releasing some of the information and content a few times per week moving forward, so stay tuned for more.

What we will be looking to provide are some of the recommended lineups that DC*3PO has generated each day and tracking the overall performance here so you can see the progress each week.  Good Luck and let us know if you have suggestions here.

FanDuel Lineups2015NBA100DMnoLogo_728x90_en.jpg

FD_NBA_TueLineupSome key stacks for tonight’s contests would be the Nuggets and the Wizards. The best value play of the night should be Jokic for the Nuggets and the top overall score will come from Paul George.


DraftKings Lineups

DK_NBA_TueLineupsIf you take Curry tonight, you are hoping that he will finish the game. Given that they have already rested him in the last game in the 4th quarter, he is at risk of this again, playing the Lakers tonight. Best value play in DraftKings tonight based on projection is R. Sessions for the Wizards. Yes, John Wall is going to play most of the minutes but for the $3,500 price tag, he is someone worth looking at tonight.



Teaching You How to #Win – Matchups to Exploit/Top Over-Under/Heavy Favorites #NFL Week 9

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Heaviest Favorites

As of today, the heaviest favorites for the week are as follows:

  • New England -15 over Washington
  • Cincinnati -12.5 over the Browns
  • New Orleans -9.5 over the Titans

It should come as no surprise that the Patriots yet again lead the heavy favorites segment for this weeks’ Thursday post! Paul Brown Stadium_headshots_originalThey come in red hot, after blowing out what appeared to be a hot Dolphins team and now they get Washington and Kirk Cousins. Washington is coming in off of a bye and one of the best comebacks in their long history. I would take the points in this one as Brady is just red hot and I have zero faith in the Washington offense, even if DeSean Jackson actually plays in this contest. Moving on, we have the Bengals over the Browns by 12.5 points tonight. I am taking the Bengals, giving the points and actually taking the over as well in this one. This shouldn’t even be close but I do expect Barnidge to continue his TD streak and I do believe that you will have a Travis Benjamin siting for one long bomb. I have Bengals crushing however, 37 – 17 with the Bengals having 6 sacks and a touchdown on defense. Last we have the Saints as a 9.5 favorite at home over the lowly Titans. The Titans have just fired their coach and we still aren’t certain if Mariota is going to play in this one. If Mettenberger plays, one thing is for certain, he will throw at least one INT. The reason for that is because he has done it in every game in which he has started and the top defense for the week has played against him in 3 of 8 starts. Does this mean you should take the Saints D….maybe, come back on Sunday to get my final selections.

Top Players To Consider based on these matchups:

  • Tom Brady
  • Rob Gronkowski
  • Drew Brees
  • Jeremy Hill
  • Cincinnati Defense

Top Overall Game Over/Under

I might have to change up this section if the Patriots continue to have this locked down and week 9 is no different. This week the over/under for the Patriots and Washington is 52 points. I think this is even low considering that Washington should put up 20 points but I believe the Patriots will produce over 40 points in this game at home. Washington will have no answer for Gronk this weekend and Brady will figure out another WR to hit for big chunks of yardage all game long. Want a sleeper and do I mean sleeper, try out LaFell this weekend. He will get over 9 targets in this game so its just a matter of, can he catch it? I don’t know the answer to that but I wouldn’t be surprised to see LaFell go over 100 yards and a touchdown. Considering the fact that his salary on DraftKings is only $3,200 so think about it but this is very high risk.

Matchups to Exploit

Here we breakdown the pass defense, rush defense and overall defense to exploit for the week. If a team shows up in this area, it’s because our system shows them as giving up the most yardage totals for the upcoming week.

Let’s make this simple: the stats come directly from our Odds page, so come and take a peak here.

  • Passing Yards is Oakland  projected to give up 317.49
  • Rushing Yards is Chicago projected to give up 133.77
  • Overall Yards is Tampa Bay projected to give up 420.69

Last week as a late start on Sunday morning, I gave you Drew Brees and all he did was get you 47 fantasy points on FanDuel and over 50 on DraftKings. DiRTCanon A.I.This was based on this matchup information so you should be considering this data set each week as there are some golden gems in there. In terms of players to consider, based on week 9 projections, we have Antonio Brown against the Raiders. With Ben Roethlisberger back in the lineup, we know one thing and that is that Antonio Brown is going to get at least 10 targets. The Steelers are in need of a win and Oakland is pretty hot coming in this week. Look for a fairly high scoring contest. As for the Bears run defense, I’m not on a San Diego back all that much but if you wanted to take one it would be Woodhead. He has been the only consistent player, outside of Rivers this season and with the Chargers banged up all over the place, look for a 20+ point performance from Woodhead. Last we have the Tampa Bay Buccs projected to give up the most yards this weekend. Do I really think that Eli could outperform what he accomplished last week, NO! Does that mean I wouldn’t take him this week, that answer is also NO. I like the matchup and the Buccs have given up 397 passing yards or more in each of their last 3 games with one of those being against Kirk Cousins.  Check back on Sunday morning as I will reveal our expert picks for this weekends games!

Here is Thursday stack to consider for DraftKings if you are going to include tonight’s game:ThursdayNightStack

  • This lineup averages 154.6
  • This lineup is projected to score 133.1
  • The needed score to cash in the $5 Thur Kickoff has averaged 132.6
  • The confidence rating for this lineup is 54.7%
  • I predict this lineup will have over 150 points after tonight’s game

We want to hear from you, take our poll below and if you want different information or just want to speak to one of our experts about certain players or lineup considerations, just contact us here or DM us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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Teaching You How to #Win – Matchups to Exploit/Top Over-Under/Heavy Favorites #NFL Week 8

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Heaviest Favorites

As of today, the heaviest favorites for the week are as follows:

  • St. Louis -9.5 over San Francisco
  • New England -9.5 over Miami
  • Carolina -7.5 over Indianapolis

This week is pretty interesting from a matchup perspective; but the top two games for the favorites this week are the Rams over the 49ers and the Pats over the Dolphins, both by 9.5 points. I don’t believe that either game will be that lopsided this week so I would take the points and both dogs in these games.

The Dolphins are playing some inspired football and tonight we will get to see if that continues against the leagues top team, the Patriots. The Rams are difficult to predict, although we were on their D last week and all they did was put up the most points for that position. Kaepernick is the second most sacked QB in the league and the Rams D can get after the QB so look for 7 sacks from this defense yet again. The last matchup is a trap game in my opinion. You have the Panthers playing well but have really only played the Seahawks and the Colts, who have been flat out terrible so far this season. I think Luck gets back to form in this game and they score a late TD to beat the Panthers 21 – 20. So I’m on all the ‘dogs. Now for some players to consider in each of these matchups in daily fantasy:

  • Greg Olsen
  • Tom Brady
  • St. Louis Defense

Top Overall Game Over/Under

The game with the most expected points this weekend is the San Diego Chargers on the road against the Baltimore Ravens. Look it makes sense when you consider that the Ravens pass defense has given up the most yards and points to opposing QB’s and Rivers has had over 850 yards in his last 2 games combined. You take that with Flacco putting up strong numbers and the Chargers defense cannot stop the opposing RB, giving up at least 1 touchdown to each of their last 5 opposing RB’s. So this is a game to consider a stack and take Rivers, Forsett, Woodhead, Smith Sr. and then either Gates or Green, depending on who starts – this half of a lineup should get you 130+ fantasy points this week!

Matchups to Exploit

Here we breakdown the pass defense, rush defense and overall defense to exploit for the week. If a team shows up in this area, it’s because our system shows them as giving up the most yardage totals for the upcoming week.

Let’s make this simple: the stats come directly from our Odds page, so come and take a peak here.

  • Passing Yards is the New York Giants at 294.46 yards
  • Rushing Yards is Tennessee at 137.46 yards
  • Overall is St. Louis at 418.77

We gave you both Gurley and Diggs last week, along with the Rams D and Doug Martin. If you played those guys – then you had 111.6 just from this group.  If you played Brady and Gronk, then you were certain to cash. DiRTCanon A.I.This week, you should consider Drew Brees, but I suggest you stick to Rivers. The Chargers cannot stop anyone on defense so they are constantly behind and Rivers will chuck it all game. On the rushing side of the house, DC*3PO is really on Bell this weekend or you can stick with the hot hand of DeVonta Freeman. Our Odds section suggests that you look at Alfred Blue this weekend and with Foster out, he is very cheap but I’m not on that at all. I like Chris Johnson against the Browns, who have given up a 100 yard rusher in every game this season, even against the Broncos Hillman lit them up. Overall, I like the stack in the Baltimore and San Diego game.  Check back on Sunday morning as I will reveal our expert picks for this weekends games!

We want to hear from you, take our poll below and if you want different information or just want to speak to one of our experts about certain players or lineup considerations, just contact us here or DM us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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Teaching How to #Win – #NFL Week 7 Top Projections/Toughest Matchups


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Top Projections &Toughest Matchups

Based on feedback from you, we are changing this section up just a bit by expanding to all positions. In order to do so we wanted to provide you with some definition behind the data we are providing. DraftKings_TopFPPG

  • DraftKings Tops FPPG – Top 5 players for each position based on fantasy points per game on DraftKings.
  • FanDuel Tops FPPG – Top 5 players for each position based on fantasy points per game on FanDuel.
  • DraftKings Tops Proj  – Top 5 players for each position based on TheDiRTCanon current week projection for DraftKings.
  • FanDuel Tops Proj – Top 5 players for each position based on TheDiRTCanon current week projection for FanDuel.
  • DraftKings Toughest Matchups – Top 5 players with the toughest matchup, based on TheDiRTCanon opponent value with a minimum projection for the needed score to #Win for DraftKings.
  • FanDuel Toughest Matchups – Top 5 players with the toughest matchup, based on TheDiRTCanon opponent value with a minimum projection for the needed score to #Win for FanDuel.

At The DiRT Canon, our matchups not only consider what the player’s opponent has given up to a position, we go all the way down to the depth chart position for that player and what that defense has given up to that position.  We also consider, this information for the current season and ever in the past along with incorporating home or away. I have then added my own personal flavor where I don’t bother providing you with players that aren’t going to play or are basically irrelevant so I have established a custom figure of projection for each position that we also filter by. What does this mean? It means that we aren’t going to tell you some third string guys has the lowest opponent value for the week but instead we are looking to display players that are expected to at least get you the minimum amount of points needed from that position in order to #Win.  Just click NFL-CurrentSeasonTop5 for the full report. Like information like this, come and sign up today, we will be offering a 7 day trial, just click here.  Enter promo code WIN to get 50% off your first month when you upgrade to our Silver Membership!


Experts Take

Based on this week’s report, what I take from this is that we know Brady has been dominant but the Jets defense might be the first to keep him under 20 points in fantasy this season. I like Palmer for both matchup and for projection. I also think this might be the week that Hopkins doesn’t go off and instead you might want to consider ODB and Eli combo. The Rams D looks like a strong play but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider taking Josh McCown. He is ranked in the top 5 projection from us this week and I think he will still put up big yards and a couple touchdowns, the Rams D is a strong consideration because of their special teams and turnover potential. That is a key distinction as you look to evaluate your lineup selections this week, Browns players are still going to be of value this week because the Rams defense does give up yards. My main guy this week is Gurley, look for a 2 TD performance this week! If you want us to review your lineups and get the experts opinion, just click here and submit your request.

For full projections for Draftkings go here.

For full projections for FanDuel go here.

7 Things You Should Read Before Lunch

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courtesy of

1. Score-onto

The Blue Jays, comfortable and eager to get back to the Homer-Dome, did so in electric fashion.  Tulo and Donaldson both hit bombs in a 6-run 3rd inning to blow the game open, and KC made the final score look closer than it was and actually out-hit Toronto.  Aside from the explosion of runs, someone tell me how a player gets ejected BEFORE the top of an inning as Tulo did in the start of the 8th?  When will MLB crack down on these clowns who think they are just as important as the players – NEWSFLASH, you don’t like it when players argue balls and strikes – then call the damn strikezone correctly and stop having different variations per umpire on what bottom of the letters to knees means.

2. 3-3 #SetYourGoals

At one point the Giants had 8:19 left in the game and that was enough time for them to get 3 more 3-and-outs.  This game was so terrible to watch that I began to count the penalties and turnovers – I stopped at 18 and 6.  If you are a Cowboys fan ,you can not be happy, because your while your team has no running back and is beset with injuries – you feel that until Romo comes back you’ll just keep sliding – meanwhile the Eggles are tied for 1st, and that’s really sad.

3. Invictus

We have 5 undefeated teams and at no time has this many teams been unbeaten, this long into a season.  So it got Rob Maaddi thinking over there at the Associated Press and he came up with the idea that Superbowl 50 could feature two undefeated teams.  We should all “friend” Rob in hopes he shares with us, whatever it is he has, because I’d like to see a sky like that in my world just once.

  • GET READY FOR A PAIR OF 18-0 TEAMS IN THE SUPER BOWL – Five teams are undefeated after six weeks so we just might see a team in each conference go 16-0, win two playoff games and face off for the NFL championship in February with history on the line.  You guessed it, it’s overreaction time.  The Patriots (5-0), Bengals (6-0) and Broncos (6-0) are the AFC’s undefeated teams and the Packers (6-0) and Panthers (5-0) are the NFC’s undefeated clubs.  Can one of them run the table……(continue reading)


4. Deadline Deals

You forget that the NFL changed the NFL trade deadline so more teams might make mid-season trades to dominate more and more of the news cycle and make it as exciting as it does for baseball.  Not sure if it has caught on, because until Jason Hirschorn brought it up on Sports On Earth, I had forgot all about it being a possibility.

  • NFL PRE-DEADLINE TRADE CANDIDATES – With more time for teams to figure out whether or not they can contend this season, the prospect of significant deadline trading has increased. According to CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora, “Several NFL executives believe this could be a more fertile trade deadline than normal, with clubs now adjusted to the later deadline and with there being a growing delineation between the haves and the have nots.”……(continue reading)

5. It’s A Matter Of Anti-Trust

TV programming will change – how it is consumed, how it is watched, and how it is paid for.  The reason?  You should not have to pay for things you do not want or will not watch.  I do not care about the Kardashians, or Honey Boo Boo, or any other nonsense that was being paid for in satellite/cable bill – so I dropped it, and until the day arrives where I can pay for what I want to watch then it will be a good day.  Maybe that’s all these guys are complaining about in their lawsuit against the NFL, DIrecTV, CBS, etc…

  • NFL, Networks Hit With Antitrust Lawsuit Over TV Rights – Five plaintiffs who have purchased Sunday Ticket from DirecTV have filed a class action lawsuit against the NFL and its teams, as well as DirecTV, CBS, ESPN, Fox and NBC, claiming that exclusive distribution agreements have driven up the cost of pro football telecasts in violation of antitrust law.  The lawsuit, filed on Friday in U.S. District Court in New York, takes aim at NFL Sunday Ticket, calling the distribution agreement “unique among American sports” and claiming that it has enabled the defendants to charge “exorbitant prices,” as much as $359 per season……(continue reading)

6. Moving Day

An interesting point was brought up by Nick Wagoner at ESPN – What if the Rams were denied Los Angeles, would they still move?  Sounds a lot like if a tree falls in the woods.  For the NFL, the are letting the fans of St.Louis, San Diego and Oakland speak at the end of the month – like the NFL gives a damn, but they’ll placate you anyway.  If a team wants to move let them and make them build whatever diaphragm looking structure they want on their own dime.  watching the NFL on TV is better at home anyway and if you’re a fan you can watch YOUR team from any city, so….

In Case You Missed It…

Become a Member – Use Promo Code: WORD1 – and Get 25% Off Your 1st Month!

Teaching You How to #Win – Public Picks/Hot Hands/Tourney Selections #NFL Week 5

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Public Picks

This is a new segment for us to cover this year. Currently FanDuel and Draftkings won’t tell you who the public is on for this week’s contests. There is a reason for that from their perspective but from ours, we love it. While we cannot tell you specifically which site has which figures as that would violate our partnership agreement with each company, we can tell you based on the, Perfect Lineup challenge, who the public is on. Yet another reason why you only need to come to our site for all of your Daily Fantasy information.Public_Picks_wk6

  • QB – Tom Brady 43.0%
  • RB – Devonta Freeman 64.2%
  • WR – DeAndre Hopkins 40.3%
  • TE – Rob Gronkowski 62.4%
  • K – Stephen Gostkowski 37.7%
  • DEF – Denver 45.5%

Can you take all of these and still fill out a lineup, probably not but come check out our lineup analyzer and build your winning lineup with our high quality analysis here.

Hottest Players

Current top 5 performers for both FanDuel and Draftkings!


  1. Tom Brady 26.0 – $9,000
  2. Antonio Gates 25.7$5,500
  3. Devonta Freeman 24.9 – $8,000
  4. Andy Dalton 23.6$7,600
  5. Le’Veon Bell 22.6 – $9,000


  1. Antonio Gates 30.2 – $4,600
  2. Devonta Freeman 28.5 – $6,300
  3. Tom Brady 27.7$8,100
  4. Le’Veon Bell 27.6 $8,500
  5. Julio Jones 27.3 – $9,200

Based on this information, if you were to come over here, to our lineup analyze you can see what recommendations you have by entering most, if not all of these players and see how you do.  They have certainly been the top performers thus far.  Throughout the week, I have continued to provide enhanced information about who to take this week.  Obviously, Freeman has already played and he sure did continue his hot streak! For this week, I would take Tom Brady from this list or Andy Dalton at QB. For my running back, I like Andrews this week, very cheap and should be a 20+ fantasy player this weekend. At wide out, I like DeAndre Hopkins.  I think he has a shot at 40 points on Sunday. Check back on Sunday morning before the games and I will give you my final selection along with lineup recommendations for the week.


Tournament Suggestions

I wanted to add a section this weekend to our list and that is tournament suggestions.  I have received your feedback and one of the things that all of you keep asking is, “What tournaments should I play in?” The short answer is that as you continue to play and save your lineups with us, we are building your player profile so we can make automated suggestions in the future for you. So in the interim time frame, you can come here, to our strategy section and I will highlight some contests each week for you to take a look at:

  1. Always put one entry into the main contest for $25, so you have a shot at the Million
  2. Play 2 double up contests for every main contest you enter at the same price.  So if you play the $5 challenge, then play two $5 double up contests, this will ensure that you are making some money and the main contest entry is gravy on top.
  3. Play one head to head challenge, this is your best odds of winning.
  4. Always enter the prime time challenge and the Mon-Thu challenge because you are only picking from 4 teams, options are limited but low risk and high reward for these contests.

Good Luck this weekend, come back tomorrow as we will provide our expert picks at 9:30 a.m. MST on Sunday mornings from now on!