This well-crafted opus is best viewed in the proper light and with the proper requisite number of Ovaltine labels to provide you the right amount of DiRT to win.  Win your league! Win at FanDuel! Win at arguments!  This is to be your canon of information, a reference manual, a DiRT Canon if you will.  This blog is designed specifically for you to win with short snappy tidbits you can use anywhere.  Sure you may be thinking “why listen to us”? The issue is not why us, but why not us and why not the DiRT we create.  In fact, we have already been approached by one of the largest roto-sites in the country after proving our algorithms out performed theirs.  It’s not about promising results, it’s about promising you the best information, (like the Oracle at Delphi, except with a better winning percentage)!

So how do you use our DiRT?  You read the posts, and you watch for the tasty morsels sprinkled all over like a lucid KrispyKreme(mmmmm doh-nut), and apply them as you see fit.  We post FanDuel rankings.  We post news and events from around the sports world and beeeyonnnd.  We also give you football betting info for the kind of entertainment you’d come to expect from part-time degenerate gamblers (for entertainment purposes only) sports nerds.

So who are we?  We are DiRT heads who graduated with honors from the journalism school of GonzoU.  We were almost drafted in 3 professional sports and founding members of the Danish sports craze of Slosh-ball in the nineties.  Besides being a multi-platinum artist with Analytics we truly like to share our catalog of spoken word hits of ’80’s and ’90’s pop songs.  But when it comes down to it, we follow the instructions of the eternal scribe HST and look to shoot penguins along the duckboards.  When the weird get going, the weird turn pro – Raoul Duke.


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