DiRTy Plays #NBA Tuesday 5pt Play – Teaching You How to #Win #DFS|FanDuel & DraftKings Projections

February 23, 2016


DiRTy Plays – Tuesday 5 Point Play

The Lineup Analzyer™ is in full affect now, just click here to check it out! Now, I will walk you through 5 key points and end with The DiRT Canon top lineup for both FanDuel and DraftKings, along with the lineup analysis for you to consider tonight!

Point 1 – Value Plays:

  • Point Guard – Elfrid Payton is our top value play with a value on DraftKings of -2.16 and for FanDuel, Emmanuel Muddiay has a value of -1.91.
  • Shooting Guard – Evan Fournier leads our value play at SG with a FanDuel value of -1.06 and on DraftKings we have Hollis-Thompson with a -1.11 value. He is a strong consideration for value tonight.
  • Small Forward – Cory Brewer is our leader with a -2.61 on FanDuel value and, Joe Johnson is -5.35 on DraftKings.
  • Power Forward – Jared Dudley is our top value for FanDuel at +1.47 and, Ed Davis on DraftKings is at -4.35.
  • Center – Kosta Koufus leads this category with a -4.13 value on FanDuel and Miles Plumlee is -3.65 on DraftKings.

I wanted to add some additional value player to our list today as these players are within our variance threshold but also have a projection of at least 30 fantasy points for tonight. This should help you with your player selection for tonight as these are guys with great matchups and should have solid performances relative to their assigned salary. Those players are as follows:

  • Point Guard – Jrue Holiday is our top projected PG from a value perspective with a projection of 35.43 on FanDuel and a 37.72 on DraftKings.
  • Shooting Guard – Rodney Hood leads this category at 31.59 projection on DraftKings and a value of -4.41 where on FanDuel we have Victor Oladipo and his projection is 31.59 and a -4.11 value.
  • Small Forward – Gordon Hayward is our top SF from a value perspective with a FanDuel projection of 33.19 and on DraftKings,Tevor Ariza with a projection of 31.11 tonight.
  • Power Forward – Anthony Davis is our top value PF for Fanduel tonight with a projection of 39.67.   Thad Young is projected at 30.80 for DraftKings to lead this value category.
  • Center – Nikola Vucevic is the top center for tonight in Fanduel with a projection of 33.89 in terms of value play.  Jalil Okafor on DraftKings is our lead value play with a projection of 30.79.

Point 2 – Top 5 Players to Consider:

Below are our top 5 players when considering all of our custom metrics such as big play potential, projection to spend ratio, overall projection and opponent rank:


  • Point Guard – John Wall is our top PG for tonight with a projection of 42.14.
  • Shooting Guard – James Harden is the top SG for tonight with a projection of 41.94.
  • Small Forward – Gordon Hayward is the top projected player at this position with a 33.19.
  • Power Forward – Anthony Davis is our top PF for tonight with a projection of 39.67.
  • Center – DeMarcus Cousins is our top projected center for tonight with a projection of 37.15.


  • Point Guard – John Wall has a top projection at PG of 45.7 tonight.
  • Shooting Guard – James Harden is our top SG for tonight at 45.99.
  • Small Forward – Gordon Hayward has a top projection for SF’s tonight at 35.64.
  • Power Forward – Anthony Davis is the top projected PF tonight at 41.48.
  • Center – Brook Lopez also leads the Centers on DraftKings with a projection of 36.63 tonight.

Point 3 – Lineup Stack Potentials:

In this section we will breakdown the Vegas Odds and provide you with some potential lineup stacks that will accommodate for the salary restrictions for both FanDuel and DraftKings.

DiRTyPlays_Logo_Jan27_2016Top 3 Over/Under Matchups:

  1. Sacramento vs. Denver (223 projected pts)
  2. New Orleans vs. Washington (215 projected pts)
  3. Brooklyn vs Porland (210.5 projected pts)

Projected Points per Team:

  1. Denver Nuggets (112.5 projected pts)
  2. Sacramento Kings (111 projected pts)
  3. Portland Trailblazers (111 projected pts)
  4. Washington Wizards (109 projected pts)
  5. Orlando Magic (107 projected pts)

*This information was provided by http://www.fivedimes.com

FanDuel_To download the top 3 stacks for FanDuel tonight, just click the link below:




draftkingsTo download the top 3 stacks for DraftKings tonight, just click the link below:




Point 4 – Key Injuries:

Injuries are updated as of 5:30 p.m. EST, be sure to confirm prior to tip!

  • injuryDeMarcus Cousins: UPDATE: Cousins battled a sore tailbone at Saturday’s practice but should be fine, ABC 10’s Sean Cunningham reports.
  • Rajon Rondo: UPDATE: Rondo (toe) is considered probable for Tuesday’s game against the Nuggets.
  • Terrance Jones: UPDATE: Jones (concussion) went through practice Sunday, Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle reports.



Point 5 – Absolutes:

This information is based on the overall projection of each player as well as the opponent they are playing against. We combine those factors and determine the best plays broken down by salary range. To get a full copy of this report for DraftKings click here, for FanDuel click here.

  • The top overall #AbsoluteMustHave is James Harden for both sites tonight as he has the best matchup, value and projection combo for tonight.
  • The top overall #AbsoluteNotable is Thad Young for both DraftKings and FanDuel tonight as his mid range salary makes him a strong consideration in all formats.
  • The top overall #AbsoluteSleeper is Darren Collison has the best chance at being a huge value play tonight with Rondo injured but expected to play and the Nuggets giving up the most fantasy points to the PG position over their last 5 games.

DraftKings Lineup Consideration

DK_LAFor DraftKings tonight, our top lineup includes the likes of Jrue Holiday, Gordon Hayward and Brook Lopez. These are the top projected performers for this lineup as each of these guys should hover around 40 fantasy points if not a bit higher tonight. Next we have Victor Oladipo and Rodney Hood as both have great matchups and could also hit that 40+ fantasy point night tonight. We finish this lineup off with Elfrid Payton, Trevor Ariza and Ed Davis. Payton is trying to find his spot on the team as Brandon Jennings has outplayed him the last two games and could be a viable option for Payton in this lineup as you can afford to make that change but Payton is projected to get 26 points tonight. Ariza is the #3 SF tonight and should get at least 30 fantasy points tonight. Last we have Ed Davis, who if he plays 20 minutes as he is projected, he will get around 20 fantasy points. If he gets in the block action, he could get as a high as 30 fantasy points but we assume 20 tonight. That puts this lineup at around 270 fantasy points with 4 players having upside of going for over 50, which would get you into that guarantee cash point.

To download a full copy of this lineup, click here.

FanDuel Lineup Consideration

FD_LAOn FanDuel, we have a ton of options for chalk plays tonight with Cousins, Davis, Lillard, Wall and Harden all in action. You can afford to take any three of these guys but we are opting for two chalk plays in Anthony Davis and James Harden for our top projected lineup. At PG, we have Mudiay and Collison as Rondo is expected to play but the Nuggets give up a ton to the PG position and Collison should get around 30 fantasy points, where Mudiay should be around 35 fantasy points. Alongside Harden, we have Victor Oladipo, who has been around 50 in each of his last two games and should get at least 40 tonight. At SF, we are going with two Rockets in Ariza and Brewer. You could swap Brewer for Harkless if you wanted to as Harkless has been playing very well of late but for consistency, Brewer will get around 20 fantasy points and Ariza will be around 35 fantasy points tonight. At PF, we have Davis and his other companion tonight on our lineup is Jared Dudley. Dudley should get around 25 fantasy points tonight given his matchup and projected playing time. Last we have Jahlil Okafor at center tonight. While he is not the top projected center, he has been playing very well of late and should get around 40 fantasy points tonight. If this holds true, you have a lineup that will achieve 325 fantasy points and that should get you a #WIN in all formats tonight.

To download a full copy of this lineup, click here.

If you would like to use our Lineup Analyzer™, just come here or DM us on Facebook,Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn and we will provide some recommendations based on our FanDuel projections and/or DraftKings projections.

What No One Tells You About #Winning Tuesday

All Aboard the S.S.TD:

The Gronk.  Lovable meathead, really good tight-end for the Patriots just disembarked from his “Party-Cruise”.  The debaucherous, drunken revellry seemed to be on par with another party that comes to mind in the Big Easy, and according to social media, it was.  However, while everyone was re-living the halcyon days of Sodom & Gamora and being tailed by “intrepid” journalists to “document” the event – we need to ask this question – How is Manziel any different?

Is it because Gronk is a Pro-Bowler, a Superbowl Champion and has never been accused of striking a woman?  Why do we treat Gronk as lovable meathead and Manziel a loser for being the same Teddy Bro-sevelt?  At some point we should stop demonizing notorious behavior while applauding another as we maintain our upright moral status with the rest of the swine.  Then again, how much could you have had on this hedonistic cruise?

+ Read: Let’s all have as much fun as Gronk’s Party Ship.

Then there’s the King of Berzerkers, the thorn in the SEC paw, the man in the khakis, hanging out at WWE Raw last night.  The most visible and entertaining coach in college football lately, is a self-avowed rasslin’ fan and was front and center at Joe Louis Arena.  How can you not love this guy’s headline making ways?

Welcome to @UMichFootball head coach @CoachJim4UM, ringside at @WWE#RAW in Detroit!! #Wolverinespic.twitter.com/II49BL7Cml

— WWE (@WWE) February 23, 2016


ATLANTA, GA - FEBRUARY 22: Andrew Bogut #12 of the Golden State Warriors dunks against Al Horford #15 of the Atlanta Hawks at Philips Arena on February 22, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. NOTE TO USER User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

If you follow along with us, then you know Mondays are prettay prettaaay prettaaaay special when you read our 5pt plays and build your lineups with our LineupAnalyzer.  Or maybe you were too caught up in listening to another hit from the dark-side of the moon and the Apollo 10 astronauts…Either way, you can read The United Stats of #Murica #NBA edition for a review or read these 5 takeaways:

  • Warriors become the fastest team to 50 wins in NBA history by beating Hawks. It got interesting. Atlanta became the latest team to make a big run on Golden State and force a response. Portland did it most of the game, but the 13-turnover third quarter for the Warriors put that game out of reach. The Clippers game seemed to be in garbage time until a 13-0 run late gave Los Angeles a chance to tie (the shot fell short). Then Monday night the Warriors were in complete control up 23 in the third quarter, when the Hawks went on a 33-6 run and took the lead. These lapses are a combination of factors. The Warriors have some mental vacations, they get bored it seems, but also teams are not just rolling over for them. Good teams that have pride. The result is the Warriors having to work hard for games where it felt like they were in control.
  • Channing Frye makes his debut for Cavaliers but Pistons spoil the day. Cavaliers fans got to see the guy they gave up Anderson Varejao for Monday night (not that much was expected of Channing Frye in his debut, he’s had basically no practice time with the team). Frye played nine minutes for the Cavaliers, missed both his threes, and looked like the new kid trying to fit in. He’ll find a more comfortable groove.
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo finishes the off-the-backboard alley-oop. Yes, it still counts if you do it against the Lakers’ defense. The Bucks picked up a win and the Greek Freak had maybe the highlight of the night.
  • Pistons void Donatas Motiejunas trade with Rockets over concerns about his back.Stan Van Gundy has coveted Motiejunas for years — a true 7-footer who can bang inside and is shooting 41.2 percent from three this season. He’s a perfect fit on paper for the inside-out offense Van Guyndy is trying to set up in Detroit.
  • Kyle Lowry puts up triple-double. Does it still count if Jose Calderon is guarding him? Kyle Lowry and the Raptors went into Madison Square Garden on Monday night and looked every bit the second best team in the East, with an unstoppable backcourt led by Kyle Lowry. Going up against the porus defense of Jose Calderon, Lowry did what he wanted on the way to 22 points, 11 assists, and 11 rebounds, and the Raptors picked up a comfortable win 122-95.

Source: Five Takeaways from NBA Monday: Warriors become fastest team ever to 50 wins – ProBasketballTalk

Big man Hassan Whiteside continues to confound the Miami Heat by mixing in dominant performances with head-scratching mistakes that cloud his future with the team.

+ Read: Whiteside remains an enigma for Miami – Yahoo News

+ Read: NBA’s ‘haunted hotel’ strikes again — this time with bed bugs | New York Post


The NFL withheld a big chunk of money from the NFLPA. (USATSI)

The NFL Player’s Association (NFLPA) was on the winning side of an arbitration that’s expected to cost the NFL more than $100 million.

Arbitrator Stephen Burbank sided with the NFLPA over an issue that had to do with the pool of revenue (or shared revenue pool) that the NFL splits with its players. According to the Wall Street Journal, the league is going to have to return about $120 million in revenues that it wrongly collected over the past three years.

+ Read: Report: NFL withheld more than $120 million from players over 3 years – CBSSports.com

Let’s face it: All 32 NFL teams have plenty to do before the start of the new fiscal year, as well as the beginning of free agency on March 9.There are just some that have more to do than others.

+ Read: NFL Teams That Have the Most Work to Do Before Free Agency | Bleacher Report


Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Zack Greinke talks to the media during a press conference, Friday, Dec. 11, 2015, in Phoenix. Greinke could have stayed with the Los Angeles Dodgers or gone up the coast to the San Francisco Giants. Instead, he signed a massive contract with the Arizona Diamondbacks, dramatically shifting the landscape in the NL West.   (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

The phrase “play the game the right way” is vague, so it’s usually tough to know exactly what someone means when they use the phrase. Hitting batters as revenge, for example, could be “right” if you’re an old-school baseball type, or it may be wrong to someone else. NL West managers say the Diamondbacks “play the game the right way,” Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post reports.

+ Read: NL West managers say the Diamondbacks “play the game the right way” – HardballTalk


+ Read: Nation’s fastest football player? LSU’s Donte’ Jackson can make that claim – CollegeFootballTalk

On Sunday, a relieved Bubba Watson interrupted his post-tournament press conference at the Northern Trust Open in Pacific Palisades, Calif., as the gleaming prize was placed beside him on the table. Though he had to pass a kidney stone earlier in the week, he still managed to rally back on the final day of action to win the tournament for the second time in three years.

In a thrilling final round packed with twists and turns, Watson closed out a one-shot victory over leader Jason Kokrak and 2013 Masters winner Adam Scott at Riviera Country Club. Bubba finished with a 15-under 269 total.

+ Read: Bubba Watson won the Northern Trust Open.

DiRTy Plays Tuesday #NBA – Teaching You How to #Win #DFS|FanDuel & DraftKings Projections

February 23, 2016


Absolute Player Breakdown

AbsolutesThe DiRT Canon Absolute Player Breakdown is a compilation of information that utilizes a custom segmentation of salary for both FanDuel and DraftKings. The three categories that are used for analysis purposes are #AbsoluteMustHave, #AbsoluteNotable & #AbsoluteSleeper. These categories use the following salary ranges:

  • $7,000 & Above = MustHave
  • $5,200 – $6,900 = Notable
  • Under $5,200 = Sleeper

Players that are considered to be MustHave’s that top this list are the equivalent of Chalk plays for today’s contests. We breakdown these items for each position knowing that you won’t be able to take all of these players but this will give you the best chance to ensure you have selected from the projected top players for today. As we move into the Notable category, now this is where you separate from cashing and from losing. The need for at least 3 players in this category means that you have to ensure you take the guys that typically average between 25 fantasy points per game and 33 fantasy points per game, that have the highest chance of going for 40 points or more tonight. The sleeper category is where you now look to separate from the bottom of the cash pile to the top of the cash pile. For daily NBA contests, this usually means finding the guy(s) who have a higher point per minute than the average and are expected to play more minutes, either because of injury to other players or their average minutes played per game is trending up.

To download today’s DraftKings Absolute Player Breakdown report click here.

To download today’s FanDuel Absolute Player Breakdown report click here.



Projection-2-Spend Breakdown

Proj2SpendThe next set of information that should be reviewed are the value plays for today’s games. Most fantasy sports information sites have their own value system, which takes their projection and divides that by the assigned salary. Here at The DiRT Canon, we go above and beyond standard metrics that really don’t give you much information and instead we look to provide a more in-depth analysis of value. In processing the results of thousands of contests at all levels of entry fees, The DiRT Canon, has been able to identify the minimum winning score on average, weighting several factors such as number of games played, overall rank of teams playing, Vegas odds, projected over-under scores and much more in order to forecast the needed score to win tonight. This will be further provided in future releases to our customers and to sign up just click here and enter Promo code WIN.

Now that we have the projected score needed to win, we can now look at the assigned salary in order to determine the Needed Points, that each player will need to achieve in order to be worth the assigned salary for each daily fantasy site. Then we take our Overall DiRT Canon projection and subtract that value from the Needed Points in order to determine if that player has value or not. When you are able to identify players that have high average fantasy points per game and are of value for today’s games, these are the strongest plays you can find. When you have lower salaried players with high variances in this area, these are also players that should be considered in building your lineup.

To download a copy of today’s DraftKings Projection-2-Spend report click here.

To download a copy of today’s FanDuel Projection-2-Spend report click here.

Daily Projections

DailyProjThis analysis is as straight forward as it gets from us. This is our daily projection for players that are eligible for contests tonight. This information is broken down by position so you are able to quickly identify the players that have the highest projection. The one factor that The DiRT Canon brings to the table that no one else considers is the fact that we have a projection that is based on the Last 5 games, Last 10 games, Full Season and the we have a custom Overall Projection. At a glance this will give you a trending perspective for each player that visually you are able to determine who you should select.

To download a copy of today’s DraftKings Daily Projection report click here.

To download a copy of today’s FanDuel Daily Projection report click here.

To get an excel version of both projections, click here.

Banner_NewLogo_FullFanDuel_Salary Breakdown

SalaryBreakIn this section, we provide the ability to find players, regardless of position at a specific salary range. This ultimately allows for you to make some of your final lineup selections as you look to compare the projection and expected performance of players within a certain set of salary ranges. Have only $5,500 dollars left, you can find the best guy at that salary. Can’t be more simple than that as we include the projections and value for these players to make this selection process as easy as possible.

To download a copy of today’s DraftKings Salary Breakdown report click here.

To download a copy of today’s FanDuel Salary Breakdown report click here.

Big Play Potential

BigPlayThe full version of the Big Play Potential and this should be a highly used set of information specifically for DraftKings as this will be a big indication for having players hit those all important bonuses.

  • Rajon Rondo has an 11% chance of hitting a triple-double tonight.
  • DeMarcus Cousins has an 56% of hitting a double-double tonight.
  • James Harden is projected to hit 2.86 3’s tonight.

Be sure to check out the detail of this report as you will get to see how players are trending in their last 5 and last 10 games relative to these categories.

To download a full copy of this report, click here.

Hot Hands

Last5In this section we will provide a quick breakdown of those players that have the highest, last 5 game average for fantasy points so you can see if there are players that are playing well of late that you should consider when building your lineup(s) for today’s contests.

Some key highlights from this information are as follows:

  • James Harden, Damian Lillard and Rajon Rondo are our only players averaging over 50 fantasy points over their last 5 games, that are playing tonight.
  • Anthony Davis might be the hottest player in the league right now, having gone for over 140 fantasy points over his last 2 games.
  • Jalil Okafor is just under 40 fantasy points per game over his last 5 games and is only $6,400 tonight on DraftKings.
  • Moe Harkless is averaging 29.4 fantasy points per game over his last 5 games and is only $4,400 on DraftKings tonight.

Positional Breakdown

In this section we will provide you with the FanDuel and DraftKings positional analysis based on players that are available for today in order to better assist you with the order in which you should be selecting player as you create your winning lineup(s).

  • draftkingsPG – Represents 24.43% of your projected team point total with an average of  2.86 PG’s per winning lineup over the past 7 days.
  • SG – Represents 21.73% of your projected team total with an average of 2.44 SG’s per winning lineup over the past 7 days
  • SF – Represents 16.30% of your projected team point total with an average of 1.37 SF’s per winning lineup over the past 7 days.
  • PF – Represents 21.33% of your projected team point total with an average of 2.31 PF’s per winning lineup over the past 7 days.
  • C – Represents 16.21% of your projected team point total with an average of 1.24 C’s per winning lineup over the past 7 days.

Order for tonight, based on percentage of projected points would be PG, SG, G, PF, SF, F , C, Util with a projected score of 282 to cash in main tournaments at 95% chance of winning.

  • PG – Represents 24.16% of your projected team total with an average of 81.3 points for this position for winning lineups.
  • FanDuel_SG – Represents 20.48% of your projected team total with an average of 64.7 points for this position for winning lineups.
  • SF – Represents 14.76% of your projected team total with an average of 46.6 points for this position for winning lineups.
  • PF – Represents 23.27% of your projected team total with an average of 78.5 points for this position for winning lineups.
  • C – Represents 17.33% of your projected team total with an average of 44.7 points for this position for winning lineups.

Order for tonight, based on projected points per position would be PG, PF, SG, C, SF and the number for tonight is projected to be 316.1 to cash in main tournaments at 95% chance of winning.

Key Injuries

injuryInjuries as of 11:30 a.m. EST are as follows:

  • DeMarcus Cousins: UPDATE: Cousins battled a sore tailbone at Saturday’s practice but should be fine, ABC 10’s Sean Cunningham reports.
  • Rajon Rondo: UPDATE: Rondo (toe) is considered probable for Tuesday’s game against the Nuggets.
  • Terrance Jones: UPDATE: Jones (concussion) went through practice Sunday, Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle reports.

Don’t forget to use the Lineup Analyzer™ to get our custom recommendations, just click here. Check back at 6 p.m. EST to get our full analysis and insights from our top experts via our DiRTy Plays 5 pt Play! All of your FanDuel projections and DraftKings projections each and every day!

United Stats of #Murica – #NBA + #NHL Edition


nullWhiteside is a monster off the bench

Hassan Whiteside, who has settled into his role off the bench, scored 19 points to go along with his 18 rebounds for Miami in its overtime victory against the Pacers. Whiteside, who scored 25 points and grabbed 23 rebounds as a substitute on Saturday, is the first NBA player to produce at least 18 points and 18 rebounds in consecutive games, both off the bench, since LaSalle Thompson had back-to-back games of that kind for the Kansas City Kings in January 1984.

nullFirst triple-double for Antetokounmpo

Giannis Antetokounmpo scored 27 points, snared 12 rebounds and handed out 10 assists as the Bucks defeated the Lakers, 108-101. Seventy-eight days after Antetokounmpo’s 21st birthday, he became the first player to generate a triple-double for Milwaukee since Larry Sanders in November 2012 and the second-youngest to do so in franchise history (41 days older than Brandon Jennings when he did it on October 30, 2010). Jason Kidd’s career total of 107 triple-doubles during his playing career is the third-highest in NBA history, behind Oscar Robertson (181) and Magic Johnson (138), but Antetokounmpo is the first player to post a triple-double with Kidd as his head coach.

nullCurry and Thompson dominate the Hawks

Stephen Curry scored 36 points and Klay Thompson added 27 as the Warriors defeated the Hawks, 102-92. It was the sixth game this season in which Curry and Thompson each scored more than 25 points, the most such games for any pair of starting guards in the NBA. Two other starting-guard duos have produced four such games this season: DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry for Toronto, and Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum for Portland.

nullLowry and DeRozan have their way with the Knicks

Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan each scored 22 points to lead the Raptors to a 122-95 victory over the Knicks at Madison Square Garden. Both Lowry and DeRozan have scored more than 20 points in all three of Toronto’s games versus New York this season. Over the last 40 seasons (1976-77 to date), only one other pair of backcourt starters each scored 20 or more points in three games against the Knicks within one season. That was in 1996-97, when Allen Iverson and Jerry Stackhouse did it for the 76ers.

nullTowns and Griffin

Karl-Anthony Towns scored 28 points and gathered 13 rebounds for the Timberwolves in their 124-122 victory over the Celtics. It was the 12th game for Towns this season in which he generated at least 25 points and ten rebounds, the most for any rookie in the franchise history of the T-wolves. Over the last 16 seasons (2000-01 to date), the only other NBA player with at least a dozen such games in his rookie season was Blake Griffin (24 in 2010-11).

nullPistons’ starters score 86 of their 96 points

Reggie Jackson scored a team-high 23 points for the Pistons in their 96-88 victory at Cleveland in a game in which Detroit’s starters scored all but ten of the team’s points (with Stanley Johnson accounting for all of the Pistons’ bench points). It was only the second win for the Pistons over the last four seasons in which their bench combined to score no more than ten points. Detroit’s other victory of that kind during that time (2012-13 to date) also came against the Cavaliers, earlier this season, when its bench contributed nine points in a 104-99 triumph on November 17.


nullThird-period goal for Ovechkin

Alex Ovechkin scored a tiebreaking goal in the third period which put the Capitals ahead to stay in their 3-2 win against the Coyotes. Ovechkin has scored 514 goals in his 11-season NHL career and he has now registered exactly 200 of them in third periods (184) or in overtime (16). Only three other active players have scored at least 200 such goals and they have all been in the NHL for at least 18 seasons: Jaromir Jagr (277), Jarome Iginla (228) and Marian Hossa (213).

nullTwo goals each for a trio of Sharks

Joe Thornton, Logan Couture and Tomas Hertl each scored two goals for the San Jose Sharks in their 6-3 win at St. Louis. Is was the fifth time in the last three seasons that an NHL team had three multiple-goal scorers in one game, yet it was the third time over that span that the Sharks have been the team to do it! Couture, Joe Pavelski and Raffi Torres were the trio of multi-goal Sharks in a 7-3 San Jose win at Philadelphia on Feb. 27, 2014, and on Dec. 4, 2014 the Sharks beat the Bruins, 7-4, with Pavelski, Tommy Wingels and Tyler Kennedy each scoring two goals.

nullRinne wins north of the border

Nashville’s Pekka Rinne made 28 saves in his 2-1 shootout victory against the Canadiens at Bell Centre. Rinne had a 4-9-3 record in his first 16 road games this season, but he’s 4-0-2 in six games on the road since then with all four wins coming in Canada (Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver and Montreal).

Korpisalo notches his tenth victory

Blue Jackets goaltender Joonas Korpisalo notched his 10th victory in his first season in the NHL with a 6-4 win against the Bruins in Boston. Korpisalo is the third rookie goaltender in Columbus franchise history to reach double-figures in wins in one season, after Pascal Leclaire in 2005-06 (11) and Steve Mason when he won the Calder Trophy in 2008-09 (33).

Source: Elias Says: Sports Statistics – Stats from the Elias Sports Bureau