DiRTy Plays #NBA Monday 5pt Play – Teaching You How to #Win #DFS

February 22, 2016


DiRTy Plays – Monday 5 Point Play

The Lineup Analzyer is in full affect now, just click here to check it out! Now, I will walk you through 5 key points and end with The DiRT Canon top lineup for both FanDuel and DraftKings, along with the lineup analysis for you to consider tonight!

Point 1 – Value Plays:

  • Point Guard – Jordan Clarkson is our top value play with a value on DraftKings of -1.14 and for FanDuel, Cory Jospeh has a value of -1.14.
  • Shooting Guard – Kyle Korver leads our value play at SG with a FanDuel value of +1.84 and on DraftKings a -0.31. He is a strong consideration for value tonight.
  • Small Forward – P.J. Tucker is our leader with a -.95 on FanDuel value and, Giannis Antetokounmpo is -3.25 on DraftKings.
  • Power Forward – Gorgui Dieng is our top value for FanDuel at -1.92 and, Patrick Patterson on DraftKings is at -4.61.
  • Center – Jordan Hill leads this category with a -2.61 value on FanDuel and Jared Sullinger is -2.65 on DraftKings; Sullinger is a strong play with Oliynk out for the next 3-4 weeks, he will see extended time on the floor with a nice matchup tonight.

I wanted to add some additional value player to our list today as these players are within our variance threshold but also have a projection of at least 30 fantasy points for tonight. This should help you with your player selection for tonight as these are guys with great matchups and should have solid performances relative to their assigned salary. Those players are as follows:

  • Point Guard – Ricky Rubio is our top projected PG from a value perspective with a projection of 32.2 on FanDuel and Jordan Clarkson with a 30.66 on DraftKings.
  • Shooting Guard – Khris Middleton leads this category at 40.50 projection on DraftKings and a value of -2.7 where on FanDuel his projection is 37.41 and a -2.49.
  • Small Forward – Giannis Antetokounmpo is our top SF from a value perspective with a FanDuel projection of 36.69 and on DraftKings, he has a projection of 39.35 tonight.
  • Power Forward – Gorgui Dieng is our top value PF for Fanduel tonight with a projection of 30.62.   Julius Randle is projected at 31.13 for DraftKings.
  • Center – DeAndre Jordan is the top center for tonight in Fanduel with a projection of 36.66.  Jared Sullinger in DraftKings with a projection of 31.55.

Point 2 – Top 5 Players to Consider:

Below are our top 5 players when considering all of our custom metrics such as big play potential, projection to spend ratio, overall projection and opponent rank:


  • Point Guard – Steph Curry is our top PG for tonight with a projection of 44.28.
  • Shooting Guard – Khris Middleton is the top SG for tonight with a projection of 37.41.
  • Small Forward – LeBron James is the top projected player at this position with a 40.11.
  • Power Forward – Draymond Green is our top PF for tonight with a projection of 33.57.
  • Center – DeAndre Jordan is our top projected center for tonight with a projection of 36.66.


  • Point Guard – Steph Curry has a top projection of 48.41 tonight.
  • Shooting Guard – Khris Middleton is our top SG for tonight at 40.50.
  • Small Forward – LeBron James has a top projection for SF’s tonight at 43.02.
  • Power Forward – Draymond Green is the top projected PF tonight at 36.96.
  • Center – DeAndre Jordan also leads the Centers on DraftKings with a projection of 39.10 tonight.

Point 3 – Lineup Stack Potentials:

In this section we will breakdown the Vegas Odds and provide you with some potential lineup stacks that will accommodate for the salary restrictions for both FanDuel and DraftKings.

Top 3 Over/Under Matchups:

  1. Golden State vs. Atlanta (225.5 projected pts)
  2. Boston vs. Minnesota (217 projected pts)
  3. Phoenix vs. LA Clippers (212 projected pts)

Projected Points per Team:

  1. Golden St Warriors (116 projected pts)
  2. LA Clippers (114 projected pts)
  3. Boston Celtics (111 projected pts)
  4. Sacramento Kings (110.5 projected pts)
  5. Atlanta Hawks (109 projected pts)
  6. Cleveland Cavs (108 projected pts)

*This information was provided by http://www.fivedimes.com

FanDuel_To download the top 3 stacks for FanDuel tonight, just click the link below:




draftkingsTo download the top 3 stacks for DraftKings tonight, just click the link below:




Point 4 – Key Injuries:

  • injuryChris Paul: UPDATE: Paul left Saturday’s loss to Golden State with a thigh injury but is expected to be OK, reports.
  • Kyrie Irving: UPDATE: Irving is dealing with an illness and will not return to Sunday’s game against the Thunder, Joe Gabriele of Cavs.com reports. If he doesn’t go, look for Delledova to get the start.
  • Dwayne Wade: UPDATE: Wade (knee) is listed as a game-time decision for Monday’s tilt with the Pacers, Jason Lieser of the Palm Beach Post reports.
  • Chris Bosh: UPDATE: Bosh (calf) will not play in Monday’s game against the Pacers, Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sun Sentinel reports. With him sidelined again, look for Deng to play high minutes.
  • George Hill: UPDATE: Hill is listed as questionable for Monday’s game against the Heat with a right elbow sprain, the team announced.
  • Andrew Bogut: UPDATE: Bogut (Achilles) is listed as questionable for Monday’s game against the Hawks, Chris Vivlamore of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.
  • Tyson Chandler: UPDATE: Chandler (shoulder) is considered doubtful for Monday’s game against the Clippers, Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic reports.
  • Jared Bayless: UPDATE: Bayless (knee) has been ruled out for Monday’s game against the Lakers, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.
  • John Henson: UPDATE: Henson (back) is listed as out for Monday’s game against the Lakers, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

Point 5 – Absolutes:

This information is based on the overall projection of each player as well as the opponent they are playing against. We combine those factors and determine the best plays broken down by salary range. To get a full copy of this report for DraftKings click here, for FanDuel click here.

  • The top overall #AbsoluteMustHave is LeBron James for both sites tonight as he has the best matchup, value and projection combo for tonight.
  • The top overall #AbsoluteNotable is Andrew Wiggins for both DraftKings and FanDuel tonight as his mid range salary makes him a strong consideration in all formats.
  • The top overall #AbsoluteSleeper is Zach LaVine on DraftKings with Tristan Thompson leading this category for FanDuel.

DraftKings Lineup Consideration

DK_LAFor DraftKings tonight, we have some interesting matchups but when looking at overall performance the games to really take advantage of are going to be the Bucks against the Lakers and then the Boston and T-Wolves game. In this lineup we have 7 of our 8 roster spots coming from these two games as the key players for each team matchup well with what the opposing defenses end up giving up. Thomas leads this group as our top chalk play and he is coming off a 49 point performance against Denver on Sunday. Next we have Middleton and Antetokoumnpo, who both have been playing lights out but are relatively unknown, even in the fantasy community which means they should have low ownership. This will be key given the fact that there is a 100k 1st place top prize in the $3, Sharpshooter contest tonight. Next we have Julius Randle at PF and Jared Sullinger at Center. Both players have been consistently hitting that 30 point marker and both should see plenty of playing time tonight. We finish this lineup with Kyle Korver, Marcus Morris and Ricky Rubio. All three should combine for approximately 110 fantasy points tonight and with the bonuses that DraftKings has in their scoring system, these are all strong plays for either 3 point makes or in Rubio’s case, a double-double.

To download a full copy of this lineup, click here.

FanDuel Lineup Consideration

FD_LAFor our top FanDuel lineup, we are not only looking at the top projection but also looking for the trend of the team and in doing so we have identified a lineup that has been averaging over 300 points over their last 5 games. This is key as you look to build your lineup as you want to ensure that not only is their a high enough projection for tonight but what has this team been doing. In this particular lineup we also have a top score for this lineup of 445 points. That always needs to be at least 400, otherwise, your likelihood of hitting a bit amount in a main contest is pretty unlikely. In breaking down this lineup, we have two Heat players of Deng and Dragic as both have been playing well and with Bosh definitely out tonight and Wade listed as questionable, these two are must plays even though their projections might not be as high as you would like. Next we have Jordan Clarkson, who has been lights out of late and will continue to do so as long as he plays 30+ minutes per game. At the SG, we have Wiggins and Middleton tonight as Middleton should lead all SG’s tonight. Alongside Deng, we are going to roll with Antetokounmpo as he has torched the Lakers in every game he has played against them, including a 50 point fantasy night. At the PF, we have Tristan Thompson, who is starting at Center for the Cavs and since that move has almost averaged a double-double and his PF companion is Gorgui Dieng. Dieng still has too much value to be ignored and he will get at least 30 fantasy points tonight. At Center, we are rolling with The DiRT Canon top projected center of DeAndre Jordan but you will have enough cap for any center that you would like with this lineup so if you want to go with Towns, you will have the room to afford him as well.

To download a full copy of this lineup, click here.

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