Teaching You How to #Win – Championship Sunday Lineups and Weather



In both contests, it is expected to be around 40° and clear as such, it is not expected that either game will be affected by any weather. That said, in Denver, it is supposed to snow later in the evening and if you know Colorado, then you know that the weather can turn at any moment. If it does snow, that is a huge advantage for Brady. Aside from that, enjoy the games today and be sure to check back tomorrow as we will be releasing some of our NBA content beginning tomorrow. For more information just come here.

Lineup Considerations

Now for the part that we know you have all been waiting for, give me the lineup that will win. I know, I know, we have done this quite significantly in the past and now we have our lineup analyzer providing automatic lineup recommendations but what do I think. Here are my top 3 lineups on Draftkings:

Experts Picks



On DraftKings, we have several key factors to consider in making your final NFL selections of the season but by far and away it’s all about the matchups. CJ Anderson has owned the Patriots and the Pats are giving up the most rushing yards per game of the teams left while the Broncos want to run the ball.  Edelman and Gronk have gone for at least 20 points against Denver in each of their last 3 games against them. Last you have Stewart, while Arizona is a tough defense and a great run stuffer, face it, J-Stew, went over a hundred yards on the Seahawks last week, who hadn’t given up a 100 yard rusher on the road in over 2 years. Now to take all of these guys you have to have a #Sleeper and for today, we are going to roll with Cory Brown as the extreme sleeper. While he might not pay huge dividends if he gets 10 fantasy points, your other players are going to ensure success for today. It should be noted that we do have one TE stack of Gronk and Olsen, which might be the best play for today!

 FanDuel lineups for the week below:

Logan Cartwright’s Expert Picks



On FanDuel, we have a bit of a different story in that we are hedging at QB with a slight split for Gronk and Olsen, based on the QB for that lineup. As you can see it’s the Patriots defense across the board and that is really just because the Broncos offense hasn’t been very good with Manning this season and it is projected to be high scoring in Carolina. So we take the value pick here that has the best matchup in terms of which team has given up the most fantasy points to the opposing defense this season.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow as we release our initial NBA offerings with many more updates coming over the next several weeks! Want me to review your lineup for today, just tweet me @TheDiRTCanon and I will give you my thoughts.

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