Raiders 2 San Diego? + “50” Thoughts on #NFL Championship Sunday

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Could the Raiders be headed to San Diego? One report says it may happen.

According to Vincent Bonsignore of the Los Angeles Daily News, there is a “very real possibility” the Raiders could try to move to San Diego should the Chargers elect to join the Rams in Los Angeles.

Sources also tell Bonsignore that the Raiders are prepared to join the Rams in Los Angeles should the Chargers’ deal to move there fall through, though that seems unlikely. The Raiders also remain at odds with Oakland over funding for a new stadium and acquiring the land to build one.

That leaves San Diego, which, assuming the Chargers do move, will have an opening that the NFL will want to get back into. In fact, according to Bonsignore, there is a chance the NFL would waive the relocation free to push a move along. There would also be a wide base of support for a new team in San Diego, and there is a chance that Raiders owner Mark Davis would have an easier time getting a stadium deal done with the city than Chargers owner Dean Spanos has.

Apparently, there is a real possibility that this scenario could at least be explored. Perhaps Philip Rivers should grab a paper bag.

Source: Raiders moving to San Diego a ‘very real possibility’

50 Thoughts….

In honor of Super Bowl 50, here are some final “50” thoughts on conference championship Sunday:

1. Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady doesn’t carry the same juice it once did, but we will all tune it to watch.

2. Seems strange that this might be the last time we see Manning play football.

3. A lot being made of Manning’s mind > arm at this point. And we agree.  His knowledge is more dangerous than his arm.

4. But don’t overlook Brady’s maturation as they meet for the 17th time. The way he has learned to extend plays by shuffling around the pocket is not to be underestimated.

5. Panthers confident. Have been all season.

6. Cardinals confident. Starts with their coach.

7. This will be as much a battle of the wills as it is the two best teams in the NFC.

8. We feel bad Jared Allen won’t get a chance to play. But we’re guessing Carson Palmer doesn’t.

9. Broncos defense vs. Patriots offense. Best matchup of the day.

10. Patriots list 21 players on the injury report. Of those, 16 are questionable. Belichick mind games?

12. Hell, it was a mess last week and the weather was perfect.

13. Speaking of the weather, with so many people snowed-in, the TV ratings should be through the roof, if you will.

14. Should have called this Superstorm Roger or Superstorm Cha-Ching for the NFL and its TV partners.

15. Ironically, the weather focus is on the East Coast but it is Patriots at Denver that might battle elements during the game. Could be an inch of snow falling after kickoff.

16. That favors the running game. And suddenly the Broncos have a better chance of winning that most people giving them.

17, We just hope that doesn’t affect the PSI on the game balls. Yeah, we went there.

18. Carson Palmer has to play better this week than he did last week. Doesn’t he?

20. Manning has not thrown a TD pass in the last nine quarters he has played. Broncos OK with that. As long as he doesn’t throw interceptions.

21. The injury to Broncos CB Chris Harris (shoulder) is one to watch. If he can’t coverJulian Edelman, that hurts more than his shoulder.

22. No matter who wins the NFC game, that team will be looking for its first Super Bowl title.

23.  If the Panthers jump out to a big lead, don’t touch your remote. Just sayin’.

25. A reminder from ESPN Stats: Tom Brady in Denver this season 3 TD passes, 0 INT. Peyton Manning in Denver this season 1 TD pass, 8 INT

26. Some people will do anything to get noticed. Yeah, we’re looking at you Danny Kanell.

27. Seems the former-bad-quarterback-turned-radio-host looks for the outrageous just so he can get noticed.

28. First it was the “war on football” a couple weeks ago. Now he is telling the Broncos to hit Brady late. Pass us the mute button, please.

29. Ron Rivera had the Panthers practice outside in the elements on Friday. And do their normal walk-through on Saturday. Love that.

30. Broncos defensive end Derek Wolfe on the Patriots. “I hate everything about them.”

31. He meant it as a compliment, the way everyone outside New England does.

32. Patrick Peterson and Josh Norman. Two of the best CBs in the game on the same field. Just interesting, that’s all.

33. The Denver Post reported there will be 800 pounds of nacho cheese at Mile High Stadium on game day. Thought you’d want to know.

34. Neither Cardinals nor Panthers are shy about blitzing. Will be interesting to watch that chess match.

35. Cam Newton can make you pay for that with his legs.

36. Carson Palmer will go to the three-step drop and use the legs of his three wide receivers to beat the man coverage.

37. Whichever QB fares better there will go a long way in determining the final score.

38. Home teams against the spread the last 20 years in conference games, according to Fox Sports: 22-18.

39. For the record, Broncos are 3 1/2-point underdogs and Panthers 3-point favorites.

40. Still amazing the difference the return of Julian  Edelman makes to the Patriots offense.

41. If it seems that the AFC title game always features Manning or Brady, you’re not far off. Last time one of them wasn’t in it was 2011.

42. We’re glad we had a whole week to recover from Packers-Cardinals. Insta-classic. Emotionally draining.

43. We can’t think of any combination of winners Sunday that would make Super Bowl 50 a blowout, at least on paper.

44. And maybe that’s the best thing about the whole weekend.

45. And some passing thoughts on those teams sitting at home like the rest of us …

46. Why does Chip Kelly hire an offensive coordinator?

47. Chiefs coach Andy Reed still thinks his clock management is just fine. Nothing here to see, he says.  The groans you hear are from Kansas City. The giggles from Philadelphia.

48. Good for the Buffalo Bills. Almost offsets Rex giving his brother Rob a job.

49. Marshawn Lynch retiring? Interesting.

50. Tip of the helmet to all the NFL players who organized water being sent to Flint.

Source: 50 final thoughts on the two conference championship games