#NFL Week 14 review – The MMQB with Peter King

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Remember those thrilling days of last week, when you knew everything about the NFL in 2015?

  1. Finally, this is the Bengals’ year. And Andy Dalton’s.
  2. The Patriots, all beat up, are in real trouble.
  3. The Packers won’t figure it out this year, with the play-calling a mess, Eddie Lacy dog-housed and the receivers slumping.
  4. Brock Osweiler must be declared Denver’s quarterback for the rest of the year.
  5. The Colts had a blip against Pittsburgh, but they’re clearly the best team in a bad AFC South.
  6. The Saints showed how vulnerable Carolina was in the secondary.
  7. The Ravens can’t get any worse.
  8. Here come the Bills.
  9. Here come the Bucs.
  10. Atlanta’s done.

Well, one out of 10’s not bad.

Andy Dalton's thumb will cause the quarterback to not start for the first time in his career.

Photo: Frank Victores/AP

A pall over Paul Brown Stadium

On the Cincinnati Bengals bench Sunday afternoon, offensive coordinator Hue Jackson and quarterback Andy Dalton sat down after their first possession of the day had ended in quasi-disaster—an interception by Steelers defensive end Stephon Tuitt at the Pittsburgh seven-yard line. Dalton submarine-tackled him and went to the bench to plot the next series.

“We were a little pissed off,” Jackson said Sunday night. “We sat down, and we both said, basically, The guy made a hell of a play.

Then Dalton started trying to flex his fingers. “I think I hurt my thumb,” he said.

On the tackle, he explained. The more Dalton tried to bend it, the more……(continue reading)

Source: Andy Dalton’s injury has Bengals in flux; NFL Week 14 review | The MMQB with Peter King