Teaching You How to #Win – NFL Week 14 Absolutes

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Absolute Must Have

The top Must Have for week 14 is Cam Newton as he leads our QB’s in projection for this week. He is coming off a game against the Saints where he put together a 5 TD performance and now he gets to play against the Falcons. While the Falcons haven’t been getting torched, Newton has owned the Falcons of late and one team is on the rise and the other has fallen off a cliff with the ground not even in sight just yet. Look for Newton to carry the ball for 60+ yards and a TD on the ground while adding two TD’s in the passing game. Another top player to consider from the WR position is going to be Allen Robinson. Yes, he is coming off his best game as a professional and now he gets to play against the Colts, who got torched on Sunday night by the Steelers. Hurns will be back in the lineup which will mean less targets for Robinson but the Colts are ranked 29th against the WR position this season and the Jags are a passing team. If you want a top end guy that the field won’t be on this week, that is Julio Jones. He has had back to back terrible games by his standards and he now goes up against Josh Norman. This should determine how much Norman will get paid after the season because if he shuts down Jones in this game, then I say he is for real because to date the only real WR he has faced was Dez Bryant while he was just coming back from a broken foot and Romo being knocked out of the game again. It should be noted that DC*3PO is on Aaron Rodgers for this week and the machine has been terribly good of late.

***Reminder Must Have’s are salaries that are $7,800 and higher


Absolute Notable

Moving onto our #AbsoluteNotable for week 14 we have Big Ben on DraftKings, coming in with a projection of 22.02. He has been solid when playing the entire game but that has been the issue for him this season. He now gets to face a sneaky good Bengals defense that is quietly the 3rd best defense in the league this season. For FanDuel we have Jeremy Maclin as our top notable. He is coming off his best performance of the season and he gets to face the Chargers again this Sunday who are absolutely terrible this year. A few weeks back the Chiefs put a beat down on San Diego and I don’t see a different outcome this Sunday so look for Maclin to have another good day at the office. In this category, I believe that you have to ride the hot hand and the hot hand in this case is the QB going against the Saints. Did you know that Brian Hoyer is the only player to have not put up at least 300 yards and 4 TD’s against the Saints defense over their past 5 games? This week that QB is Winston and while the field might be on him this week, surprisingly we expect him to be on less than 8% of lineups. Look for Winston to have a big game and he is on the cheaper side of this category so play him in at least one lineup this weekend!

***Reminder Notables are salaries between $5,200 and $7,800


Absolute Sleeper


For our last category we have our #AbsoluteSleeper and this week we have Doug Baldwin leading this category for DraftKings. They still haven’t raised his salary even though he has had multiple TD’s in 3 of his last 4 games and has been a top 5 WR in those same contests. He has had 5 TD’s in his last 2 games with Seattle facing a Ravens defense who is still ranked 30th against the WR position on the season. For FanDuel we have the Carolina defense leading this category as they are the top valued selection for this price range and are playing against a Falcons offense that hasn’t scored over 25 points in their last 6 games and these aren’t against a top notch defense like Carolina. Combine that with the 2+ turnovers they are averaging per game over this span, look for the Carolina Defense to get a pick 6 in this game, at least 4 sacks and 3 total turnovers. As for my personal selections, I like Seferian-Jenkins across the board on DraftKings as his salary is only $2,700 and the Saints defense has given up the most points to the TE position this season. So for my stack on DraftKings, I’m rolling with a Winston and Seferian-Jenkins combo breaker this weekend. For FanDuel, I like Crowell as a super cheap RB option. He still leads the Browns in carries while Duke Johnson gets most of the passing game work load, they are playing against the 49ers who have given up at least one TD to the RB position in each of their last 4 games.  Look for Crowell to get in the endzone at least once in this game with around 65 yards so for the price tag, those 13 points could be the difference between a top WR and a mid range WR.

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What You Need To Know For Wednesday, Dec. 9 2015

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Tombstone – 1993


Tombstone, Arizona

When you have a huge spider bite on your arm that bleeds constantly, you begin to look at your own appendage in a morbid trance of disfigurement.  You cannot wear short sleeves, or at least shouldn’t, as to not arouse the locals.  The inner-voice never seems to quiet itself and causes a kind of internal chaos that makes you think of screeching animals descending all around you and your world is falling apart – like an earthquake in slow-motion – howls and curses, blowing horns and police sirens as a backdrop to something slowly dying.

Or at least that would be my impression of such a thing.  Much like the bombshell trade in name only with the Diamondbacks and Braves yesterday.  I say “in name only” because the mind jumps that Shelby Miller is a great pitcher and the D-backs have an impressive 1-2 punch with the earlier signing of Greinke.

Miller is being sold as an ace – he’s not – he’s a #3 on a team that has championship aspirations.  For Arizona, just because you HAVE aspirations, doesn’t mean you are championship material.  Here’s the problem with the trade Arizona fan should consider:  You traded away Inciarte and Dansby Swanson, the kind of prospect that could be dealt for an actual ace, who will not spend a lot of time in the minors, as an already polished college player from Vanderbilt.

My point is, if this is what they were willing to deal away because of the urgency felt to contend; then why not try for Jose Fernandez who is better and cheaper, or Sonny Gray.  it is reasonable to assume that the pitcher Arizona traded away, (Aaron Blair) could be the same pitcher they just traded with Atlanta for, except he’s cheaper and they would have him longer than the 3yrs they have Miller for.  Yes, prospects do not always pan out, and if the D-bags make the playoffs, or a World Series within the next three years, then maybe this deal ends up a push, is that enough to still be worth it, the future for 3 years?  What has the front-office done to earn that right to believe they have done nothing but get fleeced amongst the sound of something being killed.  Just ask San Diego.


Matt Ryan Leaf

What happenned to this guy?  That’s the question several Falcons fans have been wondering for the last 6 weeks.  ESPN’s Vaughn McClure reported that Matt has been overwhelmed by Kyle Shanahan’s playbook.  There are times that it looks like Ryan Leaf is playing QB for the Falcons – it’s not that far of a stretch, they do look a lot like – Has Matt lost confidence?  Is his recent struggles a trend?  Does Atlanta look for a replacement?

I say we slow the roll and because I think it lies mostly with Kyle Shanahan.  For starters, give me the last QB that was successful under Kyle Shanahan – none and why is that, because he is a QB killer.  His play-calling is the worst – Devonta only has 14 carries for 50yds against Tampa, he fails to consistently get the ball to Julio Jones to let him dominate a game – like the Steelers let Antonio Brown do.  Julio is the only receiver on the team and you waste plays throwing to Roddy White who would still be a third option in Carolina.  Was it Matt Ryan that was supposed to stop Jameis Winston from his 3rd and 19 run for a first down?  Matt has made some mistakes for sure, but it is more than just him – average line, average talent, below-average play-caller with arrogant-entitlement issues.

So the writing is on the wall for Dan Quinn – do you want to be Mike Smith 2.0 or do you really want to bring a championship to the ol’Dirty.  Before Matt Ryan, Atlanta never had back-to-back winning seasons – with Matt Ryan, 5 straight.  For all Saints fans, the best thing for you to do Dan, is keep Kyle and get rid of Matty Ice.

read more here:


Lords of Chaos

Some men just want to watch the world burn.

— Alfred Pennyworth (The Dark Knight)

Indeed and now we have a real and fantastic possibility to root for.  Cheering for the two best teams equates to fascism, hoping for a Jaguars/Eagles football championship is more democratic.  So join me on DJ Gallo’s wild ride of stink-i-tude as he dissects the beauty of such a possibility we all want, deep-deep down in the cockles of our hearts.


West Coast Bias

The NCAA is a Rogue-Nation with its own agenda and has operated without accountability for decades.  Take the matter of USC and a recent court ruling calling into question how the NCAA Cartel enforces the institutions it is mutually charged with overseeing.  The court ruling is just another abusive-self-induced black eye that sheds light on the questionable gestappo tactics and decisions the NCAA has used in other cases like Penn St or Miami.

Someday in our lifetime, the NCAA will be gone and something that will truly represent what college athletics could be.  But not until the pimps, (coaches) are punished for their actual crimes as CEO over a free-labor force that generates them millions of dollars without consequences.  It’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.


Spurs of the Moment

The Spurs love the Warriors.  All the attention is on Golden State, as it should be, but while the spotlight blinds, the Spurs are currently 18-4.  As Hunter Felt explains, the Spurs wouldn’t want this flight under the radar any other way – here’s to a healthy Warriors/Spurs Western Conference Finals!

LeBron James has endorsed Nike since signing with the brand in 2003.

“You’re Welcome” – Michael Jordan

LeBron James will be in the Nike stable for the rest of his basketball career — and beyond.

The world’s largest sporting goods company Monday signed the four-time NBA MVP to an unprecedented lifetime contract. Terms of the deal weren’t released, but sports agent David Falk, who represented Michael Jordan for most of his playing career, estimated its value at $400 million to $500 million.……(continue reading)

Source: LeBron James Signs Unprecedented Lifetime Deal With Nike