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Absolute Must Have

Tom Brady statistically still remains atop the QB list as well as our Absolute Must Have but whether it was the Denver D or all of the Injuries, he simply didn’t look the same. We all know that the Patriots will withhold as much as they can as it relates to the Gronkowski injury but even if he plays, they really don’t have much else and in the daily fantasy world, there is no reason to take him at this point. So while he remains the top overall player for week 13, let me give you a couple of other guys that you simply have to consider for both FanDuel and DraftKings this weekend. The first player is going to be Julio Jones against the Bucs this weekend. Jones has had an amazing season and as the Falcons are reeling, the last game against a tough Vikings defense was the first time since week 3 that Julio didn’t get at least 9 catches and go for 100 yards. Look for him to get back on track with a projection of 24.66 on DraftKings this weekend. As for FanDuel, the number 1 guy to have this week and build your lineup around in this salary range would be Antonio Brown. I only say this assuming that Big Ben is going to play. As of today, he is back on the practice field and is expected to start and so if that is the case, you should consider taking Antonio Brown.

***Reminder Must Have’s are salaries that are $7,800 and higher


Absolute Notable

Moving onto our #AbsoluteNotable for week 13, we have Drew Brees leading this list on DraftKings with a top QB projection for this week at 24.9. While he is going up against the undefeated Panthers, this is a divisional opponent and this is back in the dome. Brees will put up solid numbers against this defense and should be considered. For FanDuel we have Kirk Cousins as the top overall notable this weekend with a projection of 18.9. Look Cousins has been pretty good in his last 4 games and that is largely due to the fact that he is no longer turning the ball over. He gets to play against the Dallas Cowboys who after their Thanksgiving Day debacle there is no reason to think that team even cares about winning another game. Washington however, has a realistic chance at taking this division and if they do it will be because of Cousins. In daily fantasy he has been in the top 5 each of the past 4 weeks that he has played and this should be no different.

***Reminder Notables are salaries between $5,200 and $7,800


Absolute Sleeper


In our last segment we look to give you the #AbsoluteSleeper for the upcoming week and this week on DraftKings we have, Alex Smith. The main thing to consider here is the fact that the Chiefs are on a roll with a 5 game winning streak, they are back in the playoff consideration and that is because this team can run the ball with anyone and the play action passing game has been on fire. The Chiefs are going up against the Raiders this weekend and Smith has a projection of 19.4 with a salary of only $5,100. This is a guy that has never been taken by more than 10% of the field and so he is a very likely candidate to be on the optimal lineup for week 13. As for FanDuel we have Kendall Wright. He is a guy that gets the Jacksonville secondary this weekend, the Titans are virtually behind in every game so they will be throwing the ball and he is their #1 targeted receiver when healthy. The sleeper that I am on this week for DraftKings is going to be Vincent Jackson against the Falcons secondary. While yardage wise the Falcons defense looks decent, they haven’t played well at all and as Jackson has returned, he will get just as many targets as Mike Evans, the difference is Jackson only costs you $4,700 and both should get at least 16 fantasy points in this contest.

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6 Things You Should Know For Wednesday


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Just a Fantasy

Among several things to consider before you sip on your preferred method of liquid distribution, is how far sports has come.  Think of how different and strange it would look like to any grown person from the 80’s on back – this current and cultural-testament to games of skill and barbarism, created to satiate above the simple pleasure of watching sport.  E.B. White once wrote an apocalyptic essay in the New Yorker about the decline of sports and the day it got too big.  It was a wild and ridiculously futuristic vision of a world overburdened with crazy gambling and blind addictions to every point spread on every game, contest, fight, horse race, etc…

It was written a long time ago and well before I was born, but spooky to read it and see it arrive in all its truth.  All before cell phones, credit cards, TV’s – its crazy to think that a generation of people grew up in a time before electric lightbulbs, automobiles, planes, radios, TV’s, ever existed…

Now just think back to just a decade ago and how far removed sports has become today from what you knew then, and the explosion of Fantasy Gaming.  This article by Ben McGrath, also from the New Yorker, writes an excellent piece all the way back from April of this year – talking about how much Fantasy Sports has evolved beyond a dismissed, lesser-breed of sports fan to prove its strength by millions, that includes over 8 million women – You could say we all have seen way too much, and it’s all way beyond what we are talking about.  It’s like bringing String Theory of Quantum Mechanics into a football conversation – for some of us, that’s exactly what we are doing.


Hockey Will Go Hockey On You

A good hockey player plays where the puck is.  A great hockey player plays where the puck will be.”  Wayne Gretzky said that, and he should know – he was/is a GREAT ‘Ockey player.  So, for Steve Rosenbloom of the Chicago Tribune, he weaves a tapistry of America’s greatest “Ockey triumph to #Murica’s greatest ‘Ockey movie.  It’s a trip down memory lane that quilts together hockey rivalries, to gold medals and comedy gold.


NBA and The Big Short

It’s always interesting to read about the possible breakdowns of sports leagues and their shortcomings.  For the #NBA their league could be in an underlying financial crisis of free-agency, poor incentives, networks, roster construction, and players more concerned with brand building than team-building.  It might be why watching the outliers of the Spurs and Warriors is so fun.  It’s good-team basketball that values playing hard on defense too.


West Coast Bias

There is a genuine bias being pushed out thru the Worldwide-Leader Car Wash and the statement is clear.  Baker Mayfield is the most important player in college football for a one loss Oklahoma.  He even has a sophisticated Heisman website.  Is he good? Sure.  But compared to other QB’s?  What about Brandon Doughty who is 5th in passing-yardage-game, with 42 TD’s and 6 picks – nobody who has more than 30TD’s has a better TD:INT ratio?  Neither Connor Cook, nor Baker Mayfield have as much passing yardage, total offense or TD passes as Doughty – just saying – where’s his heisman chatter?  Same thing for Dalvin Cook of FSU – his numbers are way better than Derrick Henry, who is an overrated dump truck with the same steering capability.  Yet, the greatest injustice is saved for the player that is the most dynamic, dangerous and leads the nation in total yards – compare his numbers to Heisman darling Reggie Bush, there’s no comparison.  Read all about him and get back to me with your thoughts on the most under-appreciated player in the country, and who should actually win the Heisman Trophy, but won’t.

  • My Heisman Finalists
    • Christian McCaffrey
    • Dalvin Cook
    • CJ Beatherd
    • Brandon Doughty
    • Leonard Fournette


Out Of Chaos Comes Order

Being a referee is never easy.  The job description is not for those who suffer from low self-esteem, but what we are witnessing is stupefying.  Currently when you watch #NFL games you wonder if the replacement refs ever left?  The perception seems to be that it has never been this bad.  Maybe it has and we never had so many ways to express our outrage, or have so many more people listen and join in.  Not sure, but clearly it’s enough to have articles written about the problem.  Maybe it’s time the #NFL spends some money on making the position Full-Time, so there could be more accountability to those that regulate league rules.

What’s the best sports record ever? Researchers offer their top 106.

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