Teaching You How to #Win – DiRTy Plays NBA Monday


As you already know we are building the Lineup Analyzer™ for NBA as we speak and we will be releasing some of the information and content a few times per week moving forward, so stay tuned for more.

What we will be looking to provide are some of the recommended lineups that DC*3PO has generated each day and tracking the overall performance here so you can see the progress each week.  Good Luck and let us know if you have suggestions here.

FanDuel Lineups2015NBA100DMnoLogo_728x90_en.jpg

NBA_FD_MonLooking at tonight’s matchups, we have a few guys that have some injuries that will lead to more playing time for some of the cheaper players. Tonight look for Muhammed to have a much larger role for the T-Wolves tonight as he is expected to play 22 minutes. This will lead to a 20+ point performance on FanDuel tonight and with his salary, this is how you can get Mr. Westbrook. Another player for the T-Wolves to look out for tonight is Kevin Martin. He is going to get the start at SG and coach Mitchell has already stated that he expects Martin to shoot it often in the starting lineup. Last guy to consider for FanDuel #Sleeper tonight is Ersan Ilyasova. This veteran has been playing some consistent ball of late and since being inserted into the starting lineup with Drummond, he is averaging 24.6 fantasy points per game. He stretches the floor for Drummand and that allows for Drummond to control the glass, play them together and look for a nice 80+ point performance amongst these these to two players.


DraftKings Lineups

NBA_DK_MonOn DraftKings we have our standard 3 lineups as we continue to flush out the most productive models for you to use moving forward. Our first lineup is all about consistency, so we have built a lineup based on what that player has done over their last 5 games. This team’s last 5 game average would get you a DraftKings score of 286 points, which is good enough to cash 78.6% of the time so far this season in the Sharpshooter contests. Our second lineup is all about max projection. When looking at the theoretical performance of each player and the maximum potential, we have built this lineup as this lineup has a top max projection score of 357.84. That would get you in the top 10 over 96% of the time in the Sharpshooter contest.  As you can see, there are several players that aren’t in the starting lineup so it’s all about the points per minute played and what their opponent gives up to that players position per minute.  Then we look at the most points each of these players has scored in a game this season to get our max projection. I like to call it the high risk, high reward because most of strategies and lineup creation models are not necessarily designed to have the most points, they are designed to win. In looking for the W each day, you sacrifice things like ownership percentage i.e. how many other entrants will have this player and then max projection because you are going to get a ton of guys that don’t normally produce high point totals that have a chance at that for this particular contests. Most would call this a #Sleeper but we consider the #Sleeper position to only be players under the salary of $5,200. Last we have the highest projected team total with a team projection of 281.47 and that would cash in the Sharpshooter contest 71.4% of the time. Tweet us your lineups @TheDiRTCanon and let us give you some additional guidance!

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