Teaching You How to #Win – DiRTy Plays NBA Thursday


As you already know we are building the Lineup Analyzer™ for NBA as we speak and we will be releasing some of the information and content a few times per week moving forward, so stay tuned for more.

What we will be looking to provide are some of the recommended lineups that DC*3PO has generated each day and tracking the overall performance here so you can see the progress each week.  Good Luck and let us know if you have suggestions here.

FanDuel Lineups2015NBA100DMnoLogo_728x90_en.jpg

FD_Thurs_NBA_Lineups As you can see we have one lineup that features Steph Curry, who is on a tear so far this season, and one with LeBron James.  The only real difference here is that James has the better matchup for the SF position as he faces the worst defensive team against the SF position so far this season. Then you have Whiteside or Monroe, Whiteside had a 10 block game, last game and his eb and flow would mean he would be on the downside tonight from his season average.


DraftKings Lineups

DK_Thurs_NBA_LineupsAs you can see with the injuries to Chris Paul and JJ Reddick, we look to take advantage of some unusual playing time for Rivers and Crawford. Pierce is a solid #Sleeper for tonight and then it comes down to Curry and James. We are playing both tonight!