Teaching You How to #Win – DiRTy Plays NBA Thursday


As you already know we are building the Lineup Analyzer™ for NBA as we speak and we will be releasing some of the information and content a few times per week moving forward, so stay tuned for more.

What we will be looking to provide are some of the recommended lineups that DC*3PO has generated each day and tracking the overall performance here so you can see the progress each week.  Good Luck and let us know if you have suggestions here.

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FD_Thurs_NBA_Lineups As you can see we have one lineup that features Steph Curry, who is on a tear so far this season, and one with LeBron James.  The only real difference here is that James has the better matchup for the SF position as he faces the worst defensive team against the SF position so far this season. Then you have Whiteside or Monroe, Whiteside had a 10 block game, last game and his eb and flow would mean he would be on the downside tonight from his season average.


DraftKings Lineups

DK_Thurs_NBA_LineupsAs you can see with the injuries to Chris Paul and JJ Reddick, we look to take advantage of some unusual playing time for Rivers and Crawford. Pierce is a solid #Sleeper for tonight and then it comes down to Curry and James. We are playing both tonight!



Teaching You How to #Win – Heavy Favorites/Top Over-Under/Matchups to Exploit Week 11

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Heaviest Favorites

As of today, the heaviest favorites for the week are as follows:

  • Seattle -13.5 over San Francisco
  • Carolina -8.5 over Washington
  • New England -7.5 over Buffalo

I don’t think that any of these really shock anyone here but let’s break them down a bit further, in terms of how they will impact your daily fantasy decisions. First we have the Seattle game. This game was ugly the first time around and I don’t expect for it to be much different here. The one thing that most people don’t know about the 49ers is that their defense has been pretty tough this year. They are ranked in the top half of the league in almost every fantasy category. Combine that with the fact that they sacked Russell Wilson 4 times in their last contest, this proves to be a defensive game. So who should you consider in this matchup, only the Seattle Defense. You could take a risk on the 49ers D but there are better options and if Seattle is going to make a push for the playoffs, it will start this weekend against the 49ers and this means their defense has to be at the top of their game. Next we have the Panthers taking on Washington. While Washington is playing better of late and the infamous, “You Like That” is hitting main stream streets now, let’s face it, the Panthers are undefeated and should win this game pretty handily. Washington has given up a ton in the run game of late and that is what the Panther do. The only real player to take in this game is Cam Newton. It might be Greg Olsen day but he has been an extreme roller coaster this year and personally, I think this is a run game where Cam and Stewart will handle most of the load. Last we have the Patriots and Bills on Monday Night. The Bills made a 4th quarter surge in their previous contest with the Pats and the Pats are dwindling down from a personnel perspective but I’m taking Tom Brady until he proves me wrong. The key guy in this game is going to be Amendola. Expect the public to be all over him in daily fantasy this week but that probably means so should you. You won’t find a cheaper option that should get over 12 targets this week and if he converts them in the pass game, he could be a 20 point player that allows for you to possibly get a Julio Jones or Rob Gronkowski.


Top Overall Game Over/Under

The highest projected matchup for this week according to Vegas is Detroit and Oakland, coming in at 48.5 points this weekend. I like this game to be a high scoring affair, so what does this mean to your daily fantasy selections you ask? Matt Stafford has a big play potential rating of 70% this weekend against the Raiders and this has been a very pointed key performance indicator that most of you don’t even know we offer. Come check it out for DraftKings here and you will see who has the best shot at a 50 yard play or more this week. As for Oakland, I think this might be the week of Amari Cooper but DC*3PO is all over Crabtree this week. The main reason for that is because Crabtree has lead the team in targets at 11.5 over the past 4 games and proves to be a crutch when Carr is under pressure. Carr is also a strong consideration but Stafford saves you an extra $900 on DraftKings this week. Latavius Murray is another sneaky play this week. He isn’t consider a #Sleeper but that is only because he is just above our lower salary threshold, where his value is pretty high this week. Last, you have Megatron, he will have a good game this week and should get in the end zone at least one time. Look for this game to end 34 – 31 as Oakland squeaks out a road victory.


Matchups to Exploit

Here we breakdown the pass defense, rush defense and overall defense to exploit for the week. If a team shows up in this area, it’s because our system shows them as giving up the most yardage totals for the upcoming week.

Let’s make this simple: the stats come directly from our Odds page, so come and take a peak here.

  • Passing Defense to Exploit:  Oakland projected (293.4)
  • Rushing Defense to Exploit:  Miami projected (124.76)
  • Overall Defense to Exploit:  Oakland projected (412.2)

Matthew Stafford_headshots_195x270So who should you take based off this information, let’s take an inside look at the Oakland defense, since they have showed up for both passing and overall this week. Oakland has been struggling against the pass giving up the 3rd most points to WR1’s over the past 4 games, largely due to the explosion by Antonio Brown and then last week they let AP go for over 200 yards rushing. Detroit is going to run their way to victory so look for the Stafford to Calvin stack to have a big impact and don’t forget the 70% chance that Stafford throws a completed pass over 50 yards this week. On the run defense, you have to take McFadden. You combine McFadden with West and you have now spent a grand total of $9,500 on your two RB positions. That is only 19% of your salary and should produce at least 45 fantasy points. That 45 points would represent 28.8% of needed points to cash this week, which is projected to be 158.62 (based on previous season and current season stats for main contest).

Check back on Sunday morning as I will reveal our expert picks for this weekends games!

I wouldn’t recommend any stacks that include the Titans & Jags players for tonight’s contest so the only reason to get in tonight for the NFL would be to join the $5 Millionaire contest on DraftKings because that payout is very high considering the entry fee.

We want to hear from you, take our poll below and if you want different information or just want to speak to one of our experts about certain players or lineup considerations, just contact us here or DM us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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What You Need To Know to #Win #TNF + #CollegeFootball (11-19-15)

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1. Tenneseein’ Is Believin:

Colorblind viewers may not be the only ones unable to watch “Thursday Night Football” this week.

For the second week in a row, the NFL will force two of its teams to wear monochromatic uniforms as part of the league’s “color rush” initiative. This time, the matchup shouldn’t infuriate the colorblind. The Tennessee Titans dress up in a Smurf-like all-blue getup to take on the sepia-themed Jacksonville Jaguars.

Despite their 2-7 record, the Titans stand only two games out of the lead in the AFC South. While a second-half resurgence may seem unlikely, starting quarterback Marcus Mariota could help push the team into the conversation. Mariota has exceeded most of the external expectations for his rookie year, completing over 65 percent of his passes and averaging 8 yards per attempt. He also has a favorable 13:6 touchdown-to-interception ratio. The quarterback still exhibits occasional discomfort in the pocket, but his transition from Oregon’s spread system has gone better than anyone could have reasonably expected.

  • Guys to watch on #DraftKings for Tonight’s game, according to DC*3PO
    • Blake Bortles $5,900 – 17.9 – 46.3%
    • Marcus Mariota $5,300 – 17.9 – 9.7%
    • Allen Robinson $7,000 – 16.4 – 41.4%
    • Delanie Walker $4,800 – 14.5 – 65.8%
    • Allen Hurns $5,800 – 11.9 – 41.4%

2. Knights of Yarrr:

7:30p EST ESPN – ECU @ UCF

East Carolina‘s postseason dreams hang from a loose limb with two games to play, but the Pirates look to have quite a favorable matchup at a good time. Needing to win both games to break even for the season and clinch bowl eligibility, East Carolina must do so on the road Thursday night against a struggling UCF.

Struggling may be putting UCF’s status a bit too kindly, as the Knights have been a mess from start to finish this season. But can the Knights pull it all together just once and pick up their first win of the season, knocking ECU out of bowl consideration? Former Conference USA rivals will continue their series for the second time as members of the American Athletic Conference.……(continue reading)

3. Sioux-Flayed:

The University of North Dakota has been engaged in a search for a new nickname for the past year, after they decided to end a decade-long battle with the NCAA and at least one Native American tribe and give up their Fighting Sioux nickname. They solicited suggestions online and received thousands, many of them hilariously vulgar and subsequently rejected.  In September the quite serious nickname committee whittled the list down to five finalists: Fighting Hawks, Nodaks, North Stars, Roughriders, and Sundogs. A trademark troll also tried to hijack the process, to no avail…….(continue reading)

<-One Big Thing->McHale

4. The Dwight Stuff

Remember when the Rockets were 7 games away from a title?  Remember how they “overcame” all those injuries and post-traumatically-stressed the Clippers?  It was a fun run that should never have happenned – feasting on hustle and belief leaves you malnurished.

But this year, it already feels like last year’s post-season was forever ago.  Ty Lawson still seems drunk as he sleepwalks thru games, Harden is shooting 37% and averaging almost as many turnovers as assists…nothing about any of this is new or a surprise.  The surprise is the team, the players, the city all expected more than they are getting and according to my sources, these are the facts:  Houston Stinks.

Throw in a little players’ only drama that leads to Kevin Mchale’s firing and you begin to wonder a few things.  Things like, James Harden will never be the man that leads any team to any victory, and more importantly, Dwight Howard is Charmin.  How does a man of championship pedigree like Kevin McHale become the fall guy?  This is beyond McHale, this IS about the players.  The guys on this team are professionals, at least paid as such, maybe not by attitude or desire.  That’s because they don’t care about winning basketball games – they care more about Kardashian’s and shoe contracts, etc…  Coaches at this level can not+do not coach desire – that’s the players’ responsibility.  The defending champs, the Warriors are undefeated without their coach and seem hungrier to win more than last year.  So what’s Houston’s excuse?  A bearded ball-hog and a big man who pretends to be Superman, but when the going gets tough, he’s more Clark Kent, without the potential.  At least, that’s my opinion, I could be wrong.