Unbeaten Iowa: Desmond King, C.J. Beathard and Iowa won’t lose

name of site - hunter thompson styleDesmond King, C.J. Beathard and Iowa football just won’t lose

IOWA CITY, Iowa—”It’s a circus,” Desmond King says about his campus these days. To explain how much of a circus it is, one of the stars of undefeated Iowa refers a visitor to his Media Uses and Effects discussion group. The junior cornerback says he makes it a habit to get to this class early: It is the best way to avoid people asking for his autograph. The player tied for the FBS lead with eight interceptions can settle in and raise his hand and maybe ask the teacher a question, to dissuade anyone from approaching him. If King gets caught up with everyone else arriving, that’s when the attention hits.

And forget about coming in last.

“All eyes are on you,” King says. “That’s worse.”

Source: Unbeaten Iowa: Desmond King, C.J. Beathard and Iowa won’t lose