#NFL Week 10 Retrospectacle: A New Fantasy World – #FanDuel Insider

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We take information from every week’s worth of fantasy information the NFL provides us. The takeaway from Sunday’s performance by future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning is about as discouraging as can be.

FanDuel Insider’s Brandon Marianne Lee called it “tragic.” In fantasy football terms, it certainly was.

Seeing Manning get benched amid a dreadful performance is not something we have been accustomed to seeing in this millenium. He tried to play through injury and now he will have to live through the insults of a forgettable performance (five of 20 passing for 35 yards and four interceptions).

It was so bad, head coach Gary Kubiak was……(continue reading)

Source: NFL Week 10 Retrospectacle: A New Fantasy World Thanks to Peyton Manning and Others – FanDuel Insider