Teaching You How to #Win – Week 10 Lineups & Weather

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There is really only two games that have any potential weather for today and that would be in Seattle we have 43 degrees and partly cloudy. Then we have 57 and partly cloudy with a smooth breeze at times in Oakland for the Raiders and Vikings matchup. Personally, I don’t think there are any games that will be affected by weather today so you should be okay to choose from any matchup. For more information just come here.

Lineup Considerations

Now for the part that we know you have all been waiting for, give me the lineup that will win. I know, I know, we have done this quite significantly in the past and now we have our lineup analyzer providing automatic lineup recommendations but what do I think. Here is my top 3 lineups for week 10 on Draftkings:

Experts Picks


Now we look to provide your FanDuel lineups for the week below:

Logan Cartwright’s Expert Pick


Public Picks

In this section, we look to provide you with a breakdown of who the public is taking this week. Since this information is not readily available we are using the perfect challenge from nfl.com.


Based on the public picks, some guys that you should consider would be Aaron Rodgers, Rob Gronkowski and Carolina’s defense. These guys will be taken by over 30% of the field this weekend.  I would usually state that you should shy away from these guys but for this week, where games are not expected to be very high scoring, these guys you must have.

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