NFL Week 7 Retrospectacle: Injury-Prone Plays Aren’t Worth the Risk

Should you depend on injury-prone players in fantasy football. Not during NFL Week 7, and Eric Mack has the proof as to why you shouldn’t.

Foster, Australian for injured. We don’t mean to make light of Arian Foster’s latest injury misfortune, but his tales of woe are a potential teaching moment for fantasy footballplayers.

Players might not have a chronic injury, but some who are just chronically injured.

“Just a routine play,” Foster said of his Achilles’ tear that ends his season and might end his career, per the Houston Chronicle’s John McClain. “I made a cut, and it gave out. It’s not good. That’s life, man. You keep fighting.”

When Foster was being drafted in season-long leagues around Round 8 with his ominous preseason groin injury, we wrote it would be just a matter of time before something else hamstrung Foster. There are players who just cannot stay healthy, it seems……(continue reading)

Source: NFL Week 7 Retrospectacle: Injury-Prone Plays Aren’t Worth the Risk