Teaching You How to #Win – #NFL Week7 Matchups to Exploit/Heavy Favorites/Top Over-Under

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Heaviest Favorites

As of today, the heaviest favorites for the week are as follows:

  • Arizona -10 over Baltimore
  • New England -10 over the Jets
  • St. Louis -7 over Cleveland

Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up this list. We have St. Louis vs. Cleveland with the Rams being favorites by 7 points. I personally think this is crazy. Cleveland is better than people think and McCown is playing very well. This game will most likely come down to a field goal so I like the Browns and the points in this one. New England over the Jets but by 10, are you certain? I like the Jets and the points in this one simply because I believe the Jets have an improved offensive strategy and with that defense they should never lose by 10 points. That said, the Patriots are on a tear right now and this could be a statement game for them to the rest of the AFC but I see this one NE 27 NYJ 23. Last we have the Arizona Cardinals and the Baltimore Ravens. This is our Monday Night Special and the Ravens come in with the worst passing defense in the league, while the Cardinals have a top 5 passing attack. That doesn’t bode well for the Ravens, look for the Cardinals to win this game ARI 34 and BAL 24. That means give me the push baby. Some players to consider in each of these matchups are as follows:


  • Carson Palmer
  • Rob Gronkowski
  • St. Louis Defense

Top Overall Game Over/Under

This week we have the Cardinals and Ravens as our top Over/Under for the week 7. This shouldn’t come as a surprise with Baltimore giving up tons of points this season, mostly in the passing game. The over is currently at 48 points. I have already stated that I see this game being 34 – 24 with the Cards coming out on top so I’m on the over in this one. I could see Palmer going for over 400 yards in consecutive games, while Steve Smith continues his career ending season with another solid 115 yards and 1 TD. The real question in this game is which receiver should you take for the Cardinals. The answer to that question is both, take Fitzgerald and John Brown because they might both be huge plays. It’s always nice to have a few guys on Monday night when playing daily fantasy, as the winner of the main contests has had at least one guy playing on Monday night in 15 of the last 16 weeks. So a Baltimore/Arizona stack might be something to consider, you just need to confirm the status of Forsett.

Matchups to Exploit

In this segment, I am going to breakdown the pass defense, rush defense and overall defense to exploit for the week. If a team shows up in this area, it is because our system shows them as giving up the most yardage totals for the upcoming week.

Let’s make this simple to the stats as they come directly from our Odds page, so come and take a peak here.

  • Passing Yards is the Dallas Cowboys at 308.4 yards
  • Rushing Yards is St. Louis at 139.96 yards
  • Overall is Minnesota at 410.88

Last week I was on Andrews from the Titans but he clearly wasn’t the guy as Miami just steam rolled the Titans last week. He might get another look from me this week as the Titans play against the Falcons, although the Falcons have the #1 Rush defense in terms of yards against so I would only consider Andrews on FanDuel this week as he will probably get at least one touchdown. Now for this weeks statsDiRTCanon A.I., we have the Cowboys projected to give up the most passing yards. Eli is coming off a bad game and these two teams typically put up points against each other. He would be my QB play if I wasn’t on Palmer but he might sneak in on one of my later lineups this week. Moving onto the rushing attack for week 7. We show the Rams giving up 139 yards, which would mean Duke Johnson. Both DC*3PO and I are on their opponent, Todd Gurley. The Browns are giving up the most rushing yards per game this season and Jeff Fisher has already shown he wants Gurley to get 30 carries a game. Gurley is still cheap so I would strongly consider him this week. Last we have Minnesota and what can I say, they play Detroit. Stafford and Megatron did show up on the top lineup last week so could it happen, Yes, will it happen, NO! The only guy I like in this contest is Stephon Diggs, lookout for another solid 20 point performance for him on DraftKings.  Check back on Sunday morning as I will reveal our expert picks for this weekends games!

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Ray Lewis Explains ‘How He Did It’ In New Book

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ray lewis

1. No Weapon

Ray Lewis has a new book and ESPN is Car-Washing their own employee.  If you watch Ray Lewis, you’re surprised he wrote a book, clearly it was dictated more than written, with some fancy editor doing the spit-shine into the wee hours to make it presentable/readable.  It is still surprising how he has a job and has avoided any criticism in the deaths of two men, when people are being fired at ESPNThis Is Sportscenter.

Never forget that “No Weapon”-Ray has as many Superbowl rings as murder indictments.  He was there, he knows what happened and maybe he never actually killed anyone, but maybe he was just the mob boss in the crime – still guilty.  Hearing how he explains it all in his book, makes it more a “crime of passion” with no real explanation of what happened – he was just straight pimpin yo.

Source: Ray Lewis discusses Atlanta murder trial in new autobiography – CBSSports.com


2. Are We There Yet?

The 20-year saga of the NFL’s absence from the nation’s second-largest market, Los Angeles, appears poised to come to an end.

The lack of a team in L.A. has not been for lack of effort or attention. I remember my first NFL owners’ meetings, when I joined the Packers in 1999; a key agenda item of the meetings was—you guessed it—Los Angeles. At that time, the brief momentum for L.A. fizzled as an expansion team was placed in Houston, with the $700 million expansion fee paid by Texans owner Robert McNair.

Since the Rams and Raiders left L.A. in 1995……

Source: The Race for L.A. Heats Up

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What You Need To Know To #OwnOctober

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1. We’re Going to Kansas City…

The Blue Jays before Game 5 were 3-0 in elimination games – make that 4-0.  Now they have 2 more to go and you gotta wonder if they should bring some talisman from home with them.  Game 5 may have delayed the inevitable, but we’ve seen this before with this team.

With their backs against the wall, the Blue Jays came up big — again. This time it was Marco Estrada doing the pitching and a bevy of batters doing the hitting in Toronto’s 7-1 ALCS Game 5. The Jays live to see another day — Friday, Game 6 in Kansas City.

Source: Toronto won another elimination game Wednesday.

2. Too Cubs For Comfort

It was Back to the Future Night and the Cubs couldn’t overcome Mrs O’Leary’s cow, the billy goat or Murphy’s Law.  Cubs Nation has been a long-battered, long-picked on group of lovable-losers that it still surprises how quickly they reached future expectations.  The 3rd best record in the National League, they were 7-0 against the Mets and they never led once in this sweep.

Sure Daniel Murphy hit another HR in his 6th consecutive game and sure no one has done that before in the postseason, but he shares another impressive stat with Lou Gehrig – 7 straight games being on base, having a hit and scoring a run.  He’s your NLCS MVP.  Murphy is playing himself into a nice contract when this is all done.  But the real question to ask is: What is Kyle Schwarber doing in Left Field?

Source: What The Hell Was Kyle Schwarber Doing In Left Field?

3. Blue Bye-You

The Los Angeles Dodgers and manager Don Mattingly have mutually agreed to part ways, according to ESPN sources familiar with the situation and published reports.  Mattingly had one year remaining on his contract, and sources indicated to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne that the Dodgers offered him an extension this past weekend. But after years of uncertainty about the Dodgers’ long-term commitment to him — Mattingly has worked under two different ownership groups and two different general managers — he informed the team earlier this week that he preferred to move on.

Source: Don Mattingly out as manager of Dodgers, sources say

What You Need To Know to #Win #TNF

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Thursday Week 7 Selections

We have heard your requests for us to provide our insights and thoughts about players in the Thursday game each week.  We haven’t focused on this game, simply because these players aren’t eligible in the main contest each week but there are some great value tournaments that do include these players so here we go.

For this week, we have the 49ers and the Seahawks.  A game that the last couple of years has been an exciting matchup and mostly defensive play.  This year, both teams are struggling and there aren’t too many standouts from a fantasy perspective.  In fact, I suggest that there won’t be a single player in this game that ends up on the winning lineup for the full week $1,000,000 challenge.  That said here are some guys to consider:

  • Garrett Celek – Face it the Seahawks can’t stop the TE position this season, look for him to be a cheap, yet productive play with a projection of 8.6 and a salary of only $2,500.
  • Carlos Hyde – The 49ers will run the ball and Hyde will get all of the work load. He probably cracks the end zone once and gets you a 12.8.
  • Jimmy Graham – The Seahawks have made a concerted effort to get him the ball and he comes off a 100 yard performance. I don’t trust this much but it wouldn’t surprise me to see him go over a 100 yards again without a td this week.

To get all of our full projections just come here for Draftkings and here for FanDuel.

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