Weekend Update: #MondayMotivation

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1. Sark-cano

It’s no longer funny. Steve has a problem and so does USC.  Word is, Steve was drunk on the sideline against Arizona State and furthermore the pep rally incident was not the first time – so where was the leadership Pat Haden?  This should have been handled by you, at the beginning – not by Cody Kessler and other seniors making him do “up-downs” and other penalties if he was late to meetings, etc…The writing apparently was on the wall and no one took it seriously until a 5-star recruit decommitted.

Steve has a long road ahead and sobriety is his only way back if he ever wants to be a Big-Time coach again.  Parents will avoid sending their kids to a man who has a substance abuse problem, but more so, to a program that fails in its responsibilities to do the right thing, again.

But this is more about substance abuse, this is about money and afterall USC has had a license to print.  No one is saying a few drinks is an issue, but Sark seems to have gone from functioning alcoholic to dysfunctional in a swirling vortex of dumb.  A drunk ruins recruiting and at the University of Spoiled Children, that, can’t, happen.  If they truly were concerned about Sark’s drinking problem today, then why did they hire him?  They knew before, his prowess for being loaded; it was witnessed on the sidelines and bars with Pete and as a head coach up in Seattle.

Maybe USC should have kept coach O, but maybe the administration should send Pat Haden on an indefinite leave of absence too.  Pat, hired and fired Lame Kitten, and he personally selected a mediocre coach with a drinking problem.  It’s not funny anymore.

2. Duck-nado

What took a decade to build, has taken 5 weeks to crumble.  Say goodbye to the Pac-12 North bully – the Oregon Ducks.  We should have noticed earlier when Oregon had to go shopping for a QB at the Graduate-Transfer bargain bin.  Who knew Oregon was so thin on talent.  That’s an indictment on the coaching staff.  Once again, Vernon Adams was out with a broken finger, and again Oregon had to use 2 other guys to move an offense that looked more like #TheWalkingDead and lost to Washington State, 45-38 in double O.T.

That tells me, the staff has not recruited well, nor have they developed anyone neither.  Gone is the hallmark of Oregon’s success – player development.  Helfrich can say all he wants about the success of the “team”…win-or-lose…it’s not one guy…blah blah blah.  I’m sure they are all working their tails off,  but someone has to do something about that secondary – woof.


Chris Morris/ESPN

3. More Goose-Eggs sir

Michigan got another convincing win by recording their third shutout over Northwestern.  TCU escapes Manhattan, Michigan State survives a ridiculous 4th down spike against Rutgers, Charlie Strong ambushes Oklahoma and Utah survives California – in what was a very entertaining Saturday.  If I were to be on the committee this is who I would have in my tournament as of today:

  1. Utah: The Utes should have done more with the five interceptions of Jared Goff, but they still held on for a win against a previously undefeated opponent. And in the wacky Pac-12 – home teams are 5–11 in conference games – surviving at home is enough. Remember that 24–17 win over Michigan on Sept. 3?  It looks better and better each week.
  2. Baylor:  I still need to see Baylor play a few more decent opponents – Kansas was no challenge in a 66–7 beatdown on Saturday – but a visit from West Virginia this weekend should provide a challenge and a better glimpse. The difference between Baylor and just about everyone else at the top – Baylor has absolutely destroyed inferior competition instead of farting around.
  3. Clemson:  The Tigers kept the hammer down after an emotional win over Notre Dame. Georgia Tech isn’t the same team it was last year, but any team that can hold the Yellow Jackets to 71 rushing yards and a 1.7 yards-per-carry average is playing excellent defense.
  4. ???: Ohio State is sleep-walking and does not have the same fire as last year.  It’s always dangerous in sports to think you can just flip-a-switch and dominate any opponent.  That thinking takes away from your preparation and makes you vulnerable, and that means this:  Ohio State will run into a team that is hungrier and will not run out of gas – Ohio State is no Baylor – but until they lose…

Game Recaps:

Florida State 29, Miami 24
TCU 52, Kansas State 45
Michigan State 31, Rutgers 24
Washington State 45, Oregon 38
Texas 24, Oklahoma 17
Tennessee 38, Georgia 31
Michigan 38, Northwestern 0
Wake Forest 3, Boston College 0
Ohio State 49, Maryland 28