Teaching You How to #Win – Public Picks/Hot Hands/Tourney Selections #NFL Week 5

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Public Picks

This is a new segment for us to cover this year. Currently FanDuel and Draftkings won’t tell you who the public is on for this week’s contests. There is a reason for that from their perspective but from ours, we love it. While we cannot tell you specifically which site has which figures as that would violate our partnership agreement with each company, we can tell you based on the NFL.com, Perfect Lineup challenge, who the public is on. Yet another reason why you only need to come to our site for all of your Daily Fantasy information.


  • QB – Tom Brady 46.7%
  • RB – Le’Veon Bell 58.8%
  • WR – Julio Jones 62.8%
  • TE – Rob Gronkowski 75.2%
  • K – Stephen Gostkowski 31.7%
  • DEF – Denver 43.1%

Can you take all of these and still fill out a lineup, probably not but come check out our lineup analyzer and build your winning lineup with our high quality analysis here.

Hottest Players

Current top 5 performers for both FanDuel and Draftkings!


  1. Tom Brady 26.2 – $8,800
  2. Devonta Freeman 23.8 – $7,600
  3. Le’Veon Bell 23.6 – $9,000
  4. Aaron Rodgers 23.6 – $9,200
  5. Julio Jones 22.7 – $9,200


  1. Julio Jones 29.7 – $9,200
  2. Le’Veon Bell 28.6 – $8,500
  3. Tom Brady 28.5 – $7,800
  4. Larry Fitzgerald 27.1 – $6,800
  5. Devonta Freeman 26.7 – $6,300

Based on this information, if you were to come over here, to our lineup analyze you can see what recommendations you have by entering most, if not all of these players and see how you do.  They have certainly been the top performers thus far.  Throughout the week, I have continued to provide analysis from a multitude of areas that will outline that you really should have Brady on at least one of your daily fantasy lineups this weekend.  I believe Julio Jones has a bounce back game and goes over the 150 yard marker with 1 TD.  Freeman is my main concern from this list as the Washington defense is ranked #1 against the run coming into this contest.  That is partially due to the fact that they haven’t played any running teams yet this season and NO, I don’t count Philly as a running team!  That said, you have to ride the hot hand and right now Freeman is the hottest hand in the league.  Each of the rest of these players should be at or above our projection this week, with great matchups look for another huge fantasy scoring week, this weekend.


Tournament Suggestions

I wanted to add a section this weekend to our list and that is tournament suggestions.  I have received your feedback and one of the things that all of you keep asking is, “What tournaments should I play in?” The short answer is that as you continue to play and save your lineups with us, we are building your player profile so we can make automated suggestions in the future for you. So in the interim time frame, you can come here, to our strategy section and I will highlight some contests each week for you to take a look at:

  1. Always put one entry into the main contest for $25, so you have a shot at the Million
  2. Play 2 double up contests for every main contest you enter at the same price.  So if you play the $5 challenge, then play two $5 double up contests, this will ensure that you are making some money and the main contest entry is gravy on top.
  3. Play one head to head challenge, this is your best odds of winning.
  4. Always enter the prime time challenge and the Mon-Thu challenge because you are only picking from 4 teams, options are limited but low risk and high reward for these contests.

Good Luck this weekend, come back tomorrow as we will provide our expert picks at 9:30 a.m. MST on Sunday mornings from now on!