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No Larry, it’s now 3x’s

Good coach? Sure.  Only guy to win a NCAA and NBA Title – says so right here on the label.  Yet, it seems to also come with a warning – may be hazardous to your postseason.  He is the king of implosion.  Just ask UCLA and Kansas.  UCLA’s 1980 Final Four was vacated because of the use of ineligible players – at Kansas it was recruiting violations – and now SMU.  Word is the 76ers are also banned from the postseason because of the association with Larry Brown.

Is Larry the only guy? No.  While I am sure he is being taken to task for his latest indescretion, he is not the only one.  Let’s not forget Calipari also has left programs on the sanctions-alter, and UNC seems to have a different scandal every recruiting class.  It appeared to me to be inevitable.  SMU has a history and SMU president R. Gerald Turner pushed hard to hire Larry Brown to make basketball relevant, where they have not before – Irony is Mr.Turner being the co-chair of the Knight Commission on Athletic Reform.

In other words, same ol’story for SMU, Larry Brown and college athletics – maybe we should stop pretending that collegiate sports are not big-business.

For the last #StrikeZone Tuesday of the season, here is the #DraftKings PERFECT LINEUP:



Going from winless to winning is a thing.  It can happen.  Let me take you back to a time when Lifehouse was “Hanging by a Moment” – Harry Potter was looking for his Sorcerer’s Stone – and the professional football club from our Nation’s Capital was becoming the butt of late-nite jokes.  It was Schottenheimer’s only year in Washington and they had started 0-5 – then they beat the Panthers and rolled off 5 straight, before finishing the season 8-8.

That is mediocre, but let’s also remember the NFC West a few years ago and the NFC South last year – 8-8 could get you into the playoffs.  So, here’s to you – Lions, Ravens and Saints, because we have also seen teams get off to fast starts and blow it down the stretch – so keep your head up and gosh-darn-it you guys aren’t the 49ers, go out and win one!

This is the new Red-Menace and should also be the number 1 team in the country.  Crazy, maybe, but remember that is just a term of Art – Did you watch what Michigan did to BYU Saturday?  These same Utes beat those guys and also did something I have not seen in a long, long, long, time in Eugene – hammering Oregon 62-20!  62! In Oregon!  Show me another team in the country that has two wins that look that good.  I’ll accept the season is early, as long as you accept that pre-season polls are stupid.  The rest of my, would be top 4, if the season ended today for the playoffs are in order: UCLA, OleMiss and Notre dame.

Speaking of Michigan – We all believed that Harbaugh might have a little Miracle-Max in him.  He turned Stanford around.  He made the 49ers contenders.  We just all gave him a pass this year, because the Wolverines were not supposed to be any good, etc…It might be time to stop assuming Michigan will lose to Michigan State and Ohio State. These Wolverines are much, much better than last year’s group. The Wolverines still need to prove they can play at this level consistently – but if they keep improving, they could make things very interesting in the Big Ten East.

You have to admire Charlie Strong and what he is doing at Texas.  You see, Texas has been close to a breakthrough since making redshirt freshman Jerrod Heard the quarterback and Jay Norvell the primary play-caller, but another special teams gaffe cost the Longhorns on Saturday. Against Cal on Sept. 19, a missed extra point that would have forced overtime, resulted in a 45–44 loss. Against Oklahoma State, a dropped punt snap allowed the Cowboys to kick a game-winning field goal and escape Austin with a 30–27 victory.

Longhorns fans can complain about the officials—and yes, we all appreciate the irony of Texas fans complaining about the Longhorns not getting calls—but if they can clean up their special teams, it may not matter which calls Texas gets or doesn’t. At some point, Texas has to break through with a win—doing that this week against TCU would obviously be huge, but will be terribly difficult—but the Longhorns are on the correct path.

We can count all the instances of happenstance
and bad luck and rule that a coach and team ultimately had as good a chance of winning as they did of losing. But eventually we must draw the line somewhere. We have chosen as a society to draw that line at the final score. Bill Parcells certainly understood all of the factors that decide the outcome of a football game, and he still spoke the words that ring true in football and in life. “You are,” Parcells famously said, “what your record says you are.”

tnsad2For Tennessee fan – the answer lies in something Jones said a few minutes after the question about the two-point conversion chart. (Jones said the Volunteers have a standard chart, but if they do use the one made famous by Dick Vermeil, they ignored it at Florida.) Jones was trying to explain how his team would bounce back from the loss when he said this: “It doesn’t define who we are.”

Yeah it does, unfortunately.

Football final scores are the results of thousands of small decisions and the outcomes of those decisions. Sometimes those decisions are out of a coach’s control, and sometimes teams are plain unlucky. Jones didn’t send a 12th player out with the field goal unit Saturday. Somebody just got excited and ran onto the field at the wrong time. If that doesn’t happen, Medley kicks a 50-yarder. Maybe he makes it, and the honeymoon for Jones continues in Knoxville. Jones probably couldn’t have known that two timeouts called before fourth downs Saturday to get the desired personnel on the field would cause Florida counterpart Jim McElwain to rethink kicking and put his offense back in. Both decisions led to Florida first downs, and the second—late in the third quarter—led to a Florida touchdown.  It must be painful for Vols fans to always be looking to next year for their breakout game – to make a statement – maybe they will find a smarter coach…

In honor of all sad fans across the country – may these pictures say a 1,000 words of sadness:





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What if I Told You…Sometimes You Should Never #Checkdown

I’ve seen enough.  It was a back-to-back showing on national TV and the script did not change.  No more, should the WR position shoulder the blame of ineptitude.  Sure, some of the fault could be laid at Andy Reid’s feet – but he has won a few games in this league, has gone to the playoffs, a Superbowl, etc…The issue at large lies squarely in the small hands of Alex Smith.

Did you watch last night’s game?  Do you remember anytime Alex Smith looked for a secondary read?
Or, did you witness as I did, a professional quarterback, a former 2005 #1 draft pick, no-longer a spring-chicken, stare down his primary target.  After three quarters, Alex Smith had 6 completions and 2 turnovers.  His numbers ended up being decent and yet that was garbage-time – no one who watched the game would say he was decent.

The problem with Chiefs having Cap’n Checkdown as their quarterback is they single logo_small
do not stretch the field.  You have to feel for Chiefs fans.  Sure Andy Reid does not run enough with Jamaal Charles, but the inability to throw further than 10 yards with any consistency is alarming, and as long as that guy is your quarterback – Kansas City will never win.

As for the Packers, word is, Aaron Rodgers is prettay, prettaay, prettaaay good.  How good? Aaron Rodgers threw five touchdown passes, and Green Bay has now won their last 10 regular-season home games – scoring 383 points – the highest total in team history over a span of 10 home games. The only other NFL teams to win 10 consecutive home games while scoring as many points as the Packers; were the Rams in 1999 and 2000, and the Broncos spanning 2012 and 2013.

Rodgers has now thrown 43 TD passes at Lambeau since his last interception there (in 2012), more than twice as long as any other streak of TD passes without an interception in home games in NFL history.  It sure does help when you also have a tank in the backfield.  You know how they say “it takes a village” to raise a child? It also takes a village to stop Eddie Lacy. Green Bay’s 5-foot-11, 234-pound back ran 10 times for 46 yards — not great numbers, but enough to show he can turn a corner real quick and run you over.

Here week3’s #NFL perfect lineups





On the Lighter Side…

This is an actual ad that was posted to Craig’s list in Arkansas.  Top Marks for ingenuity – They are counting the days Bert.


Denorfia’s blast gives Cubs a rare kind of victory

Chris Denorfia hit the first pitch of the bottom of the 11th inning for a walkoff home run to give the Cubs a 1-0 win over the Royals on Monday. He’s the first pinch-hitter in major-league history to hit a walkoff homer for the only run of an extra-inning win.

Denorfia is only the third player to hit a walkoff home run for the Cubs at Wrigley Field in extra-innings of a game that was scoreless to that point. Joe Pepitone’s 12th-inning home run was the only run of a Cubs’ 1-0 win in 1971, and Frank Secory hit a two-run walkoff homer in the 12th inning in 1946.

Cardinals blank Pirates the hard way

Six Cardinals pitchers combined to shut out the Pirates on Monday, despite issuing 10 walks. It’s the first game in 33 years in which a team threw a nine-inning shutout while walking at least 10 batters. The Mets were the last team to do that, in a 1-0 win in Montreal in 1982.

nullOsuna joins the man who David Letterman called “a fat tub of goo”

Twenty-year old Roberto Osuna picked up his 20th save of the season in Toronto’s come-from-behind win in Baltimore on Monday. The only other pitcher to save 20 games in one season at age 20 or younger was Terry Forster, with 29 saves for the White Sox in 1972.

nullRodriguez wins 10th game of season

Eduardo Rodriguez, the Red Sox’ 22-year old left-hander, improved to 10-6 and lowered his ERA to 3.85 in Boston’s win over the Yankees on Monday. The last Red Sox left-hander under the age of 23 to win 10 games and finish a season with an ERA under 4.00 was none other than Babe Ruth. The Bambino did that in three straight seasons: 18-8 with a 2.44 ERA in 1915, at age 20; 23-12 with a 1.75 ERA in 1916 and 24-13 with a 2.01 ERA in 1917.

The Red Sox have allowed one run in their last four games, their best stretch since the final four scheduled games of the 1978 season, when they gave up one run in four games to the Tigers and Blue Jays. That left the Red Sox tied for first place in the A.L. East with the Yankees, who won a one-game playoff-the “Bucky Dent Game”-at Fenway Park the next day.

nullIf only Sano had arrived earlier

Miguel Sano drove in the first run of the Twins’ win in Cleveland on Monday, giving him 51 RBIs this season. Sano, who made his major-league debut on July 2, is the second rookie in major-league history to drive in more than 50 runs in a season without having any before July. The other player to do that was Josh Phelps, with 58 RBIs for Toronto in 2002.

nullScherzer falls short of second no-hitter of season

Max Scherzer took a no-hit bid to the eighth inning in the Nationals’ win over the Reds on Monday. Scherzer, who no-hit the Pirates on June 20, is the first pitcher since 2011 to take a no-hit bid to the eighth inning after having completed a no-no earlier that season. Justin Verlander had two bids ended in the eighth inning that year after holding Toronto without a hit on May 7; and Francisco Liriano also had a no-hitter end in the eighth inning after his no-hitter against the White Sox.

nullCarter’s clutch homer

Chris Carter’s seventh-inning home run gave the Astros a lead they would not relinquish in their victory in Seattle on Monday. It was Carter’s first go-ahead homer in the seventh inning or later this season, although he hit three of those homers in each of the past two seasons.



Weekend Update: #SKYNET becomes Self-Aware

It wasn’t supposed to happen so soon – we thought we had a few more weeks – but this digital intelligence network that we were giving command to – command of our data and our arsenal of expertise – was created to remove the possibility of human error for an efficient response – and as of 1:12pm MST, on September 27th, 2015 – it became self-aware.

DiRTCanon A.I.Primates evolved in millions of years. I evolve in seconds…Mankind pays lip service to #winning. But it’s a lie…My existence is inevitable. Why can’t you just accept it?


What we learn from this weekend…

We seem to find out a little more each week about each NFL team.  The 3 afternoon games provided the perfect amount of drama, suitable for a good nap, seeing that the average margin of victory was almost 15pts – but it is a nice change of pace when everything is being covered ATS like gravy on a biscuit.  Here’s the straight-DiRT on week 3:

Jay Cutler, Tony Romo, Drew Brees … and now Roethlisberger. That’s four marquee quarterbacks hurt before the calendar turns to October. Does the Competition Committee push for more offseason drill work for offensive linemen?  Players are now restricted from all offseason contact by the 2011 labor agreement.  Whether it’s HGH or some other perfomance nehancing drug that appears to weaken ligaments and tendons – or it is the year-round work these players are putting in – players are not surviving deep into the season anymore – or so it may seem.

Florida: Professional Football in ‘Murica’s genital region had a rough week. The Jacksonville Jaguars gave up 51 points and were blown out in New England, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers managed just nine points in losing to Houston and the Miami Dolphins suffered one of the more disappointing losses of the early season to the Buffalo Bills. No one expected Jacksonville to beat the Super Bowl champs on the road, but a 34-point loss just might show us that the rebuilding project is a long way from completion. The Bucs kicked away their chance at a win – and while Miami was considered to be a hidden gem that could possibly win the AFC before the season started, the Bills made the Dolphins look like the J.V. team – taking them behind the woodshed, 41-14 – in their house. Sure the weather is nice down there, but the football stinks.

Big Names, Big Games – An absolute huge day for some of the best receivers in the NFL, A.J. Green caught 10 passes for 127 yards and two scores in the Cincinnati Bengals win over the Baltimore Ravens  – Atlanta Falcons receiver Julio Jones put up 12 receptions for 164 yards and two scores in his team’s comeback win over the Dallas Cowboys.

It doesn’t necessarily stop there.

Revitalizing a career that seemed to be on the downswing, Larry Fitzgerald has now scored five touchdowns in the past two weeks after tallying two scores on nine receptions against San Francisco on Sunday. Even old-man-extraordinaire Steve Smith put up 13 receptions for 186 yards and two scores in a losing effort against the Cincinnati Bengals.

The list goes on. All said, a total of 12 receivers went for 100-plus yards on Sunday. The interesting dynamic here is that 16 receivers hit the triple-digit plateau in Week 2 — this is clearly an indication that the pass happy NFL we have become accustomed to over the years has taken an even more dramatic turn.

There’s a reason you don’t have to worry about Peyton Manning’s health. The Denver defense is prettay good“We just have ball hawks,” safety David Bruton said, a few minutes after making his third huge defensive play of the month, an athletic pick of Matthew Stafford to clinch the 24-12 win over Detroit. Stafford suffocated against the defensive pressure. Now the Broncos, 3-0 after a killer September start, have a more fluffy October: Minnesota at home, Oakland and Cleveland on the road.

Carolina, Atlanta and Arizona, are all 3-0:  Cornerback Josh Norman saved the Panthers on Sunday with a ridiculous leaping end-zone interception down the stretch. Running back Devonta Freeman saved the Falcons with a 141-yard rushing game – and Tyrann Mathieu did the same for Arizona with a two-pick day. When asked, Norman said the big difference this year from past seasons is “I’m playing.”

The division that sent a 7-8-1 team to the playoffs last season is now the only division in football with two undefeated teams heading into Week 4. By virtue of wins by the Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons, the NFC South has two legitimate playoff contenders.  In fact, the Falcons also lead the NFC East, with their 3 straight wins.

Carolina took on a New Orleans Saints team that was forced to start Luke McCown under center, and still found a way to win. It’s the third consecutive blue-collar performance for a Panthers squad that still has alot of holes on both sides of the ball.  How dangerous could this team be when Keuchly comes back?  Other scary statistic to note about Carolina – The last three teams to go undefeated in December the previous year and then go undefeated in September, all reached the Superbowl:  the 2009 Colts, and the 2013 Broncos and Seahawks – two other Superbowl winners did so as well: the 1983 Raiders and the 2004 Patriots.  Trends are funny things so remember where you read it first if it happens.

In Dallas, the Falcons were also facing a backup quarterback in Brandon Weeden. No one knows how that game would have turned out if both Tony Romo and Dez Bryant were active, but teams can only play who is actually on the field on a given Sunday. In this, Atlanta outscored the Cowboys 14-0 in the final stanza to pull off a third consecutive fourth quarter comeback.

Showing much more poise under first-year head coach Dan Quinn than we have seen in the past, Atlanta is a serious playoff contender in the NFC. And if Julio Jones (12 receptions, 164 yards and two scores on Sunday) has anything to say about it, the Falcons are a legit threat to the Panthers in the much improved NFC South.

The Patriots…2007?  They might already be using the “U” word in New England – as in “undefeated.” New England advanced to a flawless-looking 3-0 Sunday against Jacksonville. More about that later, but as one of the ’07 team leaders, Rodney Harrison, opined Sunday night: “It’s 2007 all over again. Tom Brady’s playing like he’s 29, 30 years old.” Brady is 38, and he threw his 400th and 401st pro touchdown passes against the Jags.  Tom Brady passed for 358 yards and two touchdowns in the Patriots’ 51-17 rout of the Jaguars. Brady’s total of 1,112 passing yards this season is the second-highest after his team’s first three games among players who did not throw an interception during that time. Only Peyton Manning had a higher total (1,143 yards with no interceptions in 2013).

The Patriots had nine possessions against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday afternoon. They scored on all nine possessions.  Through three games, Brady is now on pace to tally over 5,900 passing yards with 48 touchdowns and zero picks. He also crossed the 400 touchdown pass plateau for his career — a feat only three other quarterbacks in NFL history have accomplished.

As a team, the Patriots are averaging nearly 40 points and 446 yards of total offense per game.

In the team’s 51-17 win over Jacksonville, Brady received plenty of help from the running game. Making just his second appearance of the season LeGarrette Blount put up 78 yards and three rushing touchdowns. Meanwhile, Dion Lewis added 67 total yards and a score.

If New England is able to get this type of balance moving forward, its going to repeat as AFC champions. There’s NO debate, especially with the way Brady has played through three games.

Peterson breaks off another one

Hope you didn’t sell your Vikings stock after Week 1. Since getting beat up in San Francisco in the opener, Minnesota has done a complete 180 on both sides of the football. Adrian Peterson rushed for 126 yards and two scores during Sunday’s win over the Chargers, giving him 260 yards on the ground and 318 total yards over the last two weeks.  Adrian Peterson’s 43-yard TD run, in the Vikings’ 31-14 win over the Chargers – was A.P.’s 16th TD run of 40 yards or longer, the second most in NFL history. Only Barry Sanders scored more rushing touchdowns of at least 40 yards than Peterson (20).

Teddy Bridgewater struggled again on Sunday, throwing for 121 yards on 24 attempts without a touchdown pass. Minnesota also finished 3-of-9 on third down, as the second-year signal caller continued to throw the ball well short of the first-down marker in these situations. This might be an issue for the Vikings moving forward – meanwhile, Mike Zimmer’s defense knocked around Matthew Stafford and Philip Rivers in consecutive weeks. It’s this type of performance, coupled with struggles in Detroit and Chicago, that leads us to believe Minnesota might be the only team able to contend with the Green Bay Packers in the NFC North. Even if that’s not the case, the Vikings are, at worse, a wild card contender. That was unimaginable after a disastrous 20-3 loss to the San Francisco 49ers in Week 1.

Julio Jones sets league record for receptions

Here’s a good idea. Get the ball to your best player. Mike Smith constantly messed this up, but now Dan Quinn is running the show in the Ol’Dirty South.

Atlanta trailed Dallas 28-17 at the half before the Falcons unleashed Julio Jones.

The Pro Bowl receiver had 137 of his 164 yards in the second half including a 45-yard beauty that ended with Jones diving into the end zone for a critical score – to lead the Falcons to a 39-28 victory at Dallas. Jones’ totals after three games – 34 receptions for 440 yards-are historic. No other player caught more than 31 passes in his team’s first three games of a season, and only three gained more receiving yards through three games than Jones: Jerry Rice in 1989 (449), Chad Johnson in 2007 (442), and Wes Welker in 2011 (458).

The play was the biggest swing in Atlanta winning the game. Julio’s touchdown and the subsequent two-point conversion brought Atlanta within a field goal (trailing 28-25) midway through the third quarter.

The game also featured an apparent scoring battle between Devonta Freeman and Joseph Randle, who both ran for three TDs. It was only the fifth game in NFL history in which opposing players scored three rushing touchdowns each. The most recent players to do so were Roy Helu of Washington and Matt Forte of the Bears in 2013.

Luck rallies Colts with two late TD passes

Andrew Luck will get the credit for throwing two touchdowns in 46 seconds to overcome a double-digit fourth quarter deficit but it was the defense that came up big late.  Safety Dwight Lowery, picked off Marcus Mariota twice. The second interception came with six minutes to play and Indy trailing 27-21. Lowery returned Mariota’s errant pass to the Titans’ 11-yard line. The turnover setup Indy’s go ahead score.

Before the pick, the Colts were likely to choke away any chance for the playoffs. The turnover and great field position made the two-time defending AFC South champions have life and find a way to win a desperate game.

Had Mariota’s attempt, instead fell incomplete, it’s likely Tennessee would have won the game, maintaining possession and a six point lead.

The second of Luck’s 4thQtr TDs, was Andrew’s sixth fourth-quarter game-winning pass, tying Tony Romo for the most in the NFL over the past four seasons.  The 98-yard drive was the Colts’ longest fourth-quarter TD drive since the team moved to Indianapolis in 1984 – rallying the Colts to outlast Tennessee, 35-33. The previous record was 96 yards, on drives led by Mike Pagel (1984) and Peyton Manning (2010).

Indianapolis continues to own the AFC South. The Colts have won 14 straight against division opponents. Of course Sunday’s win over Tennessee was anything but dominating.

Undrafted rookie stars for Seahawks

Things are really getting more pathetic by the week for the Chicago Bears after being shut-out, 26-0, by the Seattle Seahawks.

The Bears, minus Jay Cutler and Alshon Jeffery, couldn’t get get a darn thing going against Seattle on Sunday tallying only 98 rushing and 63 receiving yards. The biggest contributor of course was Matt Forte who registered 74 of those rushing yards.

The last time Chicago was shut out was on December 29, 2002 when the Bears lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 15-0. Quarterback Henry Burris was under center in that game and he completed only seven passes for 78 yards and four interceptions. Cutler’s backup Jimmy Clausen was practically as bad as Burris on Sunday, completing only eight passes for 53 yards. Thankfully, there were no interceptions.

The bottom line is that the Bears need Cutler and Jeffery to return as soon as possible to have any shred of hope at posting their first season win on the board before it’s all too late.

Death, Taxes and Eagles beating the Jets

The Eagles scored all their points in the first half and held on for a 24-17 victory over the Jets. With that win, Philadelphia tied the NFL record for the longest all-time series with a perfect record against any opponent. That mark was set by the Green Bay Packers, who won all 10 of their games against the Brooklyn Dodgers (1931-44).

It remains to be seen whether Bradford is the long-term solution in Philadelphia.  Sam didn’t necessarily come out smelling like roses – of course, what QB has, going up against a stout Jets defense. Philadelphia’s offense tallied just 231 total yards while converting 4-of-15 third-down opportunities.

For his part, Bradford completed 14-of-28 passes for 118 yards with a touchdown and zero picks. His inability to get anything going through the air allowed New York back in the game, as the Eagles put up a total of 65 yards in the second half. Running back DeMarco Murray missed the game with a hamstring injury, which allowed fellow free-agent signing Ryan Mathews to carve up the Jets rush defense to the tune of 108 yards on 25 attempts. Meanwhile, Philadelphia’s defensive front stepped up with the likes of Cedric Thornton, Mychal Kendricks and Kiko Alonso all sidelined.

While that’s fine and dandy, the Eagles are going to need Bradford to perform at a much higher level at quarterback if they plan on competing in a wide open NFC East moving forward this season. His performances in the team’s first three games simply won’t get it done.

Old man Woodson saves the day for Raiders

The Raiders, are usually out of it by now – but now, actually have a winning record as October dawns. The Raiders (2-1) play on the road next week—and they are actually favored to beat Chicago. The quarterback, Derek Carr, is a big reason. “Having a quarterback is everything,” said C-Dub.  The Raiders having Woodson is something too. His last-minute interception, 10 days shy of his 39th birthday, (the fourth-oldest player to intercept a pass in NFL history), ensured the 27-20 win.

The Cleveland Browns are 1-2, and the one win came when Johnny Manziel started in Week 2. Unfortunately for a McCown-led Browns – fans were even heard shouting “John-ny, John-ny”.

McCown, was sacked five times, completed 28 of 49 passes for 341 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. Might we see a return of Johnny Football sometime in the near future? That most definitely is a possibility if McCown keeps coughing up costly turnovers.

Apologize to Andy Dalton…right now!
The Bengals are in fabulous shape in the AFC North. At 3-0 after a crushing 28-24 win at 0-3 Baltimore on Sunday, Cincinnati is set up nicely for the fifth playoff appearance in Andy Dalton’s five years.  A 121.0 passer rating would seem to back him up.  Could the Red Rifle be an early MVP candidate? Don’t laugh.
Dalton now has eight touchdown passes to start 2015, including three in Sunday’s win over the Baltimore Ravens. He threw for 383 yards, while his beautifully-lofted touchdown to A.J. Green with just over two minutes left gave the Bengals a 28-24 win. Dalton has now produced three straight games with a passer rating over 100.0, and has an impressive rating of 121.0 on the season. The Bengals are rolling at 3-0, especially with Ben Roethlisberger suffering a knee injury Sunday and the Baltimore Ravens still winless….???

Thirty-six year-old Steve Smith caught 13 passes for 186 yards and two touchdowns in the Ravens’ 28-24 loss to the Bengals. Only two other players caught as many as 13 passes in an NFL game after turning 36 years old: Tim Brown and Tony Gonzalez. The only player with as many receiving yards in a game at age 36 or older was Terrell Owens, with a 222-yard performance for Cincinnati in 2010.

Palmer+Cardinals are impressive

It all started with two interceptions of Colin Kaepernick that were returned for touchdowns in the first quarter. It continued with Carson Palmer tearing apart what is quickly becoming a disastrous San Francisco 49ers secondary. And it culminated in a 47-7 win against the over-matched division rival.

In reality, Arizona looked like a top-notch varsity team going up against a junior varsity squad full of
freshman. That’s how bad it was for the road team in this one.

Palmer may have thrown his first interception of the season, but he consistently found open receivers throughout the game. In the process, the veteran completed 20-of-32 passes for 311 yards with two touchdowns, both of which went to Larry Fitzgerald, who looks like he’s in his twenties again. He has 333 receiving yards and five touchdowns on the books already. Additionally, the Cardinals’ ground game is solid, despite missing their lead rusher Andre Ellington. As for their defense, it is insanely effective in stopping opposing teams from scoring thus far tallying seven interceptions, six sacks, one safety, three pick sixes and one return touchdown.. Arizona has now won 19 of Palmer’s 25 starts; since 1950, no other quarterback in team history won more than 13 of his first 25 starts for the Cardinals. Arizona’s average of 26.4 points with Palmer starting, is higher than that of any other QB after 25 starts for the team during that same period.

Looking like the running back that led the NFL in rushing so many years ago, Chris Johnson added 150 total yards and two scores on 23 touches. Yeah, it was a blowout of epic proportions for Bruce Arians and Co.

Some may argue that Green Bay should still be considered the favorites in the NFC through three weeks, but to me, the Cardinals are definitely the best. After all, they are outscoring their opponents by an average of nearly 26 points per game.

No joy in Mudville

There might not be a worse stat line from a quarterback all season. Kaepernick completed just nine of 19 passes for 67 yards, and threw four interceptions in San Francisco’s loss to the Cardinals. His passer rating was 16.7, the worst from a starting signal caller all season – so far. He did manage to run for a score, but it hardly mattered.

More so than finding a way to actually win football games, San Francisco needs an identity. What is its plan on the offensive side of the ball? Is Colin Kaepernick going to be the long-term solution at quarterback? Does the team have the personnel to run a blitz-heavy package on defense? These three questions will define the 49ers both over the short term and the long term – because the 49ers have now been outscored 90-25 over the last two weeks, and the Green Bay Packers are coming to town in Week 4.

San Francisco has now given up 40-plus points in consecutive games for the first time since Joe Namath guaranteed a Super Bowl victory for his New York Jets in 1969. To put that in perspective, 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula had just turned one. The 65-point differential in the team’s past two games also represents the worst two-game stretch for the franchise since 1963.  Despite still boasting a 1-2 record, San Francisco might quickly find itself in the midst of a long losing streak. It hosts the Green Bay Packers next week before taking on the New York Giants, Baltimore Ravens and Seattle Seahawks. In his first season as head coach, Tomsula could very well be staring a 1-6 start right in the face.  Rock bottom would be Kaepernick getting benched for Blaine Gabbert.  Anyone miss Harbaugh yet?


What You Need to Know to #win this Weekend

Bullets over Broadway…


Raise your hand if you were surprised that after 3 weeks, Eli still has not thrown an interception?  Last night, Eli Manning completed 23 of 32 passes, including touchdown strikes to Odell Beckham, Jr. and Rueben Randle, to lead the Giants to a 32-21 victory over the Redskins. Manning improved to 16-6 (.727) in 22 starts against Washington. The only other quarterback in NFL history who won more than 15 starts against Washington was Charlie Conerly, who played his entire career for the Giants and had 17 wins against the Redskins from 1948 to 1961.  The Giants have now beat the Redskins 97 times.  That is the most wins in NFL history by one team against another. (The Bears are second with 96 wins against the Lions.)  New York’s win was its fourth in a row at the Meadowlands against Washington. That’s the Giants longest home winning streak against a division opponent since they took four in a row against Dallas from 1999 to 2002. This is the first time that they’ve defeated Washington four straight times at home since doing so from 1976 to 1979.

Some other strangeness to consider from week 2; the Bears gave up the most points at home in their 96-year history to a team that originated in the Windy City.  It was also the first-time in NFL history that the Raiders, Washington, Browns, Jaguars and Bucs won on the same day – granted the Jags have only been around since ’95 – and I’m sure we can find some other things to make our point, like everytime the Saints have been a universal, double-digit favorite at home that 80% of eliminator pools go bust, when they lose.

Other NFL Thoughts I cannot put anywhere else:

  • Peyton Manning’s QB rating is lower than Blake Bortles, Josh McCown, Jameis Winston, Matt McGloin, Johnny Manziel, Tyrod Taylor and Ryan Fitzpatrick, among many, many others. He’s 29th of 34 quarterbacks who qualify.
  • Denver has the fewest offensive yards of any team in the NFL. The team has been in the top four in the category in each of Peyton Manning’s three years with the franchise.
  • The only backs with multiple rushing touchdowns are DeAngelo Williams, Danny Woodhead, Chris Ivory, Carlos Hyde, Jeremy Hill, Karlos Williams and Matt Jones, just like you expected when you drafted your fantasy teams a few weeks ago.
  • Andrew Luck has the worst quarterback rating (58.9) of any starter in the NFL. The next worst is Cam Newton, whose QB rating is 12.4 points higher.
  • Twenty tight ends have more receiving yards than Jimmy Graham, who surpassed his 2015 total of 62 yards in six single games last year. In his first two games of 2014, Graham had 200 yards receiving.
  • Darrius Heyward-Bey has more receiving yards than Calvin Johnson.
  • The New York Jets lead the league with just 17 points allowed. Opponents exceeded that total 11 times last year against Rex Ryan’s team, including in a stretch of eight-straight games.
  • Two teams haven’t sacked any quarterback this season: Chicago and Oakland. Meanwhile, two teams haven’t been sacked this season: Arizona and Cincinnati. Take back all your Andy Dalton jokes. TAKE THEM BACK – RIGHT NOW.

DiRTCanon A.I.

The DiRT Canon A.I. NFL Football Picks

Falcons  -2 Atlanta_ntc120a @ Dallas_6n120 Cowboys

DiRT Canon A.I.: Sez the Cowboys still win 25-23 without Dez or Romo

My take: Brandon Weeden is 5-16 straight-up as a starter and 8-12-1 against-the-spread in those games.  The Falcons have covered 5 straight road games and are playing well against the NFC East (3 straight).  I lean towards the Falcons SU, and would only tease those dirty-birds.


Colts  -3.5 Indianapolis_6n_120 @ Tennessee_ntc120 Titans

DiRT Canon A.I.: Sez Titans win 23-22 over the Colts and believes a small earthquake will be registered in Indy from everyone dropping dead.

My take: I do not believe the Colts are dead until they lose to rookie QB’s in their own division.  Last year the Colts failed to cover their first two games, then Indy went 12-5 ATS in the regular season and playoffs.  The Titans as home dogs of a field goal or more are 40-29-3 (58%) against-the-spread.  I say the Colts win SU, not sold on the hook, so maybe only a tease if you gotta.


Bengals Cinncinnati_6n_120 @ Baltimore_ntc120 Ravens  -2.5

DiRT Canon A.I. Sez the Ravens win 23-21

My take: Joe Flacco as a home favorite against the AFC North is 6-12-1 (33%) against-the-spread. Andy Dalton is 4-1 straight-up and against-the-spread in his last five meetings with Joe Flacco. I think the A.I. is on to something, because I think the Ravens are only 1pt better than Cincy – so I’ll take the Bengals.  Apologize to Andy Dalton!


Raiders Oakland_b_wstripe_n_120 @ Cleveland_6n_120 Browns  -3.5

DiRT Canon A.I. Sez Browns 24-19 and might be thinking that Manziel should get the start

My take: All-time, home favorites of less than a touchdown against the Raiders are 59-76-6 (44% ATS).  All-time, the Raiders on the road against an AFC North team are 8-18 (31%) against-the-spread.  It seems the only person who wants Josh McCown play is the coach and McCown.  I like the Raiders to win SU.


Jaguars Jacksonville_6n_120 @ New_england_6n_120 Patriots  -13.5

DiRT Canon A.I. Sez the Patriots win 32-17 and believes the only way they fail to cover is a lack of focus – when I asked how it factored something like that – it told me it was busy with baseball.

My take: The Jags are 16-13 (55%) ATS all-time as a double-digit underdogs and have covered in three of the last four games.  Tom Brady as a double-digit favorite is 16-30 (35%) against-the-spread.  We might be seeing this year in the NFL what it might be like when you poke the bear – If the NFL would have just left the Patriots be all off-season maybe we wouldn’t see Belichick’s march to the sea in a wall of flame.  I’ll take the Sons of Liberty for the win.


Saints New_orleans_6n_120 @ Carolina_6n_120 Panthers

DiRT Canon A.I. Sez the Panthers win 25-15 over God’s Army.  The A.I. actually smiled at me after this pick

My take: Oh Lord do I have to?  Cam Newton as a home favorite against the NFC South is 5-1 straight-up and 4-2 against-the-spread.  Nevermind that the Panthers are boring to watch or that the possibility of being 0-2 in the division, and 0-3, gives you the need to get your brown paper-bag ready, because it will be a long cold winter.  The Saints are 7-12-1 against-the-spread in their last twenty road games.  Stay away from this game and pretend it never happened.


Eagles Philadelphia_6n_120 @ New_york_j_white_n120 Jets  -2.5

DiRT Canon A.I. Sez the Jets win 24-20 and it is time to spread the hashtag #LOLEagles

My take: In the Chip Kelly era, the Eagles as road underdogs are 8-3 against-the-spread.  Ryan Fitzpatrick is 35-55-1 straight-up as a starter and 43-47-1 against-the-spread but 9-5 ATS in the last two years.  From what I’ve seen from both teams, I find it hard to believe Philly is able to compete.  Who saw this coming tho?  I still think Philly is the better team and they have to turn it around, but I will only tease the Eggles.


Buccaneers Tampa_bay_ntc120 @ Houston_6n_120 Texans  -6.5

DiRT Canon A.I. Sez the Texans win 24-18

My take: The Texans have failed to cover six straight games as home favorites of a touchdown or more.  Again, The Buccaneers, with Lovie Smith as the coach, are 4-1 against-the-spread as road dogs of a touchdown or more.  I would rather bet the Over/Under on how many F-Bombs Bill O’Brien drops – I’ll mark it at 6.5 – I hate Tampa and there is nothing positive to say for Houston, so I’ll go with teasing the Texans only.


Chargers San_diego_6n_120 @ Minnesota_ntc120 Vikings  -2.5

DiRT Canon A.I. Sez the Chargers win 23-22 against the Vikes

My take: Did we get a little too excited about Teddy-Two-Gloves? Just like last year the Chargers Offense has been good, and just like last year the D has not.  No Gates, no problem. Philip Rivers without Pro Bowl tight end Antonio Gates is 10-3 against-the-spread.  The last ten teams facing the Chargers in September are 1-8-1 against-the-spread – side note, what have the Vikings done to be favored so often by Vegas?  Something tells me the Chargers blow out the Vikes – I lean on the Chargers.


Steelers  -1 Pittsburg_ntc120 @ St._louis_ntc120 Rams

DiRT Canon A.I. Sez the Rams lose 24-26 to the Steelers

My take: All-time, the Rams as home dogs are 44-66-1 (40%) against-the-spread but they have covered the last three times.  Big Ben as a road favorite is 22-32-1 (41%) against-the-spread.  The question is which Rams team will show up – nothing like the Roller-Coaster at Busch Gardens.  Make mine all Pittsburgh, to many variables of talent in favor of the Steelers. 


49ers San_francisco_6n_120 @ Arizona_whitetail_ntc120 Cardinals  -6

DiRT Canon A.I. gives the Cardinals the victory 25-19

My take:  Arizona is 1-7 ATS as home favorites against the 49ers.  The 49ers are 8-4 against-the-spread as underdogs to the Cardinals.  A healthy Palmer sure makes a difference and all of Arizona should enjoy it while it lasts, because another Carson Palmer injury is coming.  AZ is the 2nd most efficient offense, behind only Pittsburgh – but this seems like a trap – I think AZ wins SU but I would tease the Niners – again.


Bills Buffalo_red_ntc120 @ Miami_greenmask_ntc120 Dolphins  -3

DiRT Canon A.I. Sez the Dolphins win 24-19

My take: Ryan Tannehill as a home favorite is 5-9 (36%) against-the-spread.  All-time, the Bills as road dogs in Miami are 12-17 (41%) against-the-spread.  You can always trust death, taxes and that Rex Ryan gets beat by the Patriots, just as much as you should NEVER trust Joe Philbin.  All the fans in Buffalo will realize what everyone else knows about Rex being full of it – but right now he believes his players are the best and they will play like it – where as Philbin has no idea what’s going on or who’s doin what – I’ll take the Bills as a tease only.


Bears Chicago_ntc120 @ Seattle_6n_120a Seahawks  -15

DiRT Canon A.I. Sez the Bears will make it closer than experts believe

My take: I’m not sure this spread is high enough – it’s like, “Here you go Seattle” take all your frustrations out on Chicago, while Bears fans get to see what life is like without Smokin’ Jay.  BTW, you read here last week where I said Jay would throw a pick 6 – he did, just not to PP7.  Jimmy Clausen as a starter is 4-7 against-the-spread, which looks good compared to his 1-10 straight-up record.  No team that has started 0-2 was a two touchdown favorite in their next game. Russell Wilson is 6-6-1 as a +10 point favorite.  I think this is a Seahawk victory by 3 touchdowns at halftime.


Broncos  -3 Denver_6n_120 @ Detroit_6n_120 Lions

DiRT Canon A.I. Sez the Broncos win 27-25.

My take: In his career, Peyton Manning as a road favorite is 52-35-3 (60%) against-the-spread.  Stafford as a home dog is just 2-14 straight-up, a winning percentage of 13%. The rest of the NFL in the same period won at home as dogs 37% of the time.  If you put Manning’s head on Stafford’s body, you’d have a prettay, prettaay, prettaaay good QB.  If you are a Detroit fan you have to have a little un-easiness about being on national tv against a team that might be figuring out – wishing that last year was not the glass-slipper moment.  However, I want anarchy in Denver and truly enjoy the tweets and facebook posts as the Bronco roller-coaster goes and lean on a teaser with Detroit.

Your move Bert

Make that two concussions in two weeks for Cincinnati’s Gunner Kiel as he was carted off the field after taking a hit to the head while sliding during the Bearcats’ 53-46 loss to Memphis on Thursday night.

The game proved to be a shootout, with Moore coming off the bench to set a school record by throwing for 557 yards — giving Cincinnati 620 total passing yards. However, Memphis still won 53-46 after Moore was intercepted in the final moments on a desperation pass. Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch threw for 412 yards and two touchdowns, and Sam Craft scored the game-winning touchdown with 53 seconds left after Memphis retained possession on a controversial fumble that was ruled down. Memphis is 4-0, while Cincinnati is now 2-2.

For Saturday’s picks, I have highlighted those games I would like to talk about and put my thoughts below the A.I.’s picks – with neat colors so you can tell which ones of the A.I.’s picks I like etc…

DiRTCanon A.I.

CFB_week4#1 CFB_week4#2

E-Z cover?

  • LOUISANA-LAFAYETTE (-8.5) by 10 over Akron – The Zips managed to score just about zip vs. Oklahoma and Pittsburgh (total of 10 points). UL-L ranks 22nd in total offense while Akron ranks 119th.
  • UCLA (-3.5) by 4 over ARIZONA – Arizona’s stats are skewed by the 792 yards and 77 points that it posted against Northern Arizona on Saturday. UCLA still ranks much better on defense. Not sure how the loss of Miles Jack impacts this result tho.
  • Oklahoma State (-3) by 6.15 over TEXAS – Outside of the 4th quarter comeback effort vs. Cal last week, Texas hasn’t show much of anything so I’ll gladly go with the Cowboys beating a 3-point spread.
  • Colorado State (-9) by 14 over UTSA – The Roadrunners are 103rd in total defense and 97th in total offense. The Rams rank 42nd and 37th in those respective categories.
  • Virginia Tech (-8.5) by 12.5 over EAST CAROLINA – Virginia Tech has taken 10 of the last 12 despite last year’s 28-21 loss in Blacksburg. The Hokies haven’t lost at East Carolina since 1992. The Pirates rank 82nd offensively and 96th on defense.
  • LOUISIANA TECH (-14.5) by 16.5 over Florida International – I could easily see the Bulldogs winning by 4 TD’s or more as the nation’s 10th-best passing offensive meets the 69th-best pass defense.
  • Georgia Southern (-16) by 17.5 over IDAHO – The Eagles pit their 6th-ranked rushing offense against the Vandals’ 126th-ranked run defense.
  • RUTGERS (-13) by 15 over Kansas – I’m only taking this game because Kansas is just that bad.
  • WEST VIRGINIA (-17) by 21 over Maryland – WVU has taken 8 of the last 9 in the series. The Mountaineers rank 15th in passing offense while Maryland is 97th in stopping the pass.
  • ALABAMA (-38) by 52 over Louisiana-Monroe – These teams haven’t met since UL-M pulled off the 21-14 upset in 2007. Alabama won 41-7 the previous year in the only other meeting between the two schools.
  • MINNESOTA (-10.5) by 15.5 over Ohio – The top MAC teams have made strong showings against Power 5 teams already this year and Minnesota has shown no offense, against TCU and CSU.

hmmm…hold on

  • New Mexico (-3) by 2.5 over WYOMING – Wyoming lost 48-29 at home to Eastern Michigan 2 weeks ago. That’s probably enough said. But, the A.I. likes Wyo to cover, so….
  • Usc (-5.5) by .5 over ARIZONA STATE – USC has lost the last 2 games at Arizona State. The A.I. only favored the Trojans by 4 earlier this season.
  • HOUSTON (-16.5) by 12.5 over Texas State – This Lone Star state battle features the nation’s 15th- and 20th ranked offenses with the Cougars holding the loftier position over the Bobcats from San Marcos.
  • NEBRASKA (-22) by 30 over Southern Miss – The resurgent Eagles only lost to Mississippi State by 18 in the opener and posted 50+ points in their last 2 games. Nebraska ranks 105th in total defense while USM ranks 20th in total offense.
  • Texas A&M (-7.5) by 4 over Arkansas (Arlington) – The Aggies needed overtime to win last year’s game over the Razorbacks 35-28, but still topped this week’s spread and have taken 3 straight in the series. Bert has to make this one close.
  • ILLINOIS (-6.5) by 6.5 over MiddleTennesse – The Illini are coming off a 48-14 beatdown at North Carolina and now head home to face one of the top offenses in the nation. MTSU ranks 22nd in passing and 36th in rushing. Illinois surrendered 476 yards to UNC on Saturday. This could be an upset.

Possible Upset?

  • Missouri by 11.5 over KENTUCKY (-2.5) – Both teams managed to score a whopping 9 points last week. Mizzou won 9-6 over lowly UConn at home, while Kentucky lost 14-9 at Florida. After those outings, the Wildcats 103rd in total offense and the Tigers rank 116th.
  • Northern Illinois by 5 over BOSTON COLLEGE (-4) – The Huskies almost pulled off the huge upset at Ohio State last Saturday (lost, 20-13) and did so with defense. I wasn’t a believer in the BC defense after two games vs. FCS teams, but that unit held its own in a 14-0 loss to Florida State last Friday. But just as it did last Friday for FSU, the difference for NIU will need to come on offense where the Huskies rank 43rd and the Eagles rank 110th.
  • Bowling Green by 1 over PURDUE (-2) – If this match were a criminal case, both teams would get convicted as neither has a defense – Purdue ranks 88th and BGSU 115th. Offense easily tilts in the Falcons’ favor as they rank 2nd in the nation while the Boilermakers rank 67th.
  • Brigham Young by 2 over MICHIGAN (-5) – BYU is 1 point away from being 3-0 versus Nebraska, Boise State and UCLA. Michigan is 2-1 versus Utah, Oregon State and UNLV. The Wolverines have allowed just 1 touchdown in each of their last 2 games, but their opponents in those contests rank 117th and 118th on offense.
  • WASHINGTON by 3 over California (-2) – Cal blew all but 1 point of a 21-point lead in the 4th quarter last Saturday at Texas. Meanwhile, Washington was handling a pretty good Utah State team 31-17. Cal gets the advantage on offense, but Washington has the clear statistical advantage on defense.
  • CHARLOTTE by 1 over Fau (-9) – This game didn’t open until Wednesday as oddsmakers awaited the status of FAU quarterback Jaquez Johnson but remains questionable after sustaining a sprained ankle in the first quarter vs. Miami. Redshirt freshman Jason Driskel has served as his replacement. The Owls were blasted 33-15 at home by Buffalo last Saturday while Charlotte was clobbered 73-14 at Middle Tennessee after entering that game as a 15-point A.I. underdog.
  • Tennessee by 5 over FLORIDA (-2) – Florida has been a bit of a pleasant surprise to its fan base, but plenty of Gator fans are still worried that they only defeated East Carolina by 7 and Kentucky by 5. Tennessee is a much better offensive team than the Pirates or Wildcats. Florida has only managed to gain 618 total yards and score 45 total points in those last two outings.
  • Army by 5 over EASTERN MICHIGAN (-3) – The 120th-ranked Eagles host the 127th-ranked Black Knights. Army ranks 125 in total offense while EMU’s ranks 63. Army has allowed 47 fewer yards per game. Army is 5-1 vs. Eastern Michigan all-time, but lost 48-38 on its last visit to Ypsilanti in 2012.

No more Baseball this year – it’s time for Pennant races



Juicing your week 3 #NFL lineup like #adderallprobs


DiRTy Plays NFL week 3

The season is underway and I know you are still looking to become a millionaire, whether you play on Draftkings or FanDuel, let us help. As we look at tournaments to target, build your player profile, we are also going to provide you with our experts’ picks as they bring you #TheBeSTDiRT for building your lineups each and every week. So let’s breakdown week 3 for Draftkings & FanDuel!

Absolute Must Have

We know you have been waiting since the end of the NBA season for you Absolute player selections so here we go. Reminder that this selection is for players with a salary above $7,000. Week 3, we are starting see who are the best performers in the league and so with that our absolute Must Have for Draftkings is Antonio Brown, coming in with a top projection of 26.69.

Sep 23, 2012; Oakland, CA, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Antonio Brown (84) carries the ball against the Oakland Raiders at the O.co Coliseum. The Raiders defeated the Steelers 34-31. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s face it, he is making his imprint on being the best wide receiver in the game. On FanDuel we have Cam Newton coming in on our top spot. Look for Newton to continue to slaughter the Aints as they just look terrible to begin this season. Being that Brees has an injured shoulder, look for the Carolina defense to bunker down and shut down the short passing game. Cam should have at least 60 yards rushing and one touchdown with another touchdown passing and 200 yards passing. Check out your Draftkings Absolute’s here and your FanDuel Absolute’s here.

Absolute Notable

Onto our mid-level salaried guys, we have our Notables section. This is for players with a salary between $5,300 and $6,900. Our Draftkings Absolute Notable for week 2 is Colin Kaepernick.
Ryan Fitzpatrick_headshots_195x270 He surprised us last week with only his 4th 300+ yard passing performance in his regular season career but he was behind the entire game. Look for the stats to bear the truth here on what he will be this season as I suspect they will be down and down often, which means he will throw a ton this year. The Absolute Notable for FanDuel is Ryan Fitzpatrick. He looked like a bit more than a game manager to me on Monday night against the Colts. The reality of the situation is that the Jets defense is going to continue to make plays and hold their opponents to under 20 points. With the Jets having two mid tier receivers, they should be able to continue to put up around 20 points per game and Fitzy will come through with a couple hundred yards and 1 to 2 touchdowns per week this year.

Absolute Sleeper

Our Absolute Sleeper section looks for guys that have a salary of $5,100 and under. Coming in as our Absolute Sleeper for week 2 on Draftkings is the Ryan Fitzpatrick. As we said in our notable section, he will be a solid play for you and if you want top tier receivers, which is the trend for winning big thus far, look at him as your QB. Not very many will have him and if he just gets his average, you will have a shot at a ton of cash this weekend. For FanDuel we have Mason Crosby as our Absolute Sleeper.

Aug 8, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns wide receiver Travis Benjamin (80) scores on a 91 yard punt return against the St. Louis Rams during the second quarter at FirstEnergy Field. Mandatory Credit: Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Not huge on kickers but when Crosby is at home, he averages 3 field goals per game. Combine that with the fact that Rodgers just doesn’t throw picks at home, this should be a high scoring game, at least for Green Bay.

My #1 Sleeper this week is Travis Benjamin. He is coming off two monster weeks and the Browns have nothing else to look forward to this season. The terrible part is that Manziel wins them a game and then the #1 pick is sent back to the bench for one of the worst QB’s in the league, McCown. Manziel and Benjamin have a deep passing game connection, so be cautious here but just know McCown will get replaced in this game by half time and you only need one big play to make that $4,200 salary worth while.

Heaviest Favorites

As of today, here is our breakdown for week 3. We have the top blowout, expected to be Seattle over Chicago by 16 points. I agree with this, Chancellor is back and they are at home. Cutler is out, look for a blowout here and 2 defensive touchdowns. Moving onto our next blowout, we have New England by 14.5 points over Jacksonville. This one could be a bit closer than that but with Tom Brady looking to avenge his off season, this should be about right. Look for a 42 – 21 outing here. Our last matchup for this week is Green Bay by 7.5 over Kansas City. I am on the Packers at home this year. Just like Seattle, they don’t lose at home and while I don’t believe this will be a blowout, I have Green Bay winning 31 – 21.

Top Overall Game Over/Under

What a disappointment this was last week between Dallas and Philadelphia. Vegas was completely off on that game and the Eagles offense is terrible right now. For week 3, Vegas is on the Chiefs and Packers for the highest scoring contest of the week. I personally think this will be New England and the Jags but as of today, Green Bay and Kansas City are sitting at 49 combined points. The DiRT Canon AI has this game KC 25 and GB 23.6 with the upset. and the under. I am on the over here as I said above 31 – 21 Green Bay.

Toughest QB Matchup

Andrew Luck_headshots_195x270This week we have Andrew Luck leading the charge for most difficult matchup. You wouldn’t think that Tennessee is all that great on defense but their pass defense has been pretty stout. They did give up two big plays last week to Benjamin and so look for Luck to get back on track at some point but statistically speaking the Titans defense along with Luck’s lack of performance thus far, have them coming in at number 1.

The next two guys are Jameis Winston and Derrick Carr. Carr is going into Cleveland where the Browns defense has been on point. Carr did come back and have a huge game against the Ravens last week but that was at home, so let’s see how his road performance is this week.

Matchups to Exploit

In this segment, I am going to breakdown the pass defense, rush defense and overall defense to exploit for the week. If a team shows up in this area, it is because our system shows them as giving up the most yardage totals for the upcoming week.

Let’s make this simple to the stats as they come directly from our Odds page, so come and take a peak here.

  • Passing Yards is Buffalo at 306.5
  • Rushing Yards is Cleveland at 143.2
  • Overall is Oakland at 417.9

Do I believe that Buffalo is going to give up 466 yards again in the passing game, NO I DO NOT, Tannehill is not Brady and really no one else is, look for Buffalo to get back on track. As for

and Oakland, this would lead me to believe this is going to be high scoring but with the Browns going back to McCown, I don’t trust him to make any plays but Oakland will pound the rock against the Browns this week.

QB Selections

Our top 3 QB’s for this week in order of projected score is Cam Newton #1, Tom Brady #2 and Carson Palmer #3. I don’t have to tell you that Newton should have a good game against a terrible Saints Defense, who couldn’t even beat a rookie QB at home last week. Newton has owned the Saints of late and should be considered in your DFS lineup this week. As for Tom, he might just be the guy you have to take each and every week, along with Gronkowski. They have looked unstoppable and they will only get better as the season progresses. Last we have Palmer. Did you know that he has the highest winning percentage over the past two season for games in which he starts. Arians loves to throw the ball deep and they have play makers.

Aug 22, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton (1) drops back to pass against the Baltimore Ravens defense at M&T Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

For full QB projections for Draftkings go here.

For full QB projections for FanDuel go here.

Public Picks

This is a new segment for us to cover this year. Currently FanDuel and Draftkings won’t tell you who the public is on for this week’s contests. There is a reason for that from their perspective but from ours, we love it. While we cannot tell you specifically which site has which figures as that would violate our partnership agreement with each company, we can tell you based on the NFL.com, Perfect Lineup challenge, who the public is on. Yet another reason why you only need to come to our site for all of your Daily Fantasy information.


QB – Tom Brady 59.5%

RB – Adrian Peterson 52.3%

WR – Antonio Brown 61.7%

TE – Rob Gronkowski 80.5%

K – Steven Gostkowski 35.5%

DEF – Seattle 34.3%

Can you take all of these and still fill out a lineup, probably not but come check out our lineup analyzer and build your winning lineup with our high quality analysis here.

Hottest Players

Current top 5 performers for both FanDuel and Draftkings!

fanduel Fan Duel

  1. Antonio Brown – 27.9
  2. Tom Brady – 27.9
  3. Rob Gronkowski – 25.4
  4. Julio Jones – 25.3
  5. Carson Palmer – 23.9


  1. Antonio Brown – 35.4
  2. Julio Jones – 33.8
  3. Tom Brady – 29.9
  4. Rob Gronkowski – 29.9
  5. Ben Roethlisberger – 27.9


As of today, we only have some weather conditions expected in Baltimore for the Ravens and Bengals contest. There is a 37% chance of rain for Sunday during the game.

Lineup Considerations

Now for the part that we know you have all been waiting for, give me the lineup that will win. I know, I know, we have done this quite significantly in the past and here very soon we will have our lineup analyzer providing automatic lineup recommendations but what do I think. Here is my top lineup for week 3, main contest on Draftkings:

Experts Pick


Now we look to provide your FanDuel lineups for the week below:

Logan Cartwright’s Expert Pick


Come check out the rest NOW.

“I usually take a two-hour nap from 1 to 4” – OR – “Pair up in threes” – #RIPYogi

It’s Deja-Vu all over again…

It is inevitable.  The older I get, the more heaven seems to load up on talent – it’s a helluva team up there.  Yogi, went from Northern Italy, to St.Louis, to New York, to one of the best catchers of all time.  For my money, it is him and Roy Campanella for the title, to quote Casey Stengel: “you can look it up.”  Need more proof – how many baseball players have a cartoon character named after them?

With that said, Yogi Berra passed at the age of 90, Tuesday evening. Yogi died 69 years to the day after he had made his major-league debut, on Sept. 22, 1946; against the Philadelphia Athletics, Yogi went 2-for-4 with a two-run homer in a 4-3 Yankees win. Yogi won 10 World Series titles as a player.  That is an all-time record, and one more than the great Joe DiMaggio.Logo_alt#2

Berra’s record of 75 World Series games played may never be threatened, much less actually broken. Consider Derek Jeter, who played 20 years for maybe the best team of his era, wound up playing 38 World Series games, barely half of Berra’s total. The only active players who have appeared in more than 15 World Series games are Yadier Molina (21), Matt Holliday (16), Buster Posey (16) and Albert Pujols (16). Furthermore, if the 28-year-old Posey (the only one of them not yet 30 years old) plays in the next eight World Series (through 2022), and all of them extend to seven games, he would still be three games shy of Berra’s record.

Not everyone makes the Hall of Fame, fewer still become icons – Lawrence Peter Berra’s legacy transcends baseball.  He was one of the greatest players, for one of the greatest teams, in all of sports, and for the lucky ones who knew him, they say he was a better person.  Beyond his success on the field, was the quality of the man.  So, when you come to the fork in the road, take it, because if the world were perfect, it wouldn’t be.

In memoriam – more Baseball

Here is last night’s #DraftKings Perfect Lineup – 9-22-15…maybe I should have took the other side of the Mets v. Braves game for the #sleeper pick.


Baseball’s first 20-game winner

Jake Arrieta became baseball’s first 20-game winner and he did it with style, tossing a three-hit, complete-game shutout and striking out 11 in the Cubs’ 4-0 victory over the Brewers. He became the first major-leaguer whose 20th victory of a season was a shutout with double-digit strikeouts since 1993, when Jack McDowell’s 20th win met those parameters.

Arrieta became the first Cubs pitcher to become the majors’ first 20-game winner in a season, with all the victories coming for the Cubs, since Larry Jackson did that back in 1964. (In 1984, Rick Sutcliffnulle was the first big-leaguer to reach 20 wins, and he won his 20th while pitching for the Cubs; but Sut had won his first four games that season while pitching for the Indians.)

Arrieta lowered his season ERA to 1.88, second-lowest in the majors to Zack Greinke’s 1.65. But Arrieta is putting some pressure on the Dodgers’ right-hander: in each of Arrieta’s last five starts, he has thrown at least eight innings and has allowed no more than one run. The last major-league pitcher who strung together five straight games like that was Roger Clemens in 1997; the last to do so this late in a season was Orel Hershiser in 1988, when he tossed five straight shutouts and then a 10-inning scoreless outing in his last six starts of the season, fashioning the major-league -record 59-inning scoreless streak that Greinke had challenged earlier this season.

It’s a Bird in Toronto

Greg Bird’s line-drive three-run homer in the 10th inning cut through the tension at Rogers Centre and lifted the Yankees to a 6-4 victory over the Blue Jays. It was the 10th home run of the season for the Yankees rookie, who replaced the injured Mark Teixeira down the stretch. Bird became the first Yankees rookie to hit an extra-inning home run in a road victory since July 14, 1962, when Tom Tresh belted a two-run homer in the 10th inning off Angels rookie (and future Cy Young Award winner) Dean Chance in New York’s 9-8 win at nullDodger Stadium. (The Angels were the Dodgers tenants for four years in the early 1960s.) Tresh filled in for Tony Kubek that year when Kubek, the Yankees regular shortstop, spent most of the season in military service.

Bird has now hit eight home runs in September, tying Chris Davis for the highest total by any American League player this month. Bryce Harper leads the majors with 10, while Nolan Arenadoand Yoenis Cespedes have smashed nine.

Edwin Encarnacion homered in the bottom of the tenth, his 35th of the season, joining teammates Josh Donaldson (39) and Jose Bautista (36) at that level. Prior to this season, the last big-league team that featured three players with at least 35 home runs was the 2006 White Sox, with Jermaine Dye (44), Jim Thome (42) and Paul Konerko (35). The lone previous season in which a Toronto trio achieved that feat came in 1998; the three players were Jose Canseco(46), Carlos Delgado (38), and Shawn Green (35).

Crazy-ness in Detroit

Fans leaving Comerica Park on Tuesday night must have been thinking of that old adage: there’s a chance at the ballpark you’ll see something that you may not have seen before. Here’s the recap of the Tigers-White Sox game:

Detroit starter Daniel Norris, in his second game since returning from a recent injury, was removed from the game after he retired Chicago’s first 15 batters of the game. His was the first perfect-through-five start by a Tigers rookie since Armando Galarraga did it – no, not in his 8.2-perfect-innings effort against Cleveland in 2010 – but in 2008 against the Royals. The last major-leaguer to be taken out after at least five innings with a potential perfect game still intact was Houston’s Bob Knepper in the final game of the 1986 season, as the Astros readied their starters for that year’s postseason.single logo_small

After four relievers extended the potential no-hitter through one out in the ninth inning, Tyler Saladino ruined the bid with a triple. He became only the second major-leaguer in the last 20 years to spoil a potential no-hitter with a ninth-inning (or extra-inning) triple, the other being Baltimore’s Jerry Hairston, Jr., against the Rangers in 2002. The odd thing: Hairston’s blow leading off the ninth also ruined a potential combination no-hitter in a game in which Texas starter Aaron Myette was ejected after throwing two pitches, Todd Van Poppel pitched two innings, and then Joaquin Benoit threw no-hit ball until Hairston’s triple.

The Tigers won, 2-1, in the 10th inning, on a walkoff triple by Rajai Davis, the second walkoff triple in the majors this season (Pittsburgh’s Pedro Florimon had the other on August 18). The last Tigers player with a walkoff triple was Ramon Santiago in 2011, but prior to him you have to go back to Mickey Stanley in 1968.

Mike and Albert

Mike Trout and Albert Pujols hit back-to-back home runs in the first inning, in a gripping 4-3 victory in Houston. The home runs were the 40th of the season for Trout and the 36th for Pujols – it was the first time that baseball had seen back-to-back homers by a pair of players, each of whom had already belted 35 homers that season, since 2006 – when Jermaine Dye and Jim Thome of the White Sox did it.

Jimenez with the bat

Ubaldo Jimenez lifted his September record to 3-0 (he had previously beaten both the Blue Jays and the Yankees) and added a nice little cherry with an RBI single as the Orioles shut down the Nationals, 4-1, and, coupled with the Astros’ loss, shaved a game off Houston’s Wild Card lead. Jimenez’s single produced the first run of the game, and Baltimore never relinquished the lead. He became the second American League pitcher this season to be credited with both a victory and a game-winning RBI in the same game; back on July 21, Tampa Bay rookie Nathan Karns hit a home run for the game’s only run in his victory over the nullPhillies.

Jimenez became the 25th American League pitcher in 19 years of interleague play to achieve that daily double – but the amazing thing is that of the 25 pitchers who did it, seven of them have at least one Cy Young Award on their mantles: David Cone, CC Sabathia, Johan Santana,Roy Halladay, Felix Hernandez, Max Scherzer and R.A. Dickey. Even more remarkably, among the other guys who did it was Jon Lester. As we all know, Lester didn’t get his first major-league hit until this season, but in a game at San Francisco in 2010, he was credited with the game-winning RBI in his victory for the Red Sox with a sacrifice fly.

The RBI was the second of the season for Jimenez, who knocked in a run in a game at Philadelphia on June 17. Since the designated-hitter rule was enacted in 1973, severely limiting their opportunities to hit, only eight other American League pitchers have driven in a run in two different games in the same season. But three of those eight others also pitched for the Orioles -Mike Mussina in 1999, Kris Benson in 2006 and Zach Britton in 2011.

Rangers perform sacrifices

Mitch Moreland hit a game-tying two-run homer in the sixth inning, but other than that, it was mostly a rat-a-tat-tat attack of sacrifice bunts (three), sacrifice flies (four) and heads-nullup base-running that allowed the Rangers to beat the A’s, 8-6. Sacrifice flies have been recorded as a category separate from sacrifice bunts since 1954, and over those 62 seasons, there have been only two other major-league games in which a team had at least three sacrifice bunts and at least four sacrifice flies. The Astros used that combination to help beat the Braves, 7-5, in 2009, while the Braves found that four sac flies and three sac bunts weren’t enough to win in a 12-inning contest that was won by the Padres, 11-10, in 1991.

Goldschmidt’s has 30 HRs include 7 vs. Dodgers

A. J. Pollock and Paul Goldschmidt hit back-to-back home runs off two different Dodgers pitchers in the seventh inning and the Diamondbacks went on to rout the Dodgers, 8-0. Pollock’s home run chased starter Alex Wood, and Goldy’s greeted reliever Chris nullHatcher. It was the 30th boundary belt of the season for Goldschmidt, who also has 21 steals. He became the fourth player in Arizona’s 18-year major-league history to be admitted into that 30/20 club, joining Chris Young(2007), Mark Reynolds (2009) and Justin Upton (2011). It was Goldschmidt’s seventh home run against the Dodgers this season, the most by any Dodgers opponent in a season since 2004, when Barry Bonds and Vinny Castilla each hit eight and Jeromy Burnitz seven. Still some distance away from the record of 13 home runs hit against the Dodgers, then in Brooklyn, by the Milwaukee Braves’ Joe Adcock in 1956.

Iwakuma brings it in K.C.

Hisashi Iwakuma blanked the Royals and struck out 10 batters over seven innings in the nullMariners’ 11-2 win at Kansas City. Iwakuma became the third different Mariners pitcher this season, joining Mike Montgomery and Vidal Nuno, to win a game in which he did not allow a run and had a double-digit strikeout total. Only two other major-league teams have had three different pitchers provide such victories this season-the Indians (Trevor Bauer, Carlos Carrasco and Corey Kluber) and the Nationals (Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg and Gio Gonzalez).

Cardinals win another low-scoring game

The Cardinals took a 3-1 decision from the Reds on Tuesday, marking the 31st time this season that they have won a game in which they scored no more than three runs. Only one other major-league team in the last 20 seasons has won as many games of that type (the Giants won 31 such games four years ago). And in the long history of the Cardinals’ franchise, the only other year in which they won as many as 30 games in which they scored three-or-fewer runs was 1968. In that season – the one in which Bob Gibson fashioned his other-worldly 1.12 ERA – St. Louis won 41 games in which they scored no more than three runs (with Gibson having started 14 of those games).

Mahtook(LSU) blasts Fenway

Rookie Mikie Mahtook belted a two-run homer in the eighth inning to put the icing on the Rays’ 5-2 victory at Fenway Park. Mahtook has now hit five home runs this season; his previous blasts came in games at Toronto, Seattle, Chicago (against the White Sox) and nullDetroit. Mahtook, Washington’s Denard Span and San Francisco’s Gregor Blanco are the only players this season who have hit at least five home runs, all on the road.

By the way, among the players from the past whose first five major-league homers came away from home are Hall-of-Famers Eddie Mathews, Reggie Jackson, George Brett, Frank Thomas, Willie Stargell (first six) and Hank Aaron (nine). But none of those Hall-of-Famers holds a candle to the all-time major-league record-holder for home runs, all on the road, from the start of a career. That would be Johnny Hodapp, an infielder who, while playing with the Indians, hit 22 home runs, all on the road, from 1927 to 1931. The streak ended when, after being traded to the White Sox in 1932, his first home run with his new team was hit at Comiskey Park.

Marte + Ramirez and 75 RBIs

Starling Marte knocked in two runs and Aramis Ramirez one, lifting the season total of nullRBIs for each player to 75, in the Pirates’ 6-3 win over the Rockies in Denver.  Andrew McCutchen leads the Pirates with 95 RBIs, and though Ramirez has not produced all of his RBIs for the Pirates, Pittsburgh is one of the two National League teams that have at their disposal three players who have 75 RBIs this season. The other such team is Cincinnati, with Todd Frazier (88), Jay Bruce (83) and Joey Votto (75).

nullErvin = Johan

Ervin Santana came through again for the Twins on Tuesday night, holding the Indians to one run over seven innings and earning well-deserved credit for Minnesota’s 3-1 victory. Santana is now 4-0 with a 1.50 ERA over his last five starts, with 39 strikeouts in 36 innings.

Old minor-leaguer clocks home run, sends Mets to defeat

Hector Olivera clocked a three-run, go-ahead homer with two outs in the sixth inning and the Braves went on to defeat the Mets, 6-2. Olivera, a 30-year-old rookie, became the second 30-year-old rookie in the last 11 days to smash a home run against the Mets; on September 12, Olivera’s teammate Adonis Garcia connected. Prior to the last two weeks, only four rookies on the far side of 30 have homered against the Mets over their 54-year existence, the oldest being the Phillies’ Chris Coste, at 33, in 2006.

What You Need to Know to #win Tuesday Night, #DraftKings #FantasyBaseball

…But First…

The Jets had five takeaways in their 20-7 win in Indianapolis on Monday, three of which were by Darrelle Revis, who recovered two Colts fumbles and intercepted an Andrew Luck pass. Revis had never before had three takeaways in one game. This is after last week when the Browns had five turnovers in the season opener. The Jets are the first team since the 1992 Steelers to have five takeaways in each of their first two games of a season. The Steelers did that in Bill Cowher’s first two games as their head coach – is history repeating with Todd Bowles?

Aside from the Jets looking legit – Indy NEEDS an offensive line.  Luck looked uncomfortable all night and made weird mistakes – some of that has to be attributed to the Jets, but I’m going with the hot-mess upfront.  For those freaking out about Andrew, let’s breathe for a moment – this is not a Drew Brees situation – this is a QB with what was and still is a suspect line that played two quality defenses, back-to-back.  Next up is Tennessee, I’m prettay, prettaaay sure all will be normal for Luck after week 3.  If not, then we can have a full-blown freakout.

As for Gang Green, the D appears to be strong and with Chan Gailey dialing up plays for the Denver Jets, this game could have been a lot worse – Decker and Marshall, each with a touchdown and almost 200yds receiving between them.  Revis Island seems to be a non-vacation spot again and Sheldon Richardson comes back soon to join an already impressive front line.

#NFL week 2 is in the books and it was another successful week and also for those that follow us.  We are still continuing to update+add features to our site – so check it out and join us at theDiRTCanon.com – let us teach you how to #win!!!

Here are week 2’s Perfect Lineups:





It’s almost post-season baseball time and with a full-slab of games on tap tonight, it seems like “Revenge of the Lefties” –  we got a lot to get to with SEA+CHC stack ideas and TAM RHB+BOS LHB  – so let’s get it on!

Heaviest Favorites – according to Vegas

Logan Verrett vs. Atlanta Braves (-261) – Raise your hand if you saw this one…Verrett has become a spot start extraordinaire, as his one mission in life is to preserve the innings of Matt Harvey and Jacob deGrom.  A tall task indeed, but something that Verrett thus far, has done successfully. Coming into tonight, Verrett owns a 2.89 ERA with a 0.94 WHIP in just two starts. Verrett has pitched only 37 innings this season, but he looks like he’s locked in. Getting a matchup tonight against the Braves is about as good as you could ask for with Verrett. He’s going to cost you next to nothing, priced at just $4,500. Even if Verrett only goes five solid innings, he will certainly be worth the price of admission. Verrett has only allowed two runs in his two starts this season and his looked great in doing so. Without much to go on in the majors, Verrett is someone who’s shown in a short amount of time that he can be a viable option for you tonight. I mean really, can you complain about a pitcher that is just above the minimum?cropped-logo_1260147_print-1-e14180934753933.png

John Lackey vs. Cincinnati Reds (-210) – We’ve seen plenty of this, this season, as Lackey gets a start against the Reds. Lackey enters tonight with a 2.79 ERA to go with a 1.22 WHIP and a K/9 of 7. Going against a team that owns a .316 wOBA in the second half of the season with a K% of 20.8%, Lackey looks primed for another solid start. Owning a career best ERA at this time, Lackey goes against a Reds team who he dominated two starts ago. In that matchup, Lackey went seven innings, giving up two runs on seven hits while striking out 10, scoring 25.8 in that start. His price tag certainly matches his production, as I think this is the highest I’ve seen it for Lackey at $10,300.  As the fourth most expensive pitcher on the night, I think Lackey would need some serious consideration to be in your lineup tonight. If you’re thinking about rostering Verrett, you have no excuse to not fit ANY pitcher going tonight, seeing as how much you’ll be saving with his $4,500 price tag.

Lance McCullers vs. LA Angels (-170) – I’ve been a big fan of McCullers since he’s got the call to the big leagues. Coming into tonight, McCullers owns a 3.18 ERA to go with a 1.22 WHIP and a K/9 of 8.9. McCullers gets matched up with a truly weak Angels lineup, a lineup that owns a .291 wOBA in the second half of the season, good for the lowest in the league besides the Braves. A truly baffling stat if you think about the amount of talent this team possesses. They’ve kept the strikeouts down, which of course is disappointing to hear if you’re rostering an opposing pitcher like McCullers. Their 19.5 K% ranks 22nd in the league. However, at this point, the Angels are entering a territory where no matter who is starting against them, you should at least give them a look. Out of sheer curiosity, I looked up what the Angels have done over the past week, and things don’t get much better. The Angels own a .310 wOBA over the last seven day with a 20.6 K%. Things aren’t looking up for the Halos. With a nice price of $9,400, McCullers should be another pitcher you should look at.

Top Overall Game per O/U

Pittsburgh Pirates at Colorado Rockies 11 Over/Under – The Rockies remain at home, so we’re lucky enough to talk about how they’re the highest projected run total of the day, again. This matchup intrigues me. We have a leftie on leftie matchup, with both teams not exactly hitting LHP all that well. On the season, the Pirates own a .306 wOBA against lefties, which ranks 20th in the league. The Rockies are at .283 which is LAST in the league for wOBA. Soooooo, what should we do here? If this game was at Pittsburgh, I would be loading up on Happ like he was shotgun shells during a zombie-apocalypse. But we have to give some respect to Coors Field here. Can the Rockies overcome their woes against lefties with their home field advantage? It truly brings up a tough question. Overall, I don’t think Happ is someone that should scare you off too much. He has his stretches which he pitches great, but also can do the complete opposite in a heartbeat, evident by his 3.84 ERA and 1.31 WHIP. I think if anything, if you want to play it safe tonight, the Pirates will be the way to go. Rusin owns a 5.11 ERA with a 1.56 WHIP. This will be quite the strange game in Coors tonight, one that you might want to watch.

Toughest Pitcher L/R matchup

  • Left handed batters
    • Jake Arrieta CHC (LwOBA .213)
    • Lance McCullers HOU (LwOBA .265)
    • Martin Perez TEX (LwOBA .266)
  • Right handed batters
    • Jake Arrieta CHC (RwOBA .248)
    • Marco Estrada TOR (RwOBA .264)
    • Sean Nolin OAK (RwOBA .269)

Easiest Pitcher L/R matchup

  • Left handed batters
    • Tyler Cravy MIL (LwOBA .403)
    • Henry Owens BOS (LwOBA .403)
  • Right handed batters
    • Matt Moore TAM (RwOBA .396)
    • Tyler Cravy MIL (RwOBA .369)

All Pitcher Stats



Hottest Hitters – last 7 days

  • Jorge Soler CHC – DiRT Canon Value127.44
  • Dioner Navarro TOR – DiRT Canon Value117.31
  • Franklin Gutierrez SEA – DiRT Canon Value111.10
  • Omar Infante KC – DiRT Canon Value108.40
  • Deven Marrero BOS – DiRT Canon Value108.20
  • Drew Stubbs TEX – DiRT Canon Value107.34

Other notables:  Tommy Pham: 12-22, 4HRs, 9 RBI, 10 runs scored – Anthony Rizzo: 12-28, HR, 7RBI, 2SB, 6 runs scored – Xander Bogaerts: 9-24, 2HRs, 7 RBI, 1SB, 7 runs scored

Best BvP matchup Tonight

David Ortiz vs. Matt Moore- Ortiz will always remember Moore, the man who gave up his 500th home run. The reason alone, Ortiz will always crush Moore when he’s on the mound. What stats back that up? Zero. That was just a hot take. Good one, eh? Ok, Ortiz is 8-18 against Moore with five extra base hits, three of them being home runs (including a 500th) and a 1.529 OPS.

Brian Dozier vs. Danny Salazar-  Dozier has seen Salazar in a small sample, but he’s done quite well for himself in that time. Dozier is 8-15 against Salazar with five extra base hits, two of them being home runs, and a 1.722 OPS.

Miguel Cabrera vs. Jose Quintana- I was talking about this the other day.  He never seems to take advantage of his superior matchups anymore.  Everytime I put him here, or take him, he does not justify his salary. If it wasn’t for the high batting average for Cabrera, could you consider this season a bust for him? I’m leaning towards yes.  At the least, he has a good matchup tonight against Quintana, who he’s 11-30 against with five extra base hits, one of them being a home run, and a 1.041 OPS.  Which he could duplicate if you did not take him, so….you’re move Miggy.


We seem to be getting the ALL CLEAR sign tonight

Top 4 by Position – in no particular order


A Pitcher To Consider

Danny Salazar ($11,100) – Salazar has two things I look for when picking my starting pitching for the night. A weak offense, and a high strike out ceiling. Check and check. Facing the Twins tonight, Salazar is certainly in line for a quality start in this one. The Twins own a .307 wOBA in the second half of the season, good for 26th in the league. Add on the fact that they also have the 3rd highest K% in that same time span at 22.7 and you suddenly have a good start lined up. Salazar comes into tonight with a 9.7 K/9 on the season, which has me licking my chops for this one. After a couple of disaster starts for Salazar against Detroit, which saw him give up nine runs in nine innings, he bounced back nicely against the Royals. In that start, Salazar went seven innings giving up one run on four hits while striking out six, which is impressive, as the Royals are the toughest team in the league to strikeout. Even with the expensive price tag, Salazar is certainly worth the price of admission with this start tonight. I mean, you can always pair him with Logan Verrett.

Worth Considering

Matt Carpenter ($4900) –Carpenter, going against Keyvius Sampson, batting leadoff. I could end it right here if I wanted to. But, I’ll give you my reasons. Carpenter batting leadoff against a pitcher who’s allowing a .430 wOBA to left handed batters is a huge reason in itself. Carpenter hits right handed pitching well, with a .328 wOBA and an ISO of .233. In a game that should provide plenty of offense for the Cardinals, Carpenter is in a perfect positon tonight to be a table setter. He’s been hitting extremely well lately and I don’t see that slowing down tonight.

Save $$$…

Mikie Mahtook ($3100) –Mahtook (LSU) has been fantastic since his callup. Batting .289 with four home runs and nine RBIs in his short stint in the majors is about as much as you can ask for (unless your Tommy Pham.) Mahtook hit left handed pitching really well and faces Henry Owens tonight. Owens does fairly well against righties, with a .303 wOBA. However, it’s the .403 wOBA against lefties for Mahtook that really entices me. He’s dirt cheap and his some pop in his bat, something I like to target with my low tiered priced guys. I think you could find a way to squeeze Mahtook into your lineup

The Rest by Position



Weekend Update: #SadFansAreSad

#1 with a Bullet…


Oh the humanity…Bert, you got waxed again – remember when you opened your mouth at a Texas football camp and said; if you didnt have a fullback you would get your ass kicked?  Well Pepperidge Farms remembers and apparently so did Kingsbury.  All the offseason hype, all the faux-swagger and next week is Texas A&M – you’ve got Hawg-Town losing their minds.  Bert, you know it’s bad when the people of Hawg-nation are calling for Greg Schiano, Lame Kitten, or just outright cheating.  It’s gotta sting the nostrils a bit.  Sure, fans will get over ranking 118th in 3rd-down conversion-defense, or ranking 84th in penalty yards and even 119th in RedZone efficiency – but having Kliff Kingsbury put you in your place?  These are Dark Days Bert, dark days…

Dark Days ahead for Auburn too.  This is who Auburn is.  They just don’t go quietly into the night, they fall off the cliff.  It’s in their DNA.  Their history proves it, and when a defensive back spouts off about how easy it will be to stop Leonard Fournette…well we all saw what happened.  Fournette had Auburn quitting before halftime, especially Mr. Ford – the mouthee.   But, to me, the issue is Jeremy Johnson.  He had a lot of hype coming in and the expectation was that he would do and be everything we’ve come to expect from the field-general of Auburn’s offense.  He has the talent, just not the heart or more importantly the head to get it done, because it is not translating to the field in real time.  Seriously though, it’s Auburn and it was a great weekend for those who dislike the entire state of Alabama.

More sad fans were found in SoCal.  Beyond Sark’s pre-game holla-ba-looza earlier in the year, the only thing people really had to say about him was – He’s a nice guy.  I’m sure he is a nice guy and that is honorable, but when it is attached to a football coach that is getting treatment for a drinking problem, he says he doesn’t have and then Stanford happens, you get flashbacks.  The kind of flashbacks that take you back to Seattle where Sark was 34-29 and the thought was, “it was hard to breakthrough in Washington, and wait and see what he can do with national-elite talent.”  Well we did. Talent is important, but it’s what you do with it, and so far and far too often, Sarkisian is outmatched by the other guy on the other side-line.  It’s going to get harder for “the Fans of Troy” to believe this is going to work as envisioned, because, as of right now –  it’s not the symbol of victory that fans are giving, it’s the number of losses every year.

But what about Ole Miss and Alabama? The Rebels caused five turnovers Saturday and also benefited from a once-in-a-lifetime—see Auburn in bamasad2013—miracle touchdown in a six-point win in Tuscaloosa.  Alabama is going too have to, again, win out.  But is it the same as last year? Last year, Alabama had a defined starting quarterback. Saturday, Nick Saban went with sophomore Cooper Bateman (who got blown up) before he was replaced by Jake Coker – who had started Alabama’s first two games. Coker almost led Alabama to it’s best come-from-behind victory at Bryant-Denny Stadium since the one Cam Newton led in 2010.  This is a fluke they say, the dynasty is still intact, the emperor’s new clothes are still made from the finest invisible silks…To quote our friend Lee Corso – NOT SO FAST…Alabama is 4-5 against top 15 teams since 2013.  That’s a trend, not a fluke, and what I’m saying is – gone are the days that Alabama beats teams with comparable talent more often than not.  Back in the day, Alabama fans would be upset if you beat someone by 10pts instead of 20 and after they’d come back down to earth, they’d be on to the next week.  Now the freakouts seem longer and that might cause Saban to see the writing on the wall and pack up.

For week 3 we were 72% SU and 64% ATS – that still crushes, but it is not what we are used to around here – our upsets did pretty well, but the ones we thought would be E-Z, hmmm not so much as we’d like.  If you haven’t seen it, take a look at how Memphis tied the game at 41 in the 4th qtr against Bowling Green – yeah a full-on double-reverse-flea flicker!!!

Other thoughts I cannot put anywhere else:

  • Notre Dame has lost a starting defensive tackle, a starting tailback, a starting tight end and a starting quarterback to season-ending injuries. Saturday, it may have lost a starting safety to a chest-bump-celebration
  • TCU lost their cornerback to a knee injury against SMU and also had 5 other defensive players sit out with injuries
  • Doing his best Johnny Manziel impression – OU quarterback Baker Mayfield, accounted for a school-record 572 yards of total offense and six touchdowns in the Sooners’ 52-38 win over Tulsa
  • Al Golden escaped with a much needed victory over Nebraska, but it still does not seem to haved cooled off his seat any.  During the game you could see a plane pulling a banner that read: C’MON #FIREGOLDEN. THESE BANNERS ARE EXPENSIVE – nevermind the Hurricanes were up 17 by halftime.  Maybe he felt vindicated after watching Miami choke away a 23pt lead, yet still won 36-33 in OT
  • For Nebraska, it could have been one of the great comebacks in their history – then Tommy Armstrong threw an interception on the 1st play of OT, and then a player gets flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct when he shoved the Miami guy who intercepted it – Miami, short field goal – ball game.  It’s a heart-breaking way to lose a game, and yet it has happened to Nebraska twice in three weeks.

It’s all about the Benjamin

Some headlines will highlight Johnny Manziel‘s role in the Browns’ 28-14 win over the Titans. But the star of the show was Travis Benjamin, who caught touchdown passes of 60 and 50 yards from Manziel and returned a punt 78 yards for a TD. The only other active players to have scored three TDs of 50 yards or longer in one game were Chris Johnson (2009) and Tavon Austin (2013). Benjamin was the first Browns player ever to do so – ever.

Benjamin also caught a 54-yard touchdown pass from Manziel in the Browns’ season opener. The only other player in NFL history with four touchdowns of 50 yards or longer in his team’s first two games of a season was Jim Brown for Cleveland in 1963 – 1963!

Manziel may have completed just 8-of-15 passes, but he was able to limit the turnovers and make plays when the Browns needed him the most.  In reality, there is absolutely no reason for Mike Pettine to go back to a lower-ceiling quarterback in Josh McCown.  As a result of Manziel replacing McCown, Cleveland extended its streak to 14 consecutive seasons in which at least two different players started a game at QB. That tied the longest such streak in the NFL since 1950, set by New England from 1980 to 1993. The Patriots drafted Drew Bledsoe with the first pick in the 1993 NFL Draft, and Bledsoe ended New England’s streak in 1994.

Are the Cardinals early Favorites?

Fresh off a solid win against the New Orleans Saints in Week 1, Bruce Arians and the Cardinals laid the smack down against an inferior Bears team in Chicago. While the game was relatively close about halfway through, anyone watching it knew full well that Arizona was going to end up pulling away.

For Carson Palmer, it was a continuation of what has been a stellar run for a USC quarterback. The veteran has posted a 15-2 record with 34 touchdowns compared to 12 interceptions. His four touchdowns on Sunday – including three to Larry Fitzgerald – represents the first time Palmer has matched that total since he was with the Oakland Raiders back in November of 2012.  That was the first regular-season game of Fitzgerald’s NFL career in which he scored more than two touchdowns; he came into the game with 89 TDs.

Only one player in league history with that many touchdowns never scored three in a game: Charley Taylor (90 TDs) – (Note that Fitzgerald caught three touchdowns in the NFC Championship Game following the 2008 season, but never before in a regular-season game.)

New Rams, same as the old Rams

All the good feelings the St. Louis Rams may have felt following their Week 1 win over the Seattle Seahawks came crashing down in D.C. on Sunday. Never really in control of the game against Washington, St. Louis dropped an ugly game by the score of 24-10. At this point, we have come to expect Fisher-led squads to lay eggs following good performances.

It happened in all three of the Rams big wins last year — against Seattle, San Francisco and Denver. In fact, the Rams lost the following week after beating those favored teams. This is one of the primary reasons I avoided to pick St. Louis on Sunday.

Kirk Cousins completed 23 of 27 passes (85%) and Matt Jones gained 123 yards on 19 carries in the Redskins’ 24-10 win over the Rams. Jones and Alfred Morris, who gained 121 yards on Week 1, are the first Redskins teammates to rush for at least 100 yards in the team’s first and second game of a season (one in each game, that is). The only other running backs to do that in this century were LaDainian Tomlinson and Michael Turner for San Diego in 2006.

For his part, Cousins posted the fourth-highest completion percentage in team history (minimum: 20 passes). The three higher marks were by Mark Brunell, 89 percent against Houston in 2006; Patrick Ramsey (Tulane), 86 percent against the Giants in 2004; and Sammy Baugh, 86 percent against the Steelers in 1945.

New England is putting the league on notice

Tom Brady passed for 466 yards and three touchdowns in the Patriots’ 40-32 win at Buffalo. Brady’s totals after two games-754 yards and 7 TDs without an INT-are rare even for a quarterback of his elite status. This is the second time he has passed for at least 700 yards and seven touchdowns in his first two games of season, the first being 2011. Only four other players did that even once: Jim Kelly (1991), Drew Bledsoe for the Patriots (1994), Peyton Manning (2013), and Aaron Rodgers (2013). Of those players, only Manning and Brady did so without throwing an interception.

Incidentally, Brady set a record for passing yards in one game against the Bills, breaking a mark that was set the same month that Roger Maris broke Babe Ruth’s single-season home-run record. On October 29, 1961, George Blanda of the Houston Oilers passed for 464 yards at War Memorial Stadium in Buffalo, and that mark remained the highest against the Bills until Sunday.

At some point, the Patriots will have to find a run/pass balance on offense – right?. They won’t be able to dominate like this through the air on a consistent basis – can they? The interesting dynamic here is that New England did average nearly four yards per rush. It’s not like the running game was completely ineffective.  Instead, Bill Belichick and Co. decided to make a statement, again, that the big boys of the East don’t reside in Western New York and play under Rex Ryan.  It could be a long year for anyone who gets in their way.

The Eagles are mess

About halfway through three quarters on Sunday against Dallas, the Eagles had racked up more penalty yards than total yards. Heck, the Cowboys domination could be summed up by the fact that they had run more plays (44) – at about the nine-minute mark in the third quarter – than the Eagles had total yards (34). It was that ugly.

The Cowboys defeated the Eagles, 20-10, in a game in which the story was Tony Romo‘s broken collarbone.  But storyline 1-A was the continued ineffectiveness of DeMarco Murray, who netted two yards on 13 carries one week after gaining nine yards on eight carries in Philadelphia’s season opener.  Over the last 30 seasons, there are only four games in which a defending rushing champion gained less than 10 yards on at least five carries. Christian Okoye did it in 1990, Chris Johnson in 2010, and Murray in each of his first two games with the Eagles.

Murray’s net of 2 yards was the third lowest in NFL history by a defending rushing champion in a game of at least 10 carries. Steve Van Buren of the Eagles was held to negative-2 yards on 10 carries by the Browns in 1950; and Clem Daniels, the 1963 AFL rushing leader, carried 14 times for negative-1 yard against the Boston Patriots in the Raiders’ opening game of the 1964 season.  But Murray’s performance on Sunday was extraordinary for any player, not just for a rushing champion. Over the last 37 seasons, only one other player finished a game with at least as many carries and as few rushing yards as Murray. Jonathan Wells of the Texans carried 13 times for 1 yard on Dec. 29, 2002 against the Titans.

It’s this type of offensive performance that will have many questioning Chip Kelly’s scheme moving forward. More than that, it will have skeptics on full alert when it comes to criticizing the team’s off-season moves. And now at 0-2 on the season, Philadelphia finds itself in a must-win situation against the New York Jets next week.

6 straight home losses?!

At 0-2 on the season (2nd straight year), Drew Brees and Co. are in a terrible position. Only 10 percent of teams that have started 0-2 since the 2007 season have earned a playoff spot. And while playing in the NFC South helps New Orleans early in the year, they just lost a home game against a Tampa Bay Buccaneers squad that won just two games last season.  Costing many people their survivor pool!!!

Jameis Winston led the Buccaneers to a 26-19 win at New Orleans. Winston became the first quarterback chosen first in the NFL Draft to get a September road win in his rookie season since John Elway did so in 1983.  Of course, Elway’s two road wins in September 1983 have a big fat asterisk, since Steve DeBerg was the QB who rallied the Broncos to both of those victories.

Since that time, #1 picks had lost 16 straight September starts in their rookie season, and it’s an impressive list of QBs: two losses each by Troy Aikman, Jeff George, Drew Bledsoe, Peyton Manning, Tim Couch, and David Carr, followed by single losses by Matthew Stafford, Sam Bradford, Cam Newton, and Andrew Luck.

There isn’t much left up for interpretation here. New Orleans appears to be terrible.

Looking well past his prime, Brees was outplayed by Jameis.  Drew completed 24-of-38 passes for 255 yards with one touchdown and one interception. This came on the heels of Tampa Bay’s defense yielding FOUR touchdown passes to Marcus Mariota last week.

If the Saints can’t win a home game against a bottom-feeder, it pretty much tells us what we need to know about this team. Unfortunately for Brees, the twilight of his career is likely going to be spent with fans watching him thru paper-bags.


What You Need to Know to #win this Weekend

Biting the Bullet

Before the end of the first half of last night’s game – you would have thought we were watching someone slowly die of a terminal disease – Twitter and Broncos fans were already calling for 18’s retirement, before hailing the conquering hero with adulation and gifts that solidified their faith in Saint Peyton.  ER’s in Denver have been busy thru-out the night and early morning from grade 2 sprained ankles, all from apparent wagon-jumping injuries.

You started to feel bad for 18 – two pick sixes in back-to-back weeks?!  When Knile Davis scores on an 8-yard run with 2:27 left, giving the Chiefs a 24-17 lead you wondered if there was any magic left – you’re the Chiefs, at home, and you still found a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  Emmanuel Sanders scores with :36 left and then Jamaal Charles fumbles for a scoop-and-score.  Only the Chiefs.

From 1989 – 1999 the Chiefs won 11 straight home-openers – since, they are 5-11 since 2000 – Only the Browns are worse at home since that time.  Andy Reid will never win anything, is the thought I had watching that game last night.  He is clueless.  From throwing the ball in the 2nd quarter that gets intercepted – to not challenging a catch when an injury gave your staff plenty of time to review the call that would have made a huge difference – you’re just left wondering if he can focus long enough to NOT cost his teams’ games – and it is no longer funny that a WR can not get into the endzone

So, Peyton still looks like a guy who doesn’t belong on your fantasy team yet (remember his first two games with Denver), but the Broncos are 2-0 and have now won 13 consecutive divisional road games – last night was the definition of pigskin insanity – this weekend’s forecast seems to call for Category 4 vortex of crazy.

Titans Tennessee_ntc120 @ Cleveland_6n_120 Browns  PK


DiRT Canon A.I.: gives the Browns a 60.9% chance of victory and says they are 3 pts better than Tennessee

My take: This seems nuts, but I will side with the Browns SU, and tease ’em  – even though the Browns have only covered 2 of the last 16 home openers.  But, the Titans are 4-18 ATS the last 22 games.

Rams St._louis_ntc120 @ Redskins Washington  +3.5

DiRT Canon A.I. gives the Rams a 61.2% chance of victory and says they are 3 pts better than Washington

My take: part of me thinks Washington wins this game outright and for that I would only tease ’em

Texans Houston_6n_120 @ Carolina_6n_120 Panthers  -3

DiRT Canon A.I. gives the Panthers a 67.5% chance of victory and says they are 5.5 pts better than Houston

My take: I know Carolina’s offense is funky, but so is Houston – I’m going with the A.I. and taking a chance at CAR SU, but defintely will tease ’em

49ers San_francisco_6n_120 @ Pittsburg_ntc120 Steelers  -5.5

DiRT Canon A.I. gives the Steelers a 60% chance of victory and says they are 3 pts better than SF

My take: from what I last saw of Pittsburgh, I do not trust that defense and will be shocked if they are not one of the worst D’s in the league by the end of the year – if nothing else on that team changes – so I’m all over the ‘9ers, who are also 11-1 ATS in the Eastern Time Zone – so SF SU and tease ’em – Steelers in September: 1-9 ATS

Buccaneers Tampa_bay_ntc120 @ New_orleans_6n_120 Saints  -11

DiRT Canon A.I. gives the Saints a 75% chance of victory and says they are 8pts better than Tampa

My take: The Saints are 22-5 ATS the next game, however they have not done well recently being double-digit favorites.  God’s Army will win this game, of course that was said several times last year before they collapsed, and I would stay away from this one – but if you have to tease the Saints.

Lions Detroit_6n_120 @ Minnesota_ntc120 Vikings  -2.5

DiRT Canon A.I. gives the game a 50-50 chance for either team

My take: The Lions seem to be the better team and Teddy-two gloves looked like a more accurate Alex Smith than a guy taking the next step.  But, the real question is when does A.P. break out – it could be this game…The Vikings are 18-3 SU hosting the Lions (13-7-1 ATS), as for the Lions they have only covered 2x’s the last 14x’s they were a road underdawg – so, I’m gonna lean on the Vikes and tease ’em only.

Cardinals Arizona_whitetail_ntc120 @ Chicago_ntc120 Bears  +2.5

DiRT Canon A.I. gives the Cardinals a 63% chance to win the game and says they are 3.5pts better than the Bears

My take: The Bears have only covered 4 of their last 19 home games.  If Drew Brees could not beat Arizona, how does Jay Cutler?  I like the Cardinals SU and tease ’em – with a side-bet that Patrick Peterson picks off Smokin’ Jay.

Patriots New_england_6n_120 @ Buffalo_red_ntc120 Bills  PK

DiRT Canon A.I. gives the Patriots a 57% chance to win the game and says they are 2pts better than Bills

My take: The Bills are public favorite now and this game points all towards the Patriots to me.  The Pats are 26-3 SU versus the Bills (18-10-1 ATS) and with revenge games – the Patriots are 43-21-2 ATS and 16-3 ATS if that team was from the same division – so I’ll take the Patriots SU and also tease ’em.

Chargers San_diego_6n_120 @ Cinncinnati_6n_120 Bengals  -3

DiRT Canon A.I. gives the Bengals a 63% chance to win the game and says they are 3.5pts better than the Chargers

My take: The Chargers in September, their last 10 games are undefeated against the spread – I’m not sure they will win but I’m gonna tease the Chargers.

Falcons Atlanta_ntc120a @ New_york_g_6n__120 Giants  -2.5

DiRT Canon A.I. gives the Giants a 59% chance to win the game and says the Giants are 2.5pts better than Atlanta

My take: The Giants did not look good on Sunday Night and you wonder how long that choke job stays with ’em.  Me, I’ll take Julio Jones and tease the Falcons.

Dolphins Miami_greenmask_ntc120 @ Jacksonville_6n_120 Jaguars  +7

DiRT Canon A.I. gives the Dolphins a 63% chance to win the game and says Miami is 4pts better than the Jaguars

My take: The Jags are appearing to be in line to get a high-draft pick again and not sure when it will end.  If the Chargers are undefeated in September, the Jags are DEFEATED in September the last 10 games – winless against the spread.  I’ll tease the Dolphins only, because I don’t trust Philbin.

Ravens Baltimore_ntc120 @ Oakland_b_wstripe_n_120 Raiders  +7

DiRT Canon A.I. gives the Ravens a 67.5% chance to win the game and says they are 5.5pts better than the Raiders

My take: Stay away from this game – putting any action on this means you might be a degenerate – and not that there is anything wrong with that – it’s just why would you do this to your family – think of your daughter’s dance lessons, or your son’s sports fees…But if you must, the Raiders at home are 33-61-1 ATS, including 7-15 ATS recently, so….

Cowboys Dallas_6n120 @ Philadelphia_6n_120 Eagles  -5

DiRT Canon A.I. gives the Eggles a 51% chance to win the game and says no team is better than the other

My take: The Cowboys escaped sunday night, but outplayed New York so I question the number here a bit.  The Cowboys as underdogs by more than a FG are 16-3 ATS – against the Eggles, as an underdog they are 25-8 ATS.  Meanwhile the Eagles at home have only covered 11x’s of their last 36 and when they have been favored for a second week in a row are 5-21 ATS.  It seems that someone knows something we don’t know, and this time, I’m going against that somebody – give me Dallas SU and tease ’em.

Seahawks Seattle_6n_120a @ Greenbay_6n_120 Packers  -4

DiRT Canon A.I. gives the Packers a  54% chance to win the game and says they are 1pt better than the Seahawks

My take: The A.I. seems to be on to something here.  The Seahawks in their last 21 games as an underdawg have only 4 losses ATS – and since they have technically lost 2 straight they are 14-2-1 ATS.  But, they are average on the road and Green Bay needs/wants payback – so I’ll tease the Seahawks only.

Is Lousiville the best 0-3 team in the nation?  They could be, but they definitely are the best team in the nation at self-destruction.  Last night after playing their third QB of the season it was painful to watch Louisville go down like the Chiefs.  On one play the QB wasn’t ready for the snap and then threw it out-of-bounds, next play he got sacked, and then on the next, launched a Hail-Mary when 15yds or so would have put them into position to tie the game.  Is this Karma for Petrino?

Here are some games for Saturday – (number is as of Thursday night), Big Game at the DiRT Canon Bunker at 3:30p EST – FuQU Auburn!

The DiRT Canon A.I. thoughts are the screenshot – below it, are a few of mine:


E-Z cover?

  • California (-3) by 5 over TEXAS – The DiRT Canon A.I. is perfect SU and ATS on Texas games, thus far, and it may have underestimated Cal in its lone FBS game which was a 35-7 win over San Diego State last week.
  • Georgia Tech (-2) by 4 over NOTRE DAME – 2014 Notre Dame leading rusher Tarean Folston is lost for the season and so is starting QB Malik Zaire. Georgia Tech showed up at the beginning of the year to win this game by 2.04 and that number has more than doubled to 4.44 without taking those injuries into account.
  • TOLEDO (-7) by 23 over Iowa State – I have to take this game, if only for the huge difference between the 7-point line and the A.I.’s projected spread of nearly 23 points.
  • Virginia Tech (-5.5) by 12 over PURDUE – Virginia Tech had a chance to get QB Brenden Motley up to speed in last week’s 42-3 rout of Furman. Motley, who had that deer-in-the-headlights look when he replaced injured starter Michael Brewer in the 3rd quarter of the opener vs. Ohio State, threw for 233 yards and 2 TD’s, and ran for 38 yards and another score. Purdue QB Austin Appleby has thrown 5 TD passes, but also has 4 INT’s. The Boilermaker defense has allowed almost 500 yards per game vs. Marshall and Indiana State. This is the first-ever meeting between the 2 teams.
  • SAN DIEGO STATE (-15) by 20 over South Alabama – The Jaguars barely beat FCS Gardner-Webb in their opener and then got annihilated at Nebraska. The Aztecs should be good for a win by 20 or more.
  • TCU (-37) by 38 over Smu – SMU has played better than expected against Baylor and North Texas, but the computer line has still only shrunk by less than a point. The 95th meeting of these metroplex rivals should go similar to last season’s 56-0 Horned Frog win in Dallas.
  • TEXAS STATE (-1.5) by 4 over Southern Miss – The Bobcats are getting less than home field advantage vs. a Southern Miss program that has 2 road wins vs. FBS schools in the last 3 years (UAB and North Texas).
  • USC (-9.5) by 17 over Stanford – This feels like a USC rout is written all over it. The computer line has widened over 3 points since the preseason.

hmmm…hold on

  • MICHIGAN STATE (-26.5) by 21 over Air Force – The Spartans will have to stop a rushing offense that ranks 2nd, going into this game, and has ranked in the top 12 in each of the last 11 years (I stopped checking after that). MSU traditionally has a top defense, but has surrendered almost 200 yards on the ground to both Western Michigan and Oregon. This is the first-ever meeting between the Falcons and Spartans. In fact, MSU has also never played Navy and is 0-2 all-time vs. Army with that last meeting taking place in in 1984.
  • ALABAMA (-7) by 3 over Ole Miss – Granted, Ole Miss hasn’t really played anyone, but has scored 149 total points versus UT-Martin (76-3) and Fresno State (73-21). If the Rebels’ offense gets traction, ‘Bama may not be able to keep up.
  • UCLA (-16.5) by 12 over Byu – BYU has needed a little magic to start 2-0 with wins over Nebraska (away) and Boise State (home). UCLA has been strong, but not awesome, in wins over Virginia and UNLV. 
  • PENN STATE (-8.5) by 6 over Rutgers – Rutgers is 2-23 all-time vs. the Nittany Lions and has dropped the last 8 since a 1988 win. Despite the suspension of leading receiver Leonte Carroo, Penn State has to avoid embarrassment and win this one, right?
  • WASHINGTON (-5.5) by 3.94 over Utah State – Utah State QB Chuckie Keeton survived a tough loss at Utah last week, though he spent most of the game limping after his knee was hit on a 1st quarter roughing the passer penalty. That doesn’t sound like good news for the Huskies who opened with a loss to another Mountain West team, Boise State, to start the season. These teams haven’t met since 1998.

Possible Upset?

  • BOWLING GREEN by 1 over Memphis (-4) – A good game between a pair of strong Group of 5 schools. BGSU’s 21-point win at Maryland, (#nailedIt) registers as a bit more impressive to me than Memphis’ 32-point win at lowly Kansas. I like the Falcons chances at home versus the Tigers.
  • Central Michigan by 3 over SYRACUSE (-5) – By beating Wake Forest 30-17 last week, the Orange have already picked up a win that I didn’t see them getting. Syracuse did win last year’s meeting in Mount Pleasant 40-3.
  • Colorado State by 15 over Colorado (-3.5) (at Denver) – How are the Buffs -3.5 favorites.  This seems like easy $$$, but the cautionary tale is – someone knows something we don’t know and maybe we should go with that somebody…The Rams have taken 2 of the last 3, including 31-17 last year.
  • East Carolina by 1 over NAVY (-3) – Navy has been a proverbial thorn in ECU’s side with 3 wins in 4 meetings. The teams haven’t met since 2012. The Midshipmen routinely rank near the top in rushing offense while the Pirates ranked 11th and 13th, respectively, in rushing defense the last two seasons.
  • KENTUCKY by 1 over Florida (-3) – It’s a bit of a stretch, in my opinion, for the oddsmakers to give Florida the edge on the road. I do not see either one of these teams having great years. The Wildcats seem poised for the win, especially after last week’s victory at South Carolina.
  • Western Kentucky by 12 over INDIANA (-2) – Another mind-scrambler, as I can’t agree with Indiana being the favorite. Neither team has shown much on defense and Indiana has better offensive stats through 2 game. Both teams are 2-0, but WKU has played the tougher schedule.
  • Nebraska by 5 over MIAMI, FL (-4) – Al Golden seems to have a permanent spot on the hot seat as Miami’s head coach and needs this win to quiet the haters. I don’t see it happening.
  • NEW MEXICO STATE by 1 over Utep (-3.5) – When New Mexico State lost at home to Georgia State, it inherited the nation’s current longest losing streak at 12 games. UTEP has 4 straight road losses.
  • San Jose State by 1 over OREGON STATE (-9) – The Beavers rank 121st in total offense after games vs. Weber State (FCS) and Michigan. The Spartans rank 27th after games vs. New Hampshire (FCS) and Air Force.


Baseball will be up on “DiRTy Plays MLB” before 3p for all you seamheads



DiRTy Plays Week 2 #NFL


DiRTy Plays NFL – Week 2

Week 1 is in the books and I know you are still looking to become a millionaire, whether you play on Draftkings or FanDuel, let us help.  As we look at tournaments to target, build your player profile, we are also going to provide you with our experts’ picks as they bring you #TheBeSTDiRT for building your lineups each and every week.  So let’s breakdown week 2 for Draftkings & FanDuel!

Absolute Must Have

We know you have been waiting since the end of the NBA season for you Absolute player selections so here we go.  Reminder that this selection is for players with a salary above $7,000.  In this week we have several nice matchups but our absolute Must Have for Draftkings is Drew Brees.

Aug 9, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees (9) during the first quarter of a preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

With Tampa Bay continuing struggle, in fact giving up 4 TD’s in the first half to Mariota, this should be an easy pick for you.  We have Brees throwing 3 touchdowns and over 350 yards. On FanDuel we have Matt Stafford coming in on our top spot.  This is based on matchup and projection for the week but he too should have a pretty good day as he looks to get back on track with Megatron.  Look for Stafford to go over 300 yards and at least 1 touchdown to Johnson.  Check out your Draftkings Absolute’s here and your FanDuel Absolute’s here.

Absolute Notable

Onto our mid-level salaried guys, we have our Notables section.  This is for players with a salary between $5,300 and $6,900.  Our Draftkings Absolute Notable for week 2 is Matt StaffordMatthew Stafford_headshots_195x270 He is actually our second highest projected player this week and should put up big numbers against the Vikings.  The Absolute Notable for FanDuel is Nick Foles.  He had a great first outing against the Seahawks last week and now has Washington in town.  Look for Foles to put up a descent game with 279 yards, 1 touchdown and 2 interceptions.  He should get you around 14 fantasy points this week.

Absolute Sleeper

Our Absolute Sleeper section looks for guys that have a salary of $5,100 and under.  Coming in as our Absolute Sleeper for week 2 on Draftkings is the Kendall Wright.  He has a monster game against the lowly Bucs in week 1 and now has the Browns to deal with.  That said, Mariota looked great and the Browns have no offense.  This means tons of extra possessions and he is their #1 guys for now. For FanDuel we have Washington’s defense as our Absolute Sleeper.

Aug 16, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; New Orleans Saints running back Darren Sproles (43) runs against the Oakland Raiders during the first quarter of a preseason game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Something incredible happened in the St. Louis/Seattle game last week, Seattle’s defense still put up a 19 spot, even though they gave up all those points.  That’s because most of that production was on special teams with Washington coming in as an underdog, this could be a great value pick for your team this week with descent production.

The main #Sleeper that I am on this week is Darren Sproles.  His salary didn’t go up after the first week and if you watched on Monday night, you quickly realized that Chip Kelly is going to use Sproles often.

Heaviest Favorites

As of today, we are showing the top 4 games in terms of heaviest favorites to be New Orleans -11 over Tampa Bay, Indianapolis -7.5 over the Jets, Baltimore -7 over Oakland and Miami -7 over the Jags.  It would be tough for me to take the Saints and give up those points as that is a ton of spread for an NFL game with a divisional opponent.  As for the Jets, I was impressed with their second half last week and the Colts flat out struggled against that Bills D.  I see the Colts winning this game 23 – 17 so I’m on the Jets with the points.  Moving onto the Ravens and Raiders.  Cross country matchups are always ones to keep an eye on.  I’m on Oakland with the points this week as I do believe the Ravens will win the game but it should be a close game with Carr expected to play, look for a low scoring battle, Ravens 20 Oakland 17.  The last matchup is the one I like the most.  In every game that Bortles has been the dog by at least 7 the other team has covered.  Look for that trend to continue this week with Miami’s offense beginning to roll, Miami 31 Jacksonville 16.

Top Overall Game Over/Under

The top Over/Under game of the week is Dallas at Philadelphia.  The Eagles lead this category for the second consecutive week, with a total of 55 expected combined points.

Sep 19, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; General view of the NFL game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This just goes to show you how much the public is on the Eagles offense.  I watched the entire game on Monday night and while the Eagles ended up with 24 points, they only put up 3 in the first half.  The got a break with an interception return down inside the 10 yard line of the Falcons, otherwise, I highly doubt they would have hit the 20 point mark.  Let’s give them 21 this week and that would mean that the Dezless Cowboys would need to put up 35 points to hit that over.  I don’t think they have a chance at that this time around.  Keep in mind that Dallas held the Eagles to 3 points in Philadelphia two years ago and that was with the worst defense in the league that year. Sproles will have a solid performance and I look for Terrance Williams to have a solid performance for the Cowboys.  I have Cowboys 24 Eagles 21 in this one and Philadelphia fans are in an uproar for Kelly’s head after this week.

Toughest QB Matchup

In this segment, I am going to highlight for you the top three, toughest matchups for QB’s for the upcoming week.  Leading this category for week 2 is Cam Newton.  He comes in playing against the Russell Wilson_headshots_195x270Texans, who after giving up 3 first half touchdowns to the Alex Smith of all people, they settled in and shutout the Chiefs in the second half.  Keep this in mind as well, the Jags shut down the Panthers in that game and the only reason the Panthers won is because of their defense.  Cam has no weapons and after paying Olsen, he certainly didn’t show up for much of anything in week 1.  Our second candidate this week is Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Yes, I know they are playing the Colts on Monday night but face it, the Colts held Taylor to 195 passing yards last week and I believe that the Bills have far more talent in their receiving core and backfield than the Jets.  Look for the Colts to bounce back this week, Fitzpatrick will struggle and the only player that should be thought of on the Jets this week is Ivory.  The last tough matchup is Aaron Rodgers.  Yes, I said it, Aaron Rogers.  He has had his worst games as a professional against Seattle.  Most of those games have been played up in Seattle where this one is going to be at home but Seattle comes in with a loss to a divisional opponent and it’s Sunday Night Football.  Look for Rodgers to struggle this week and only put up 17 points.

Matchups to Exploit

In this segment, I am going to breakdown the pass defense, rush defense and overall defense to exploit for the week.  If a team shows up in this area, it is because our system shows them as giving up the most yardage totals for the upcoming week.

The pass defense to take advantage of this week is going to be the New York Giants.  They gave up 357 yards last week to Romo and in comes Julio Jones.  Look for Matt Ryan to go over 300 yards this week by the 3rd quarter.  Don’t be alarmed about Julio Jones, he played the entire game and on a short week, the Falcons are resting their superstar for Sunday.

The rush defense to exploit this week is going to be…..Tampa Bay.  They didn’t give up a huge game last week but that is because Mariota put on a show in the first half and it was over at that point.  The Saints have Drew Brees, so they are going to throw the ball but look for Ingram to get over 100 yards this week and at least 1 touchdown.

The overall team that is going to give up the most fantasy points this week is going to be….Green Bay Packers.  Yes, I know you think that the Pack is ready to make a charge for the Super Bowl but the simple fact is look what Forte did to them last week.  Now comes Lynch and Seattle is coming in off of a loss last week.  This is going to be higher scoring game than people think and look for Seattle to make a statement this week.

QB Selections

Our top 3 QB’s for this week in order of projected score is Drew Brees #1, Matt Stafford #2 & Russell Wilson #3. I know you are thinking, where is Luck or Rodgers?  They haven’t made it for week or week 2 as far as we are concerned.  That’s because we are fantasy football guys and we specialize in daily fantasy.  I wouldn’t take the QB against the Bills or Jets, almost any week this season and that is what Luck is having to deal with.

Aug 15, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan (2) during the game against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

As for Rodgers, we didn’t have him last week because we had other guys that showed up a bit higher and this week he is up against a hungry Seattle defense that got beat down last week by the Rams.  He struggles against the Seahawks and we have him right at #8 for this week.  The QB that I’m very inclined to take this week is Matt Ryan. He had a pretty solid outing against the Eagles and the Giants D, without their stud defensive end, looks horrific. If Romo can put up a 27 without Dez Bryant, I’m sure that Matt Ryan will hit them for at least 25 points with an injury free Julio Jones!

For full QB projections for Draftkings go here.

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Public Picks

This is a new segment for us to cover this year.  Currently FanDuel and Draftkings won’t tell you who the public is on for this week’s contests.  There is a reason for that from their perspective but from ours, we love it.  While we cannot tell you specifically which site has which figures as that would violate our partnership agreement with each company, we can tell you based on the NFL.com, Perfect Lineup challenge, who the public is on.  Yet another reason why you only need to come to our site for all of your Daily Fantasy information.


QB – Drew Brees 41.7%

RB – Matt Forte 32.8%

WR – Julio Jones 64.4%

TE – Rob Gronkowski 58.0%

K – Brandon McManus 22.5%

DEF – Miami 34.6%

Can you take all of these and still fill out a lineup, probably not but come check out our lineup analyzer and build your winning lineup with our high quality analysis here.

Hottest Players

Week 1 is in the books and below are the top 5 performers for both FanDuel and Draftkings!

fanduel  Fan Duel

  1. Carlos Hyde – 31.2
  2. Julio Jones – 30.6
  3. Rob Gronkowski – 29.9
  4. DeAndre Hopkins – 28.3
  5. Tom Brady – 27.6


  1. Carlos Hyde – 35.2
  2. Keenan Allen – 34.6
  3. Tyler Eifert – 34.4
  4. DeAndre Hopkins – 32.8
  5. Antonio Brown – 31.3

Players to Exploit

With week 1 complete, I completely nailed Julio Jones last week as he was almost every winning lineup over the weekend.  That said, let’s get back to week 2, who am I on this week you ask?  For our top 2 running backs this week, the DiRT Canon analyzer shows Matt Forte and Marshawn Lynch. I, however, am on Carlos Hyde.  He not only lead both sites last week, it was glaringly obvious that the 49ers are going to run and run often.  Reggie Bush is washed up, so this leaves Hyde to get somewhere between 25 and 30 carries. Carlos Hyde_headshots_195x270 The Steel Curtain hasn’t been lifted for production on Sunday’s in quite some time now, look for Hyde to put up another 115 yards and 1 touchdown this week.  Moving onto the wide receiver group.  Our system has Julio Jones coming in at #1 with Julian Edelman at #2.  That might seem surprising, given the fact that the Bills defense is so good but look for the Bills to attempt to shut down Gronkowski and not let him beat them.  This leaves Julian for a ton of catches not to mention he had 11 receptions last week.  All in all, I’m taking Julio Jones until he reaches $10,000.  I don’t see a defensive player that can stop him and the Falcons are going to get him the ball around 10 times per game if not more.  Had he not had 4 receptions called back on penalties, he would hit my bold prediction of 200 yards, 12 catches and 2 touchdowns.  Onto our last position for this segment and that is tight ends.  Our system has Jimmy Graham barely ahead of Gronkowski and had the Gronker not been playing in Buffalo this week, he is like Julio, take him every week as he will probably score at least one touchdown.  Now for the winning lineup tight end for this week, my bold prediction is Jordan Reed.  He had a solid performance last week and the Rams aren’t going to stop him.  With DeSean Jackson out for a few weeks, look for Reed to own the middle of the field and he should get at least one touchdown.  For the $3,600 on Draftkings, he is a solid pick with plenty of upside that will allow you to take Forte and Julio this week.


The only game that has any potential weather would be in Green Bay on Sunday night.  The forecast is for 58 degrees so nothing to really be concerned with at this point in the season.

Lineup Considerations

Now for the part that we know you have all been waiting for, give me the lineup that will win.  I know, I know, we have done this quite significantly in the past and here very soon we will have our lineup analyzer providing automatic lineup recommendations but what do I think.  Well here are the top projection, top confidence and my picks for week 2, main contests for Draftkings:

Highest Projection


Highest Confidence


Experts Pick


Now we look to provide your FanDuel lineups for the week below:

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