When will America stop being Blackmailed by the NFL?

San Diego Offers $350 Million In Public Money For A New Chargers Stadium, NFL Wants More

First, the NFL tells Junior Seau’s family they are not allowed to speak at his Hall of Fame induction – then Charger fans were slapped in the face again, when a banner that greets HOF visitors in Canton, OH, showed Junior Seau as a Patriot.

So if things happen in threes, the NFL just came back with this – $350,000,000 of public money to keep the Chargers in San Diego, is not enough.  That represents one-third of the $1.1 Billion Mission Valley project the city of San Diego proposed.  So as the NFL continues to use LA as the boogey-man for NFL cities to further blackmail them into more public funds to finance billionaire owners at the taxpayer’s expense, all so they can sell $8 water-downed beer and $7 hot dogs – just so you can watch drunken idiots make your presence inside the government hand-out arena that much more unpleasant.

St. Louis also got a judge involved and is now one step closer to fleecing those citizens out of $400,000,000 – to keep the Rams.  Have we all lost our minds?  Has San Diego?  No one needs an NFL franchise anymore.  Thanks to the RedZone channel you can watch any team, from your own home -and there is no line for the bathroom and beer is $8 for 6 – hot dogs are $4 for 8.  Throw in Fantasy Football and Daily Fantasy games and who has team loyalty anymore.  The owners don’t, the players don’t – and isn’t California in a long protracted financial crisis?  Isn’t San Diego named America’s best city with plenty of other things to do than GO to a stadium?

The abusive-spousal relationship the NFL has on the cities fans is as comfortable as watching an addict look for their next fix.  If we are to bow down to these billionaire monsters and give them our time and money then the least they can do is pay their own way.  If you Dean Spanos, or Marc Davis, or Stan Kroenke want a new stadium – then do what everyone else does – buy your own.  If you, the NFL, want to continue to milk the loyalty of those people that allow you yearly revenues over $9 billion – than you can collectivize your own poor owners in building a stadium for them – or don’t.  We should not care.  Why?  Because, it is already on TV and the $300 you spend on Fantasy, Jerseys and RedZone channel is more than fair for your involvement.  Stop holding up the public and be part of the solution instead of…

When was the last time the Vikings were number 1 in anything, and here they are.  If you were asked last week, I’m sure you would have said the 49ers were number 1 and even though they are in the top 5 – they were not the most arrested.  After the Vikings, you have the Broncos with (16), the Colts and Buccaneers with (13) each – and Jameis just got there and the 49ers with (12).  If you took all the NFL players arrested over the last 5 years they would be able to play 10 games, 11-on-11 – almost an entire season.

Wealth and adulation carry a price and it has been long overdue for players to start acting like it.  So here are some rules, they’re simple, and rules we should all follow – even if pro athletes appear to be often times immuned:  When you are on the clock, give it your all, be magnanimous winner and a gracious loser.  When you are off the clock – don’t carry weapons, don’t get into fist-fights with fans, don’t beat women or children , don’t expose yourself in public, get blowjobs from people who are of legal age, don’t drive recklessly or drunk, pay your taxes – that at least should take care of the Dallas Cowboys.

…and because all of Alabama’s other problems have been solved

State Senator Tom Whatley, is using his time to petition the State Assembly to have Auburn officially claim 9 Nat’l Championships in football.  The years Auburn wants to claim are: 1910, 1913, 1914, 1958, 1983, 1993 and 2004 – that goes along with their recognized championships of 1957 and 2010.  So many problems with this – especially 1910 and 1958, among others.  In 1910 the AP did not assign a National Champion, so everyone can claim the title that year.  As for 1958, FuQ U Auburn!  LSU won the National title that year, going 11-0.  How do you claim a title with only 9 wins and a tie? You never won your conference that year?  Guess things still stay the same in Alabama, and as for whether or not Auburn wins – that all depends on how many Auburn fans are represented in the state house – but let’s quit wasting taxpayers time, there’s an NFL stadium you could fund instead.