Trump gets Stone Cold Stunned

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So, I came across this little gem from way back, to help pick you up from a bad-case of the “Mondays.”  It was from Wrestlemania XXIII and that is the current leading Republican candidate for President getting the Stone Cold Stunner from Stone Cold Steve Austin.  It is sure to become a recent favorite WWE Trump moment – when, after having earned the right to shave Mr. McMahon’s head.  Surely, there are others who want to see this replayed over and over, reliving the glory days of when Trump was involved frequently with wrestling.

Remember this clown?

That is former Pittsburgh Steelers Kicker, Jeff Reed.  he was at the Hall of Game last night, but as for how long he stayed is another matter.  Apparently Jeff got into it with another Steeler fan and was removed from the game.  He claims he left voluntarily, but tweets seem to paint a different picture of a kicker in mid-season form.  As for football being back it seems like this me everytime: [look at program guide, see “NFL Football”]
[turn to NBC]
[watch three plays]
[watch one interview with HOFer]
[change channel] – 
here are some of the tweets: 1 2 3 – You stay classy Jeff.

In Closing…

Yesterday, former NFL running back, Monday Night Football announcer, and football Hall of Famer Frank Gifford passed away at the age of 84.

After an All-American career at USC, Gifford played for the New York Giants for 12 seasons, and made eight Pro Bowls. He led the Giants to an NFL Championship in 1956, being named the league’s MVP along the way.

Gifford was one of the last great multi-position players, playing mostly running back, wide receiver, or defensive back at various points in his career, and sometimes all three in the same game. In 1953 he averaged almost 50 minutes per game playing both sides of the ball. He missed a season-and-a-half of football after a vicious hit from Chuck Bednarik caused a concussion and fractured vertebrae in 1960, but returned for three seasons and made one final Pro Bowl appearance.

To most people under the age of 50, however, Gifford is better known as one-third of the iconic Monday Night Football broadcasting trio that included Howard Cosell and Don Meredith. Gifford took over play-by-play duties from Keith Jackson in 1971, Monday Night Football’s second season, and kept at it for 14 more years, helping it become the sporting and culture institution that it still, somewhat remains today. His broadcasting career came to an end in 1997, when The Globe tabloid filmed Gifford cheating on his wife, television host Kathie Lee Gifford, with flight attendant Suzen Johnson.

 – via DeadSpin