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What You Need to Know to #win Friday Night #DraftKings #FantasyBaseball

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Summer is almost out of here, so we are trying to drink the rest of the Daiquiries and Margaritas we have left from the machine – we have a lot left and so little time, scha-mon!  It reminds us that baseball still has the unwritten rules in place for awhile longer, like what we saw Tuesday night, when the Astros were killing the Yankees – if anyone thought you would ever say that the last few decades – we need to talk.  Anywhoo, it got crazy, and I have no idea why these rules exist, except to give grown men a reason to act like morons – makes them feel tougher when they are getting their a$$e$ handed to them, I guess.  Tonight it looks like a fireworks show in Toronto, so let’s open another case of tequila and rum, pour it into the frozen machine and enjoy!

Heaviest Favorites – according to Vegas

Max Scherzer vs. Miami Marlins(-240) – The poor Marlins. They struggle to hit as it is, now tonight they have to face Max Scherzer? That’s just unfair. Scherzer has been fantastic this season, as expected, checking in with a 2.79 ERA with a WHIP of 0.93 and a K/9 of 10.5. It’s been said time and time again if you read this article on the regular, but the Marlins are one of the worst offensive teams in the second half of the season. They come in with an overall wOBA of .293 in the second half of the season, ranked 27th during that time span. Their power is basically non existent, with an ISO of .109, which is dead last in the league. Truly, I don’t think anyone really has much to worry about here when it comes to this start. The only factor that causes some trouble is the fact that the Marlins don’t strike out much. They own the second to last strikeout percentage in the league during the second half, at 17%. Only the Royals have a lower strikeout percentage during that time. This could be a brutal night for the Marlins, as Scherzer not only is the favorite for Vegas, but one of the guys I like tonight as well. He’s going to be expensiveeeeee tonight at 12,500 so keep that in mind.cropped-logo_1260147_print-1-e14180934753933.png

Francisco Liriano vs. Colorado Rockies(-220)- It’s funny because when you think of the Rockies, you think of an explosive lineup that can crush almost anyone, right? If you don’t well, maybe it’s just me. Regardless, I think the Rockies are at least thought of as a good offense, which they should be. It seems strange that once we start pulling numbers, their wOBA in the second half only sits in 13th, at .322. You’d expect it to be higher, wouldn’t you? They’ve been striking out quite often during that time frame as well, coming in at 21.8% with their power rating at .182, which is fantastic, good for 6th in the league. When it comes to lefties however, the Rockies really run into trouble. Believe it or not, the Rockies owns the 28th worst wOBA against lefties on the season, at .289. Even more surprising, is that their power is basically gone when facing a leftie, as they own the second to worst ISO in that respect at .107. I know what you’re thinking now, how about the strikeouts? Great question young chap, they strike out the 4th most in the league, with a 23.4%. Liriano has been great this season, of course with some bumps in the road. However, with his 9.6 K/9, I fully expect him to be able to mow down the Rockies tonight and rack up some strikeouts. With this game taking place in Pittsburgh and not Colorado, you have to like your chances with this one. Liriano is “cheap” tonight at 10,000. That is super enticing.

R.A. Dickey vs. Detroit Tigers (-220) – The first thing that popped into my head when I saw how much of a favorite Dickey was tonight, it’s because he’s matched up against Matt Boyd and his horrible stats. I still think that’s a huge part of if, however, it might also have to do with the fact that the Tigers are a sinking ship. So let’s just roll it all into a ball and figure this out. First and foremost, it should be full expected that the best offensive team in the second half of the season, is going to absolutely crush Boyd tonight. Can we all agree on that? Perfect. Second, the Tigers truly have been a sinking ship. Checking in with a wOBA ranked 16th in the league during the second half at .320, it’s baffling to think what happened to this Tigers team. Their ISO rating is still good, at .169, good for 9th in the league. The strikeouts aren’t that shabby either, only striking out 20.9% of the time. So, it comes down to, is this a good spot for Dickey? I think he certainly has a good chance to outduel (sarcasm, guys) Boyd here tonight, so it’s very possible to get the win, I just don’t think I trust Dickey to have a good game – see his value# below. He doesn’t strike out many guys, owning a 5.3 K/9 on the season, so you’re really hoping for some clean innings from Dickey. No offense, but I don’t see that happening to often with a knuckleball pitcher. He might be able to sneak in a good start tonight, but even with the numbers not backing up a good offensive showing from the Tigers in the second half, they’re too talented of a team to be down for so long. It also doesn’t help that this game is……

Top Overall Game per O/U

Detroit Tigers vs. Toronto Blue Jays(Rogers Centre) – 9.5 Over/Under –…the top projected overall scoring game of the night. Anytime we have a game in this category, I often stay as far away as possible from these matchups. Vegas thinks this game is going to produce a lot of offense, that’s not exactly odds I want for my starting pitcher. We briefly touched upon both pitchers and the Tigers offense, so let’s focus on the Blue Jays offense. As I mentioned, the Blue Jays have the top wOBA in the second half of the season by a decent stretch. Coming into tonight, it sits at .343, which is seven points higher than the Mariners are, at .336 (uhhh, when did they start hitting?!) It should also come as no surprise that their power also ranks at the top of the league, at .195. Tonight, when they face Matt Boyd, it’s against someone who hasREALLY struggled since being in the majors. His splits are downright ugly, with a .362 wOBA against righties and an atrocious .522 wOBA against lefties. Not exactly anything that makes you feel like he’s going to do well here, right? For as good as the Tigers “should” be right now, the Blue Jays ARE that good and should put up a crooked number by the time this game is over. Target suggestions for tonight? The guys with Toronto on their jersey.

Toughest Pitcher L/R matchup

  • Left handed batters
    • Erasmo Ramirez TAM (LwOBA .238)
    • Andrew Heaney LAA (LwOBA .241)
    • Sonny Gray OAK (LwOBA .235)
  • Right handed batters
    • Max Scherzer WAS (RwOBA .218)
    • Matt Harvey NYM (RwOBA .237)
    • Sonny Gray OAK (RwOBA .250)

Easiest Pitcher L/R matchup

  • Left handed batters
    • Ian Kennedy SDP (LwOBA .347)
    • Williams Perez ATL (LwOBA .375)
  • Right handed batters
    • Matt Boyd DET (RwOBA .362)
    • John Danks CWS (RwOBA .366)

All Pitcher Stats



Hottest Hitters – last 7 days

  • Trayce Thompson CWS – DiRT Canon Value – 122.96
  • Mike Moustakas KC – DiRT Canon Value – 111.38
  • Francisco Lindor – DiRT Canon Value97.78
  • Nick Swisher ATL – DiRT Canon Value93.96
  • Michael Cuddyer NYM – DiRT Canon Value93.88
  • Rusney Castillo BOS – DiRT Canon Value92.72

Other notables:  Travis d’Arnaud NYM is 9-23 with 3 HR’s, 9 RBI and 6 runs scored.  Evan Gattis HOU 8-22 with 4 HR’s, 7 RBI and 6 runs scored.

Best BvP matchup Tonight

Austin Jackson vs John Danks- Every once in awhile, we get a real good sample size of a batter and pitcher, and it shows how well that particular batter has done against said pitcher. Well tonight, we have Austin Jackson against John Danks. The fact that Danks has someone that hits well against him is SHOCKING to me. Jackson is 23-52 with six extra base hits, three of them being home runs, and a 1.164 OPS.

Dexter Fowler vs. Clayton Kershaw- If you asked me, “name a hitter that has hit Kershaw quite well in their career” my first answer would HAVE to be Dexter Fowler. It’s SOOOO obvious, right? Maybe not. But regardless, Fowler is 17-40 with three extra base hits and a 1.002 OPS.Sure, Fowler has singled Kershaw to death, but anyone with good numbers against Kershaw can certainly give you a slight edge.

Ian Kinsler vs. RA Dickey- Small sample size compared to the other two, but nonetheless, Kinsler has seen his success against Dickey. Kinsler is 6-16 against Dickey with two extra base hits, and a 1.194 OPS.


REJOICE – it appears to be all clear

Top 4 by Position – in no particular order


A Pitcher To Consider

Francisco Liriano ($10,000)- Truly, we have a LOT of good pitching options tonight. This could be a number of different pitchers tonight, and all would be worthy of a roster spot. Kazmir vs. Minnesota, Jungmann vs. Cincinnati, Tanaka vs. Atlanta, Gray vs. Arizona, Kershaw vs. Cubs, but he’s too expensive. You get the idea though. Overall, value wise and matchup wise, I love Liriano tonight. As I mentioned earlier, the Rockies are BRUTAL against  left handed pitching this year. If you need a refresher, just scroll up, I did all the research for you, so don’t roll your eyes. At the price point of 10K tonight, it makes Liriano all the more enticing. He hasn’t been as sharp as he was in the first half of the season, as he’s scored 20, 10.4 and 15.5 in his last three starts, which would most likely explain the drop in salary. Honestly, that’s fantastic. Again, you have a TON of options to pick tonight and I’ll be super curious to see what pair of pitchers end up taking down tournaments tonight. I just think Liriano deserves the extra long look.

Worth Considering

Josh Donaldson ($5700) – I know, I know. Give me a night you WOULDN’T want to roster Donaldson. So yes, it’s an obvious choice. But at least let me give you some numbers as to why Donaldson is a must in my eyes tonight. First off, he’s got Matt Boyd. I mean, I could end this section right here and you’d understand. But I’m not that kind of guy, I’ll give you some more. Boyd is a leftie, Donaldson loves lefties. This season, Donaldson owns a .464 wOBA against them with an insane .361 ISO. In other words, Donaldson destroys left handed pitching. Again, I get it, he’s an obvious choice, but I think it’s crazy not to include him in your lineup tonight.

Save $$$…

Pedro Alvarez ($3200) – The problem with Alverez is that he’s not starting like he used to. For someone who was always a lock in the lineup, Alverez isn’t seeing the starts he’s used to. Regardless, when he’s in the lineup, he’s always a threat to go deep. If he does indeed start, he faces Jonathan Gray, who’s averaging about 1.5 home runs per nine innings. Alverez has some good power against RHP, with a .224 ISO and wOBA of .324. They aren’t slam dunk numbers, but at the same time, you’re not paying much for him to begin with.

The Rest by Position


– player capsules via Steve Buchanan


How to Stop Worrying and Just Draft!

Short post today, but if you remember back in July, I participated in several mock drafts – I know it was early, it was for research.  Well now there is even more information, but stunningly, people still are not drafting QB’s, it’s RBs.  Re-read that post here 

With our staff working long hours in the dungeon to get our new site up and running, I thought I would revisit this topic again for some of you that still play in “season long” leagues and give you ancropped-logo_1260147_print-1-e14180934753933.png idea where guys are being drafted, on average.  In the infinite space of Fantasy Football, it all means nothing really, because, I’m sure we all have that guy in our league that selects all Denver Broncos, or better yet Tim Tebow – you know who you are!  At the end of the day, we could tell you with certainty, this guy is ranked here and it won’t matter because your plan of taking Roethlisberger in the 8th round (ADP) is blown up, when he is taken with the 17th overall pick, by a guy who already has a QB – I’ve seen it a hundred times.  So R-E-L-A-X, you’ve read enough fluff, watched even more and when it comes down to it, none of it means anything unless you can fleece that guy in a trade that puts you over the top – and isn’t that were the fun really is anyway?  But just in case, here is the Average Draft Position for PPR and non-PPR, after last night’s perfect lineup, a night of ‘STROS:


Player Pos Team ADP Player Pos Team ADP
Adrian Peterson RB MIN 2.7 Eddie Lacy RB GB 2.3
Le’Veon Bell RB PIT 2.9 Jamaal Charles RB KC 2.3
Eddie Lacy RB GB 3.4 Adrian Peterson RB MIN 3.0
Jamaal Charles RB KC 3.7 Antonio Brown WR PIT 4.3
Antonio Brown WR PIT 3.9 Odell Beckham Jr. WR NYG 7.7
Marshawn Lynch RB SEA 8.2 Le’Veon Bell RB PIT 8.3
Odell Beckham Jr. WR NYG 9.8 Marshawn Lynch RB SEA 8.3
C.J. Anderson RB DEN 9.9 Rob Gronkowski TE NE 9.0
Rob Gronkowski TE NE 10.1 Dez Bryant WR DAL 10.7
LeSean McCoy RB BUF 10.6 LeSean McCoy RB BUF 11.3
Dez Bryant WR DAL 10.8 DeMarco Murray RB PHI 11.7
Matt Forte RB CHI 11.9 Demaryius Thomas WR DEN 12.0
Julio Jones WR ATL 12.8 Julio Jones WR ATL 12.3
DeMarco Murray RB PHI 13.4 Calvin Johnson WR DET 13.3
Demaryius Thomas WR DEN 14.1 Arian Foster RB HOU 15.0
Jeremy Hill RB CIN 14.5 Matt Forte RB CHI 15.7
Calvin Johnson WR DET 16.0 Jordy Nelson WR GB 15.7
Jordy Nelson WR GB 16.8 C.J. Anderson RB DEN 16.7
A.J. Green WR CIN 20.0 Andrew Luck QB IND 17.7
Justin Forsett RB BAL 21.6 Jeremy Hill RB CIN 17.7
Alshon Jeffery WR CHI 23.4 A.J. Green WR CIN 18.7
T.Y. Hilton WR IND 24.9 T.Y. Hilton WR IND 21.7
Randall Cobb WR GB 25.5 Justin Forsett RB BAL 25.3
Andrew Luck QB IND 25.9 Randall Cobb WR GB 26.3
Lamar Miller RB MIA 27.0 Jimmy Graham TE SEA 26.7
Mark Ingram RB NO 29.8 Lamar Miller RB MIA 27.0
Aaron Rodgers QB GB 30.0 Alshon Jeffery WR CHI 27.0
Melvin Gordon RB SD 30.8 Latavius Murray RB OAK 28.3
Mike Evans WR TB 31.9 Melvin Gordon RB SD 29.7
Frank Gore RB IND 32.3 Aaron Rodgers QB GB 30.0
Jimmy Graham TE SEA 33.8 Mike Evans WR TB 30.3
Latavius Murray RB OAK 34.0 Mark Ingram RB NO 32.7
Kelvin Benjamin WR CAR 34.2 Frank Gore RB IND 33.0
DeAndre Hopkins WR HOU 35.7 Andre Ellington RB ARI 34.3
Brandin Cooks WR NO 35.8 Alfred Morris RB WAS 35.0
Jordan Matthews WR PHI 36.5 Jordan Matthews WR PHI 36.7
Emmanuel Sanders WR DEN 37.4 Brandin Cooks WR NO 38.0
Andre Ellington RB ARI 38.4 Kelvin Benjamin WR CAR 38.0
Alfred Morris RB WAS 38.6 Carlos Hyde RB SF 39.7
Carlos Hyde RB SF 41.7 Joique Bell RB DET 40.3
Joseph Randle RB DAL 41.9 Emmanuel Sanders WR DEN 40.7
T.J. Yeldon RB JAC 43.8 T.J. Yeldon RB JAC 42.3
Arian Foster RB HOU 44.7 DeAndre Hopkins WR HOU 43.3
C.J. Spiller RB NO 45.4 Drew Brees QB NO 45.0
Sammy Watkins WR BUF 47.5 Sammy Watkins WR BUF 45.3
Jonathan Stewart RB CAR 47.8 C.J. Spiller RB NO 45.7
Todd Gurley RB STL 48.5 Martavis Bryant WR PIT 46.0
Drew Brees QB NO 49.6 Golden Tate WR DET 51.0
Joique Bell RB DET 50.1 Joseph Randle RB DAL 51.3
Golden Tate WR DET 52.8 Todd Gurley RB STL 53.3
DeSean Jackson WR WAS 53.2 Jonathan Stewart RB CAR 53.7
Jeremy Maclin WR KC 54.8 Michael Floyd WR ARI 56.0
Keenan Allen WR SD 54.8 DeSean Jackson WR WAS 56.3
Amari Cooper WR OAK 55.2 Peyton Manning QB DEN 58.7
Martavis Bryant WR PIT 55.7 Amari Cooper WR OAK 58.7
Tevin Coleman RB ATL 57.5 Jeremy Maclin WR KC 58.7
Andre Johnson WR IND 57.7 Travis Kelce TE KC 59.7
Travis Kelce TE KC 59.8 Mike Wallace WR MIN 62.0
Peyton Manning QB DEN 60.8 Andre Johnson WR IND 62.7
Julian Edelman WR NE 61.3 Keenan Allen WR SD 62.7
Greg Olsen TE CAR 63.8 Tevin Coleman RB ATL 65.3
Chris Ivory RB NYJ 68.2 Greg Olsen TE CAR 65.7
Giovani Bernard RB CIN 68.7 Eric Decker WR NYJ 65.7
Mike Wallace WR MIN 69.8 Matt Ryan QB ATL 66.3
Rashad Jennings RB NYG 70.2 Rashad Jennings RB NYG 66.3
Matt Ryan QB ATL 71.3 Brandon LaFell WR NE 66.3
Jarvis Landry WR MIA 71.9 Kevin White WR CHI 69.0
Vincent Jackson WR TB 74.2 Vincent Jackson WR TB 69.7
Brandon LaFell WR NE 75.0 Ben Roethlisberger QB PIT 70.3
Kevin White WR CHI 75.7 Matthew Stafford QB DET 73.3
Shane Vereen RB NYG 75.8 Terrance Williams WR DAL 74.3
Allen Robinson WR JAC 76.7 Bishop Sankey RB TEN 75.3
Eric Decker WR NYJ 76.8 Jarvis Landry WR MIA 76.0
Ben Roethlisberger QB PIT 77.8 DeVante Parker WR MIA 77.0
Charles Johnson WR MIN 78.2 Eli Manning QB NYG 77.3
Martellus Bennett TE CHI 79.2 Allen Robinson WR JAC 77.7
Bishop Sankey RB TEN 81.2 Chris Ivory RB NYJ 78.3
Michael Floyd WR ARI 81.4 Cam Newton QB CAR 80.3
Brandon Marshall WR NYJ 83.2 Charles Johnson WR MIN 80.7
Duke Johnson RB CLE 83.9 Martellus Bennett TE CHI 81.7
Ameer Abdullah RB DET 85.3 Giovani Bernard RB CIN 82.7
Nelson Agholor WR PHI 85.6 Darren McFadden RB DAL 83.0
Roddy White WR ATL 85.7 Coby Fleener TE IND 83.0
Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI 86.1 Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI 85.0
Russell Wilson QB SEA 87.1 Julian Edelman WR NE 85.3
LeGarrette Blount RB NE 87.1 Ryan Tannehill QB MIA 86.0
Torrey Smith WR SF 87.7 Shane Vereen RB NYJ 87.0
Darren McFadden RB DAL 89.2 Ameer Abdullah RB DET 87.7
Ryan Tannehill QB MIA 90.5 Kenny Stills WR MIA 88.7
Eli Manning QB NYG 91.4 Zach Ertz TE PHI 90.0
Terrance Williams WR DAL 91.8 Russell Wilson QB SEA 90.7
DeVante Parker WR MIA 92.2 Duke Johnson RB CLE 92.3
Matthew Stafford QB DET 94.4 Brandon Marshall WR NYJ 93.0
Zach Ertz TE PHI 94.4 Kendall Wright WR TEN 93.3
Jordan Cameron TE MIA 96.2 Nelson Agholor WR PHI 93.7
Cam Newton QB CAR 97.5 Roddy White WR ATL 94.3
Devonta Freeman RB ATL 99.2 Torrey Smith WR BAL 95.3
Breshad Perriman WR BAL 101.8 Darren Sproles RB PHI 96.0
Ryan Mathews RB PHI 102.8 Tony Romo QB DAL 97.7
Delanie Walker TE TEN 105.5 Jordan Cameron TE MIA 98.7
Tre Mason RB STL 105.8 Breshad Perriman WR BAL 102.7
Kendall Wright WR TEN 105.8 Dorial Green-Beckham WR TEN 103.3
Tony Romo QB DAL 105.9 Denard Robinson RB JAC 105.3
Julius Thomas TE JAC 106.3 Devonta Freeman RB ATL 108.0
Kenny Stills WR MIA 107.2 James White RB NE 108.7
David Johnson RB ARI 108.3 Philip Rivers QB SD 109.3
Anquan Boldin WR SF 109.9 David Johnson RB ARI 110.3
Marques Colston WR NO 112.8 Delanie Walker TE TEN 111.3
Coby Fleener TE IND 113.1 Seattle Seahawks DEF SEA 112.7
Isaiah Crowell RB CLE 113.2 LeGarrette Blount RB NE 114.3
Philip Rivers QB SD 114.1 Victor Cruz WR NYG 114.3
Darren Sproles RB PHI 114.2 Anquan Boldin WR SF 117.3
Knile Davis RB KC 118.0 Carson Palmer QB ARI 119.3
Victor Cruz WR NYG 119.6 Julius Thomas TE JAC 120.7
John Brown WR ARI 120.5 Ryan Mathews RB PHI 121.0
Tom Brady QB NE 120.6 Isaiah Crowell RB CLE 121.7
Dorial Green-Beckham WR TEN 121.7 Eddie Royal WR CHI 121.7
Doug Martin RB TB 121.9 Joe Flacco QB BAL 122.7
Danny Woodhead RB SD 124.5 Tre Mason RB STL 122.7
Pierre Garcon WR WAS 125.5 Pierre Garcon WR WAS 123.7
Jason Witten TE DAL 126.8 Marques Colston WR NO 124.3
Charles Sims RB TB 129.2 Derek Carr QB OAK 127.3
Eddie Royal WR CHI 134.5 John Brown WR ARI 127.3
Seattle Seahawks DEF SEA 135.1 Tom Brady QB NE 128.0
Joe Flacco QB BAL 136.8 Larry Donnell TE NYG 128.0
James White RB NE 138.0 Jason Witten TE DAL 129.3
Michael Crabtree WR OAK 139.8 Teddy Bridgewater QB MIN 129.7
David Cobb RB TEN 143.2 Vernon Davis TE SF 130.3
Steve Smith WR BAL 145.5 Fred Jackson RB BUF 133.7
Vernon Davis TE SF 147.1 Doug Martin RB TB 134.0
Roy Helu RB OAK 147.5 Charles Sims RB TB 136.3
Houston Texans DEF HOU 150.5 Andy Dalton QB CIN 137.0
Buffalo Bills DEF BUF 150.8 Houston Texans DEF HOU 139.3
Montee Ball RB DEN 151.5 Buffalo Bills DEF BUF 140.3
Denard Robinson RB JAC 152.7 Colin Kaepernick QB SF 142.0
Brian Quick WR STL 152.8 Roy Helu RB OAK 143.0
Doug Baldwin WR SEA 153.2 Michael Crabtree WR OAK 143.3
Stevan Ridley RB NYJ 153.5 Jordan Reed TE WAS 144.7
St. Louis Rams DEF STL 154.2 Danny Woodhead RB SD 145.0
Teddy Bridgewater QB MIN 154.2 St. Louis Rams DEF STL 145.3
Carson Palmer QB CIN 155.1 Brian Quick WR STL 145.3
Tyler Eifert TE CIN 156.3 Stephen Gostkowski K NE 147.3
Davante Adams WR GB 156.5 Arizona Cardinals DEF ARI 147.7
Andre Williams RB NYG 156.9 Jameis Winston QB TB 148.3
Reggie Bush RB SF 157.5 Reggie Bush RB SF 148.3
Kyle Rudolph TE MIN 159.3 Andre Williams RB NYG 148.7
Stephen Gostkowski K NE 161.1 Mychal Rivera TE OAK 148.7
Owen Daniels TE DEN 162.8 Owen Daniels TE DEN 149.7
Percy Harvin WR BUF 162.9 Jay Ajayi RB MIA 151.3
Cody Latimer WR DEN 163.2 New York Jets DEF NYJ 152.7
Alfred Blue RB HOU 164.1 Percy Harvin WR BUF 155.7
Jay Ajayi RB MIA 164.4 Steve Smith WR BAL 156.0
New York Jets DEF NYJ 164.5 Knile Davis RB KC 157.0
Cody Parkey K PHI 166.7 Mason Crosby K GB 157.3
Arizona Cardinals DEF ARI 167.5 Denver Broncos DEF DEN 157.7
Mason Crosby K GB 167.6 Justin Tucker K BAL 157.7
Dan Herron RB IND 169.0 Cody Parkey K PHI 158.0
Rueben Randle WR NYG 169.0 Cincinnati Bengals DEF CIN 158.3
Stevie Johnson WR SD 170.8 Steven Hauschka K SEA 159.3
Larry Donnell TE NYG 171.3 New England Patriots DEF NE 159.7
Sam Bradford QB PHI 171.4 Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE TB 159.7
DeAngelo Williams RB PIT 171.5 Dan Bailey K DAL 160.0
Terrance West RB CLE 171.5 Connor Barth K DEN 160.7
Carolina Panthers DEF CAR 171.9 Doug Baldwin WR SEA 160.7
Fred Jackson RB BUF 172.2 Stevie Johnson WR SD 161.0
Colin Kaepernick QB SF 172.5 David Cobb RB TEN 161.3
Denver Broncos DEF DEN 172.9 Tavon Austin WR STL 161.7
Jordan Reed TE WAS 173.9 Cecil Shorts III WR HOU 162.0
New England Patriots DEF NE 174.2 Devin Funchess WR CAR 162.0
Justin Tucker K BAL 174.6 Adam Vinatieri K IND 164.0
Josh Hill TE NO 174.8 Green Bay Packers DEF GB 164.7
Miami Dolphins DEF MIA 175.2 Josh Hill TE NO 165.3
Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE TB 175.2 Blair Walsh K MIN 166.3
Derek Carr QB OAK 175.9 Jay Cutler QB CHI 166.3
Connor Barth K DEN 176.6 Stevan Ridley RB NYJ 167.0
Adam Vinatieri K IND 177.3 Dwayne Allen TE IND 167.0
Steven Hauschka K SEA 177.3 Matt Asiata RB MIN 167.3
Dan Bailey K DAL 178.4 Caleb Sturgis K MIA 167.7
Jameis Winston QB TB 179.1 Dwayne Bowe WR CLE 167.7
Jay Cutler QB CHI 181.2 Carolina Panthers DEF CAR 168.0
Andy Dalton QB CIN 181.5 Tyler Eifert TE CIN 168.0
Phillip Dorsett WR IND 182.5 Branden Oliver RB SD 168.3
Matt Bryant K ATL 183.2 Sam Bradford QB PHI 168.7
Cecil Shorts III WR HOU 183.6 Rueben Randle WR NYG 169.0
Allen Hurns WR JAC 183.7 Antonio Gates TE SD 169.3
Jaelen Strong WR HOU 184.3 Kyle Rudolph TE MIN 169.3
Green Bay Packers DEF GB 184.8 Mohamed Sanu WR CIN 169.7
Markus Wheaton WR PIT 184.9 Cody Latimer WR DEN 170.3
Caleb Sturgis K MIA 186.2 Eric Ebron TE DET 170.7
Devin Funchess WR CAR 186.2 Phillip Dorsett WR IND 170.7
Kenny Britt WR STL 186.8 Ladarius Green TE SD 171.7
Dwayne Bowe WR CLE 187.1 Chris Johnson RB FA 172.0
Dwayne Allen TE IND 187.3 Miami Dolphins DEF MIA 172.3
Marvin Jones WR CIN 188.4 Baltimore Ravens DEF BAL 173.0
Kansas City Chiefs DEF KC 190.8 Jace Amaro TE NYJ 174.3
Mychal Rivera TE OAK 191.9 Kenny Britt WR STL 174.3
Justin Hunter WR TEN 192.5 Steve Smith WR BAL 175.0
Cameron Artis-Payne RB CAR 192.8 Kansas City Chiefs DEF KC 175.7
Heath Miller TE PIT 195.2 Dan Carpenter K BUF 176.3
Blair Walsh K MIN 195.2 Greg Zuerlein K STL 177.7
Marcus Mariota QB TEN 196.5 Matt Bryant K ATL 178.0
Indianapolis Colts DEF IND 198.0 Philadelphia Eagles DEF PHI 178.7
Greg Zuerlein K STL 198.2 Matt Prater K DET 179.0
Eric Ebron TE DET 198.3
Nick Foles QB STL 198.6
Shaun Suisham K PIT 199.2
Branden Oliver RB SD 199.5
Andrew Hawkins WR CLE 199.6
Cincinnati Bengals DEF CIN 199.8
Rob Housler TE CLE 200.5
Charles Clay TE BUF 201.1
Philadelphia Eagles DEF PHI 201.2
Antonio Gates TE SD 201.8
Maxx Williams TE BAL 202.0
Zac Stacy RB NYJ 202.9
Jonas Gray RB NE 203.0
Jace Amaro TE NYJ 203.3
Travaris Cadet RB NE 203.4
Pierre Thomas RB FA 203.7
Donte Moncrief WR IND 203.9
Robert Woods WR BUF 203.9
Jared Cook TE STL 204.2
Blake Bortles QB JAC 204.3
Khiry Robinson RB NO 204.5
Matt Prater K DET 204.8
Alex Smith QB KC 204.8
Matt Jones RB WAS 204.9
Detroit Lions DEF DET 205.0
Josh McCown QB CLE 205.2
Jerick McKinnon RB MIN 205.7
Ladarius Green TE SD 207.7
Brian Hartline WR CLE 207.8
Theo Riddick RB DET 208.2
Robert Griffin III QB WAS 208.3
Marquess Wilson WR CHI 208.5
Dan Carpenter K BUF 208.5
Devin Smith WR NYJ 208.8
Cole Beasley WR DAL 209.2
Chris Polk RB HOU 209.3
Tavon Austin WR STL 209.5
Baltimore Ravens DEF BAL 209.7
Ronnie Hillman RB DEN 209.8
Nick Novak K SD 209.8
Jermaine Kearse WR SEA 210.0
Tyler Lockett WR SEA 210.2
Chris Johnson RB FA 210.4
Josh Huff WR PHI 211.9
Greg Jennings WR MIA 213.6
Malcom Floyd WR SD 213.9
Minnesota Vikings DEF MIN 214.5
Matt Cassel QB BUF 215.1
Riley Cooper WR PHI 215.3
Stedman Bailey WR STL 216.7
Reggie Wayne WR FA 217.0
Cleveland Browns DEF CLE 217.5
James Starks RB GB 220.7
Robert Turbin RB SEA 228.2
Javorius Allen RB BAL 228.5
Lance Dunbar RB DAL 228.5
Mohamed Sanu WR CIN 229.4
Cairo Santos K KC 231.7


What You Need to Know to #win Tuesday Night #DraftKings #FantasyBaseball


97 years ago today, the highest scoring game in Major League Baseball History was played.  The Cubs lead the Phillies 25-6 at one point before giving up 14 runs in the final two-at-bats.  Chicago won 26-23.  Hack Miller of the Cubbies went 4-for-5, 2HR’s and 6 RBI.  Sounds like what the Rockies might do against Foltynewicz tonight – Now on with the show, and if you want to try your hand tonight click the link and get started.

Heaviest Favorites – according to Vegas

Noah Syndergaard vs. Philadelphia Phillies (-200) – Vegas starts off their picks for today with Syndergaard going against the Phillies tonight. Not too shabby of a pick here, as Syndergaard enters tonight with a 3.17 ERA to go with a 1.14 WHIP and a K/9 of 9.5. Syndergaard has been struggling as bit as of late, especially in the first inning, where a lot of the damage has been coming in his starts. His inconsistensty might be the biggest factor that would shy me away from him, as otherwise, he’s been solid all around. We also do have the fact that the Philles are still hitting well in the second half. They own the 8th best wOBA in the league during the time span, and ruined quite a few nights last night as they took care of deGrom. Priced at $10,900, Syndergaard suddenly seems a bit pricey for a matchup that isn’t as much as a slam dunk as we once thought it would be. Vegas might love Syndergaardcropped-logo_1260147_print-1-e14180934753933.png tonight, but I don’t know if I’m fully on board.

Alex Wood vs. Cincinnati Reds (-153)- For a short while last night, it looked as if the Reds might even get shut out by Buck Farmer last night. It truly would have been the icing on the cake for a horrible night last night. Eventually, the Reds busted out of their early game slump and starting piling the runs on the Tigers. Crisis averted. As for tonight, Wood is the second favorite for Vegas tonight, coming into tonight’s start with a 3.79 ERA to go with a 1.42 WHIP and a K/9 of 6.7. He hasn’t been that great since joining the Dodgers, giving up at least three runs in each of his four starts. His K:BB ratio also sits at 17:11 during the time span, which isn’t exactly going to get you a stamp of approval. Even though the Reds haven’t been hitting that well in the second half, a .308 wOBA in the second half, good for 22nd in the league, they’re still fully capable of piling on the runs as seen in last nights game. Wood is priced very cheap tonight, at $6,600, which is most likely the other reason I’d consider him for tonight. However, with how inconsistent he’s been with the Dodgers, I would only be using Wood in tournament plays.

Josh Tomlin vs. Milwaukee Brewers (-150) – Making two starts this season, and Vegas is already favoring him tonight? Man, someone must know something we don’t know and maybe we should go with that somebody! Tomlin enters tonight with a 2.03 ERA to go with a 0.68 WHIP. His two starts this season have come against the Twins, where he scored 17.3 points and the Yankees where he scored 27.4 points. So yes, he’s been great thus far. His K:BB ratio has also been on point, sitting at 11:2 in 13 1/3 innings. Priced at $5700, he could be a steal tonight with a good matchup against the Brewers. The Brewers have the 24th wOBA in the league in the second half of the season at .303 while striking out the 15th most in the league, at 20.9%. Honestly, even though it’s a small sample, Tomlin is almost too cheap to pass up tonight. I realize that you shouldn’t get all excited after two starts, and believe me, I’m not. But, at $5700, that sounds awfully good now doesn’t it?

Top Overall Game per O/U

Toronto Blue Jays at Texas Rangers (Globe Life Park in Arlington) – 9.5 Over/Under – Tonight features the best hitting offense in the second half, the Toronto Blue Jays, against the Rangers with the 7th best wOBA at .330. Let the runs pour in on this one. Mark Buehrle takes on Derek Holland in this one. Buehrle comes into tonight with a 3.45 ERA and a 1.18 WHIP. He’s been pretty solid this season, and by that I mean on Buehrle standards. He isn’t someone you’re going to count on to get you 20+ points, but he’s good for the mid teens. However, going against the Rangers tonight, he could see some trouble. Buehrle has given up 19 hits in his last three starts, which seems to be happening a lot in his starts lately. He might limit the runs given up, but guys are getting on base, and not because of walks. The Rangers can certainly hit the ball, so Buehrle will certainly run into trouble with that tonight. Holland, is making his second start since returning from a shoulder injury in April. He’s made one start against the Mariners, scoring 21.5 points. I would very rarely recommend a pitcher going against the Blue Jays, who are just an offensive force. Besides have the top wOBA in the league, they also have the most power, with a .196 ISO. Insane numbers. Best of luck to Holland tonight.

Toughest Pitcher L/R matchup

  • Left handed batters
    • Dallas Keuchel HOU (LwOBA .158)
    • Jake Arrieta CHC (LwOBA .237)
    • Alex Wood LAD (LwOBA .244)
  • Right handed batters
    • Jaime Garcia STL (RwOBA .221)
    • Alfredo Simon DET (RwOBA .265)
    • Jesse Chavez OAK (RwOBA .266)

Easiest Pitcher L/R matchup

  • Left handed batters
    • Mike Foltynewicz ATL (LwOBA .416)
    • Matt Cain SFG (LwOBA .433)
  • Right handed batters
    • Jerome Williams (RwOBA .407)
    • Mike Foltynewicz (RwOBA .369)

All Pitcher Stats



Hottest Hitters – last 7 days

  • Nick Swisher ATL – DiRT Canon Value – 113.22
  • Mike Napoli TEX – DiRT Canon Value – 104.55
  • Josh Donaldson TOR – DiRT Canon Value – 103.65
  • Blake Swihart BOS – DiRT Canon Value – 94.80
  • Mark Canha OAK – DiRT Canon Value – 89.75
  • Melvin Upton SDP – DiRT Canon Value – 87.9

Other notables:  Wilmer Flores NYM is 12-27 with 3 HR’s, 10 RBI and 10 runs scored.  Edwin Encarnacion TOR went 4-4 recently and is 9-20 with 3 HR’s, 9 RBI and 8 runs scored.  Ian Kinsler DET is 15-31 with 2 HR’s, 6 RBI and 9 runs scored.

Best BvP matchup Tonight

Evan Longoria vs. Ervin Santana- Longoria hasn’t been doing much this season, but the least he could do is help us out against Santana tonight. Longoria is 6-15 with two extra base hits, both of them being home runs, and a 1.244 OPS.

Miguel Cabrera vs. Jered Weaver- I’m honestly surprised more players don’t hit Weaver well. He has like a 54 mph fastball. I might be off on the number, but it’s close! Cabrera is 8-26 against Weaver with five extra base hits, one of them being a home run, and a .977 OPS.

Chris Young vs. Dallas Keuchel- Ah yes, the left handed pitcher killer, Chris Young. He’s seen some moderate succcess against Keuchel, going 6-17 with three extra base hits and a .977OPS.


REJOICE – it appears to be all clear

Top 4 by Position – in no particular order


A Pitcher To Consider

James Shields ($8,900)- Soooooo, I’m hoping tonight goes a lot better than last night for my pitcher pick. Everyone last night was like, “Oh Steve, you idiot, deGrom is getting rocked tonight! Buhhhhh, we hate you!” So I said, “Hey look player haters, I picked Iwakuma, so just relax and wait and see.” Well, Iwakuma scored -0.30 points. Hey, it least it was better than deGrom and his -6.60, right? Regardless, we messed up yesterday. But I feel good about Shields tonight (hard to believe me right now, huh?) Shields takes on the Nationals, who have completely fallen off the face of the earth in the second half of the season, with a wOBA of .302, good for 25th in the league. They’re also striking out a TON, with a K% of 23.6, which is second in the league. That’s Chicago Cubs status right there. I wish this start was in San Diego, but we’ll settle for Washington. At $8,900, Shields will be an nice start to your lineup without killing your salary cap.

Worth Considering

Charlie Blackmon($4600) – Blackmon batting leadoff against Mike Foltynewicz should be a good one tonight. Foltynewicz really struggles against lefties, and righties too, but especially lefties. They own a .416 wOBA against him, which is one of the worst on the night. As for Blackmon, he owns a .377 wOBA against RHP with some decent power, showcasing a .192 ISOrating. The added bump for Blackmon goes to the fact that he bats leadoff, so he’ll get the most exposure to Foltynewicz tonight, banking on the fact that he even makes it deep into this game. The Rockies have struggled a bit offensively in the second half, but have still feasted on below average pitching. At $4600, he won’t break your salary either, which is always an added bonus.

Save $$$…

Chris Young ($2900) – This is not going to be a popular pick. Hence, why I’m making it mine. Keuchel is just nasty, so the Yankees are going to be low owned today. Which is why, I love Young tonight. His price tag is super low, at $2900. Then, we have the fact that he crushes lefties. On the season against lefties, he owns a .435 wOBA with a .296 ISO. MONEY numbers I tell you. Also, if you’ve noticed in the BvP section, he’s hit Keuchel fairly well in their meetings together. 6-17 and only costing me $2900? I’ll take my chances.

The Rest by Position



Randomly Generated Lineup Combinations – Ideas




C’mon Man and other ridiculousness for Monday

So Sam Bradford thinks that Terrell Suggs was intentionally tying to hurt him.  Come again Sam?  Your beef should be with your coach.  The Chipster, should be more aware that his QB has had two ACL surgeries prior and that running a read option opens you up for these kinds of hits.

Suggs received a 15-yard penalty because QB’s are delicate ballerinas nowadays.  However, the Dean, Mr. Blandino, NFL VP of officiating, ruled that the hit was clean – stating that when Bradford executed a read-option play, that he was clearly a runner – making the case that roughing-the-passer does not apply.

So will some say that Suggs was intentionally trying to hurt Sam Bradford?  Surely, some will.  But, this is what you get when grown-men who are built like trucks and run as fast as Ferrari’s play a man’s game.  Run the read-option at your own risk, and maybe not run it with a QB that has already had two blow-outs, Chip!

Continuing with that thread – what are they doing in Washington?  Thursday night RGIII was repeatedly taking shots.  Is this the visual definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results?

Clearly, Robert has trouble seeing the field and getting rid of the ball on time.  But being sacked three times and getting hit twice on 8 dropbacks says more about Washington’s pass protection than RG’s lack of progression, right?  So, if he is your franchise QB, and you know these things about your O-line, why are you sending him out there to get pummeled by a pass-rush happy D-line?  What are you trying to do in the pre-season?  Is it because he believes he is the best QB in the league?  Or, it might be just what to expect from RGIII, because the play he got hurt on is testimony to why he will never be the best QB in this league.

Robert, stepped away from a clean pocket and missed two wide open receivers on short routes – he then stepped into pressure – leading to the injury.  Those two wide open receivers were the check down options on third and long – instead of taking the short gain and likely punting – Robert wanted to be a hero and make a something happen – because that is what he did in college.  So maybe the point is they are just trying to make it easier to name Kirk Cousins the starter and move on from a QB that is just as much fragile physically as he is mentally – that they gave up a lot to draft.  It also proves that Dan Snyder is clueless, for an organization hoping that RGIII will bounce back from two disastrous seasons by continuing to play him in the meaningless pre-season – it is another chapter in this ridiculous narrative.

Yeah it is still the pre-season – but it is also a contrast to how Cleveland is choosing to do things with their young running QB.  It is also a small statement for those that are holding out hope that Johnny Football will be a NFL QB.  Against the Bills, Manziel showed competence, going 10-18 for 118yds and a TD (95yd drive) – easily making it the best performance of his professional career.

Are their issues he still needs to work on – clearly.  Too often he looks to run and run with his head down, not looking down field – instead of side-stepping the pressure first.  Also, he still needs to improve his progressions after the initial read.

Now we have word that Manziel is dealing with arm soreness and that could impact the reps he needs to improve – it also signals he may not be strong enough to handle the load of being a QB full-time for a full season.  At least he has some good tape to point to, which is more than we could say before hand.

click to watch

Chris Berman used to say, all Cris Carter did was catch touchdowns – now he’s catching some heat – as should the NFL.  I am still stunned that this was what Cris Carter wanted to say to Rookies last year – while wearing his HOF JACKET!  I am more stunned that the NFL was promoting this on their site and more so, that it took a story about Chris Borland retiring, for anyone to notice!  Since the story, the NFL has removed it – The NFL and ESPN have done their spin-control, slut-shaming Cris and Carter has also apologized – C’mon Man!

What You Need to Know for Friday Night #DraftKings #FantasyBaseball


It’s Friday!!!  We are getting closer to unveiling our new site and getting you ready for Football!  A screenshot of our new site will be at the end of this post.  But enough about what we’re doing – let’s get it on with Friday Night Baseball!!

HEAVIEST FAVORITES – according to Vegas

Wei-Yin Chen vs. Minnesota Twins (-169) – Feels like it’s been awhile since we’ve had an average pitcher, (no offense Chen) going up against the Twins, tagged as the favorite by Vegas. I wonder if we’re back to that now? Chen enters tonight with a 3.20 ERA to go with a 1.17 WHIPand a K/9 of 7.4. If you read this article on the regular, you’ll know that the Twins certainly aren’t hitting well at all, as they enter tonight with a .300 wOBA in the second half, good for 25th in the league. Chen usually isn’t a big strikeout guy, but the Twins are striking out the 4th most in the league during that time period as well. At $8300, Chen certainly looks like a bargain tonight. With so many high priced starters going tonight, five that are priced at $10,000 or more, Chen should be a popular choice. He’s certainly onecropped-logo_1260147_print-1-e14180934753933.png you’ll want to consider for yourself.

Gio Gonzalez vs. Milwaukee Brewers (-163)- Gonzalez comes into tonight as the second favorite pitcher, according to Vegas. He has a matchup against the Milwaukee Brewers, who aren’t exactly lighting up the baseball world either. The Brewers land right under the Twins in the ranks of wOBA in the second half with .299 and a 21 K%, good for 15th in the league. Gonzalez has been wild this season and really tough to trust, even in a matchup like this. Gonzalez will go out and have a great start, as he did against the Dodgers where he scored 29.2 points. Then he faces the Giants, his last time ou,t and managed a score of -8.2. That basically sums up the season of Gio Gonzalez in 2015. Like Chen, Gonzalez is cheap tonight with a good matchup. He’ll run you for only $8500, which feels quite cheap when compared to some of the other asking prices tonight. It’s just a matter of if you can trust him or not. Decisions, decisions.

Johnny Cueto vs. Boston Red Sox (-159) – Coming in at $10,000 on the night, Cueto feels a bit cheap, doesn’t he? He gets a matchup tonight againt the Red Sox, the owners have the highest wOBA in the second half of the season. Add in the fact that they are one of the toughest teams to strike out, owning only an 18 K% in the second half and suddenly you got yourself a tough matchup for Cueto. Cueto has obvisouly seen his numbers dip since making his way over to the American League. His K/9 has dropped from 8.57 to 6, his BB/9 has gone up from 1.67 to 2.36, you get the idea. So even though the Red Sox are basically down and out of it in the standings, they’re playing like they still have a playoff spot to earn. While the sound of Cueto might be enticing tonight, I think im going to steer away from this one. Cueto is a good pitcher, don’t get me wrong. But with a team that’s tough to strike out and crushing the ball lately, I won’t take any chances, even at $10,000.


New York Mets vs. Colorado Rockies (Coors Field) – 11 Over/Under- So now, the Mets come to town to face off against the Rockies. Just like that, we have our highest projected run total of the night. Bartolo Colon takes on Jonathan Gray tonight, in what should really be a pitchers duel. When I say pitchers duel, I mean, who can give up the most hits between the two. Colon enters tonight with a 4.59 ERA to go with a 1.26 WHIP. I have a hard time thinking Colon is going to “sneak” that fastball by many Rockies players tonight, especially with this game at Coors. Colon is pitching how you’d expect him to, a couple of decent starts at times mixed in with some real duds. The Rockies have struggled in the second half of the season, so maybe we even have a chance of Colon squeaking out a decent game here, but you won’t catch me rostering him to find out. I’ll happily look at the box score later on. As for Gray, he’s quite interesting tonight. Granted, trusting at pitcher at Coors is tough to do, but this kid seems like he can pitch. Gray owns a 2.40 ERA to go with a 0.93 WHIP, numbers that don’t belong in a Rockies rotation. Last time he faced the Mets, Gray allowed one run on six hits while striking out five. This game took place in New York but still. At just $5500, dare I say he could actually be an option tonight?


Tommy Milone vs. Baltimore Orioles – Milone, baby! He can get it done when it comes to facing lefties! On the season, Milone is holding them to a .198 wOBA. That is quite impressive. Now, if only he had half the suceess against right handed batters.

Johnny Cueto vs. Boston Red Sox – Even with the transition to the American League, Cueto hasn’t seen his numbers against lefties go up to much. He’s holding them to a .220 wOBA this season.


Jimmy Nelson vs. Washington Nationals – We have a few big name pitchers going tonight that haven’t even made an apperence on this article. Yet, here we are, telling you Nelson has the best wOBA against right handed batters at .246. Baseball, everybody!

Rubby De La Rosa vs. Cincinnati Reds – Next in line is De La Rosa. What kind of world are we living in right now? He owns a .263 wOBA against those right handed batters. He’s a mess against lefties, however.


Rubby De La Rosa vs. Cincinnati Reds- Would I lie to you? I told you he wasn’t good against lefties, like, at all. De La Rosa owns an ugly .386 wOBA against lefties this season.

Andrew Cashner vs. St. Louis Cardinals- Cashner was one of my favorites. That is, until 2015, where he forgot how to pitch. In an unlucky turn of event, left handed batters don’t forget how to hit, as they own a .387 wOBA against the Cash man.


David Holmberg vs. Arizona Diamondbacks- This is NOT one of the teams you want to stuggle against. The Diamondbacks are a good offensive team, something I’m sure Holmberg will find out later tonight. Holmberg is allowing a .390 wOBA against right handed batters. At least he’s under .400, right?

Tommy Milone vs. Baltimore Orioles – Milone started the day off on such a high note, being the best against lefties. Then he has to go and ruin it, because he’s atrocious against righties. He owns a .371 wOBA against them.

All Pitcher Stats



Travis Shaw ($3800) – Another young Red Sox player that is just straight up crushing the ball lately. Shaw is 15-30 with four home runs, eight RBIs, and eight runs scored. Maybe the future of the Red Sox isn’t so bad after all.

Adam Jones ($5200) – Jones baby, he’s starting to get on a hot streak again! Jones is 10-27 with four home runs, eight RBIs, and six runs scored. When he’s hitting well, that Orioles lineup can be deadly.

Dee Gordon ($5300) – Gordon seems completely healthy and back to his stealing ways. Doesn’t hurt that he’s really hitting the ball well. Gordon is 12-29 with three RBIs, seven runs scored and five stolen bases over that span. He’s getting to the point where  if he gets on base, he’s stealing a bag almost every time. Love it.


Aramis Ramirez vs. Madison Bumgarner – Ramirez has seen some sucess against Bumgarner, which was quite a surprise to me. Ramirez is 6-18 against him with four extra base hits, one of them being a home run, and a 1.048 OPS.

Nelson Cruz vs. Chris Sale – Yes, this one is going to be a small sample size, but anyone that hits Sale well, deserves a spot here. Cruz is 6-13 against Sale with two extra base hits, both of them being home runs, and a 1.456 OPS.

Chris Davis vs Tommy Milone- Another smaller sample size, but when Davis gets a hit off Milone, he’s making it count. Davis is 4-11 against Milone with three extra base hits, two of them being home runs, and a 1.417 OPS.


The Royals and Red Sox have a real chance at rain tonight. I would certainly watch this game closely.


Top 4 by Position – in no partciular order


A Pitcher to Consider

David Price ($12,300)- Price is the second most expensive pitcher on the night, but his matchup against the Angels makes him worth the price. The Angels have one of the worst wOBA in the second half of the season, at .290, they rank 28th in the league. Certainly not what anyone expected for this team, but we can certainly take advantage of it. In his three starts for the Blue Jays, Price has been great. Scoring 39 points against the Twins, and 30.2 and 15.9 against the Yankees. Coming into tonight with a 2.41 ERA with a 1.09 WHIP and a K/9 of 8.6, Price certainly has the numbers to back up his salary for tonight. An added bump for Price tonight is that this game is in LA, which doesn’t help the Angles with their second half ISO of .143, ranked 22nd in the league. Lots to love for Price tonight, not so much for LA.

Worth Considering

Paul Goldschmidt($5600) – You know, this is a tough call honestly. I LOVE the numbers that Goldy has against left handed pitching. I don’t love his play as of late. The home runs have not made an appearance in the month of August and he only had two in the month of July. Yikes. However, he crushes left handed pitching, which makes me hope tonight is the night I look like a genius. He owns a .455 wOBA against lefties with an ISO of .274. I mean, those are seriously huge numbers, so it’s hard not to at least like the matchup. He faces David Holmberg, whos given up five home runs five home runs in just 19 innings pitched so far. The numbers are here folks, let’s see who’s going to be bold tonight and leap.

Save $$$…

Justin Turner($3400) – Turner…..is way too cheap. For someone who’s hitting .312 on the year with 14 home runs and 47 RBIs. Not too shabby, eh? Tonight he goes up against Mike Fiers, who isn’t horrible, but Turner is really turning up against righties. On the season, Turner owns a .425 wOBA with a .255 ISO. It’s almost like rostering a much cheaper version of Goldy. At 3400, this should be a steal on the night.


Here is a screenshot of our new site’s front page – let us know what you think!:

Home page Graphic

Road to the College Football Playoff – The First 6 Weeks

Today we make it College Football Day! With 2 weeks left before the pageantry and tradition resume, we’re gonna give you the first 6 weeks of a week-to-week glance, at the games that could decide who makes the 2nd College Football Playoff!  The season kicks off on Thursday, September 3rd, with 19 games (all times are EASTERN).

Week 1

Ohio St(-11.5) @ Virginia Tech, 8p (Monday<9-7>) – Anyone know who starts for Ohio State? How will the 4 suspensions of Ohio St players impact the game?  Does VaTech repeat last year’s upset at home? – we’ll see

Wisconsin v Alabama(-10.5), 8p in Arlington – In neutral site openers under Nick Saban, Alabama iscropped-logo_1260147_print-1-e14180934753933.png 5-0 – with an average margin of victory of 19pts.  Does Alabama have a QB?  What does new coach Paul Chryst have prepared for another re-loaded Crimson Tide?

Michigan @ Utah(-6), 8:30p (Thursday) – Jim Harbaugh returns to his Alma-Mater and will be a heavily watched game.  The problem could be that despite all the pre-season pub Harbaugh got, this is still a good Utah team that beat the Wolverines in Ann Arbor last year 26-10.

  • TCU(-14) @ Minnesota, 9p (Thursday)
  • UNC v SCAR(-2.5) in Charlotte (Thursday) 6p
  • Washington @ Boise St(-10.5), 10:15p (Friday)
  • BYU @ Nebraska(-6.5), 3:30p
  • Louisville  v Auburn(-11) in Atlanta, 3:30p
  • ASU v Texas a+m(-3) in Houston, 7p
  • Texas @ Notre Dame(-9.5), 7:30p

Week 2

Oregon @ Michigan St, 8p – Just like last year this will be the first top 10 matchup of the year and it could be cray in East Lansing.  Also like last year the winner could have an inside track to the ‘offs.

LSU @ Mississippi St, 9:15p – Last year the bulldawgs took it to the Tigers in Death Valley.  Look for payback in Stark-Vegas.

Oklahoma @ Tennessee, 6p – Oklahoma is always over-rated and Tennessee has been on the comeback for 10years – someone has to break.  Could it be any different than OU duplicating last year’s 34-10 win?

  • Utah St @ Utah, 9p (Friday)
  • Houston @ Louisville, noon
  • Oregon St @ Michigan, noon
  • Notre Dame @ Virginia, 3:30p
  • Iowa @ Iowa St, 4:30p
  • Kentucky @ SCAR, 7:30p
  • Boise St @ BYU, 10:15p

Week 3

Auburn @ LSU, 3:30p – Another September SEC West battle that could decide the who goes to Atlanta.  LSU got whooped last year 41-7, but Auburn has not won in RED STICK since 1999 – too bad this game is not at night, where it belongs – either way FUQ Auburn!

Stanford @ USC, 8p – If the Trojans are the preseason pick to win the PAC 12 then they have to get by the Cardinal.  The last two meeting have been decided by a Trojan field goal.

Ole Miss @ Alabama, 9:15p – Revenge is a dish served….um….anyway Saban is 9-1 in these types of games since arriving in Tuscaloosa – we’ll know enough about both teams after this game and their prospects of being in Atlanta.

  • Clemson @ Louisville, 7:30p (Thursday)
  • Georgia Tech @ Notre Dame, 3:30p
  • Nebraska @ Miami, 3:30p
  • SCAR @ Georgia, 6p
  • TexasTech @ Arkansas, 7p
  • Cal @ Texas, 7:30p
  • BYU @ UCLA, 10:30p

Week 4

UCLA @ Arizona – If Arizona is the defending PAC 12 South champion then this game could see two undefeated teams meet in week 4 for the inside track.  Under Rich-Rod the ‘cats are 0-3 against the Bruins.

MissSt @ Auburn – Both teams could be licking their wounds after losses to LSU – or it could be an early SEC West triangle of nonsense.  MissSt has won the last two out of three – but at home, Auburn has won the last three.  Either way, so is life in the SEC West meat-grinder.

Tennessee @ Florida – remember when this game meant anything.  There are children who have been born, that have no idea what this meant.  If Tennessee is truly the dark-horse everyone is making them, they have to beat Florida.  For Florida’s Jim McElwain, it is a must win!

  •  Cincy @ Memphis, 7:30p (Thursday)
  • OklahomaSt @ Texas
  • BYU @ Michigan
  • Texas a+m @ Arkansas
  • USC @ ASU
  • Utah @ Oregon
  • GaTech @ Duke

Week 5

Alabama @ Georgia – this game will be a Running Back battle featuring ‘Bama’s Derrick Henry and UGA’s Nick Chubb.  The last time these two played in Athens – it was a funeral for Georgia in their “blackout” game, as Alabama took a 31-0 lead at halftime.  The final score was 41-30 and was never that close.

Notre Dame @ Clemson – Notre Dame has not been to Clemson since 1979, so expect a raucous crowd in Memorial Stadium.  It should provide plenty of fireworks if Deshaun Watson and Malik Zaire put on a show.

Texas @ TCU – the Horned Frogs took the Longhorns behind the woodshed last year, 48-10.  Charlie Strong needs this game or he could be finding himself on the hot seat.

  • Miami @ Cincy, 7:30p (Thursday)
  • Iowa @ Wisconsin
  • Ole Miss @ Florida
  • SCAR @ Mizzou
  • Arkansas @ Tennessee
  • ASU @ UCLA
  • West Virginia @ Oklahoma

Week 6

Oklahoma v Texas – the Red River Rivalry is still a spectacle – for Charlie Strong, many misgivings can be forgiven if the Longhorns take down the Sooners.  These teams have split the last 10 meetings and for Strong, it is a crucial two weeks.

Miami @ FSU – FSU has one of the easiest schedules – get by the ‘Canes and their next toughest opponent in September is @ Boston College.  Al Golden is 0-4 against FSU, but they do have Brad Kaaya.  Jimbo is a nice 5-0 against the Hurricanes.  The biggest question mark is who will be FSU’s QB for this game?

Wisconsin @ Nebraska – this has leader in the clubhouse for the winner, for the BIG (not)10 West Division.  Dominance is spelled B-U-C-K-Y – as the Badgers have won 3-of-the-last-4 meetings by an average of 35pts – but Wisconsin did lose their last trip to Lincoln…

  • Washington @ USC, 9p (Thursday)
  • GaTech @ Clemson
  • Arkansas @ Alabama
  • Florida @ Mizzou
  • LSU @ SCAR
  • Georgia @ Tennessee



What You Need to Know for Tuesday Night #Baseball


Today would have been Roberto Clemente’s 81st birthday – so let’s all toast a legend of the game while we watch StrikeZone!

Heavy Favorites – according to Vegas

Clayton Kershaw vs. Oakland A’s (-221) – Ànother fifth day, another start for Kershaw as the favorite on the night. It’s becoming  routine, so surely on Sunday, Kershaw will be here. Tonight, Kershaw gets the Oakland Athletics, a team that is really struggling to find their groove – ask Stella. Since the second half of the season, the A’s have the lowest wOBA out of ANY team in the league. Think about that for a moment, worse than Atlanta, Miami, crazy to think about, right? So other than the fact that the A’s can’t hit, they’re at least a tough team to strikeout. They maintained that in the second half, as their strikeout percentage stands at 18%, one of the best in both leagues. But truly, with Kershaw entering tonight with a K/9 of 11.3, what does that mean? Maybe he ends up with eight strikeouts on the night? Kershaw has just been that good. Since the All Star break, Kerhsaw owns a 0.92 ERA giving up only four runs in 39 innings and striking out 45. As usual though, he’s going to cost you a fortune to roster. Priced at $15,000, you better get damn creative building the rest of your roster – thankfully I can help with that.

Francisco Liriano vs. Arizona Diamondbacks (-215)- We were arguing recently, if the Diamondbacks were getting the respect they deserve when it comes to being a good offensive club. They gave Gerrit Cole a run for his money last night. Tonight, Liriano is the second highest favored pitcher of the night. Like Cole, Liriano hasn’t exactly had a stellar month of August. He’s pitched nine innings giving up seven runs on 13 hits with a 9:6 K:BB ratio. Not exactly great numbers when you’re going to face a team that owns the ninth highest wOBA on the month at .331. Overall, Liriano comes into tonight with a 3.19 ERA with a 1.13WHIP and a K/9 of 9.9. Once again, we’re not sure we’re all giddy to throw Liriano on a roster tonight against this D-Backs team. Are they as good as we’re making them out to be? Maybe not, but I can’t feel great about putting pitcher in tonight that hasn’t exactly shown much as of late. At $10,300, it certainly is risky.

RA Dickey vs. Philadelphia Phillies (-190) – We’ll give credit when it’s due, Dickey has been solid as of late. Dickey has given up only four runs in his last three starts on 14 hits and a K:BB ratio of 13:6. For a knuckleballer, that’s pretty good. Tonight, he gets those Phillies that Vegas loves to hate on. After starting off the second half on fire, the Phillies have seen their wOBA slip to the middle of the league at .312, good for 16th. Dickey is of course, one of the toughest pitchers to predict because, quite frankly, even he doesn’t know what the knuckler will do on a particular day, Dickey has had his struggles on the road this season, with his wOBA against is over 60 points higher compared to at home. His price tonight just might make him a serious consideration, as he’s only going to run you for $7000.

Top Overall Game per O/U

Washington Nationals vs. Colorado Rockies (Coors Field) – 11 Over/Under- Vegas is expecting some fireworks in this one. Jordan Zimmermann takes on David Hale in this one. Zimmermann has looked like his old self lately in his past two starts, scoring 22.6 and 30 points against the Rockies and Dodgers. However, of course, pitching in Coors Field adds a whole different dynamic to the equation. As for Hale, he’s coming off the disabled list to return to the rotation, proving how bad their rotation really is. Hale owns a 5.69 ERA on the season with a 1.39 WHIPand a K/9 of 6.6. The Nationals have really been struggling at the plate, owning a .296 wOBA this month, good for 24th in the league. Nothing a little Coors Field can’t fix, right? As always, find a way to work a couple of these hitters into your lineup tonight.

Toughest Pitcher L/R matchup

  • Left handed batters
    • Felix Doubront OAK (LwOBA .218)
    • CC Sabathia NYY (LwOBA .222)
    • John Danks CWS (LwOBA .253)
  • Right handed batters
    • Jacob DeGrom NYM (RwOBA .197)
    • Clayton Kershaw LAD (RwOBA .238)
    • Jordan Zimmermann WAS (RwOBA .256)

Easiest L/R matchup

  • Left handed batters
    • Matt Wisler ATL (LwOBA .436)
    • Tyler Cravy MIL (LwOBA .424)
  • Right handed batters
    • CC Sabathia NYY (RwOBA .385)
    • Felix Dubront OAK (RwOBA .373)

All Pitcher Stats


Hottest Hitters – last 7 days

  • Chase Utley PHI – DiRT Canon Value 106.66
  • Carl Crawford LADDiRT Canon Value – 101.06
  • Pedro Alvarez PITDiRT Canon Value – 98.37
  • Jackie Bradley Jr BOS  – DiRT Canon Value – 93.63
  • Alejandro De Aza BOSDiRT Canon Value – 90.90
  • Matt Kemp SDP – DiRT Canon Value – 88.86

Other notables:  Joey Votto is 11-for-23 with 2 HR’s, 7 RBI and 6 runs scored.  Miguel Sano is 10-for-24 with 3 HR’s, 9 RBI, a stolen base and 4 runs scored.

Best BvP matchup Tonight

Brian McCann vs. Mike Pelfrey – All is right in the world once again! McCann is 19-40 against Pelfrey with 10 extra base hits, two of them going for home runs, and a 1.368 OPS.

Adrian Beltre vs. Hisashi Iwakuma- If Iwakuma is thinking he’s going to pull out another no hitter, Beltre is here to stop him dead in his tracks. Beltre is 11-33 against Iwakuma with four extra base hits, three of those going for home runs and a 1.008 OPS.

Nick Markakis vs. James Shields- These two have seen a lot of each other back in their AL East days. Tonight, they matchup once again with Markakis 23-74 against Shields with seven extra base hits, two of them being home runs and a .859 OPS.


Looks like it might be a clear night of baseball!

Top 4 by Position – in no partciular order


A Pitcher To Consider

Garrett Richards ($9,800) –Raise your hand if you made a weird face when you saw Richards here. I’ll admit, I did, and I’m the one writing this. I have a few reasons to go this route so hear me about before you close this article in disgust and un follow me on Twitter. First off, Kershaw is just too expensive. $15,000. Putting Kershaw on your roster leaves you with $35,000 to work with, or $3,888 on average for each remaining player. Even if you went with Adam Conley, who’s the cheapest pitcher on the night, that leaves you with an average of $3,862 per player. Doable, but tough for sure. Then we have deGrom. Do I like the matchup against Baltimore? I don’t love it. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t hate if you draft deGrom tonight. His WHIP is a ridiculous 0.83 and he doesn’t give up a lot of home runs, only 11 on the year, but at Camden Yards scares me a bit. I have no doubt that deGrom will most likely have a solid start, but at $11,600, I’d at least want to like the matchup a bit more. Baltimore does own the best wOBA against RHP this season. So, with all that being said, here we are with Richards.

After starting off the month hitting way more to the potential people thought the White Sox have, they’ve fallen all the way down to 15th in wOBA in the month of August. Their power is decent, as they’re 10th in ISO this month, but a matchup in LA makes me feel a lot better about dealing with that. The White Sox are also in the middle of the pack in terms of strikeout % sitting at 20.5 on the month, or 14th in the league. I’m ok with that since Richards has a K/9 of 7.1, which I feel as if that’s obtainable tonight or close to it. Overall, for his price tag of $9800, it gives you a good chunk of flexibility that you wouldn’t necessarily get with deGrom and certainly not with Kershaw. Richards certainly isn’t the same caliber pitcher as those two, but matchup wise, I’m feeling good about this one.

Worth Considering

Anthony Rizzo($4900) – Rizzo gets a matchup tonight with the home run happy Anibal Sanchez. The majority of the home runs Sanchez has let up as come from RHB, but Rizzo does such a good job against righties, I like this chances tonight. Rizzo owns a .392 wOBA against righties this season with an ISO of .262. Big numbers for sure against someone who struggles to keep the ball on the park. Sanchez is given up an astonishing 28 home runs on the season. If someone can take him deep, Rizzo is certainly fitting the mold tonight.

Save $$$…

Abraham Almonte ($2000) – Honestly, I’m riding the hot streak right now. Almonte doesn’t have impressive overall numbers, but he’s been hitting well since taking over the every day outfield role in Cleveland. In the month of August, Almonte is batting .286 with two home runs, and eight RBIs. Again, nothing overly impressive, but at just $2000, you have nothing to lose here. Tonight he faces Eduardo Rodriguez, who has an wOBA over .300 against both RHBand LHB. Almonte, being a switch hitter, can take advantage of either side. He’s not a great hitter and don’t expect a ton, but even a 5-7 point night exceeds what you could ask for from someone who’s an everyday starter costing you the minimum price possible.

The Rest by Position


Randomly Generated Lineup Combinations – Ideas


Jason Day, #NFLPreseason and #TebowTime, Oh MY!

Jason Day did something, no one in Golf has ever done – finish -20 at a Major.  With a final round score of 67, Jason Day won the PGA Championship that was contested from start to finish.  So what did we learn?

We learned that Jason Day might have learned how to finish.  Before yesterday’s win, Day had been known as a really talented golfer that had yet to win.  He had come close on several occasions, with 9 top-10 finishes and three-runner ups, but struggled to get over the hump.  At the PGA, Day made the field chase him and still walked onto the 18th green with a three-stroke lead and the victory.cropped-logo_1260147_print-1-e14180934753933.png

We also learned that Jordan Speith is having one helluva season.  Speith came within one shot of making it into the playoffs at the British Open last month and three strokes from catching Day at the PGA Championship.  Speith’s run ranks up there with Ben Hogan in ’53 and Tiger Woods in ’00, when both golfers won 3 Majors.  Jordan is only 22, so the future looks bright.

Finally, we learned that Tiger Woods may never “be back”.  Tiger missed the cut for the third time in a row and never really got into sync.  Even he acknowledged he is struggling making putts.  But from what used to carry the tour in Tiger Woods, it is comforting to know that there is till plenty of star-power and drama these days that gives Golf a shot to withstand the loss of Tiger.


Eagles backup QB Tim Tebow (11) dives into the end

After a two-year absence Tim Tebow returned to a football field to a standing-ovation from Eagles fans.  In fact, twice Tim had to quiet the crowd.  In what is likely Tebow’s final shot at being a NFL quarterback – Tim finished his day going 6-for-12, for 69yds, no TD’s or INT’s, but did run 4 times for 15yds and touchdown.

He seems to have improved since the last time we saw him – but still made some of the same mistakes that can not happen at the position – he held onto the ball to long and struggled reading coverages.  Some of that could be the O-Line at Philly, but all Tim has to do is beat Matt Barkley for the third string.  Barkley, by comparison was 12-for-20 for 192yds, 0 TD’s and 1 interception that was tipped at the line of scrimmage.

So maybe the issue for Tim is not necessarily that he wins the third-string job for the Eagles – it’s that he does enough improvement that he finds a different team he could join.  Either way #TebowTime is back and it’s fantastic, right Skip Bayless?!


Photo: Bruce Kluckhohn, USA TODAY Sports

Here are some other #NFLPreseason tidbits from Tom Pelissero of USA Today:

Jameis Winston said he wasn’t nervous before his first NFL preseason game.

“No, not nervous. Anxious,” the No. 1 overall draft pick in 2015 said after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 26-16 loss to the Minnesota Vikings on Saturday night. “Of course, I have butterflies, but it is just because I want to do the right thing.”

Winston did that in spurts, recording his first completion on a 40-yard strike to Vincent Jackson and later leading the Bucs’ no-huddle offense to a touchdown against the Vikings’ reserves.

But the former Heisman Trophy winner also did his fair share of, in Bucs coach Lovie Smith’s words, “typical things that a rookie will do” on his way to a 9-for-19 passing performance (131 yards) with an interception, two mishandled snaps and several misfires.

At least now the first live game action — albeit with no game planning, no real atmosphere and no starters on the other side of the ball after a few series — is now behind them.

“Oh, it’s going to be pivotal I think for all of us,” Mariota said after the Titans’ 31-24 loss against the Atlanta Falcons. “I think that we can learn from our mistakes and get better from them.”

Injuries adding up

St. Louis Rams cornerback E.J. Gaines (foot), Minnesota Vikings right tackle Phil Loadholt (Achilles) and Washington tight ends Niles Paul (ankle) and Logan Paulsen (turf toe) are out for the season. Chicago Bears receiver Kevin White might be, too, after undergoing surgery for a stress fracture in his shin that landed him on reserve/physically unable to perform. Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Julius Thomas (fracture in hand) is out for the rest of the preseason. The list goes on, yet still almost a month before the real games begin.

Johnny Progress

The best sign for Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel: He seemed to be playing under control, using his feet to extend plays instead of just trying to run around. There was some vintage Johnny Football as he high-stepped away from oncoming rushers and scrambled for a 12-yard TD in the Browns’ loss to the Washington. Journeyman Josh McCown is entrenched as the starter for the time being, and that’s probably not a bad thing. Baby steps.

cropped-logo_1260147_print-1-e14180934753933.pngNothing final

The two primary quarterback competitions will last at least one more week. Brian Hoyer got the starter treatment for the Houston Texans: one series, a 58-yard touchdown pass and then a seat on the bench while Ryan Mallett went to work (and did it well). But coach Bill O’Brien said Mallett will start next week. Ditto in Buffalo, where coach Rex Ryan said Tyrod Taylor will get his shot next week after Matt Cassel started the exhibition opener. Former first-round pick EJ Manuel threw a 51-yard touchdown in that game and hasn’t been ruled out, either (at least not publicly).

Be like Barry?

New York Jets coach Todd Bowles is getting ahead of himself with the comparison to Barry Sanders’ quickness. But it’s easy to understand the sentiment after Detroit Lions running back Ameer Abdullah carved up Bowles’ defense on a 45-yard run. Abdullah was a workhorse at Nebraska and is putting himself in position for a big role while starter Joique Bell keeps working his way back from knee and Achilles surgeries. Added explosion on offense might be Detroit’s best hope for making up for the loss of all-pro defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

Down under

One of the NFL’s fascinating longshot stories got more interesting when former Australian rugby star Jarryd Hayne broke off a 53-yard run for the San Francisco 49ers. He has an unusual, upright running style and a lot to learn. But he figures to keep getting a long look on offense and in the return game.

Players Who Have Cleared Revocable Waivers

via  Major League Baseball Trade Rumors

MLBTR will continue to update this post as players reportedly clear revocable trade waivers, making it a running list of players that may be traded to any club in the season’s final two months. Player names are linked to the source articles, and this article can always be found under the MLBTR Features portion of the sidebar on the right side of the page.

First, several notes are in order. For one, many players have and will clear waivers without public reports revealing that status. (Some of them have already been traded, such as Mike Napoli.) Remember, also, that players must be acquired by August 31 to be eligible for their new team’s postseason roster. Click here for a further explanation of the August waiver and trade rules. And bear in mind that a player’s no-trade rights remain effective even if he clears waivers.

Last Updated: 8/14/2015

  • Jose Reyes, Rockies — The 32-year-old Reyes has struggled offensively since being dealt to the Rockies and has seen his defensive work take a hit over the past couple of seasons as well. He was still a very serviceable bat while playing with Toronto, though, and a departure from the artificial turf at the Rogers Centre could benefit his legs and back, perhaps even restoring some of his speed and range. Some have speculated on a potential move to second base for the former All-Star, who is owed about $54.37MM through the end of the 2017 season (as of Aug. 14).
  • Chase UtleyPhillies — Utley, 36, has produced at well below his typical rate for much of the year and just ended an extended DL stint. But he’s a highly-respected veteran, and the ankle issue could explain his struggles. Indeed, Utley has looked more like himself since returning to action. He’s owed about $4.5MM the rest of the way (as of Aug. 11), but the absence means that he won’t be a threat to trigger a vesting option for next year. For teams looking to bolster their options at second base down the stretch, Utley will surely hold appeal.
  • James Shields, Padres — The veteran hurler is in the first season of a four-year pact, making him an atypical trade candidate, but San Diego’s struggles and desire to clear payroll could see him dangled. There’s only about $2MM left to pay in 2015 (as of Aug. 11), but the deal is backloaded: it comes with $65MM in future guarantees (including the buyout on a $16MM option for 2019). The contract does have an opt-out after next season. Shields is already 33, and hasn’t been quite as good this season as in years past, but he’s still a durable and reliable arm who could help a lot of clubs.

What You Need to Know for Friday Night #Baseball

On Tuesday, for the first time since Major League Baseball went to 30 teams, all 15 Home Teams won!  On top of that, Hisashi Iwakuma threw a no hitter at the age of 34, and was the first no-hitter thrown on August 12th.  That is also the 4th no hitter thrown at SafeCo Field, since it opened in 1999 – the most of any ballpark since.  This Link has some good info on all things no-hit related in baseball history.

Heaviest Favorites – according to Vegas

David Price vs. New York Yankees (-230) – A true powerhouse of a matchup today, has the Blue Jays taking on the Yankees. Even with both ball clubs getting it done offensively this year, Price is still your favorite on the day. The Yankess have actually done quite well against leftie pitching this season. On the season, they own a .334 wOBA, good for third in the league. Their strikeout percentage is also one of the lowest in the league against lefties at 18.8. Price has done well in his two stars with his new club, owning a 0.60 ERA with an over wOBA against at .191, but keep in mind this is just two starts, but one of those teams was the Yankees that he faced. In that start, Price went seven innings giving up no runs on three hits and striking out seven. Both parties have good stats against one another, so it’s a matter of who do you trust more tonight?cropped-logo_1260147_print-1-e14180934753933.png

Dallas Keuchel vs. Detroit Tigers (-215)- Keuchel has been fantastic all season long. Coming into tonight, Keuchel owns a 2.41 ERA to go with a 1.01 WHIP and a K/9 of 7.8. Tonight, Keuchel gets a matchup against the Tigers, a team who has the second best wOBA against left handed pitching this season at .339. They do strikeout a bit against them as well, owning the 9th worst in the league at 22.2%. Overall, the Tigers have been stumbling a bit since the Trade Deadline, owning an overall wOBA of .295 since then and a .148 ISO, good for 16th in the league. Like the Tornoto New York game, this is another tough one to predict which side to lean toward. At least in the eyes of Vegas, they like Price and Keuchel in these ones.

Jaime Garcia vs. Miami Marlins (-200) – At least this game is easier to distinguish which side I’m going to be going for. Garcia comes into tonight with a 1.77 ERA to go along with a 0.91 WHIP and a K/9 of 6.2. Garcia is been money since returning from the disabled list, and quite frankly all season, when he’s not injured. His last start against the Brewers saw Garcia go seven innings, giving up no runs on two hits and striking out five. He should have a very similiar result tonight, going up against a weak Marlins team. The Marlins are 16th in wOBA since the trade deadline at .310, but it’s their power that’s been non existent. Coming in at second to last in the league, the Marlins own a .098 ISO since the deadline. Only the Angels are worse in that time span. It’s almost getting to the point where any pither going up against the Marlins has to be considered at least somewhat. Garcia is certainly in that conversation today.

Top Overall Game per O/U

San Diego Padres vs. Colorado Rockies (Coors Field) – 10 Over/Under- Well, get ready for about a week of a Rockies takeover in this section here. We start a homestand at Coors so it’s time to pile on the runs. Tyson Ross gets the start for the Padres going up against Yohan Flande. Ross has had it easy his last few starts, drawing the Mets, Brewers and Phillies his last three, but tonight is a whole new entity. The Rockies come into tonight stumbling a bit since the beginning of August, owning a .292 wOBA on the month and the highest strikeout percentage in the league during that span at 24.5%. As I mentioned, Ross has had a good stretch as of late, but those were against relatively easy teams. Even with the Rockies scuffling a bit, you’d have to be a brave man to start him at Coors tonight. As for Flande, he’s yet to make it past the fifth inning in any of his starts, but that’s more of a precaution measure and not because he’s been pitching poorly. But again, starting him isn’t a wise move, even with the Padres struggling offensively, with a .291 wOBA this month. Try and get some exposure to this one.

Toughest Pitcher L/R matchup

  • Left handed batters
    • Dallas Keuchel HOU (LwOBA .163)
    • Alex Wood LAD (LwOBA .234)
    • David Price TOR (LwOBA .277)
  • Right handed batters
    • Max Scherzer WAS (RwOBA .201)
    • Jaime Garcia STL (RwOBA .219)
    • Corey Kluber CLE (RwOBA .227)

Easiest L/R matchup

  • Left handed batters
    • Matt Cain SFG (LwOBA .421)
    • Alfredo Simon DET (LwOBA .387)
  • Right handed batters
    • Joe Kelly BOS (RwOBA .383)
    • Phil Hughes (RwOBA .372)

All Pitcher Stats


Hottest Hitters – last 7 days

  • David Ortiz BOS – DiRT Canon Value 115.83
  • Lorenzo Cain KC – DiRT Canon Value – 96.86
  • David Peralta AZ – DiRT Canon Value – 94.79
  • Trayce Thompson CWS – DiRT Canon Value – 94.79
  • Aaron Hill AZ – DiRT Canon Value – 89.75
  • Carl Crawford LAD – DiRT Canon Value – 89.75

Other notables:  Andrew McCutchen is 10-24 with 2 HR’s, 9 RBI, 8 runs scored and DiRT Canon Value of 80.56.  David Ortiz has been on fire, going 10-19 with 4 HR’s, 8 RBI and 7 runs scored.  It has been a while since he stole a base – maybe he’s due?!

Best BvP matchup Tonight

Brian McCann vs David Price – McCann has really had some huge success against Price in his career. I was honestly surprised by the numbers. McCann is 9-19 against Price with three extra base hits, all of them being home runs, and a 1.447 OPS. Let me go roster McCann now.

Kendrys Morales vs. Jered Weaver  – Morales has only seen Weaver in a small sample, but he doesn’t seem to mind getting on base when he faces him. Morales is 8-12 against Weaver with a two extra base hits, one of them being a home run, and a 1.714 OPS.


We have a threat of rain for the Padres Rockies game. Before going crazy with your Coors stack, keep an eye on the weather.

Top 4 by Position – in no partciular order


A Pitcher To Consider

Corey Kluber ($10,600) – The majority of the top pitchers going tonight have tough/fairly tough matchups. Then we have Kluber at 10,600, the 4th most expensive pitcher on the night, against the Twins. Bingo. The Twins haven’t done much against RHP this season, with a .302 wOBA, ranked 24th in the league. Then, they rank 8th in strikeout percentage against RHP, at 20.7. It also doesn’t help that they aren’t very patient either, ranking 23rd in BB% at 6.7. The Twins continue to struggle offensively, and they were a mess the last time out against Kluber, who pitched a complete game, giving up one run on three hits and striking out 10. Granted, you can’t anticipate another start like that, but Kluber was in control that entire start and should be again tonight.

Worth Considering

Nelson Cruz ($5800) – Cruz is expensive tonight, but he SHOULD be good to go tonight against Joe Kelly. Kelly has been a mess this season, giving up a .383 wOBA to RHB on the year. He’s also given up 12 home runs, with 8 of those coming against righties. Cruz has been mashingRHP, owning a .402 wOBA with an ISO of .266. Add on the fact that this game is in the hitter friendly Fenway Park, and I feel like we have a lot to love here. If you can afford the high price tag, throw Cruz into that lineup. Just make sure he is indeed starting.

Save $$$…

Chris Young ($2800) – Want to separate yourself from the crowd tonight? How about taking Chris Young against David Price. On the surface, not the best idea. But I’m in Vegas right now and we’re going to go mix it up a bit. It’s been well documented that Young crushes LHP. On the season, he owns a .446 wOBA against them with an ISO of .304. .304! It will certainly be tough against Price tonight, but the ceiling is high for Young.

The Rest by Position

81415_catch81415_1st 81415_2nd 81415_3rd81415_ss81415_outf

Lineup Combinations – Ideas