$5,000,000?! Could You Imagine?!

The entire 2015 NFL Schedule

Everything You Need to Know

Maybe you aren’t ready.  Maybe you still think, “Until Training camp actually starts, then I’ll think about football.”  Well you better get on it.  Since Tuesday, July 21st, 2015 – fanduel has opened up their contests.  The big one – the one that is $25 – is guaranteed to pay out $5,000,000!  I’ll type it again – $5,000,000!  Even the $5 contest is paying out $1,000,000 in prizes for week one.  So get on board and get yourself entered now – then come back and read who to take before the games actually start – but reserve your spot NOW!  As a primer – we have done extensive testing on our intelligence engine and we have found our projections to be over 85% accurate and off by a single point.  That means when we tell you Odell Beckham is going to score 15pts – he’ll score AT LEAST 15pts.  No where will you find that kind of accuracy, nor the kind of reporting tools you’ll have at your disposal to make Daily Fantasy Football a nice second job – like us – that will afford you that family vacation you’ve been planning.

Now that you have been waiting — patiently or impatiently — for this moment since the middle of January. Once the NFC and AFC Championship games were over, that meant the unfortunate end to something beautiful: one-week fantasy football contests.  Week 1 of the 2015 NFL regular season doesn’t kick off until September 10, when the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots take the field, you could say that today, marks the official start of football season.

So what are those Week 1 FanDuel salaries going to be?  Will Antonio Brown be the highest-priced wide receiver? Will Andrew Luck’s outstanding 2014 make him more expensive than Aaron Rodgers? Where does DeMarco Murray get priced, without the tremendous Dallas Cowboys offensive line to run behind?

FanDuel has released some player prices, along with expert analysis. Training camp hasn’t even started yet, but now the debates can shift from “How much will [insert name]‘s price be this season?” to “Man, [insert name]‘s Week 1 salary makes him a huge value pick.”  Know more than the other guy with DiRT Canon.

Here are the FanDuel salaries for some of the most critical players at each position heading into the first week of NFL contests:


Running Backs

Wide Receivers

Tight Ends


That’s right – contests have been posted since Tuesday, July 21 – so enter NOW.

The regular season is still over a month away and players have not officially reported for training camp yet, but we no longer have to wish for the days to fly by so football can return. Knowing the Week 1 salaries for some players allows you to start configuring actual lineups in your head, meaning it’s officially fantasy football season.  Let’s get busy!

Here is what yesterdays perfect lineup would have been – 281.4pts@$50,000:

  1. Liriano was 33.9@$10,300

    Kershaw – 49.45@$14,500

  2. Iwakuma – 20.95@$6,900
  3. Russell Martin – 25@$3800
  4. Mike Napoli – 26@$3300
  5. Altuve – 32@$4400
  6. Marwin Gonzalez – 23@$2700
  7. Alexei Ramirez – 21@$2600
  8. Melky Cabrera – 32@$3100
  9. Jacoby Ellsbury – 30@$4400
  10. AJ Pollock – 22@$4300

Look for our info later this afternoon in our BASEBALL page for tonight’s games!