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March 19th, 2015

Shots Up

Usually I would start out my weekly post by providing you with a recap of the fabulous Wednesday night of NBA basketball but I figured I would change it up this week and talk about RESTING players. Has the NBA really come to this already?  When I was growing up, I hated being taken out of the game for even a couple of minutes.  During the length of a season as a teenager, I would have games for the high school starting in November, the season would run through the end of February, mainly because we were a top 5 team in the state and we would play around 30 games.  Then you get to AAU.  At that time, I would end up playing a 50 game season from March until July and that didn’t count the weekend tournaments.  Back to back’s have nothing on that grueling schedule because our back to backs were in the same day.  Then you drive to the next city and you are playing another 2 games the following day.  NBA players get to ride on in luxury cars, chartered air planes, stay in the nicest hotels and eat whatever the team nutritionist prepares for them.  They have everything handed to them on a silver platter and now I’m stuck, as a fan, having to watch a bunch of D-League players compete against NBA Stars?  This is a travesty to which I cannot begin to believe.  Michael Jordan never sat out a game unless he was injured.  Everyone remembers when he played in the NBA Finals with the flu and all he did was put up an MVP performance and win the game.  Now I review the injury list and provide those details for your daily NBA fantasy gaming knowledge; seemingly I end up finding at least one guy, every night, that has an “illness” and he is doubtful.

klay_restingI couldn’t agree more with Klay Thompson’s father, who went off in an interview about the Warriors sitting his son down against the Nuggets last week.  He was upset and mortified that a guy in his 20’s couldn’t play 4 games in 5 nights.  It’s a grueling season they say, I say we are dealing with executives who only care about one thing….Assets.  If their asset provides any inclination that he might leave the team because let’s face it, the executives of the NBA have no control over players, then they put a system together to rest their players thinking this might allow the player to think the executive really cares about their health and longevity.  Trust me, when Klay Thompson can no longer hit jumpers and play defense he will be traded to the Nuggets to finish out his career in a never ending, we play for 9th place, environment and those games he sat out in his 20’s will be lost and for what.  Who really loses in this tragedy, it’s you and me, the fans who buy the tickets to come and see their favorite players.  More often than not we live in cities that simply can obtain nor attempt to keep star players like Denver and so we are stuck with trying to go to games where the opponent has players we want to see in person.  You buy the $50 tickets, $9 for a beer, $5 for a hot dog, sit down for the tip only to find out the guy you came to see will be sitting longer than you will during the game and now you have to watch some guy from Serbia that you have never heard of still light up your terrible home team.  The bigger question here is why in the hell would the Nuggets sit any players this year.  After the Warriors did it to them, the Nuggets thought, oh we need to follow this path, mainly because they have no plan whatsoever and they sit Faried, Galo and Lawson.  resting playersIf anything these guys should have to play 40 minutes a game as punishment for the manner in which they conducted themselves with Shaw at the helm.  Instead, coach Melvin Hunt, gets the team on a slight role, playing somewhat to the level we would expect and he gets called into the principals office to remind him, “We SUCK”!  We want a better draft pick, stop winning games and so Hunt is told to sit players.  Guess what it worked, the Nuggets lost and hopefully they will lose just as many fans over it.

It’s On The Way

To lighten the mood, I figured I would take a moment to dive into a budding superstar that I have been talking about for weeks, Rudy Gobert.  will_farrell_shootingThis Flying Frenchman, has come off the bench and into the starting role for the Utah Jazz, only to become one of the most dominating forces in the NBA right now.  He stands at 7 foot 1 inch and can touch the rim from his tippy toes.  He is a natural rebounding maching, averaging over 16 rebounds per game since Kanter was traded to OKC.  Most of us aren’t Jazz fans but let me tell you, Gobert, gives you a reason to watch them.  This young team will fend for a playoff spot in the West and if they played in the East, they would be in the top 3.  Once he learns to add a 15 foot jump shot and put on a few pounds, he might be a guy you get to watch on the national stage because the Jazz will put up W’s on a consistent basis.  The best news about this young man is the fact that this is only his second season and really his rookie year.  gobert_mar10The Jazz add Derrick Favors and Gordon Hayward, who are also young stars with a starting back court that are also rookies.  The NBA beat writers keep talking about Minnesota and the stars they have up there in the north but that’s all they are, Northmen.  The Flying Frenchman and the frontline of the Rocky Mountains, lies in Utah and assuming they can keep this talent together, no don’t REST them, these guys will be fun to watch for years to come and remind me of a young team in OKC of 5 years ago.

Score It

Over the past six months, I have spent countless hours analyzing sports information, watching television shows, listening to sports radio and of course watching all the games you can imagine.  To say the least, this job never stops, it never quits, it’s seven days a week.  So why do it you ask?  The answer is simple, So You Don’t Have To!  All of this analysis is being done, programs built, report generation is being automated and we are almost to a point where you, our reader, can take advantage of all these tools.  We have added a lot more of this information even today so check out DiRTy Plays – Week of March 16th, for all the insight and information you will need to play daily NBA fantasy games.  We not only provide you with projections and an optimal lineup, we also tell you why these players have the projections they have.  basket_on_fireWe have implemented an Absolute system that will identify players in specific salary ranges that you absolutely have to play for tonight’s contests.  We are currently giving away a free Platinum membership if you contact us to the next 15 individuals who sign up.  What will you get you ask?  It’s simple, you will get the full list of projections, access to one of our data analysts for any questions or additional insight you might have, reports will be emailed to you on a daily basis and as our complete lineup optimization tool is being finalized you will get to beta test it’s functionality.  Yes, this costs you nothing and now you get all of the tools that I use to build my earnings each and every day.  Yesterday marked the 24th consecutive day of profit on FanDuel and 7th straight day on DraftKings.  If you want us to further analyze your playing style, projected profit margins based on a certain playing type and contest level, we are happy to do that.  I share this with you today so that you understand that we want to win with you, not against you and we play too.  We don’t just throw out a bunch of information just to leave you with a bunch of numbers, we provide in depth analysis of what this information can be used for and better decision making overall.  Work Smarter and you will find your earnings going up each and every day.  It might only be that you make a few dollars a day to get started but we have designed a systematic approach to how much you should spend, what tournaments and games to play and when to double-down and increase your overall profit margin.  It’s not as simple as play this lineup on one contest and now I should make a secondary income.  Let me help you build this pillar of revenue strategically.  At the same time, I am not going to sit here and believe that you have nothing to offer like many of these information sites.  If you would like to see something different, have an idea for a certain metric but aren’t sure how to get the proper data to review it, contact me, and I will figure it out for you.  Now let’s see our progress to date as we will look to provide a weekly update in our Score It section every Thursday!  One last note, we are working on baseball now so look for that information to be coming in April.

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