DiRTy Plays Wednesday

March 18th, 2015

News & Notes:

We are introducing a new format for our DiRTy Plays as we will be posting our Absolute Must Have, Notable and Sleeper for both Fan Duel and DraftKings.  In this segment we will identify the players you should have in your lineup(s) for tonight’s games as we look to combine their matchup with their projection and rank them by salary category.  For more information and additional insight for more players and lineups be sure to check out DiRTy Plays – Week of March 16th.  Below you will find a Free Roll that we have put together with DraftKings that is designed for only beginners.  You can click on any game, banner or highlighted phrase to be taken to the proper location.  This means if you have NEVER played on Draftkings before tonight is your night.  It cost you nothing to enter and if you click here or just go to our DiRTy Plays Week of March 16th page we will tell you how to win at this contest.  Once you win some money tonight, come back and visit us next week as our lineup optimizer will be ready for you to use and not only will we will analyze your daily DiRTy plays for DraftKings but Fan Duel as well, we always provide insight into why you should stick with certain players.  If you need some instructions on how to play on either DraftKings click here and for Fan Duel click here.  We will be adding a new segment next week that will also outline some of those guys that you should shy away from and why that is so look for that new segment.  Now let us me show you how we are doing as we don’t just provide info we play too so yes, we put our money where our mouth is so you can trust our analysis and results thereafter.


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Absolute Must Have, Notable & Sleeper – New Segment

The definition for these respective categories is all based on the salary assigned to the individual for today’s games on both Fan Duel and DraftKings.  The Absolute Must Have category is designated for players with a salary above $8,000.  The Absolute Notable is for players that have a salary between $5,300 and $7,900.  Absolute Sleeper is defined as players that have a salary at or below $5,200.  We will be identifying the best player for these respective salary ranges each day and you should take all three of these individuals as they have the best matchup and the projection combination for the day.  You will then be able to review the next section where we outline some additional players to complete your lineup and finished off with a lineup to consider for each site.

Absolute Must Have

  • Kyle Lowry– Projected with a 40.1 on Fan Duel and a 41.0 on DraftKings.  He has the best matchup with an overall ranking of #1 and he is still on the somewhat cheap side considering his output will get you at least 12% of your required scoring total to cash tonight.

Absolute Notable

  • Goran Dragic– He is our guy for Fan Duel tonight, coming in with a solid projection of 33.9 and has been playing well of late.  The Heat have been solid in the back court with Wade playing great, look for this to continue tonight.
  • Elfrid Payton – He comes in with the best rating for our Absolute Notable section for DraftKings with a projection of 34.5.  It should be noted that Tobias Harris will most likely not play tonight so look for Payton, Oladipo and Vucevic to pickup the scoring duties tonight.

Absolute Sleeper

  • Robin Lopez– A projection of 23.1 on Fan Duel means can provide you with solid output from the Center position and allow you to afford some other key guys tonight.
  • Justin Hamilton– I’m sure that most of you have no idea who this young player is and really why should you.  Unless you follow the T-Wolves and read their media reports you would never know that this guy has come into the starting lineup with Garnett out and is averaging 12 points and 8 rebounds per game over his last 5 games.  For DraftKings we have him projected at 27.5 tonight.


Fan Duel Earnings:

  • Started with $100 deposit on January 16th, 2015.
  • Earnings through March 16th, 2015 are $2,427
  • Profit for the week of March 16th is a total of $120.50 as we have looked to increase our overall number of entries and entry fee contests to validate results on all levels of players.

Fan Duel Top Tournament Results:

March17_1We post results from Tuesday through Friday!

DraftKings Earnings:

  • Started with a $50 deposit on February 15th, 2015.
  • Earnings through March 16th, 2015 are $573.57
  • Profit for the week of March 16th i$43.00

Results from Draftkings 


We post results from Tuesday through Friday

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