DiRTy Plays Wednesday

March 11th, 2015

Week To Date Recap

We have started off the week with some very nice production and profit to be precise.  It takes consistency, accuracy and analysis to be able to produce in daily NBA fantasy leagues and we are proving that we can do this for you.  If you simply play our Lineups To Consider you will win 68% of the time.  If you take that and apply that to the games that we highlight for you each day, your win percentage increases to 81%.

It has been a promising week, to say the least, considering the fact that every “SuperStar” in the league today has been putting up tremendous numbers.  Games are coming down to the wire and all you have to do is sit back and read our Twitter feed @TheDiRTCanon and we provide you with the updates you need in terms of point production.  Russell Westbrook kicks off his week tonight and we expect another huge performance.  LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard captivised our lineups last night and we scored an enormous 333.9 with taking a ZERO for Ginobli as he was a late scratch after shoot around and we weren’t able to change it because the contest had already begun.  Too bad FanDuel hasn’t changed that aspect of their site yet!

One of our top performers last night was Alex Shved.  Yes, we said and we played it and guess what that was huge for our (After Hours) contents which we won on all three that we played last night.  Take a look at this video, it just goes to show you how math can be applied to predict results even when you have players that do this:

Just Aaa Bit Outsiiide!

Be sure you check out the DiRTy Plays – Week of March 9th to get all the Must Haves and Sleepers for today’s best players with their projections.  We have also put up some lineups to consider for tonight’s games.  You can click here to be taken directly to this information.


Fan Duel Earnings:

  • Started with $100 deposit on January 16th, 2015.
  • Earnings through March 8th, 2015 are $2,308
  • Profit from the week of March 9th thus far is a total of $140.50 as we have looked to increase our overall number of entries and entry fee contests to validate results on all levels of players.

DraftKings Earnings:

  • Started with a $50 deposit on February 15th, 2015.
  • Earnings through March 8th, 2015 are $484.40
  • Profit for the week of March 9th thus far is $20.25


Games to Play Tonight

Just click on the one of the links above and you will be directed to these contests and you can start making a profit.