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Weekend Recap

Russell Westbrook continued his tear putting up another Triple-Double.  While he did break his streak for consecutive Triple-Doubles, he has been the most profitable player on Fan Duel over the last 2 weeks.  His performance on Sunday marked his 6th straight 60+ performance and if you think we were kidding when we said you Must Have him every time, then you probably aren’t cashing.  Our information is designed to allow you to play the optimal contents and subsequent lineups that will constitute earnings on a weekly basis that will produce at least 50% increase over your original deposit.  The more you play the more you earn and we are here to help.

For those of you who reviewed our lineup projections for Friday night, you would have noticed that we accurately projected Oladipo and Harden to be your top performers and if you had those guys then you probably won some scratch.  Our results over the weekend were nominal but we did crank out a profit.  Moving forward we will be posting our results here for both Fan Duel and DraftKings so you can monitor which site is most effective for you and the type of earnings that you are looking to achieve.

Be sure you check out the DiRTy Plays – Week of March 9th to get all the Must Haves and Sleepers for today’s best players with their projections.  We have also put up some lineups to consider for tonight’s games.  You can click here to be taken directly to this information.


Fan Duel Earnings:

  • Started with $100 deposit on January 16th, 2015.
  • Earnings through March 8th, 2015 are $2,167.50.
  • Profit from the week of March 2nd was a total of $562 as we have looked to increase our overall number of entries and entry fee contests to validate results on all levels of players.

DraftKings Earnings:


  • Started with a $50 deposit on February 15th, 2015.
  • Earnings through March 8th, 2015 are $464.15
  • Profit from the week of March 2nd was a total of $135 and we will be targeting a minimum of 5 contests each day this week as we look to continue to validate our process and lineups for


Games to Play Tonight

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