3rd Stone from the Sun

It’s hard to watch your heroes fall and attempt to hang on to long.  Age always wins.  It’s painful to watch the iron-will that made them great, now betray them by whispering sweet-nothings of recapturing past glory – regardless of the broken pieces or body parts required.  We remember painfully as Ali, Unitas, Namath, et al – were terrified to let go.  Maybe it’s the ego that imprisons the spirit to hold on, until the crowd clamors for the towel to be thrown in.

Hopefully, the star gets to fade out on their own terms – recognizing the end and to hang ’em up.  Hopefully they are not being forced out and told in a public forum that the organization hopes you retire – like the Steelers are doing to Polamalu.  It comes off like an intervention on Celebrity Rehab with Dr.Drew – except more public-ness and shame to a once great safety.

Sometimes these athletes reach an epiphany – they were shown a sign and for Peyton I think this is it.  When a grown man wears a swim shirt to the pool – it’s time.  We all know when it happened, when we realized howling at the moon was no longer the same.  We knew we were no longer our younger-cooler selves when we looked for clothes that had more to do with comfort than style, and for a good price.  So for Peyton to eschew sunscreen this way, here’s your sign – It makes you wonder if he was wearing socks with his sandals while he was eating his chicken parm sandwich – He might be you, right now, reading this in your fuzzy bear slippers – he’s your dad in black socks, dress shoes and bermuda shorts, he’s already got one foot in his comfy pants.

We’ve seen the greatness that is Peyton Manning degrade before our eyes.  Last year his legs gave out.  We have witnessed his arm strength sitting almost on “E”, and unless he fills up on stem-cells – there will be no more left in the tank.  But he passed his physical, gave up $4m and said he is coming back to play for his 18th season!  Even at $15m, is he worth the scratch?  Does the $4m help the Broncos improve the team anymore than what they did last year?  Is there anyone out there that truly believes he can win a Superbowl this year – on this team?!

The Broncos are acting like the pusher – just another hit, you know you want it – Peyton should have bowed out by now, but his ego will not let him and the Broncos are enabling him.  Hopefully he has one more good season left and does something great, beyond another 1st round playoff loss.  Hopefully we do not attest another broken hero.  Father Time warns you – he even helps you pick out the sweatpants, if you would just relax and let go – it won’t hurt a bit.


Is this the end of the Percy Harvin experiment in New York and did the Jets just trade for another headache?  Word is the Bears have traded Brandon Marshall to the Jets (pending a physical) for a late round pick – likely the one they would have given to Seattle if Harvin were still on the team – making this the 4th team for Brandon and soon to be 3rd for Harvin.  It still doesn’t answer the question of how the ball gets to the WR, #GenoSmith.  Plus, Brandon Marshall is older than Harvin and just as injury prone.  It smacks of, the same ol’Jets.  Word is also that the Eagles and Jets have already hand-shaked a deal for the Jets to take Mariota with the 6th pick, only to deal him to Philly.  Not sure how Philly does that considering how much Washington gave up for RGIII – or maybe the Chipster is following Ditka‘s plan – when he traded EVERYTHING for Ricky to wear a dress.



Deep in the Phillipine wilderness lived a soul that believed one day he could fly.  That one day he would dare majestically and change the game of basketball forever.  Maybe change the game was to much – maybe dare to change dunk contests forever.  He has emerged from the jungle primeval as the flying minion, with a dream to combine 3 one-of-a-kind dunks into one glorious explosion for human excellence.  The Flying Minion believed he could parlay this success of worldwide reknown into a starting role as point guard extraordinaire for the Washington Generals – at least I hope he wasn’t serious.




…and now a public service announcement



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