3 strikes…

Strike 1


Say what you will about a spoiled, entitled Heisman trophy winner that may be to small to play in the NFL.  But, when that corrupted kid turns down a six-figure sum to host a Superbowl party to begin the process of rehabilitation, you have to hope that he has found consolation behind his words, if only for moment to match his deeds.

Johnny Manziel, last Wednesday, checked himself, his demons and his soul into a rehab facility.  We all find ourselves tortured from time to time and rage against the dying of the light for just one more moment of our escaped youth, and maybe Johnny has realized that those small moments of rage spiraled to often into constant howls.

For Johnny, maybe it’s no longer about feeding the wolf.  Maybe it’s about his words wanting to match his desires.  We saw how they fit with his actions in the past.  So we are beyond interested in words from him – we want results – none of it matters if the passion of the exit doesn’t match the devotion of the entrance.

Hopefully he finds the answers to his investigation and is comfortable with the questions from the man in the glass – because at the end of the day, that is who he must impress – that is who’s opinion matters most, and if he can do that – and work hard at the preparation it takes to walk in greatness, he may have a chance.  We saw his commitment to the previous lifestyle and it will take a greater devotion to the one he is attempting to create, that will make the courage to follow those dreams taste more delicious.  For now, the strength he is showing is greater than his stature, for now I cheer for his success, and hope to see another Phoenix rising, and his name was John.


Watta Sapp

Strike 2

Eve has done it again, she has gotten Adam kicked out of Eden, while the serpent slithers on – the story always comes back around in some form or another – beautiful women hanging around fame and money, offering the forbidden fruit – and there stands poor Adam, who is just walking around, enjoying the sights with a tune in his heart, a bounce in his step, wearing the finest leaves – when the snake saddles up – whissspers – look at that, mmm lookss delicsssious, I bet it feelsss so good when it hitsss your lipss – who’ss gonna know?

Well for Warren Sapp, we all know and for his efforts, he has been fired from Eden(NFL Network).  Secondary to purchasing romance, Warren also got into an altercation with 2 other women.  You could tell something like this was coming – you knew he was a loud-mouthed hypocrite when he played.  You heard it directly from his cake-hole when he retired.  He constantly pointed the finger, while three pointed back at him, #NotShocked.  Warren, like other scandalous-preachers has now been exposed on the bath-house-massage-table of justice.  May you have friends to help you, because professionally, you may now only be capable of speeches being made in a Drive-Thru.

This still seems to be a lesson of arrogance that is constantly repeated.  Would anyone else expect a similar fate from a similar loud-mouth who constantly preaches from their own gilded pulpit? Ray Lewis you are now on the clock.


Strike 3

Tomorrow, February 4th, is National Signing Day and coincidentally is the 11th anniversary of the founding of Facebook…So in honor of self-promotion, absurdity and interactivity – here are some absurd stories from Signing Days Past (courtesy of Athlon Sports)…and why the #@^* do Letters of Intent still get sent by fax?!

  • The Imaginary Scholarship 

    Kevin Hart the 6-foot-5, 290-pound lineman at Fernley (Nev.) High wanted to play college football so badly, that he wrote his own fairytale ending complete with press conference. On Feb. 1, 2008, Hart held a historic announcement at his high school in which he picked Cal over Oregon.

    “Coach Tedford and I talked a lot, and the fact that the head coach did most of the recruiting of me kind gave me that real personal experience,” Hart said at the announcement. There was only one problem. Jeff Tedford had never spoken to, visited or contacted Hart. Neither had Oregon, Washington or Oklahoma State, his other finalists, for that matter. Eventually, Hart admitted the entire recruitment was fictitious and apologized to all parties involved.

  • The Forged SignatureIn 2011, Reserve (La.) East St. John defensive back Floyd Raven had decided that Texas A&M was the right school for him. There was only one issue, however, his letter of intent had already been sent to Ole Miss. The Rebels’ admissions department couldn’t read the signature and asked for a second copy. Raven’s mother wanted him to go to Ole Miss so badly, that she had forged the signature and sent it to Oxford without her son’s knowledge. Eventually, Floyd learned of his mother’s “betrayal” and sent the appropriately signed paperwork to Texas A&M.
  • Lone Star Identity Theft

    The Ron Weaver saga wasn’t really a huge story on National Signing Day since he completely duped an entire university with identity fraud in 1996. In fact, it is the last documented case of identity fraud in major college football. Ron Weaver signed with Texas and played every game of the regular season in the 1996 season under coach John Mackovic as a 23-year-old defensive back. There was only one problem. Weaver was actually a 30-year-old by the name of Ron McKelvey who had used up his collegiate eligibility when he played at Sacramento State back in 1989. He duped Mackovic, the University of Texas at Austin and the NCAA — which later found no wrongdoing in the case by the school. Weaver was suspended the day before the Longhorns lost to the Hokies in the Sugar Bowl.

  • The Coin FlipIt takes thousands of hours of labor and thousands of dollars to recruit athletes at the highest level. But in 2009, Atco (N.J.) Winslow Township linebacker Ka’Lial Glaud trimmed the entire process to a few cents. After taking five, school-funded official visits, Glaud had narrowed his list to West Virginia and Rutgers. But the linebacker was still so torn he couldn’t make up his mind. So naturally, he decided to let chance decide his fate as he literally flipped a coin between the two programs. Heads he goes to WVU, tails he goes to Rutgers. He has posted 47 total tackles in three seasons for the Scarlet Knights.
  • Post-Announcement Flip-FlopFlip-flops happen in recruiting all the time – especially, as National Signing Day draws near. Cyrus Kouandjio, the nation’s No. 2 player in 2011, however, made heads spin in record time. An offensive tackle from Hyattsville (Md.) DeMatha, Kouandjio’s older brother, Arie, was already at Alabama. Yet Cyrus announced on ESPN that he would be attending Auburn. No more than five minutes after the bright TV lights had gone out, however, the younger Kouandjio recanted his pledge to the Tigers. He never sent in his letter of intent to Auburn and three days later it was revealed he had officially signed with Alabama via Twitter. Longtime commitments are snaked away at the last minute every season, but never has a kid committed on national television only to decide to sign with someone else five minutes later.
  • The Case of the Stolen LOIArkansas’ Alex Collins, a four-star running back from Miami, was one of the biggest stories on NSD ’13. He announced he was signing with Arkansas but it was reported that his mother, Andrea McDonald, had absconded with her son’s Letter of Intent and went into hiding. She wanted him to stay close to home and play for the University of Miami and made sure everyone knew about it. So Collins had to have a second ceremony where he signed another LOI, this time with his father’s approval. While this was going on, it was reported that McDonald hired an attorney to “represent the family’s interests.” Her efforts ultimately fell on deaf ears and Collins, wearing, of course, a camouflage suit, signed with Bret Bielema and Arkansas where he became SEC Freshman of the Year.
  • The Announcement PropsI am not one who enjoys recruiting announcements. They are filled with superfluous rhetoric from coaches, analysts and handlers. Every now and then, however, if done with style, an announcement can be fun – or infuriating. Georgia’s Isaiah Crowell made fans coo when he pulled out an actual Bulldog puppy to signify his decision to play for Mark Richt in Athens. Andre Smith sent the Crimson Tiders into hysterics when he pulled out the houndstooth hat at his announcement for Alabama.

    But Antonio Logan-El’s live announcement back in 2006 was met with a slightly harsher response. The Forestville (Md.) High offensive lineman had been committed to Maryland for the better part of a year. While dressed in Maryland red in front of a Terps crowd at the ESPN Sportszone in Maryland — including head coach Ralph Friedgen’s wife — Logan-El first pulled out a Florida hat before tossing it to the ground. He then pulled out a Tennessee hat. That, too, was tossed aside before picking up the Terps black and red headgear. After a few nice words, Logan-El threw his Maryland hat to the ground and held up a picture of Joe Paterno and announced he would be heading to Penn State. The decision was met with screams of “traitor” and violence nearly resulted.

  • Who is Brian Butler and why do we care?The most recent and bizarre trend for elite recruits is to wait until after National Signing Day to make a decision. Terrelle Pryor, Orson Charles, Latwan Anderson, Vidal Hazelton, Seantrel Henderson, Cyrus Kouandjio and 2011’s top prospect Jadeveon Clowney all signed their LOIs well past NSD. But Wichita (Kan.) East running back Bryce Brown, and his handler/mentor/coach/agent/leech Brian Butler, set a new low for recruiting sludge back in 2009.

    Brown had been committed to the Hurricanes from the early stages. He did not sign on NSD and instead took a couple of extra visits to Tennessee and LSU after Signing Day. The calendar flipped to March without a decision, and Butler, who was a convicted felon and fledgling rapper, set up a website in order to charge $9.99 per month for recruiting updates on his protégé/meal ticket. Eventually, Miami (and others) stopped recruiting the troubled tailback until halfway through March, when Brown got “a sign from god” to go to Tennessee.

    Bryce lasted one year in Knoxville before transferring back home to Kansas State. He played in two games in 2011, got three carries and comically declared for the 2012 NFL Draft where he was a seventh-round pick of the Eagles.

  • Nation’s top QB decommits because of radio host

    Josh Rosen is the No. 1 quarterback prospect in the nation and he’s currently enrolled at UCLA. However, Pac-12 Network and SiriusXM Radio analyst Rick Neuheisel will convince Rosen to decommit and sign elsewhere on NSD (despite it being against NCAA rules). Why? Because Slick Rick wants his son, Jerry Neuheisel, to start at UCLA next season. Overzealous dads and moms always create headlines on Signing Day. (not true, but how great would that be?)