Rub some DiRT on it

3 strikes…

Strike 1

It’s been quite a week for Tom.  He is the alleged mastermind behind pig-bladder exhaustion, lover of avocado ice cream, and was deposited into a high-school locker.  Now he admits he has a cold and it takes you all the way back to the Michael Jordan flu game – Jordan pushed off – so that he has a possible explanation of failure or an exultation of brilliance.  As if he doesn’t already have everything else, he has to tell us all, that he takes NyQuil just like us slobs to get up and go to work the next day.

Tom might be the greatest nerd and QB of all time who is also lead around by his wife – who isnt if you’re smart – so it’s kewl to hear he was stuffed in a locker – I wasn’t, nor was I ever the Stuffer – but his man-card must have expired because the only way he eats avocado ice cream is if his portuguese wife made him eat it, AND it was during one of those awkward late-night-bed-wrestling-matches, that we would all consider trading places with him for a day – that is the only scenario I can come up with, for him to actually say it is his favorite treat.  Of course we all have our vices/fetishes.

Strike 2

Hey! James Shields is still out there!  The 33yr old pitcher, who is 2 years older than Jon Lester and Max Scherzer, must have overplayed/overpriced his hand.  He is expecting a similar deal to both Lester and Scherzer and you have to wonder how does he come up with that number?  He might need a new agent or spend more time coming to grips that he IS NOT “Big Game”.

He has long not been a Lion as a pitcher, in fact he has thrown for more innings than any pitcher since 2007.  His fWAR stats say he is more like Dan Haren since that time and in only the last 4 years is more like Anibal Sanchez.  So he better get realistic real quick with his perceived value and stop holding out for a 6yr 9-figure deal – He’s more worth like 3years $45m – maybe.

Of course somebody will take a flyer on him.  it’s not like this is the first time a known pitcher was left dangling out there this long like jerky – Garza, Ubaldo, Lohse, we’re looking at you.  But the point is he doesnt have the juice at 33 nor the stats to justify anything larger.  Not even the Yankees are touching him as of now and that should tell you all you need to know James – know the ledge.

Strike 3

What are you doing Trent?

It’s fun to pick on Trent Richardson.  He was benched for the playoffs, can never see the hole, went to Alabama and overall is a train-wreck of a first round pick.  Because of him, or more to the point, he is the poster-boy of not drafting a RB in the 1st round.  You could say that for the next 5 years, only Leonard Fournette (if healthy) could be the only 1st round RB taken.

The offensive gameplan nowadays favors the pass and teams no longer can count on a high draft pick to be wasted on a position that, value-wise, produces in the later rounds.  It is not an indictment on the position, to me it is still critical, to able to run the ball. But Trent is slowly destroying the position, one bad read at a time.  It’s also why no one from Alabama is any good in the pros.  It’s because their SYSTEM is so structured that they never learn how to play – they’re robots, albeit good at robotics, but in the next level they have to be unlearned and reprogrammed.  So to all the RB’s coming out that are healthy – if you go after the 1st round, send a thank-you-letter to ya’boy Trent.  He and peanut-head Jamarcus, #CantPlayAtNextLevel.

Passed ball

73 seconds.

29 years ago today, that was all we saw of the Space Shuttle Challenger.  I remember exactly where I was and still I am reminded by the thoughts that went thru my head of disbelief.  Being at school, being told over the speaker system what happened, hoping the falling cabin contained life…still is hard to believe that 7 people lost their lives because of an O-ring.  18 years and 6 days later there was the second shuttle disaster, when Endeavour disintegrated in re-entry over Texas and Louisiana.  Now, no more shuttles…Prometheus stole fire to provide us a spark, to generate creativity and explore – what shall we do if we never venture out into the unknown?  Bless those that took the chance to peel back the curtain of the great beyond.

STS-51-L.svgSTS-107 Flight Insignia.svg