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A few of us found ourselves within the friendly confines of the DiRT Canon Safehouse on Sunday, with loads of charcuteurie, queso, other roasted animals and an assortment of football snacks to soak up whatever concoctions were being offered in celebration of professional football’s second holiest day. What we witnessed was a referendum on choking and how danger”Russ” it can be.

First the Colts, because that game provided as much drama as I’m sure Taken 3 provided, and why is it “Taken” anything? It should have been titled Murder 1, as in the mom is dead and no one is taken anywhere…anyway…The legacy of the Patriots, beyond the winning, is how they do it.  The Patriots conduct an approach that is different than most teams – meaning they will attack your STRENGTH more often than they will probe your weakness – that’s counter to what most teams do in this league and that is finding your weakest link and exploiting it until the link breaks.  For Wild Bill Belichick it’s different, he will savagely attack the strongest link in your chain.  He doesn’t want the link broken, he wants the whole chain crippled.  That is how the patriots confuse people and that is how they beat Indy’s brains in – like a carnival game of whack-a-mole – Bill took a lead-pipe to the Colts’ passing attack and kept whacking until the deformity was so severe, that the soul of the Colts had to be amputated.

With Tom Brady conducting the orchestra, the Patriots continue to prove the importance of practice being necessary to the execution and like the US Special Forces, winning is a full-time job.  Colts v Pats was the same movie we have seen many times before – remember in Bewitched when they switched Darren’s and they thought no one would know the difference?  Apparently no one could tell the difference between 12 or 18 either – from here on out, Indy is gonna have to resort to some dark magic when it comes to future-playoff games in Foxboro.

Your move Seattle…

For the Packers, this play says it all – the guy playing soccer was supposed to block the guy running free for Seattle and allow the HANDS-guy – Jordy Nelson – to do what he is there to do and catch the ball, most likely, sealing the victory.  Instead we saw the Packers blow the largest lead in NFC Championship history like a crack-whore needing a sandwich.  This wasn’t Green Bay’s downfall, that was more like: not being able to score a touchdown from inside the one, or not scoring more than one touchdown the entire game when you have the champs daring you with turnovers – GB allowed to be rope-a-doped.

You knew that the Packers had not done enough to put the Seahawks away at halftime and came out the second half like gutless turds.  Green Bay must have thought they had done enough for 16pts.  The longer this went on you could feel that Seattle would come back – and then the punter throws a touchdown pass – then another FG by the Packers.  The Packers then became so terrified that they became vanilla, nor did they ever challenge Richard Sherman again, after what was being reported as a dislocated elbow.  Sherman picks you off once in the endzone that it paralyzes you later in the game when he’s hurt?  Did you really just show how much sand was in your vagina on the National Stage that you could not run a famous-packer-sweep towards Richard Sherman with Eddie Lacy?  Or a hitch route with Cobb?  After-all of that nonsense, all the Packers had to do was catch that onside-kick and they could have secured a trip to Glendale.  Instead they proved nothing more than being soft like Charmin and not mentally tough enough to play an entire 60 minutes.

Seattle kept trying to give the ball to the Packers and still won.  Consider this their bad game, and now that it’s out of the way, they can play the Superbowl as loose as a day-after-prom-dress.  Russell Wilson demonstrated how a one-legged-man wins an ass kicking contest after playing so poorly.  Seattle further proved that you NEVER count out the heart of a Champion.  In this game, we learned that the bond of brotherhood can be stronger than talent, that chemistry matters in the science of winning championships and that we may be witnessing a dynastic march of destiny.  Think of it,  The greatest defenses in history never went back to the Superbowl.  The ’85 Bears and the ’00 Ravens may have to argue for second place if this Seahawks D beats Peyton Manning and Tom Brady in the Superbowl.

Proof that every fanbase has their lunatics:

Tweets about the Packers from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel…

Sits on the sidelines and pouts. Limps at the appropriate time to remind everyone of his leg.

Blame goes to Rogers. He cries too much about his “boo-boos”. Be a man, like the great Favre who played hurt MANY times

Unfathomable to me Murphy, Thompson & McCarthy are still employed. They can take the QB with them

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