Quick and DiRTy

Assassin’s Creed?

So, Kurt Busch, also known in NASCAR circles as “The Outlaw”, believes his ex-girlfirend is a government trained assassin. Nevermind the current investigation of him slamming her head into a wall why she visited his trailer for a bit of reconciliation.

In his fantasy he envisions Angelina Jolie from Wanted touring the world looking for contracts and signing those death warrants for hire, in blood.  She says this is all nonsense taken from a movie script she has been writing for the lat 8 years.

I’m not sure who to believe.  If she truly was, then he obviously is doing the right thing by exposing her, in case he turns up dead, mysteriously.  But if it is true then could she not have gone all “Gone Girl” on him, or sniped him to the big-race-track up in the sky – or is she really bad at her job like every other gubmint employee?  Read the hilarity here.


Finally, we will get to see the fight we have been waiting for.  As a fan of the sweet science, I hope this isn’t the traditional Mayweather dance around snoozefest and we get to see a fight like Hagler v Hearns.  Pacquiao is 57-5-2 and gets 40% of the gate at age 34.  Floyd is 47-0 and gets 60% of the gate at age 35.  Tickets at the MGM grand are reportedly going for $5,000 at face value.  Anyone else wonder how much Floyd will bet of the supposed $100m he’ll earn, on himself?

Is this the reason Rob Konrad swam all those miles?

Rob Konrad says he was just fishing, by himself, caught one this [                    ] big, and fell off – then swam with or without the gulf-stream and ended up 27miles away from were he took off – in only his underwear, circled by sharks, stung by numerous jellyfish, on a January night in the Atlantic – with his boat being found on Deadman’s reef in the Bahamas after being on auto-pilot.

It is possible that the need for survival could have produced superhuman results, but we only have his word for it.  So many things do not seem to make sense and no one seems interested in asking these kind of questions.  When asked by different police officers of the incident, the story got more elaborate and then the press conference, where the story grew into a lifetime mini-series.  If we are just to take people’s word for strange, superhuman, phenomena then I have some beachfront property to sell you in Grand Junction.  Do we not remember the football player at USC, “Read my lips”, Lance Armstrong, Rafael Palmeiro, “Of course I Love you”, “I wont cum in your mouth”, Richard Nixon, etc…We’ll see, but I’m betting on insurance fraud, drugs, alcohol, or suicide and then changing his mind – or maybe more like the above picture and then down the road a letter from stranger that says “I know what you did last winter”.

hmmmmmm 1000 wins is hard

Miami ends Duke’s (second loss in 3 days) 41 game home streak by beating the Blue Devils 90-74 and extends Krooz-ahew-ski’s chances at getting to 1000 victories a bit longer.  So if you took the Hurricanes and the over we should talk because you clearly knew that Duke would not be able to stop Miami.

nuggets will never be this good again meme.jpg

So…the Nuggets traded Nate Washington to Boston for Jameer Nelson- neat

Clearly he needs more research as Todd Bowles is now the head coach of the Jets and none of those people seem to know Todd well at all – he chose the J-E-T-S and they are anything but low-key.

As for the Raiders this is what an owner does after interviewing Jack Del Rio:

bet the drapes dont match her pubes

Goes to Hooters to celebrate with Marcel Reese and George Atkinson.  I guess when you have been terrible since Gruden and you could not get Harbaugh, you settle for further medicority and choose Del Rio who couldn’t sack or stop Andrew Luck and the Colts without a running game.  Seriously Jack, all you had to do was prepare for Luck throwing the ball – see Patriots defensive gameplan.  But hey good for Mark Davis, he probably got a side of handjob with his wings and doesnt have to hire Tony Sparano now, because there were no other candidates.