3rd Stone from the Sun

They are, who we thought they were!!!

Oregon is now 0-9 against Ohio State all time – 0-3 in the post-season

Oregon was 2-12 in 3rd down conversions

Urban Meyer has been a college head coach for 13 years and in those 13yrs he now has 3 titles to go along with 2 undefeated seasons – impressive.  You could tell watching the game that this was not going to be close after Ohio State recovered from Oregon’s first drive – Ohio State could have turned the ball over 10 more times and Oregon still would not have been able to score touchdowns.  It was surprising to know that Ohio State had gone 0-22 in goal-to-go, giving up 22 TD’s this season – to see them stonewall the Ducks after that 1st TD to start the game.  Notwithstanding the critical 3rd down drops by Oregon receivers, you still felt Ohio State was a tidal wave.  When it comes down to it for it Oregon, they are gonna have to find a balance between scheme, tempo and gimmicks to challenge for a title.  It was clear that Ohio State knew Oregon could not pass the ball consistently enough to win and when they took the lead, the Buckeye D never looked back.  You also could feel which coaching staff was prepared for the moment. Here are the stats at halftime.

crucial 3rd down drop

terrific TD run by Zeke

Here are some tweets from last night…


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