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FanDuel Perfect lineup/results

by FanDuel’s – Matt Hevia

NFL Week 17 is in the books. How’d you spend it? Were you watching Geno Smith do his best Joe Namath impression? Did you see Ndamukong Suh step on Aaron Rodgers’ leg? Or maybe you took in another lights-out performance from G-Men stud Odell Beckham Jr. In any case, it was a nice end to the season, except for the Falcons-Carolina game, which was pretty hard to watch, but I digress. Overall, we had 17 awesome weeks of football, which also meant 17 weeks of awesome fantasy football.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the last week of the NFL regular season, and how things panned out on FanDuel, by the numbers.


3 — Number of consecutive weeks Odell Beckham, Jr. has appeared in the Perfect Lineup.

Odell Beckham Jr. has been a freak of nature, and capped off his rookie season with another monster performance. Beckham finished with 12 receptions for 185 yards and a touchdown, which earned him 30.5 points on FanDuel. The Giants receiver was, unsurprisingly, the highest owned player on FanDuel, and his point total wound up as the fourth highest in Week 17. The Giants have had a less-than-thrilling season, but if Victor Cruz comes back from injury in 2015, the tandem of him and OBJ is going to be an absolute nightmare for secondaries to deal with.

56% — Percentage of players in the Perfect Lineup with ownership greater than 11%.

This week’s perfect lineup had a fair amount of popular players, as 56% had an ownership of 11% or higher. Specifically, a lot of FanDuelers put their hopes and dreams on the shoulders of Lamar Miller (11%), C.J. Anderson (26.1%), Odell Beckham Jr. (48.2%), Coby Fleener (16.6%), and Connor Barth (12.9%). If you had one of those players, good for you. If you had all of them, well, that’s great. You probably killed it in Week 17!

25.16% — Average ownership for the nine players in the Not-So-Perfect Lineup.

Unfortunately, while a decent amount of FanDuelers owned players from the Perfect lineup, there was consistent ownership of players from the Not-So-Perfect-Lineup. The average ownership was 25.16%, with the highest owned player, Jonathan Stewart, coming in at 35.6%. No bueno. I’m sure your lineup could have survived if you had one of the nine duds in this week’s NSPL, but any more than that, and your ship probably sank real fast.

55%— Percentage of the Not-So-Perfect-Lineup that came from the NFC South.

More than half of this week’s Not-So-Perfect-Lineup came from the NFL’s Not-So-Perfect-Division. The NFC South’s Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Jonathan Stewart, Kelvin Benjamin, and Shayne Graham were all featured, making up 55% of the roster.

$17,500 — Cost to roster Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. This expensive QB-WR stack landed in the Not-So-Perfect Lineup, producing a total of 16.8 points.

Digging a little deeper into the NSPL, the inclusion of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones was a little surprising. Sure they play on a poor team, but as a unit, they work well together. It wasn’t meant to be, though, as Ryan threw zero TDs and two interceptions, while Jones managed an underwhelming 58 yards receiving on the day. The duo combined for 16.8 FanDuel points, which undoubtedly ruined Sunday for a handful of FanDuelers.

15% — Percentage of top 20 owned players that were QBs.

Within the list of top 20 owned players 15%, or three, were quarterbacks. Lots of FanDuel users picked up Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Ryan, and Cam Newton, but unfortunately, none of them were able to eclipse the 20-point mark. As I said earlier, Matt Ryan had a two interception afternoon, and nine FanDuel points, making him the weakest link of the three. Roethlisberger was better, throwing for over 300 yards and two touchdowns, which grabbed him 17.98 points on FanDuel. And finally, Cam Newton was this trio’s shining star, throwing for a touchdown, rushing for another, and finishing the day with 19.66 points.

4%— The combined ownership of Week 17’s top three scorers.

The top three scorers in Week 17 were Eric Decker (33.1), Michael Floyd (31.3) and the Carolina D (31). As you may imagine, these aren’t players that were consistently popular DFS options during the 2014 NFL season. As a result, the combined ownership of the week’s three highest scorers was 4%. To put this in perspective, the player with the lowest ownership in the Not-So-Perfect-Lineup was Jason Witten, at 15.1%. So, basically, he had 11.1% higher ownership than all three top scorers combined. Mind blown.

75%— Of the top four players owned in Week 17, three were rookies.

In a season where rookies ruled, it was no surprise to see that of the top four players owned on FanDuel in Week 17, three were rookies. Odell Backham Jr., Kelvin Benjamin, and Jeremy Hill are the rookies in question, but unfortunately, only Beckham Jr. (30.5 points) was a great play. Benjamin made the Not-So-Perfect-Lineup with 1.4 points, and Jeremy Hill checked in with a mediocre 12-point outing.

59.22— The combined score of Geno Smith and Eric Decker. They outscored the entire Not-So-Perfect-Lineup.

Who on earth ever thought that this would happen? It took 16 weeks, but Geno Smith finally broke out. Granted, the game didn’t matter a bit, but Smith and his new favorite target Eric Decker put on a show. Geno threw for 358 yards and three touchdowns (26.12 points) , while Decker caught 10 balls for 221 yards and a TD (33.1 points). The duo made the Perfect Lineup, and in fact, their combined point total of 59.22 points beat out the entire Not-So-Perfect-Lineup’s score of 52.8.

80%— The percentage of top 20 scorers who were either quarterbacks or wide receivers.

And finally, if you made the list of top 20 scorers this week, it’s a safe bet that you were either a quarterback or a wide receiver. Those two positions accounted for 80% of the list, with the remaining 20% coming in the form of the Panthers D, the Seahawks D, Lamar Miller, and C.J. Anderson. Also, if you were wondering where all the tight ends went, so am I. The position has been represented on this list by one player (Luke Willson) in the past two weeks.