The Weather-Post

We are still working on the rankings and will update them under the RotoCanon+FanDuel (week 16) tab as soon as they are done.  Tomorrow look for our College Football Bowl game picks.  For now settle in and review the weather for the upcoming pro-football games, as provided by

Huge(meh) matchup tonight that means a lot for draft-positioning.  I would say this is a big one for JAX, as they will be at home – on TV – and will want to treat it like a playoff-game against a divisional foe.

Titans Tennessee_ntc120 @ Jacksonville_6n_120 Jaguars 12/18 08:25 PM NFL Nclear-night 55f Clear 2m WNW

Philly needs this game and some help to assure themselves a shot for the tournament.  If he can go, then expect Desean Jackson to do all he can to kick the Eggles when they are down.  Washington has nothing to lose and Philly has everything to gain, but first they have to stop their 2-game loser streak.

Eagles Philadelphia_6n_120 @ Redskins Redskins 12/20 04:30 PM CBS Partly-cloudy-day 39f Partly Cloudy 3m NW

It’s a trap!” ~ Admiral Ackbar – The Chargers have to go up against Team Sybil to extend their hopes on the road.  Rivers has to play better than his 12TD’s and 11INT’s the past 8 games, (3-5 record).

Chargers San_diego_6n_120 @ San_francisco_6n_120 49ers 12/20 08:25 PM CBS Npartly-cloudy-night 56f Mostly Cloudy 3m NNW

If Detroit wins out, they win the North and a potential 1st round bye.  They begin that march against the chaotic Bears – a team that FINALLY benched Jay Cutler for Jimmy Clausen, (career 1-15 as a starter).

Lions Detroit_6n_120 @ Chicago_ntc120 Bears 12/21 01:00 PM FOX Partly-cloudy-day 36f Partly Cloudy 11m SSE

Miami, like Philly, has lost 2 in-a-row and 3-of-5, and could be playing for the coach’s job.  Not sure how the players will respond and you really have to wonder if Philbin was ever the answer?

Vikings Minnesota_ntc120 @ Miami_greenmask_ntc120 Dolphins 12/21 01:00 PM FOX Clear-day 76f Clear 7m ESE

Big-Time-Stuff with two hated rivals, in a game that decides the potential winner of the division.  So many scenarios, but the Falcons control their destiny.  This is one of the most heated/hated rivalries in all the NFL (ask any fan of these teams) that does not get enough respect.  To review see here and here.

Falcons Atlanta_ntc120a @ New_orleans_6n_120 Saints 12/21 01:00 PM FOX Dome DOME 8m NNE

The Patriots can clinch home field with a win and a loss by the Broncos.  For the Jets they play the Pats tough – in the last 3 games, the Jets have won only one of the three but, have only been outscored by two points in the losses.

Patriots New_england_6n_120 @ New_york_j_white_n120 Jets 12/21 01:00 PM CBS Partly-cloudy-day 37f Partly Cloudy 2m NW

Technically the playoffs have already started for these teams, as this game has a lot riding on it.  Pittsburgh can win the AFC North if they win out – KC MUST win to keep their chances alive, as they do have the tie-breaker against Baltimore.

Chiefs Kansas_city_ntc120 @ Pittsburg_ntc120 Steelers 12/21 01:00 PM CBS Partly-cloudy-day 37f Partly Cloudy 1m SSW

Come to Tampa for the r-e-l-a-x-ation.  However, if Tampa can’t fix your ailments then you’ve got bigger problems – worse of all, not making the playoffs.

Packers Greenbay_6n_120 @ Tampa_bay_ntc120 Buccaneers 12/21 01:00 PM FOX Partly-cloudy-day 71f Mostly Cloudy 4m ESE

It seems so simple for Carolina – win out and have the Saints lose one of their last two – and they are in – with a better record then the 2010 NFC West division champs, Seattle.  The Panther D has been playing like the 2013 version recently and now the circus comes to town.

Browns Cleveland_6n_120 @ Carolina_6n_120 Panthers 12/21 01:00 PM CBS Partly-cloudy-day 49f Partly Cloudy 2m N

Another one of those dooms-day scenarios of win the last two and you’re in – Houston has a shot if they do, but needs help.  Baltimore? It’s easier, but more complicated, revolving around what happens with KC/PIT and DEN/CIN.

Ravens Baltimore_ntc120 @ Houston_6n_120 Texans 12/21 01:00 PM CBS Rain 53f Drizzle 6m NNE

Not much revolving this game except the potential of the 2 head-coaches coaching different teams next year – Both are good men that want to win and their teams play hard – think of it more like a college bowl game preparing for next year.

Giants New_york_g_6n__120 @ St._louis_ntc120 Rams 12/21 04:05 PM FOX Dome DOME 8m SSE

DeMarco Murray! You will see him play because of the scenario that Dallas is in and here it is – Dallas holds a one game lead over Philly and can win the division with a victory over Indy and a Philly loss to Washington. But its not that simple because – the tie-breaker anomaly says Dallas loses out in a three-way tie with Detroit and Seattle for the two wild card spots – going beyond that, is the fact that Dallas loses the tie-breaker to Philly in the NFC East based on their inter-division record – The Colts? they don’t need the game – Cripes

Colts Indianapolis_6n_120 @ Dallas_6n120 Cowboys 12/21 04:25 PM CBS Partly-cloudy-day 55f Partly Cloudy 7m SSE

This game is all about Buffalo and standing at 8-6 with a chance at making the playoffs.  Usual win out stuff and maybe some help along the way – and up next are the Raiders, an Autumn wind, a snake – that never let’s you know when it will strike.

Bills Buffalo_red_ntc120 @ Oakland_b_wstripe_n_120 Raiders 12/21 04:25 PM CBS Partly-cloudy-day 60f Mostly Cloudy 3m W

Arizona has already clinched a playoff spot – but you know they want the division and make it more difficult for Seattle to make the playoffs.  They also start their 4th QB of the season and a guy who has 0TD’s and 7INT’s in his career.  Seattle is playing their usual Legion of Boom D, but AZ is always tough at home.

Seahawks Seattle_6n_120a @ Arizona_whitetail_ntc120 Cardinals 12/21 08:30 PM NBC Dome DOME 2m SW

The only thing on the line for this game is the top seed and a First-Round-Bye , so no big deal right?  A win for CIN and they have a good chance at the #2 seed – which makes this game huge for the fightin-marvin’s – because they still are not guaranteed a playoff spot.

Broncos Denver_6n_120 @ Cinncinnati_6n_120 Bengals 12/22 08:30 PM ESPN Npartly-cloudy-night 47f Mostly Cloudy 7m S