Chock Full O’DiRT

1.  When we’re young…

So Mayweather says he has a date all picked out and is FINALLY ready to fight Pacquiao.  We’ve had negotiations, denied negotiations, accusations and overall excuses.  We have the 5 division champ lining up the 8 division champ and as Pacquiao says the fight is more than about money, it’s about legacy.  Should we care anymore?  It could be nothing more than a little dancing around the ring waiting for the bell to ring just to setup another fight.  Mayweather is an inch and a half taller and is rated by Ring Magazine as no.1 and Manny as no.3.  Surely this will be big enough and a lot of money is to be made and from the standpoint of age we arent getting any younger, nor are we gonna see the fight we should have.  Pacquiao says he will do his best to make it a good fight, but we all know Floyd’s style and his penchant of inducing us to sleep.  Gone are the days of real fights or the appointment fights of Mike Tyson.  Wouldn’t we rather see a Victoria Secret pillow fight instead?

2. A-Rod we Trust

You gotta love the Yankees – either they are increasingly delusional as the ship goes down like a whore on dollar day – or is it marketing genius to stir this drama-rita to remain relevant with the only prima-donna left at the ball.  It is going to be a crazy couple of months to watch it all unfold like a storyline ripped from the Young and the Restless; as outlined by Buster Olney here.

3. Pot-Roast Kingdom

Maybe Terrance Knighton has been on that treadmill too long for Bridgestone, guaranteeing a SuperBowl victory.  Bravado is one thing and what else is he going to say – he should believe it – it should be the goal – however when you say stuff like that out loud, you invite the kind of attention that maybe you aren’t quite ready for.  Pepperidge Farm remembers the last SuperBowl and the playoff loss to the Ravens and the playoff history of your quarterback – and so should you.  The Broncos are 0-5 when they wear orange in the big game – but it does take a team to win or lose and lately the team has struggled regardless of Peyton’s playoff record.  So best of luck and maybe this new found desire to run the football will finally teach Peyton what it takes to win and equal his brother.  It’s not to late, you can either be like Elway and let someone else be the focal point; or end up like Marino and always keep it on you.

4. Viva La Sabres

The NHL has a policy of voting for the ASG, allowing 10 votes per device, per day.  That loophole has exposed the mania for a favorite son to be the leading vote getter.  It is not the loyal fans of Pittsburgh voting for Sydney Crosby.  It is not the loyalty of Chicago fans voting for Patrick Kane or Jonathan Toews, (both the 2nd and 3rd leading vote-getters).  Toews and Kane are each being doubled up by the player who is ranked 51st at his position.  Surpassed by a center who has 9 goals, 17 points and is a +4.  A second year player taking the league by storm, a household name?  I introduce you to the Latvian Rocket – Zemgus Girgensons.  The center for the Fightin’ Buffalo Sabres is averaging 1pt every 2 games and has more than half the population of Latvia in votes, at 1.1 million (as of Tuesday).  If it’s ok for the NHL, (for more than 80% of the votes coming from Latvia to create a market to get a guy who equates to Derek Carr in the NFL, to be in the ASG,) then who are we to complain.  I’m sure all the Buffalonians are having fun with it and why not?  How often will Zemgus get to say he’s better than every center in NHL, when it comes to being a fan favorite.  I would love to see a picture of all those Sabres’ jersey’s in Latvia.