The DiRT-y (half)Dozen

The DiRT-y (half)Dozen

1. The otha teams qwarddaback must geaux dhown, and he must geaux dhown hawrd

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Yesterday was an example of the fragile (pronounced: fra-gee-lay; it’s italian) nature of the quarterback position.  We saw Geno (getting punched in the face), Colt McCoy (injuring his neck), Ryan Fitzpatrick (being carted off), Jake Locker (gets hurt), Thursday night Drew Stanton (out a month), Peyton Manning (with the flu) and Johnny and Aaron having more in common.  What if I told you that Johnny Football (QB rating of 1) and Aaron Rodgers (worst statistical performance of career?) both would have 2 INT’s and 0 TD’s (who likes playing Buffalo?).  Sunday was a trainwreck for the position physically and mentally, especially when you throw in RG(me)3 looking more and more unbalanced.  Is hope big enough with Manziel, or is it more of the same in Cleveland now officially missing the ‘offs, again? I’m going with the dysfunction-junction that is the mistake by the lake, being the rule and taking more than an oompa-loompa to make the Browns relevant anytime soon; and yet Cincy has gotten better so there’s hope, but….

2. I’ll take names that start with K for a $400 Alex


So Kobe finally passes His Airness for third all time.  How weird is it that 4 out of the top 5, all time, wore the purple and gold at one point.  Anytime you put yourself in the same company of Jordan, Kareem, Wilt, etc…It is a terrific accomplishment.  Do we value Kobe’s accomplishment less because of his irascibility or that he is not Jordan?  Kobe does have the worst shooting percentage of anyone in the top 5; not to mention more bricks than a LEGO convention, and yet he does deserve the accolades of this moment.  He is/was an all-timer; but let’s always remember, no one “scored” like Wilt.

3. 82% correct


When we posted what to play on Sunday’s football games; out of the 28 different items to play we got 23 correct.  Of the outcomes of the games themselves (who wins straight up), we scored 78% and got 11 out of 14 correct. We have a few weeks left and using our info will prepare you to make the best decisions going forward, so best of luck.

4. How ’bout dem cowboys?!


First 10 win season since they won 11 in 2009; but more impressive is dem cowboys being 7-0 on the road.  The Eagles looked like they were about to over-run the ‘boys when they took a 3pt lead in the 3rd quarter only for the Cowboys to answer back and win by 11.  Tony ReauxMeaux became the first player to throw three touchdowns with no interceptions in four straight road games.  Remember when he hurt his back?  Amazingly the Eagles scored 27 points with Sanchez, McCoy, Maclin and Matthews accounting for 0 touchdowns.  That’ll put a sting in your fantasy championship hopes if you had those guys.  Speaking of fantasy championship hopes, you’d have to wonder about DeMarco’s hand injury and how that might impact him for week 16.  Lance Dunbar get your helmet, you might be going in.

5. Pope v. President


Tonight on Monday Night Football it is a battle of two teams that have 2 very powerful fans.  On one hand you have the leader of the free world and on the other, the guy with the direct line to THE MAN.  You would expect that having seen the Falcons lose and the Panthers win yesterday; the Saints have to be geared up to win this game and put them closer to hosting a playoff game.  However, if they would have taken care of business at home they would not be in this situation.  Do you consider the emotional state of da’Bears and the recent media involving coaches, players and Jay Cutler on how this game will play out?  One team has something to play for and that same team got blown out by Carolina, at home, last week; and that gives you this: the team that had the largest margin of defeat, covers more than 80% of the time the following week (that sez take da’Saints).  So you should lean on the Pope’s favorite sons.  However, you’d probably have better luck betting on the local-high-school-quarter-final-chess-club-match, (Bobby McGee +2 btw).

6. Big Taxi?


We have all heard of BigSugar, BigTobacco and BigOil.  Now it seems we might have to include BigTaxi (as in everywhere around the country and the world for that matter). Uber is coming under fire and being banned in a variety of locations.  Is this a power-grab by local governments to squeeze money out of start-ups like Lyft and Uber (licensing?), or is there a bigger issue at work with taxi companies uncomfortable with a new economic model?  I’m going with the latter, and that it’s the dinosaurs of the past not being able to catch up or understand the new economy that is on the horizon.  Yes, the public needs assurances/protections afforded by the licensing and certifications of their drivers in an industry that revolves around trust.  However, instead of dealing with, or resolving that issue, they have selected to ban the service all together.  I have not used the service but know those that have, and the case against, could be the same against any chauffeur-type service (#ScenicRoute).  Much like the decision to still pay by check, when standing in the 15 items or less line at your grocery store, because you do not trust debit cards or making online payments. Your money can still be stolen – or did we fall asleep in economics when they talked about derivative swaps.  Anyway the point is, let’s find a solution that works, that improves; not just hold innovation hostage because you do not understand or it makes your business model as outdated as the buggy-whip.