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FanDuel Perfect lineup/results

by FanDuel’s – Matt Hevia

NFL Week 17 is in the books. How’d you spend it? Were you watching Geno Smith do his best Joe Namath impression? Did you see Ndamukong Suh step on Aaron Rodgers’ leg? Or maybe you took in another lights-out performance from G-Men stud Odell Beckham Jr. In any case, it was a nice end to the season, except for the Falcons-Carolina game, which was pretty hard to watch, but I digress. Overall, we had 17 awesome weeks of football, which also meant 17 weeks of awesome fantasy football.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the last week of the NFL regular season, and how things panned out on FanDuel, by the numbers.


3 — Number of consecutive weeks Odell Beckham, Jr. has appeared in the Perfect Lineup.

Odell Beckham Jr. has been a freak of nature, and capped off his rookie season with another monster performance. Beckham finished with 12 receptions for 185 yards and a touchdown, which earned him 30.5 points on FanDuel. The Giants receiver was, unsurprisingly, the highest owned player on FanDuel, and his point total wound up as the fourth highest in Week 17. The Giants have had a less-than-thrilling season, but if Victor Cruz comes back from injury in 2015, the tandem of him and OBJ is going to be an absolute nightmare for secondaries to deal with.

56% — Percentage of players in the Perfect Lineup with ownership greater than 11%.

This week’s perfect lineup had a fair amount of popular players, as 56% had an ownership of 11% or higher. Specifically, a lot of FanDuelers put their hopes and dreams on the shoulders of Lamar Miller (11%), C.J. Anderson (26.1%), Odell Beckham Jr. (48.2%), Coby Fleener (16.6%), and Connor Barth (12.9%). If you had one of those players, good for you. If you had all of them, well, that’s great. You probably killed it in Week 17!

25.16% — Average ownership for the nine players in the Not-So-Perfect Lineup.

Unfortunately, while a decent amount of FanDuelers owned players from the Perfect lineup, there was consistent ownership of players from the Not-So-Perfect-Lineup. The average ownership was 25.16%, with the highest owned player, Jonathan Stewart, coming in at 35.6%. No bueno. I’m sure your lineup could have survived if you had one of the nine duds in this week’s NSPL, but any more than that, and your ship probably sank real fast.

55%— Percentage of the Not-So-Perfect-Lineup that came from the NFC South.

More than half of this week’s Not-So-Perfect-Lineup came from the NFL’s Not-So-Perfect-Division. The NFC South’s Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Jonathan Stewart, Kelvin Benjamin, and Shayne Graham were all featured, making up 55% of the roster.

$17,500 — Cost to roster Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. This expensive QB-WR stack landed in the Not-So-Perfect Lineup, producing a total of 16.8 points.

Digging a little deeper into the NSPL, the inclusion of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones was a little surprising. Sure they play on a poor team, but as a unit, they work well together. It wasn’t meant to be, though, as Ryan threw zero TDs and two interceptions, while Jones managed an underwhelming 58 yards receiving on the day. The duo combined for 16.8 FanDuel points, which undoubtedly ruined Sunday for a handful of FanDuelers.

15% — Percentage of top 20 owned players that were QBs.

Within the list of top 20 owned players 15%, or three, were quarterbacks. Lots of FanDuel users picked up Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Ryan, and Cam Newton, but unfortunately, none of them were able to eclipse the 20-point mark. As I said earlier, Matt Ryan had a two interception afternoon, and nine FanDuel points, making him the weakest link of the three. Roethlisberger was better, throwing for over 300 yards and two touchdowns, which grabbed him 17.98 points on FanDuel. And finally, Cam Newton was this trio’s shining star, throwing for a touchdown, rushing for another, and finishing the day with 19.66 points.

4%— The combined ownership of Week 17’s top three scorers.

The top three scorers in Week 17 were Eric Decker (33.1), Michael Floyd (31.3) and the Carolina D (31). As you may imagine, these aren’t players that were consistently popular DFS options during the 2014 NFL season. As a result, the combined ownership of the week’s three highest scorers was 4%. To put this in perspective, the player with the lowest ownership in the Not-So-Perfect-Lineup was Jason Witten, at 15.1%. So, basically, he had 11.1% higher ownership than all three top scorers combined. Mind blown.

75%— Of the top four players owned in Week 17, three were rookies.

In a season where rookies ruled, it was no surprise to see that of the top four players owned on FanDuel in Week 17, three were rookies. Odell Backham Jr., Kelvin Benjamin, and Jeremy Hill are the rookies in question, but unfortunately, only Beckham Jr. (30.5 points) was a great play. Benjamin made the Not-So-Perfect-Lineup with 1.4 points, and Jeremy Hill checked in with a mediocre 12-point outing.

59.22— The combined score of Geno Smith and Eric Decker. They outscored the entire Not-So-Perfect-Lineup.

Who on earth ever thought that this would happen? It took 16 weeks, but Geno Smith finally broke out. Granted, the game didn’t matter a bit, but Smith and his new favorite target Eric Decker put on a show. Geno threw for 358 yards and three touchdowns (26.12 points) , while Decker caught 10 balls for 221 yards and a TD (33.1 points). The duo made the Perfect Lineup, and in fact, their combined point total of 59.22 points beat out the entire Not-So-Perfect-Lineup’s score of 52.8.

80%— The percentage of top 20 scorers who were either quarterbacks or wide receivers.

And finally, if you made the list of top 20 scorers this week, it’s a safe bet that you were either a quarterback or a wide receiver. Those two positions accounted for 80% of the list, with the remaining 20% coming in the form of the Panthers D, the Seahawks D, Lamar Miller, and C.J. Anderson. Also, if you were wondering where all the tight ends went, so am I. The position has been represented on this list by one player (Luke Willson) in the past two weeks.

Quick and DiRTy

Just like starting oo-ver…

In what is typically called Black Monday in the NFL we have already seen several dismissals.  how many more could there be before the day/week is done?

Bears – fire Marc Trestman and the GM Phil Emery.  Trestman, the media proclaimed QB guru, was 8-8 and 5-11 as a coach and saw Jay Cutler get worse.  Phil Emery is the guy who decided to pay Jay Cutler all that scratch.  Trestman in his grand delusion, thought he was still going to retain his job – this after losing to the vikings and no touchdowns were scored.  It would be hard to see Trestman get another Head Coaching job in the NFL, and I am not sure he could get a QB coach or O-Coordinator job either, considering that dwarf-star-implosion we witnessed this year.  A good coach would have to take a desperate-housewives-type-chance on Trestman, along with that team’s offense needing to be DYNAMIC, to repair his self-inflicted-damage.  Otherwise it is back to the CFL for Marc.

Jets – fire Rex Ryan and GM John Idzik.  This was clear as day, and Rex had his last hurrah for the Jets and Idzik had to go with him.  Does it seem more like a PARDON from the Governor then an actual firing?  The owner of the Jets had some nice things to say and stayed classy, but is now conducting a search for replacements with the help of Charlie Casserly and Ron Wolfe.  This seems more like a restoration project than a rebuild or quick-flip.  The Jets have a solid D-Line and Geno has played well, (who saw that against Miami?) since taking over for Vick, but does he work harder at getting better and how much does the new GM and Head Coach have to say about Geno – it’s not like he’s RGIII.

Falcons – fire Mike Smith.  GM Dimitroff may not be far behind, so this decision clearly came from the Home Depot.  The Falcons best coach in their 49 seasons of playing da-foos-ball continued to degrade in his management of a team that has contention-type Offensive talent.  The D was terrible but played good in stretches and the O-Line had to contend with a ton of injuries.  It won’t take long for the next guy to be looked at like a savior because this team is not as bad as their record.  Next year, whomever is the coach, will be Fool’s Gold; but none of it will matter if they look like the 2012 team.

49ers – Harbaugh is gone and it was reported yesterday – by several sources like this one csnbayarea.com – that he had already accepted the Michigan job.  The last time the 49ers had this kind of stretch was ’95-’98, so be careful what you wish for.  With the potential rumored replacements, it might be even longer for this Bay-area team to be relevant.  For Harbaugh, he goes back to his Alma-mater and resurrect a dying program.  However, you wouldn’t know it by the Detroit-Free Press’ headline.  Maybe the Michigan job is gonna be a lot more difficult than we thought?

That’s brother John, Head Coach of the Ravens – not Jim – Cripes!

Giants – retain Tom Coughlin after going 6-10.  You would have to believe the spark generated by OBJ is what helped Tom keep his job.  All OBJ did was become the R.O.Y. – (if not, then what a joke) – tie Michael Irvin’s record of 9 games with 90+ yards receiving, (a NFL record that took Irvin until his 8th season to get, OBJ his first) – score 12 touchdowns in 12 games.  The Giants got too 6 wins by running off two 3-game win streaks, one of them being in the last 4 games of the season.  So now what for the Giants?  Victor Cruz will come back and the the D will have to find a way to limit the big-plays that killed them all year – but think of the potential of that offense or could it be a puzzle with to many mouths to feed?  The what-if game is tricky because, what-if Jarvis Landry, Jeremy Hill and OBJ had stayed at LSU?

The Best in Team (their)History?

The Cowboys throttled the Fightin’ Americans in what could only be an attempt to gain precious mo’ and swagger heading into the playoffs.  Remember in 2007 when the ‘boys were 11-1 and coasted the rest of the season to then get bounced by the Giants?  Need proof of how serious the Cowboys were in trying to exorcise demons and announce their presence with authority – how about an onside kick with 11:30 left in the second quarter after being up 20-7.  Jason Garrett, playing his starters was a statement to the team that players play and the importance of maintaining a winning attitude.  It could also have been a statement on the new triplets, sans rings, but team records.  DeMarco Murray eclipsed Emmitt in Yards, #of 100yd games and total yards from scrimmage in a season.  Dez Bryant surpassed Terrell Owens for most receiving touchdowns in a season.  Tony Romo passed Troy Aikman last week and moved up further on the all-time passing yards list and threw his first interception of December this year.  The NFL’s second season tournament will determine the faith needed for what this team might accomplish, if this 3 is ever to contend with their past.

Uncle Rico Retires

Kyle Orton, at 32, has decided to be a Dad and stay home with his family, and just like John Elway, he went out with a W.  Let us pause and reflect on all those special-moments we shared, watching uncle Rico…like that one play he made when he…or that throw to that guy when…that game in the playoffs when…Kyle Orton was a decent QB out of Purdue and was always the guy in the last-man-on-earth scenario; like the NFL version of FKM (got benched for Tebow).  For now, the future is all on the Bills ownership and what do they do with EJ Manuel; or who else is gonna play the role of Uncle Rico, (only one other QB on the roster, Jeff Tuel)?  You’d have to wonder the direction of this franchise considering they do not have a first round pick in 2015.  However, just like Michael Corleone in Godfather III, I’m sure someone is gonna pull him back in.  Until then, all we’ll have is that highlight reel and those Wonder Years to get us through.

The Playoffs…non-Playoff team Draft order

Game Date Kickoff (ET) TV
Wild Card playoffs
Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers January 3, 2015 4:35 pm ESPN
Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers January 3, 2015 8:15 pm NBC
Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts January 4, 2015 1:05 pm CBS
Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys January 4, 2015 4:40 pm Fox
Divisional playoffs
TBA at New England Patriots January 10, 2015 4:35 pm NBC
TBA at Seattle Seahawks January 10, 2015 8:15 pm Fox
TBA at Green Bay Packers January 11, 2015 1:05 pm Fox
TBA at Denver Broncos January 11, 2015 4:40 pm CBS
Conference Championships
NFC Championship Game January 18, 2015 3:05 pm Fox
AFC Championship Game January 18, 2015 6:40 pm CBS
Super Bowl XLIX
University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona
AFC Champion vs. NFC Champion February 1, 2015 6:30 pm NBC

Seeding is now official.  The Seahawks and the Packers both have a bye, with Seattle taking the #1 seed with the best 12-4 record of all other 12-4 records – there can only be one.  Dallas and Carolina both host a playoff game with Dallas hosting Detroit and Carolina hosting the Cardinals.  It’s probable that Carolina goes to Seattle and then plays in Jerry-World for the NFC championship, after Dallas beats Green Bay.  In the AFC, New England and Denver both get a bye, with New England keeping their #1 seed with a loss against Buffalo and having a better 12-4 record than Denver – there can only be one.  Pittsburgh and Indy both host a playoff game with Pittsburgh hosting division rival Baltimore and Indy hosting AFC North alternate Cincy.  No matter what happens either Indy or Pittsburgh will travel to Denver and from there it is safe to say that we could get another Peyton v. Tom for the AFC crown.

The non-playoff team draft order is set for the first 20 picks of the first round of the 2015 NFL draft, and Tampa, you are now on the clock.  Consider (in)Famous Jameis Winston to be the 1st pick and the only QB in the top 10.

1. Tampa Bay (2-14)

2. Tennessee (2-14)

3. Jacksonville (3-13)

4. Oakland (3-13)

5. Washington (4-12)

6. N.Y. Jets (4-12)

7. Chicago (5-11)

8. Atlanta (6-10)

9. N.Y. Giants (6-10)

10. St. Louis (6-10)

11. Minnesota (7-9)

12.Cleveland (7-9)

13. New Orleans (7-9)

14. Miami (8-8)

15. San Francisco (8-8)

16. Houston (9-7)

17. Kansas City (9-7)

18. San Diego (9-7)

19. Cleveland (from Buffalo 9-7)

20. Philadelphia (10-6)

Today’s Bowl games on ESPN, all times Eastern

Dec. 29 Texas Houston, Texas 9 p.m. Texas Longhorns(6-6) vs. Arkansas Razorbacks(6-6)
Dec. 29 Russell Athletic Bowl Orlando, Fla. 5:30 p.m. Clemson Tigers(9-3) vs. Oklahoma Sooners(8-4)
Dec. 29 Liberty Memphis, Tenn. 2 p.m. West Virginia Mountaineers(7-5) vs. Texas A&M Aggies(7-5)

Pay DiRT

Week 17 rankings are up! 

Type week 17 in the search bar to view

The Weather Post that combines FanDuel with Vegas (lines used are from 5Dimes as of today):

for entertainment purposes only, of course

Colts Indianapolis_6n_120 @ Tennessee_ntc120 Titans 12/28 01:00 PM CBS Rain 44f Rain 7m N

Indy -7.5 (46.5)

Indy suffered the worse loss last week in the NFL – NFL team with biggest margin of defeat covers the next week more than 87% of the time – so Indy will win the game, it will just come down to how long the starters play – because nothing Indy does changes them being the 4 seed.

FanDuel consideration: Luck, Hilton, Delanie Walker

Vegas consideration: Indy and the Over

Numbers say: Indy by 12

Chargers San_diego_6n_120 @ Kansas_city_ntc120 Chiefs 12/28 01:00 PM CBS Clear-day 34f Clear 5m SSW

KC pk (40)

Both teams need this game and help to get in the tournament.  You have to wonder how much more Phillip Rivers can play hurt.  The Charger O-line is not protecting well and it is in KC.  The Chiefs have still not had a wide receiver catch a touchdown pass all year – could it be an entire 16 game season? I do believe a WR makes it happen this week and that Albert Wilson get it.  KC (metrics-wise) is the better team but how do you trust Alex-small hands-Smith?

FanDuel consideration: Albert Wilson

Vegas consideration: tease KC (+8.5)

Numbers say: KC by 1

Jets New_york_j_white_n120 @ Miami_greenmask_ntc120 Dolphins 12/28 01:00 PM CBS Clear-day 78f Clear 8m ESE

Mia -7 (42)

FanDuel consideration: Miami D

Vegas consideration: tease Miami (+1.5)

Numbers say: Miami by 6

Bears Chicago_ntc120 @ Minnesota_ntc120 Vikings 12/28 01:00 PM FOX Partly-cloudy-day 23f Partly Cloudy 2m SSE

Min -7 (44)

FanDuel consideration: Forte, Vikes D

Vegas consideration: tease the UNDER (53)

Numbers say: MIN by 3.5

Bills Buffalo_red_ntc120 @ New_england_6n_120 Patriots 12/28 01:00 PM CBS Cloudy 47f Overcast 13m WSW

NE -5.5 (44)

FanDuel consideration: Brady, Gronk

Vegas consideration: Patriots and the Over

Numbers say:  NE by 3

Eagles Philadelphia_6n_120 @ New_york_g_6n__120 Giants 12/28 01:00 PM FOX Cloudy 45f Overcast 6m WSW

NYG -2.5 (53)

FanDuel consideration: OBJ, NYG D

Vegas consideration: tease Philly (+11)

Numbers say: Philly by 1.5

Saints New_orleans_6n_120 @ Tampa_bay_ntc120 Buccaneers 12/28 01:00 PM FOX Partly-cloudy-day 77f Partly Cloudy 6m SSE

NO -4 (46.5)

FanDuel consideration: Jimmy Graham, Mike Evans

Vegas consideration: tease NO (+4.5)

Numbers say: NO by 3.5

Cowboys Dallas_6n120 @ Redskins Redskins 12/28 01:00 PM FOX Rain 48f Drizzle 2m SW

Dal -5.5 (49)

Dallas does have a slim chance to get a bye, ( Cowboys win, Seahawks lose) so you would expect the starters to play significant minutes.  However, there should be no reason to play DeMarco as you need him healthier for the playoffs and Washington does have a solid run D.

FanDuel consideration: RGIII, Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, Alfred Morris

Vegas consideration: tease WAS (+14)

Numbers say: DAL by 6

Browns Cleveland_6n_120 @ Baltimore_ntc120 Ravens 12/28 01:00 PM CBS Cloudy 47f Overcast 3m W

Bal -14 (39)

FanDuel consideration: Flacco

Vegas consideration: tease the OVER (30)

Numbers say: BAL by 3

Jaguars Jacksonville_6n_120 @ Houston_6n_120 Texans 12/28 01:00 PM CBS Rain 46f Rain 13m NNW

Hou -10.5 (40.5)

FanDuel consideration: Hou D, Arian Foster

Vegas consideration: tease HOU (-2)

Numbers say: HOU by 8

Panthers Carolina_6n_120 @ Atlanta_ntc120a Falcons 12/28 04:25 PM FOX Dome DOME 4m S

Atl -3.5 (47.5)

This game is for the division and a home playoff game.  The Panthers D has come back to life, but what if Julio Jones is healthy, do the Panthers have an answer for him?  Look for the Panthers to show up more than the Saints did last week and keep this close.

FanDuel consideration: Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, J.Stewart, G.Olsen

Vegas consideration: tease CAR (+12)

Numbers say: CAR by .5

Lions Detroit_6n_120 @ Greenbay_6n_120 Packers 12/28 04:25 PM FOX Partly-cloudy-day 25f Partly Cloudy 2m W

GB -9 (47)

Detroit has not won in GB since ’91.  The Packers at home are tough and the Lions will not have their rogue O-lineman, Raiola.  9pts seems really high against a playoff team that can score on that D, so it will come down to the Packer O v the Lion D.

FanDuel consideration: Jordy Nelson, Rodgers, G.Tate

Vegas consideration: tease DET (+17.5)

Numbers say: GB by 3

Raiders Oakland_b_wstripe_n_120 @ Denver_6n_120 Broncos 12/28 04:25 PM CBS Clear-day 31f Clear 1m NW

Den -14.5 (47.5)

Denver still needs this game for a first round bye and this type of game is a perfect example of Peyton Manning being the king of the regular season.

FanDuel consideration: Peyton, D.Thomas, E.Sanders, CJ Anderson, M.Rivera

Vegas consideration: tease DEN (-6)

Numbers say: DEN by 12.5

Cardinals Arizona_whitetail_ntc120 @ San_francisco_6n_120 49ers 12/28 04:25 PM FOX Clear-day 54f Clear 5m NNW

SF -7 (36.5)

Classic example of the public thinking the Cardinals are as bad as Seattle made them look on Monday Night and SF having nothing to play for.  Not to mention how focused can the team play, knowing that Harbaugh is gone and he has to think about going to Michigan – maybe.

FanDuel consideration: AZ D, SF D

Vegas consideration: tease AZ (+15.5) and the OVER (27.5)

Numbers say: SF by 3

Rams St._louis_ntc120 @ Seattle_6n_120a Seahawks 12/28 04:25 PM FOX Clear-day 42f Clear 1m S

Sea -13.5 (41.5)

FanDuel consideration: Lynch

Vegas consideration: tease STL (+22) and the OVER (32.5)

Numbers say: SEA by 2.5

Bengals Cinncinnati_6n_120 @ Pittsburg_ntc120 Steelers 12/28 08:30 PM CBS Nrain 37f Light Rain 4m N

Pit -3.5 (48)

FanDuel consideration: BigBen, L.Bell, A.Brown, J.Hill, AJ Green

Vegas consideration: tease CIN (+12)

Numbers say: CIN by 3

Clear as Mud

Week 16 in review – FanDuel

How did your lineup compare to the perfect lineup?  Matt Musico from FanDuel breaks it down.


65% — Percentage of players in the top 20 owned who scored at least 11 points

When looking at the highest-owned players, most owners roster these guys for certain reasons. Either they’re on a ridiculous hot streak, the matchup is favorable or an injury to another player has cleared the way to make a big impact. The faith some FanDuelers put into these players doesn’t always end up with a huge performance at the end of the day, but 13 players finished in double digits this week.

These included Marques Colston (11), Jonathan Stewart (19.9), Fred Jackson (14.8), Matt Bryant (15), Drew Brees (13.32), Le’Veon Bell (13.7), Calvin Johnson (13.3), Rob Gronkowski (12.1), Joique Bell (15.7), Dez Bryant (15.8), C.J. Anderson (23.8), Tre Mason (14.8) and Jordy Nelson (21.8). Those owning some of these players wouldn’t consider their production very good, but at least they didn’t sink into the single digits, right?

4 — Number of Not-So-Perfect-Lineup players owned by at least 20% of FanDuelers

Nobody wants to see players from their fantasy team end up in the Not-So-Perfect-Lineup, but it happens. One of the qualifications for this exclusive club is being owned by at least 10% of FanDuelers. However, there were four players in this unfortunate lineup with over 20% ownership. They included Matthew Stafford (32.5%), Donte Moncrief (22.4%), Shayne Graham (21.6%) and the Bills defense (37.5%).

Going up against the hapless Chicago Bears defense, many thought Stafford would go off, especially with all the offensive weapons around him. Well, he only scored 7.92 points on Sunday. Despite throwing up a goose egg in Week 15, Moncrief was anticipated to have a huge game with T.Y. Hilton out, not the 1.5 points he produced.

With Drew Brees running the show against a bad Falcons defense, Shayne Graham would kick the ball through the uprights a lot, right? Nope — he scored just two points. Finally, the Bills defense was fresh off a huge win against the Green Bay Packers and completely shutting down Aaron Rodgers. They were going to feast on the Oakland Raiders, but finished the game with just one fantasy point and a loss in real life. Woof.

30.8 — Number of points Odell Beckham, Jr. has averaged over the last three weeks

Although he missed the season’s first four weeks with hamstring issues, Odell Beckham, Jr. has made up for lost time and should be considered a favorite to walk away with Rookie of the Year honors. He was at it again on Sunday against the St. Louis Rams, pulling in eight catches for 148 yards and two touchdowns. He’s been great all season, but OBJ has been producing at an insane level over the past three weeks. He’s caught 31 passes for 421 yards and six scores during that span. His $9,000 price tag was expensive, but it was worth it.

1 — Number of tight ends who cracked the list of top 20 scorers

Seattle Seahawks tight end Luke Willson was owned by just 0.1% of FanDuelers. I’d like to know why they rostered him because they look like geniuses after he caught three passes for 139 yards and two touchdowns. He scored a surprising 27.4 points on Sunday night — not only the highest for any TE in Week 16, but good enough to crack the list of top 20 scorers.

And talking about finding some value, rostering Willson would’ve only taken $4,500. The only other option on this top scorers list at that price was the Falcons defense.

$14,100 — Cost to roster both C.J. Anderson and Lamar Miller

If we asked you back in September which two running backs would be in the Week 16 Perfect Lineup, nobody would’ve answered C.J. Anderson and Lamar Miller. Why? Because neither RB was their team’s starter heading into Week 1. Both have taken advantage of the opportunities given to them, becoming consistent fantasy producers every Sunday.

Anderson’s price tag was at $7,800, but he produced 23.8 fantasy points by rushing for 83 yards and a touchdown to go with eight catches for another 55 yards. Miller was much cheaper ($6,300), but ended up with virtually the same number of points (23.5) by rushing for 92 yards and a touchdown, while adding five receptions for 58 yards.

1.36 — The point difference between Russell Wilson and the entire Not-So-Perfect-Lineup

It’s always fun to see how some of the week’s top scorers stack up against the Not-So-Perfect-Lineup. This week’s group of disappointing players posted an uninspiring 37.72 points. While no one player outscored them this time around, Seahawks QB Russell Wilson came awfully close. He completed 20-of-31 passes for 339 yards and two touchdowns, adding another 88 yards and a score with his legs for a total score of 36.36 fantasy points.

15% — Percentage of top 20 scorers that were either a tight end, kicker or defense

The top 20 scorers list is normally dominated by high-profile skill positions like quarterback, running back and wide receiver, but some other positions find their way in on occasion. This week, three players made an appearance: tight end Luke Willson, kicker Randy Bullock and the Falcons defense.

We already talked about Willson’s 27.4-point outburst for the 0.1% that owned him, but the other two were just as surprising. Bullock basically beat the Ravens by himself — the kicker scored 19 fantasy points thanks to one successful extra point and six made field goals. Only 0.8% of FanDuelers had him on a roster.

Meanwhile, the Falcons scored 20 points on the defensive front thanks to collecting five sacks, two interceptions and three forced fumbles. Just 1.6% of owners spent the $4,500 to roster them.

5 — Number of Lions players in the top 20 owned

As mentioned before, a lot of fantasy players figured the Lions would completely embarrass the Bears. After all, Chicago’s defense is awful, while the Lions have a great defense and were facing QB Jimmy Clausen. The confidence in Detroit was displayed through the ownership numbers for Stafford (32.5%), Joique Bell (29.1%), Calvin Johnson (26.7%), Golden Tate (25.4%) and the Lions defense (22.9%).

Detroit did walk away with a victory and a playoff berth, but it wasn’t nearly as easy as many anticipated. Out of these five players, only Megatron (13.3) and Bell (15.7) scored in double figures. Stafford had the distinction of being the highest-owned of the group, but was also the lowest scorer (7.92).

66% — Percentage of the Perfect Lineup with less than 10% ownership

The members of the Perfect Lineup from each week is a combination of players we’re not surprised to see and others we’re completely shocked about. Judging from the ownership numbers from Week 16′s group, not a lot of FanDuelers were expecting two-thirds of the lineup to have big games.

The six players that played great while being owned in less than 10% of contests include Russell Wilson (3%), Rueben Randle (1.1%), Emmanuel Sanders (5.8%), Luke Willson (0.1%), Randy Bullock (0.8%) and the Falcons defense (1.6%).

Of the top performers we haven’t talked about yet, Randle scored 22.2 points despite another monster game from OBJ. With 37 points scored by the Giants, there was plenty to go around, and the WR caught all six of his targets for 132 yards and one touchdown. Sanders has been playing at a Pro Bowl level in 2014, but not many expected a big game from him this week. They were mistaken because he scored 22 points off the strength of six catches for 70 yards and two touchdowns.

$1,903 — Average TE savings for FanDuelers if they rostered Luke Willson

When it comes to spending money on tight ends, FanDuelers don’t usually shell out a lot of money — unless it’s for a top-tier guy like Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham or Julius Thomas. The average percentage of the salary cap spent on this position was 11%, less than the QB, both RBs and WR1 and WR2. That cost comes out to $6,403. If you made the bold move of rostering Willson, it would’ve saved you $1,903 to spend elsewhere, while also getting the best-performing tight end of the week.

Festivus for the rest of Us!

First the airing of greivances….I’ve got a lot of problems with you people…

Date line: November 30th 2014 – You would remember when the loquaciousness of Tom Brady was caught on camera unleashing his inner-sailor as if he was on the Andrea Gail outside of Gloucester.  We heard the news of more than few complaints filed with the FCC.  Well thanks to thesmokinggun.com filing a “Freedom of Information Act” request; we see just how many there were.  3.  That’s right 3.  3 complaints were filed and all 3 are wonderful examples of people not being able to talk to there kids about naughty language.  I’m sure the only time these precocious little scamps ever hear a curse word is on the local telecast, broadcasting your regionally televised NFL game.  Maybe splurge a little bit and get the RedZone channel and avoid those network mishaps, because all you’ll see on the RedZone channel is lots and lots of scoring.  Or maybe on the surface, that’s too close to porn.

The Denver Broncos – officially out of the #1 seed and the sky is falling too.  In a game where Peyton threw 4 INT’s and looked out of sync all night, you now have to wonder if this team has enough to make it to Glendale.  It seems more and more that if the weather does not cooperate, or the temperature is below 45-degrees, the regular-season king is unable to perform, #cialis.  More troubling than the impotent passing game was the #2 rushing defense in the league getting gashed by large chunks and the screen game, (without their two starting linebackers).  Granted, Cincinnati is a good football team and has talent that could make some noise.  However, even with playing on the road, and in the rain, do we ever expect, when the lights turn on, that Andy Dalton does less to lose the game than Peyton Manning?  The Donkeys have O-line issues, linebacker issues in health and covering tight ends, and now possibly losing a starting safety with a neck injury.  Maybe this was just arrogance we witnessed, and the Broncos can still earn a bye with a win over the Raiders; but maybe this is more symptomatic of a larger disease of an aging autocrat.

Not since UNLV ’90-’91 – have we seen the potential dominance of Christmas’s past with what we are witnessing with the current Kentucky Wildcats.  Over the weekend, ‘Tucky played UCLA, who has their own historical basketball monuments.  The Wildcats at halftime led UCLA, 41-7.  7 points!  A national basketball power with 11 titles, countless final four appearances, national players of the year, hall of famers, can only score 7 points in a half?  That is either the resurrection of dominance not seen since the Runnin’ Rebs, or a statement on how far the program has fallen with the current staff who has never been very good.  Sunday, Virginia went into halftime against Harvard 39-8.  Then last night OU goes on a 39-0 run setting a Division 1 NCAA-record for consecutive points.  Not sure what all this means, but clearly we gotta keep an eye on Kentucky, Duke, Wisconsin, Arizona, Virginia, Louisville and Oklahoma.  Here’s hopin we get to see it shake down during the Madness and cannot wait to see an early glimpse when UK plays @Louisville on December 27th, 2pEST.

The Longest Yard III? – news out of Buffalo is that Chad Kelly, nephew of Jim Kelly, is negotiating a possible deal to star in the upcoming final episode of the Longest Yard Trilogy after getting in a kerfuffle with the police and bouncers at a local pub.  Chad, earlier dismissed in April from Clemson for “conduct detrimental to the team” moved on to lead East Mississippi Community College to a national title and turned that into a scholarship at Ole Miss.  But what attracted Hollywood producers most was the most recent rap sheet: punching a bouncer in the face, fighting two-more bouncers, saying he was going to get his AK-47 and “spray this place”, being forcibly pulled from his truck by the police kicking and screaming, further resisting arrest and being an overall ass when being booked, #DoYouKnowWhoIam.  (Said in Trailer-Movie-Voice) The Longest Yard III – first, you saw Burt Reynolds and Adam Sandler take on the corrupt Prison system – in the second installment, you saw Aaron Hernandez go in as a tight-end and lose the rematch as a wide-receiver, and now Chad Kelly comes to finish what was done to death 3 times before – but this time it’s for real….again.

Currently we are working on getting the FanDuel lineups for the final week of the regular season done before Christmas, along with the results from week 16.  Have a Merry Christmas and may football with you, #AndAlsoWithU.

The DiRT-y (almost)Dozen

Remember when…

…teams used to sit/rest their starters the last few weeks of the season and we would get to watch and see who was on the practice squad?  Thanks to the prescience of the main office five years ago, we now witness division games at the end of the season – increasing the probability of meaningful games.  This year we have 3 division titles up in the air on the last week of the season – it’s working!  The AFC North – Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh has clinched a spot in the ‘offs for the first time in 2yrs.  The NFC North – Detroit @ Green Bay – Detroit has not won in Green Bay since ’91.  The NFC (went)South – Carolina @ Atlanta – Carolina could become first division repeat champ after realignment in 2002 – p.s. the NFC South is the only division in the NFL that each team has been in a conference championship game.

Speaking of titles, the bane of the NFC West, took it to the Cardinals last night – even with the kicker being a shank-a-potamus(missed 3 FG’s) – honorable mention to Marshawn Lynch, apparently hungry for his skittles 79 yards away, after suffering from the splats early on – or so it might have been reported.  Now Seattle is staring at a possible #1 seed, and if the road back to Glendale goes thru the Great Northwest – then we could have a repeat Superbowl champion – something we have not seen in 10 yrs (New England ’04,’05).

DeMarco Murray ran the ball for 58 yards on 20 carries after hand-surgery 6 days earlier – either that type of surgery is not a big deal or we could all use that kind of pain tolerance injected into our lives.  DeMarco only needed 29 more yards to break Emmitt Smith’s team record of 1,773 and instead the Cowboys blew out the Colts to clinch a playoff spot, and their first NFC East title since 2009.  Clearly a healthy Murray would have continuously been fed the rock to earn the team record at home and now must travel to Washington for the finale for the chance.  The game still is important to Jerry, who wants a HOME playoff game.

1st time in 12 years that a team has not gone from worst-to-first in the NFL.  Houston was the team that made it close, only to have Indy seal it last week.

Bye Felicia

Miami Dolphins – The Chargers came back to beat the ‘9ers and squash their hopes.  Apparently missing the playoffs again – 6 straight losing seasons – is not enough to fire Joe Philbin(3yrs on the job) who the owner Stephen Ross announced he was bringing back, (if that is the answer, what was the question again?).  Philbin is 23-24 and as Ross said “really likes the way this team plays and where they are headed.”  Huh? say that again? A close win against the Vikings gives you this feeling that, this team, this coach, is headed in the right direction?  Is mediocrity a direction, and do you travel thru Miami now(not Dallas this year) to get there?  Standards have been lowered or the owner is still intoxicated from that win early in the year – at home – against the Patriots.  Bet we still see Philbin fired before the end of the 2016 season, if not sooner.

Buffalo Bills – have the longest playoff drought – 1999 (thank you, Prince) – in the NFL, and yesterday swirled their chances away, losing to the Raiders.  The Defense played great all year and if Ol’man Orton(Uncle Rico) is still your starter next year you can count on extending this streak.  EJ Manuel may not be the answer, but if he fails to beat out the statuesque-Orton (screw you Kyle) next year, what hope do you have that it gets better for Buffalo.

Philadelphia Eagles – The dynamic fantasy offense lost to Washington and lost their chance to prove Mark Sanchez could play in this league – or has any trade-value.  Do they cruise to the division title if Foles does not get hurt?  Who knows, but few believe that Foles is any better than Sanchez in the grand scheme-over-talent.  The Eagles must find a way to be more consistent – one week, better than sliced-bread – the next, bread.

Kansas City Chiefs – KC was second in the league scoring TD’s in the redzone with 67.5% this year, only to struggle scoring with only 4 FG’s against Pittsburgh.  Alex Smith still has not thrown a touchdown to a receiver this year and if you watched him miss a wide open DeAnthony Thomas for a potential bomb – you understand why small-hands can never take you to the Superbowl.  KC now needs to beat San Diego – Cleveland to beat Baltimore – Jacksonville to beat Houston – to make the playoffs.  The Chiefs need more than Charles on offense, to have any shot.

New Orleans – ‘Tis the twilight of the golden age of Saints football.  To lose(like that) to the Falcons – at home – is evidence to the hallucination of hope that was/is the 2014 season.  With those home losses, we learned a lot about this team’s testicular fortitude and how often they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory to clinch the division.  Forget the last game against Tampa – play the practice squad, sit everbody – Let’s hurry up and bury this year, get a better draft pick – and get more players who do not let their alligator mouths overload their jaybird assess – or guys who are not softer than warm brie (that means you Jimmy).

Johnny Manziel – found out that the NFL is really hard and causes pain.  Manziel played 3 possessions and 1 play of the Browns fourth possession, before exiting with an injury – not sure if pride is acceptable on the injury report.  He was 3-for-8 for 32 yards and ran twice for 3 yards – Flacco was 3-for-20 at one point so…  It might be a short career if he doesn’t figure it out, regardless of how many practices Manziel thinks he was really good at.  Welcome to the Not For Long Johnny, at least you made that money brah.

Dominic Raiola – another fine is coming his way after (allegedly) stomping on the leg of Ego Ferguson.  Raiola was already fined $10,000 this year and this recent behavior is similar to Suh’s who received a 2-game suspension.  We’ll see if Hizzoner’s new conduct policy will be imposed in this case, because it would mean Raiola misses a playoff game.

Rex Ryan – from the Jets to….who knows exactly but there are several rumors – none being how great it would be to see Rex being the DC in Philly with Chip at the helm.  However one rumor seems to be heating up and it might be that Rex goes south.

Mike Smith – appears to be on the hot seat, regardless if they win the division.  Because it might be that he’s done enough to cost himself the job and too bring in Rex Ryan as his replacement.  The perfect scenario for Saints fans is; he wins the division, wins a playoff game, maybe go to the conference championship game and receives a new 5 year deal.  For Falcons fans, I’m sure they would rather see Arthur Blank give Jim Harbaugh a boat-load of Home Depot’s to coach them next year.

Jim Harbaugh – The forty-whiners stated they will be done with Harbaugh 48hrs after the season ends.  Why wait that long?  This might be the most entertaining free-agent drama in a looong time.  Does he go to Michigan? Oakland?  What does the bidding war look like?  To me, Harbaugh stays in the NFL and the Michigan talk is all a smoke screen to make more money and have more control, because several NFL teams will give him a ton to coach there.  Rumors are that the ‘9ers are seriously(?!) looking at Josh McDaniels – how awesome would that be ‘9er haters?!!

Week 16

Week 16 is up!

Week 16 Rankings for Weekend Matchups

Rankings sorted by points per dollar

QB Rankings
Unique ID Name Salary Proj Value Fan Duel Projections $ Per Point Value Cost
3 A.Luck $9,900 70.65% 31.31 316.19 223.38 44.32
8 C.Kaepernick $6,700 39.24% 20.44 327.73 128.59 52.10
50 M.Sanchez $7,500 36.24% 22.74 329.81 119.53 62.75
48 R.Tannehill $7,900 45.59% 23.23 340.08 155.06 50.95
13 B.Roethlisberger $8,500 74.44% 24.79 342.81 255.18 33.31
270 J.Flacco $8,100 62.77% 23.45 345.46 216.84 37.36
1 A.Rodgers $10,000 86.30% 28.90 346.04 298.64 33.49
296 S.Hill $6,500 30.18% 18.64 348.78 105.25 61.76
2 P.Manning $9,600 86.05% 27.27 352.02 302.93 31.69
74 K.Orton $7,200 35.88% 19.97 360.49 129.35 55.66
7 T.Brady $9,700 71.16% 26.91 360.51 256.55 37.81
27 M.Ryan $8,700 62.01% 23.71 366.96 227.56 38.23
42 R.Wilson $8,600 39.17% 23.03 373.50 146.31 58.78
12 D.Brees $9,100 70.79% 24.35 373.74 264.59 34.39
98 E.Manning $7,700 34.38% 20.40 377.48 129.78 59.33
79 A.Smith $7,400 40.00% 19.20 385.35 154.16 48.00
18 P.Rivers $8,000 56.61% 20.71 386.36 218.71 36.58
271 T.Romo $8,400 54.85% 21.74 386.41 211.96 39.63
38 J.Cutler $8,600 41.64% 22.07 389.71 162.26 53.00
17 M.Stafford $8,200 39.28% 20.85 393.35 154.50 53.08
34 J.McCown $7,000 24.31% 17.50 400.07 97.25 71.98
67 A.Dalton $7,900 31.14% 19.36 407.99 127.05 62.18
114 D.Carr $6,600 25.86% 15.87 415.98 107.57 61.36
297 G.Smith $6,500 24.15% 14.96 434.43 104.92 61.95

RB Rankings
Unique ID Name Salary Proj Value Fan Duel Projections $ per point Value Cost
24 M.Lynch $8,600 184.74% 21.32 403.31 745.09 11.54
62 D.McFadden $4,700 153.08% 10.29 456.59 698.93 6.72
269 J.Forsett $7,400 189.13% 19.44 380.68 720.01 10.28
72 J.Hill $7,300 108.26% 11.12 656.35 710.55 10.27
30 J.Charles $8,900 130.33% 16.01 555.88 724.49 12.28
59 J.McKinnon #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A
73 L.Miller $6,300 176.51% 15.41 408.80 721.57 8.73
267 C.Ivory $5,300 131.13% 9.77 542.66 711.57 7.45
165 M.Asiata $6,100 139.87% 12.50 487.90 682.41 8.94
66 C.J.Anderson $7,800 136.91% 15.00 520.10 712.08 10.95
29 A.Foster $8,800 163.59% 19.94 441.38 722.05 12.19
194 K.Davis $5,900 102.86% 8.75 674.56 693.83 8.50
268 D.Robinson #N/A #N/A 9.06 #N/A #N/A #N/A
#N/A 0 #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A
99 T.West $4,900 137.19% 9.48 516.73 708.91 6.91
61 B.Sankey #N/A #N/A 9.86 #N/A #N/A #N/A
33 E.Lacy $8,600 162.69% 19.59 438.93 714.11 12.04
85 R.Jennings $6,800 136.59% 13.02 522.14 713.20 9.53
25 M.Ingram $7,400 160.22% 17.10 432.79 693.43 10.67
63 J.Bell $7,300 126.88% 13.23 551.63 699.92 10.43
36 L.Bell $9,700 186.51% 24.98 388.29 724.22 13.39
225 A.Williams $6,700 84.48% 8.12 824.63 696.68 9.62
199 I.Crowell $6,300 82.82% 7.50 840.02 695.70 9.06
86 S.Jackson $6,200 130.12% 11.53 537.83 699.84 8.86
282 T.Mason $5,300 #VALUE! 8.84 599.44 ##### #####
127 F.Jackson $6,700 187.34% 18.39 364.36 682.60 9.82
5 M.Forte $9,000 174.40% 22.21 405.28 706.80 12.73
286 D.Martin $5,500 #N/A #N/A #N/A 703.46 7.82
213 J.Stewart $6,300 101.36% 9.15 688.61 698.00 9.03
213 L.Blount $6,300 99.48% 9.15 688.61 685.04 9.20
54 A.Ellington #N/A #N/A 18.24 #N/A #N/A #N/A
4 C.Johnson $9,200 10.87% 12.99 708.25 76.97 119.53

WR Rankings
Unique ID Name Salary Proj Value Fan Duel Projections $ per point Value Cost
52 R.White $7,300 10.26% 12.03 606.88 62.24 117.29
71 D.Hopkins $7,200 14.06% 11.26 639.41 89.91 80.08
23 J.Maclin $8,000 13.61% 14.42 554.83 75.49 105.98
14 E.Sanders $8,100 19.01% 16.53 489.90 93.13 86.98
#N/A Player #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A
137 O.Beckham $9,000 16.77% 15.67 574.38 96.30 93.46
204 J.Wright $5,600 #N/A 6.14 912.44 #N/A #N/A
187 N.Washington #N/A #N/A 130.25 #N/A #N/A #N/A
6 J.Nelson $8,800 18.63% 16.89 521.08 97.10 90.63
15 R.Cobb $8,300 19.25% 16.04 517.53 99.64 83.30
10 D.Thomas $9,100 17.07% 17.26 527.27 90.03 101.08
96 M.Sanu $6,000 7.77% 8.66 693.19 53.83 111.46
26 A.J.Green $8,600 10.87% 11.91 722.38 78.51 109.54
22 T.Y.Hilton $8,700 19.69% 18.97 458.50 90.30 96.35
20 M.Evans $7,900 6.49% 7.85 1006.34 65.34 120.90
132 J.Hunter $5,700 7.48% 10.25 555.87 41.58 137.08
265 A.Hurns #N/A #N/A 7.15 #N/A #N/A #N/A
21 J.Jones $8,700 16.25% 15.80 550.71 89.52 97.19
233 S.Johnson $5,200 #N/A 6.25 831.49 #N/A #N/A
126 D.Baldwin $6,100 10.88% 10.57 577.06 62.78 97.16
142 D.Adams $5,400 7.09% 7.44 725.60 51.43 105.01
119 J.Matthews $7,000 8.94% 10.21 685.43 61.30 114.19
262 A.Hawkins $5,400 9.19% 10.90 495.27 45.51 118.66
158 J.Landry $7,000 11.04% 12.15 575.97 63.62 110.04
57 B.Marshall #N/A #N/A 9.85 #N/A #N/A #N/A
39 A.Jeffery $8,500 11.86% 11.77 722.34 85.71 99.18
#N/A Player #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A
257 D.Bryant $8,600 16.39% 13.88 619.52 101.54 84.70
31 J.Edelman $7,600 11.64% 17.35 438.04 51.00 149.03
258 S.Smith $6,600 11.65% 13.17 501.31 58.39 113.04
#N/A Player #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A
58 M.Wallace $7,000 9.23% 10.62 659.44 60.84 115.06
105 K.Allen $7,100 #N/A 14.06 505.02 #N/A #N/A
181 B.Hartline $5,000 5.32% 5.67 882.02 46.89 106.63
108 G.Jennings $6,400 7.26% 8.73 733.08 53.24 120.20
124 M.Austin #N/A #N/A 9.40 #N/A #N/A #N/A
106 B.LaFell $6,800 11.96% 11.36 598.39 71.58 95.00
215 L.Murphy #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A
104 M.Colston $6,100 10.16% 8.72 699.48 71.04 85.87
240 J.Cotchery $5,200 6.14% 7.22 720.67 44.24 117.53
#N/A Brandon Jameson #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A
49 D.Jackson $6,900 9.43% 8.96 770.02 72.59 95.06
136 W.Welker $5,500 7.92% 9.00 610.80 48.37 113.70
#N/A Jo.Brown #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A
188 P.Parker $4,900 #N/A 4.77 1027.18 #N/A #N/A
70 M.Floyd $5,400 1.17% 0.77 7041.85 82.29 65.62
176 K.Stills $6,100 13.40% 9.74 626.17 83.90 72.71
#N/A Jeremy.C #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A
21 J.Jones $8,700 8.84% 15.80 550.71 48.67 178.75
206 J.Avant $4,500 #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A
159 K.Britt $5,700 6.64% 6.70 850.31 56.49 100.90
145 A.Holmes $5,500 5.51% 6.15 893.95 49.27 111.64
178 C.Hogan $5,400 #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A
208 A.Roberts $5,100 4.56% 5.63 905.95 41.30 123.50
115 L.Cartwright $6,100 3.61% 6.68 913.53 33.02 184.72
45 A.Boldin $6,700 12.86% 12.28 545.78 70.17 95.49
256 T.Smith $6,400 8.95% 8.12 787.85 70.53 90.75

TE Rankings
Unique ID Name Salary Proj Value Fan Duel Projections $ per point Value Cost
125 M.Bennett $6,200 11.07% 12.16 509.83 56.44 109.85
64 G.Olsen $6,900 11.17% 13.50 511.11 57.09 120.87
288 O.Daniels $5,300 8.15% 9.80 540.59 44.04 120.36
281 J.Witten $5,300 11.43% 9.42 562.65 64.31 82.42
37 J.Graham $7,100 11.98% 12.60 563.64 67.51 105.17
40 R.Gronkowski $7,800 13.02% 13.64 571.99 74.45 104.76
84 A.Gates $6,000 8.10% 10.48 572.51 46.39 129.35
155 H.Miller $5,300 8.21% 8.99 589.38 48.40 109.52
68 J.Thomas $6,000 9.54% 9.25 648.32 61.85 97.01
179 J.Cook $4,600 7.14% 8.25 557.58 43.28 115.54
191 C.Fleener $5,700 7.36% 7.67 742.73 54.67 104.26
209 A.Quarless $4,600 5.62% 5.44 845.82 47.54 96.76
185 Z.Ertz $5,100 5.14% 5.07 1005.74 51.74 98.57
123 T.Kelce $5,600 5.46% 4.77 1175.02 64.10 87.36

The DiRT Brew and potential lineups

Name Salary Fan Duel Projections Draft Kings Projections
M.Ryan $8,700 23.71 27.19
M.Ingram $7,400 17.10 20.10
S.Jackson $6,200 12.29 14.96
B.Lafell $6,800 13.36 15.83
R.White $7,300 15.03 18.60
G.Tate $7,400 15.53 18.53
J.Thomas $6,000 13.68 16.30
M.Bryant $4,800 10.00 11.00
Buffalo $5,100 14.00 14.00
$59,700 134.70 156.51

Name Salary Fan Duel Projections Draft Kings Projections
A.Rodgers $10,000 28.90 32.90
S.Jackson $6,200 12.29 14.96
P.Thomas $5,700 12.30 14.30
J.Nelson $8,800 16.89 19.89
G.Tate $7,400 15.53 18.53
K.Stills $6,100 14.74 15.40
J.Thomas $6,000 13.68 16.30
S.Graham $4,700 8.00 8.00
Buffalo $5,100 14.00 14.00
$60,000 136.33 154.28

Tis the season to go Bowl-ing

It’s beginning to look a lot like…$$$

Put together for your entertainment purposes only and to help you either win cash or the office pool – we have outlined what the opening line(Op.Line) is, the game-win-probability(GWP) for the confidence picks and where you should lean and the bet type.  Usually I am in Vegas at this time making a nice christmas bonus for the year on these games – now I’m taking my talents online, so enjoy and start a discussion – good luck.


Op.Line = opening line

GWP = probability of who wins the game outright

TR = team rating – several factors that delineate good teams from average or worse

Lean = the type and what to bet

x = the team to bet

t = you should tease the team – (typically a teased bet allows you to move 8.5pts to include in your entire bet)

o = consider the OVER

u = consider the UNDER

Example: Team A is marked with a “xtu” – it means its a slight lean on TeamA and if you bet, include it in a teaser bet – the u means that the expectation is for the game to go UNDER the total – you could tease both the UNDER and TeamA instead of separate.

Bowl Game





New Orleans






Louisiana Lafayette



New Mexico




Utah State





Las Vegas





Colorado State




Idaho Potato

Western Michigan




Air Force





South Alabama



Bowling Green





Miami Beach









Boca Raton

Northern Illinois












San Diego State






Central Michigan



Western Kentucky






Fresno State








Heart of Dallas




Louisiana Tech





Quick Lane





North Carolina





North Carolina State



Central Florida






Virginia Tech













Arizona State








South Carolina






Penn State




Boston College














West Virginia




Texas A&M




Russell Athletic


















Music City

Notre Dame

















Foster Farms









Chick-fil-A Peach










Boise State









Georgia Tech




Mississippi State














Michigan State


















Florida State









Ohio State








Armed Forces























Kansas State





Oklahoma State









East Carolina








Go Daddy.com





Arkansas State




The Weather-Post

We are still working on the rankings and will update them under the RotoCanon+FanDuel (week 16) tab as soon as they are done.  Tomorrow look for our College Football Bowl game picks.  For now settle in and review the weather for the upcoming pro-football games, as provided by NFLWeather.com:

Huge(meh) matchup tonight that means a lot for draft-positioning.  I would say this is a big one for JAX, as they will be at home – on TV – and will want to treat it like a playoff-game against a divisional foe.

Titans Tennessee_ntc120 @ Jacksonville_6n_120 Jaguars 12/18 08:25 PM NFL Nclear-night 55f Clear 2m WNW

Philly needs this game and some help to assure themselves a shot for the tournament.  If he can go, then expect Desean Jackson to do all he can to kick the Eggles when they are down.  Washington has nothing to lose and Philly has everything to gain, but first they have to stop their 2-game loser streak.

Eagles Philadelphia_6n_120 @ Redskins Redskins 12/20 04:30 PM CBS Partly-cloudy-day 39f Partly Cloudy 3m NW

It’s a trap!” ~ Admiral Ackbar – The Chargers have to go up against Team Sybil to extend their hopes on the road.  Rivers has to play better than his 12TD’s and 11INT’s the past 8 games, (3-5 record).

Chargers San_diego_6n_120 @ San_francisco_6n_120 49ers 12/20 08:25 PM CBS Npartly-cloudy-night 56f Mostly Cloudy 3m NNW

If Detroit wins out, they win the North and a potential 1st round bye.  They begin that march against the chaotic Bears – a team that FINALLY benched Jay Cutler for Jimmy Clausen, (career 1-15 as a starter).

Lions Detroit_6n_120 @ Chicago_ntc120 Bears 12/21 01:00 PM FOX Partly-cloudy-day 36f Partly Cloudy 11m SSE

Miami, like Philly, has lost 2 in-a-row and 3-of-5, and could be playing for the coach’s job.  Not sure how the players will respond and you really have to wonder if Philbin was ever the answer?

Vikings Minnesota_ntc120 @ Miami_greenmask_ntc120 Dolphins 12/21 01:00 PM FOX Clear-day 76f Clear 7m ESE

Big-Time-Stuff with two hated rivals, in a game that decides the potential winner of the division.  So many scenarios, but the Falcons control their destiny.  This is one of the most heated/hated rivalries in all the NFL (ask any fan of these teams) that does not get enough respect.  To review see here and here.

Falcons Atlanta_ntc120a @ New_orleans_6n_120 Saints 12/21 01:00 PM FOX Dome DOME 8m NNE

The Patriots can clinch home field with a win and a loss by the Broncos.  For the Jets they play the Pats tough – in the last 3 games, the Jets have won only one of the three but, have only been outscored by two points in the losses.

Patriots New_england_6n_120 @ New_york_j_white_n120 Jets 12/21 01:00 PM CBS Partly-cloudy-day 37f Partly Cloudy 2m NW

Technically the playoffs have already started for these teams, as this game has a lot riding on it.  Pittsburgh can win the AFC North if they win out – KC MUST win to keep their chances alive, as they do have the tie-breaker against Baltimore.

Chiefs Kansas_city_ntc120 @ Pittsburg_ntc120 Steelers 12/21 01:00 PM CBS Partly-cloudy-day 37f Partly Cloudy 1m SSW

Come to Tampa for the r-e-l-a-x-ation.  However, if Tampa can’t fix your ailments then you’ve got bigger problems – worse of all, not making the playoffs.

Packers Greenbay_6n_120 @ Tampa_bay_ntc120 Buccaneers 12/21 01:00 PM FOX Partly-cloudy-day 71f Mostly Cloudy 4m ESE

It seems so simple for Carolina – win out and have the Saints lose one of their last two – and they are in – with a better record then the 2010 NFC West division champs, Seattle.  The Panther D has been playing like the 2013 version recently and now the circus comes to town.

Browns Cleveland_6n_120 @ Carolina_6n_120 Panthers 12/21 01:00 PM CBS Partly-cloudy-day 49f Partly Cloudy 2m N

Another one of those dooms-day scenarios of win the last two and you’re in – Houston has a shot if they do, but needs help.  Baltimore? It’s easier, but more complicated, revolving around what happens with KC/PIT and DEN/CIN.

Ravens Baltimore_ntc120 @ Houston_6n_120 Texans 12/21 01:00 PM CBS Rain 53f Drizzle 6m NNE

Not much revolving this game except the potential of the 2 head-coaches coaching different teams next year – Both are good men that want to win and their teams play hard – think of it more like a college bowl game preparing for next year.

Giants New_york_g_6n__120 @ St._louis_ntc120 Rams 12/21 04:05 PM FOX Dome DOME 8m SSE

DeMarco Murray! You will see him play because of the scenario that Dallas is in and here it is – Dallas holds a one game lead over Philly and can win the division with a victory over Indy and a Philly loss to Washington. But its not that simple because – the tie-breaker anomaly says Dallas loses out in a three-way tie with Detroit and Seattle for the two wild card spots – going beyond that, is the fact that Dallas loses the tie-breaker to Philly in the NFC East based on their inter-division record – The Colts? they don’t need the game – Cripes

Colts Indianapolis_6n_120 @ Dallas_6n120 Cowboys 12/21 04:25 PM CBS Partly-cloudy-day 55f Partly Cloudy 7m SSE

This game is all about Buffalo and standing at 8-6 with a chance at making the playoffs.  Usual win out stuff and maybe some help along the way – and up next are the Raiders, an Autumn wind, a snake – that never let’s you know when it will strike.

Bills Buffalo_red_ntc120 @ Oakland_b_wstripe_n_120 Raiders 12/21 04:25 PM CBS Partly-cloudy-day 60f Mostly Cloudy 3m W

Arizona has already clinched a playoff spot – but you know they want the division and make it more difficult for Seattle to make the playoffs.  They also start their 4th QB of the season and a guy who has 0TD’s and 7INT’s in his career.  Seattle is playing their usual Legion of Boom D, but AZ is always tough at home.

Seahawks Seattle_6n_120a @ Arizona_whitetail_ntc120 Cardinals 12/21 08:30 PM NBC Dome DOME 2m SW

The only thing on the line for this game is the top seed and a First-Round-Bye , so no big deal right?  A win for CIN and they have a good chance at the #2 seed – which makes this game huge for the fightin-marvin’s – because they still are not guaranteed a playoff spot.

Broncos Denver_6n_120 @ Cinncinnati_6n_120 Bengals 12/22 08:30 PM ESPN Npartly-cloudy-night 47f Mostly Cloudy 7m S

Week 15 FanDuel recap

perfect-lineupHere is the week 15 recap from Fanduel and what the perfect lineup would have been.

22%— The percentage of players who were featured in both the Perfect Lineup and the winning FFFC lineup.

This weekend was proof that you don’t always have to be completely perfect to get the job done. Of the players listed in the Perfect Lineup, Scott Hanson only had two in his winning FFFC lineup, but that was all he needed. Odell Beckham Jr. had 143 yards and three touchdowns, good for 36.3 FanDuel points, and Jeremy Hill, who wasn’t rostered by any other FFFC finalist, went off for two touchdowns of his own, on 148 yards rushing. That wound up earning him 27.7 points.

1— Number of players who were featured in both the FFFC winning lineup and the Not-So-Pefect-Lineup.

And while we’re talking about the Perfect Lineup, we should note that Mr. Hanson also had a member from the Not-So-Perfect-Lineup on his team as well, proving that a poor outing from one player won’t completely crush your fantasy hopes. His dud was Donte Moncrief, who scored…wait for it…wait for it…wait for it…zero points on FanDuel. That’s right, zero. Moncrief didn’t even see a target during the Colts’ 17-10 win over Houston. That’s pretty rough, but thankfully, guys like Odell Beckham Jr. scored enough to more than make up for it.

36.3— Odell Beckham Jr.’s score in Week 15. He was the highest scorer and also had the highest ownership of any player.

And since we’re giving Odell Beckham Jr. plenty of shine, it’s worth noting that his  36.3 points on FanDuel made him the week’s highest scorer, in addition to being the week’s highest owned player. OBJ was rostered by 45.6% of FanDuelers. It’s very rare that everyone guesses right on a player, but for the past few weeks, Beckham has been unstoppable.

The Giants rookie has six touchdowns over his last four games, and  has averaged, averaged, 26.5 points on FanDuel during that span. That’s completely ludicrous, but should warm the hearts of fantasy owners, as it seems Odell can be counted on to provide consistent production.

33%— The percentage of the Not-So-Perfect-Lineup that were Cleveland Browns.

If you rostered a Cleveland Browns player this past weekend, there’s a fairly good chance that you possessed a member of Week 15′s Not-So-Perfect-Lineup. 33% of the lineup was made up of Browns, which makes sense, since they got walloped 30-0, at the hands of the Cincinnati Bengals. Johnny Manziel threw for 80 yards, with zero touchdowns and two interceptions (2.5 FDP), Isaiah Crowell piled up a measly 27 total yards (3.7 FDP), and Jordan Cameron was the worst of the three, making one catch for four yards (0.9 FDP).

$2,027— This is how much less our FFFC winner escot4 spent on his quarterback compared to the average FanDueler.

FanDuelers spent an average of $7,027 on quarterbacks in Week 15. Our FFFC champ, and actually, our top three finishers, managed to spend $2,027 less. How? They rostered Panthers quarterback Derek Anderson, who was pressed into duty after Cam Newton suffered injuries stemming from a car accident he was involved in. With a matchup against the lowly Buccaneers on tap, our FFFC finalists, and 23.6% of FanDuelers overall, felt good about rostering the backup quarterback.

$5,000 — Price to own Panthers QB Derek Anderson. He scored 16.48 points.

If you did the math after reading our last tidbit, you’d know that Derek Anderson only cost $5,000. He wound up being worth it, throwing for 277 yards and a touchdown, which netted users a ton of value, in the form of 16.48 fantasy points. Also, if you wanted to draw a comparisons, to get a better feel for how valuable Anderson was, consider this: He scored more points on FanDuel than Matt Forte, T.Y. Hilton, Alshon Jeffery, Justin Forsett, and Johnny Manziel. Quite a steal, if you ask me.

3 — Number of consecutive weeks a team has been held scoreless.

Yep, the Browns joined the club this week, but unlike the Redskins and Raiders, who were humiliated by the Rams, Cleveland decided to spread the love, letting the Bengals taste the sweet, sweet nectar that is an NFL shutout.

40% — Percentage of top 20 scorers with less than 5% ownership (Alex Smith, Knile Davis, Tony Romo, Tom Brady, Buffalo Bills defense, Mike Wallace, Matt Asiata, Josh Scobee).

Odell Beckham Jr. may have possessed the highest ownership and point total in Week 15, but there were plenty of players who racked up points, while not being shown much ownership love. Players like Alex Smith (21.58), Knile Davis, (20.6) Tony Romo (20.5), Tom Brady (20.28), Mike Wallace (18.9), Matt Asiata (18.1), Josh Scobee (18), and the Bills D (19) were all owned by less than five percent of users, but would have been useful on the roster of any FanDueler.

5 — Number of players who scored 20-plus points and cost at least $9,000 to roster.

This week, if you went for some of the more expensive fantasy football inventory, you were probably rewarded handsomely. Of the players who cost at least $9,000 to roster, these five netted you a minimum of 20 FanDuel points. There was Drew Brees, whose three touchdowns earned him 27.2 points, Demaryius Thomas, who pitched in with 21.3 fantasy points, DeMarco Murray, who was good for a two touchdown, 20.9 point outburst, and of course, Le’Veon Bell, who, like usual, had a huge day, with 26.4 points.

Bottom line, it’s always nice to get what you pay for.

4 — Number of consecutive weeks Le’Veon Bell has scored at least 26 FDP.

As I just said, Le’Veon Bell had himself another humongous day, with 26.4 fantasy points. This is the fourth straight week that he’s scored at least 26 points, and if that’s not crazy enough for you, get this: Over the past four weeks, Bell has averaged 33.8 FanDuel points.  I’ll give you a minute to sit down and compose yourself. I mean, I just said that Odell Beckham has become a sure thing, and he has, but Le’Veon Bell is more than a sure thing. Since I can’t think of the name for something that’s more than a sure thing, I think I’ll call it a Le’Veon Bell. Le’Veon Bell is a Le’Veon Bell.

The Pittsburgh back has piled up 830 total yards and seven touchdowns over the aforementioned span. Those numbers speak for themselves. Roster him.